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Antler Guy Saga- Original Format

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No, this isn't a fake out. I figured the easiest way for everyone to see this would be to add it in a final chapter.

So, for those who want regular updates as to Antler Guy and the longform version, I have a twitter at Burning questions are welcome there as well, I revived it to make such things easier. There is also a tumblr, of course, under the same username. If you are interested in original work of a non-Antler Guy nature, inquire at the twitter so I don't violate the TOS here.

FAQ time!

WHERE IS MORE I NEED IT- I am a college student at the moment, and time is precious (and part of the reason the original update schedule on tumblr was incredibly wacky). There is, indeed more- I have it plotted until the Triad is out and about on their own shenanigans. The short version is, like, one arc. I got prequels, sequels, and in-between-quels.

Ok.... WHEN IS MORE I NEED IT- It is being written, painfully slow. Those interested are welcome to contact at twitter, or send a message here.

I WISH TO THROW MONEY AT YOU TO MAKE THE STORY COME OUT FASTER- Due to the TOS of AO3, I cannot answer that question here. Ask somewhere else. Hint. Hint.

DO YOU PLAN TO POST IT HERE- I do, actually. While I may publish for money as well, I know the joy of being able to read something without having the money to keep it. And it wouldn't be what it is without y'all. Also, I know I can and do buy books that I have free access to as well.

I WISH TO MAKE AN ART/DO A CROSSOVER/FANFIC OF THE THING- Cool! I ask that if you do, you do it not for profit. If you are honestly interested in making a webcomic based solely off the story I have written, then we need some careful negotiation. If you are drawing/writing for fun, I ask as a courtesy that you link or mention where you got the idea from. And shoot me a link if you want, because I like seeing how people headcanon various characters.

WHY ISN'T THIS A COMIC/MOVIE/NETFLIX THING YET- because I have no idea how to do most of that, and my own drawing skills aren't up to snuff to solo a comic. If anyone knows how to Do The Thing, let me know?

This will update occasionally with interesting tidbits.