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Shy Mochi Love

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Pairing: namin, minjoon

Hey guys, this is my first story that's not a one-shot lol. I hope that it's not too terrible.


Namjoon POV

I almost wanted to scream when my alarm went off.

The first day of school yayyyyyy.


I drag myself out of my bed, grumbling as my elbow bumps into my nightstand.

I already know it going to be a shitty day when I nearly smash my head into the bathroom door.


I'm walking sluggishly to the bus stop, my shoes untied and my backpack still open.

....listen, no one has time for that shit.


I raise my hand slowly in the air as I get closer.

A blur runs towards me before I can even comprehend what's going to happen.


I go down like a rock as someone clings to my body, maniacal laughing being heard as I struggle not to die this early in the morning.

"Hobi hyung...can't breathe..."

"I haven't seen you in so long."

" saw me like 2 days ago."

"That's a long time."


"So, you ready for the first day of school? I am, I only have one damn year and I'm free!"

I sigh, looking down. I hate the first days. It's makes me even more nervous and makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide.

"Not really, hyung..."

Hoseok looks concerned immediately, touching my arm softly.

"You okay, Joonie? I know you get nervous easily...."

I smile weakly at him, shaking my head as the bus comes rumbling.

"Nah, hyung, it's all good."

I exhaled, running a hand through my hand through my hair as I step onto the bus with Hobi in tow.


I, Kim Namjoon, am a third year.

And I'm really shy.

It all started when I was younger, I think. I started middle school, thinking everything was going to be the same.

It wasn't.

I was left behind, left to fend on my own. I was alone, I didn't know anyone, and people weren't exactly the nicest.

So I became more isolated, more quiet. Where I used to be open and extroverted, I was now introverted and closed up.

Anyway, other than my shyness, I think I'm pretty normal. Kind of.

I like rap, books, and things that make me think.

...and Ryan plushies but that's something only my friends know.

I'm a good student if not a bit lazy, but who isn't? C'mon..

My closest friends are Hoseok and Seokjin, they're irritating and perverted but I honestly wouldn't trade them for the world.

We're pretty damn close and we have been for a while. I really enjoy their company.

....and I may have liked Jin hyung earlier.

No one blames me. The dude is fucking beautiful, man. When I first met him, I literally thought he was a god.

He came gliding over, looking like he walked off a magazine cover.

After he left, I remember telling Hoseok, only to get a pitying look and a pat on the shoulder.

"'s never going to happen."

I was confused at the time, but I soon figured out the problem.

Jin hyung is oblivious as fuck.

Needless to say that crush faded away after I realized both that and the fact that I only liked him as a friend.

Anyhow, Hoseok, my other friend, is literally a ball of sunshine.

He's in like every sport and he dances and damn, just thinking about all the things he does makes me tired.

He never fails to brighten my day.

I don't know what I'd do without those two.


I straighten my clothes for like the tenth time, flattening down any wrinkles on my shirt.

I can already feel the anxiety course through my system, making my hands tremble and my mind to start shutting down.

I walk into the full classroom, trying to avoid other's gazes and to find an empty seat.

Finding one, I sit down quickly, looking through my bag immediately to find my earbuds.

Ah, I can feel my urge for the sweet release of death overcoming me when I realize that they are not there.

Of course. Like I expected anything else.

The teacher comes striding in, making all the girls squeal when they realize how hot the teacher is.

He steps in front of the class, looking like some model as he looks expectantly at the whole class.

"Hello, class. I'm Mr. Choi, I'll be your math teacher for this year. Pass this toilet roll around and take however many pieces you want."

I'm confused. What the fuck?

I look around me, seeing that they are just as confused as me.

I slowly take the roll, taking 5 pieces before passing it to the next person.

"Now, count the pieces. For each piece, you have to tell the class a thing about yourself."

'Fuckkkkkkkkk.' I think, looking at the pieces. Annnd of course my dumb ass took a lot. Why didn't I take 1 piece like other people?

Maybe I could try to go the bathroom to avoid this?

I slowly raised my hand.

"Don't try to go to the bathroom because no one's leaving until we're done."

I lowered my hand.

'Welp, guess I'm doing this.' I thought, my palms sweating as I feel my nerves giving out when it's suddenly my turn.

'Goddammit, Namjoon. Your bitch ass needs to be not a coward for like one minute, pleaseee.'

"Um, I'm Kim Namjoon. I like rap, the number 0, and books. Uhhh, I have a dog named Rap Mon and I like noodles."

I sat down quickly, looking at my feet as my face burned. I really hate being the center of attention....

The rest of the class went by quickly, as I counted the minutes the period was over.

hey i'm like really bored what uppppp


nothing really

found out that apparently literature isn't as fun as i thought



im bored too hyungggggg

entertain meeeee


on my way sending the memes


oh yeah i forgot to ask, we meeting Thursday like usual right


ofc hyung like we wouldn't




Awww yissss.....

"Last period, suck my asssss!!!!!"


Seokjin shot me a resigned look.

" know by now that that's not going to work."

"I know..."

Hoseok swung his arm around my neck, his smiling face close to mine.


I gulped, I don't like that look in his eyes.

"....have you seen some nice ass? Some cute as fuck boys around here?"

My face bright red, I swatted at him as he pulled away laughing.


Seokjin, who was quiet before, suddenly looked really interested. He leaned closer now as well, a teasing smirk on his pretty face.

"'s not a bad question. Other than me, have you seen some cute boys around here?"

I groaned, my ears burning as I shook my head furiously.

" embarrassing, I haven't, okay?"

"If you say so, Joonie."

I would eat my words later on.


I walked into the last period of the day, English class.

I can already taste the black bean noodles I would have after this.....mhm...I'm so fucking hungry.

The class was smaller than usual, only about 10 students. It's kind of unusual. Looking around, I see a lot of people from my year and some from fourth year.

Seems the school decided to put students from different grades in one class.

I sat down behind this pale mint haired kid who seemed to want to kill everyone around him as he waited with crossed arms for the class to start.

Three second years came scrambling into the classroom just as the bell rang.

"Yah! Taehyung, you ass! I almost fell down the stairs!"

They started pushing each other as the pink haired kid sighed and tried very tiredly pull them apart.

"Hey, can you guys do this like in an hour? Preferably when I'm dead to this world?"

The other two calmed down a bit, looking at him like he was crazy.

"Jimin, we're hanging out later today though???? You can't just die on me!"

The kid named Taehyung wailed, clutching Jimin's arm tightly.

The other kid snorted, walking towards the desks behind me.

"Go ahead, Jimin. Hey, can I have your clothes though?"


I sighed as I tried to ignore the screaming behind me, instead trying to text my friends.

there's screaming behind me and a kid who looks like he wants to murder everyone in front of me, when did they decide that putting students from different grades in one class was a good idea???

holy shit really??? mine's normal tho???


yeah same. idk i guess you're lucky joon

wait why is there screaming

idk these second years just came in screaming and they legit have not stopped


the kid in front of me just turned and gave the most terrifying look

lol one of the kids just flinched

second years are really funny tho

gotta blast, class's starting yeet



I slumped in my seat, watching as the teacher came in and the kids behind me slowly quieted. The dude in front seemed to be trying to sleep while trying to convince everyone that he was still awake. He wasn't doing the best job.

"So, class, we're now going to introduce ourselves in English. 'Hello, I'm Mr. Lee. I am 26 years old and I am your English teacher for this year.'"

"Wait, what did he say?"

"Jungkook, why are you even in this class?"

"Fuck off, hyung, obviously I know what he said, I just need a repeat."

"You keep telling yourself that."

"Anyway, we'll go in order from front to back."

The kid in front of me sighed, standing up and turning around.

'Hello, I'm Min Yoongi. I'm 18 and a fourth year.'

The teacher nodded approvingly, pointing to me next.

Well, I guess we're going to have to fake it til we make it.

I summoned whatever fucking little bit of fake confidence I may have had and stood up.

'Um, I'm Kim Namjoon. I'm a third year and I'm 17.'

Yeahhhh boiiii. I managed not to stutter and yessssss.

"It's your turn, Jungkook. Say shit, man."

" maybe I was lying. Maybe I wasn't as prepared as I could be. But it's the thought that counts."

"Listen here, you coconut head looking ass. JUST GO."

Said coconut headass stood up, looking awkward as fuck.

'I am Jungkook. I am 16 two year."

Jimin snorted into his arms as Taehyung clapped loudly, cheering for the kid.

"Yahhhh that's my Jungkook, my little coconut!"

"I'm not a coconut, hyung!"

The teacher cleared his throat, looking pointedly at the next kid. The kid stood up, flashing a boxy smile.

'Hi, I'm Taehyung and I love English much! I am 16 two year.'

The next kid stood up, his pink hair ruffling as he smiled, his eyes creasing.

'Hello, I am Jimin and I am also a 16 two year.'

He beamed cutely before sitting down.

"I am Jimin nuh nuh."

"Oh, grow up, Jungkook."

The teacher sighed and clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Thank you. Now, all of you are in different places of progress. This class was made to mix kids from different grades to help each other with English. It's a new thing we're trying to start and we hope it will be a success."

He walked to his projector, turning it on and projecting a presentation.

"Here's the basic overview of the class."

I giggled slightly as the kids behind groaned loudly.

ok so the second years behind me are hella funny

some of the insults that fly man

it's lit


yo sounds interesting

mine is boring as hell

yeah we got the regular class

booo yours sounds cooler

i guess?

it's still pretty boring though


....are there any cute boys in the class

asking for a friend

mhm ok

idk i wasn't paying much attention

mhm yeah

are you sure