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I Didn't Know to Ask for You (But Now I Do)

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Major Lucy Lane didn’t get nervous. She faced down Washington, faced down her father, faced down aliens and apocalypses, and Danvers on her period. She did it all unflinchingly, chin held high, staring them down.

It made Alex uncomfortable to watch Lucy this out of sorts. Maggie, on the couch, watches with equal concern as Lucy fluffs the pillows for the thirty-second time in the last ten minutes. Lucy called her Agent Anxious with that slow, red painted smile, anxious wasn’t a good look for Lucy. An anxious Lucy cleaned Alex’s apartment to military precision, sheets with hospital corners, hell, Lucy even gave all their motorcycle boots by the front door a spit shine. Alex liked things neat and tidy, but Maggie needed a little clutter and this was probably setting her on edge as much as it calmed Lucy.

Lois was coming for dinner. Clark, he was off with Kara saving puppies from trees or whatever they did when their bonding didn’t include pizza and potstickers, Lois knew Lucy was bisexual, had taken that well, been encouraging and loving and everything Lucy needed before that final fight with their father and basically disappearing from her sister’s life too. Alex wasn’t sure she could forgive that even if Maggie was pushing for Lois’ side of the story.

Lois was coming to dinner to be introduced to Lucy’s best friends, to mend some fences, and to learn that Lucy was dating not one, but two women. Alex knew Lucy was jealous of what she and Kara had. She wanted the sister nights, the phone calls and texts, the running to each other’s side at the slightest sign of danger. She had had that, once. Maggie never really had, she didn’t know what she was missing, even as supportive as she was of the Danvers sisters’ relationship. But Lucy had it once, wanted it once again, and was terrified her relationship with Alex and Maggie would be the scissors that cut the last string tying her to her sister.

Alex knew the feeling. The dinner with her mother had cost her seven months of sobriety.

Alex approached Lucy carefully, hands out and open. “Luce, c’mon, everything’s clean. Maggie’s gonna have the food ready in a minute, Lois will be here, everything will be fine.”

Lucy sank into her arms.

A buzzer dinged, and Maggie kissed Lucy’s head as she went to check the oven.

Alex wrapped her arms tightly around Lucy, breathing in the flowery perfume. “It’ll be fine, Luce. She’ll take it well.”

“She’s not Kara.”

Alex laughed, “No, your sister is human and can’t throw me into space.”

Lucy snickered. They turned to watch Maggie, who had frozen when Alex spoke. Maggie’s eyes were wide, dinner held inches above the counter. Lucy stepped free from Alex’s arms and walked the fourteen steps Major Tiny needed to reach the island.


“Your sister is dating Superman. He can throw us into space.”

Lucy’s lips twitched, “Okay, yes, technically, but let’s be real, Kara is the only super who would actually consider throwing someone into space.”

“That’s not helpful, Lane, speaking as the only person in this room who isn’t related to a Super!”

Alex had never considered that.

Maggie was with them anyway. Maggie has the biggest set of ovaries between them.

Alex shared a look with Lucy, a smirk. That was hot.

Maggie sets the food down, recognizing the look in her girlfriends’ eyes. :We don’t have time, ladies.”

Lucy jumped when the doorbell rang. Years from now, Maggie and Alex would tease her about it. Not today though. Today Maggie and Alex lean against the counter providing solid support while Lucy opens the door.

And when the first thing Lois does is throw her arms around her little sister’s neck, so much force behind the hug that Lucy stumbles backwards into the apartment, door wide open behind them, Alex and Maggie nudged each other’s shoulders knowingly.

Everything would be fine. Three broken women had a found family better than anything they came from. They had their Space Dad, their idiot brothers, Kara, they had each other. And Alex was willing to bet that they had just found a new annoying big sister.

She was okay with that.