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Fallen Ones

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Blue finishes patrol and giggles. Today is the day! He’s really going to do it. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. If he’s too excited, he’ll mess up and the others will just call him ‘cute’ again. Not that he dislikes that, but wouldn’t it be cool if they said ‘awesome’ for a change?

Does he have enough puns? Yeah. He did scroll through plenty of them on the Undernet yesterday. Of course, the SCALE of the puns might fall FLAT on the others. Blue snickers to himself. He’s GOTTA use that one.

With a huge grin, he teleports over to Papyrus’ sentry post. He glances around and sighs. Nowhere to be seen. He’s probably talking to the man behind the door again. He really… A-DOORS him. Blue laughs then facepalms himself. He REALLY needs to stop. His slight frown turns into a small smile. Hey, can’t stop, won’t stop.

“Papyrus!” He yells. “Papyrus, where are you!?”

“Sans?” A small voice says. Blue’s eyelights grow. Is it… It must be! The skeleton turns and spots what he’s looking for. A green shirt with yellow stripes. A satchel. Ginger hair. Freckles. Red eyes.

Blue gasps. “HUMAN!!!” He runs over and picks the child up. “It’s been so long!” He spins in circles. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Sans! Sans, put me down, I’m going to be sick,” the human says, slightly green.

Blue stops and sets the human back down. “Sorry,” he says with a giggle. “You were supposed to be here three days ago. What took you so long?”

Brushing her bangs away from her face, Chara smiles. “I thought the man behind the door deserved some company, so I stayed.” She adjusts her satchel and looks around. “Where’s Papyrus?”

Blue nods thoughtfully. “That’s the question. He might be at Muffet’s. Or he could be sleeping at home with Sans and Red.”

Chara gets a confused look. “Another Sans?”

“TWO other Sanses, actually. There’s Sans, me, and Red. They call me Blue.” Blue smiles.

Chara laughs then shivers. Blue looks down and realizes Chara’s not wearing any shoes. Her socks are soaked. She looks down at her feet then looks back up at Blue. “I, um, accidentally left my shoes in the Ruins.”

Blue lifts her up. “This is a problem! Worry not, Human. I will take you home and you can wear a pair of my boots!” He turns his cape and pulls it over Chara. “This will keep you warm.”

Chara smiles. “Thanks Sans. I mean, Blue.”

Blue shortcuts to his home and walks inside. Sans and Red, both lounging on the couch, look up at him. “Uh, Blue, why is your cape on backward?” Sans asks.

Chara pokes her head out of the bundle of fabric. “Are these the other yous?” Blue nods. Chara smiles and tries to wave at them. Her arm is caught in the fabric so she stops. She settles with saying, “Hello! My name’s Chara.”

Sans and Red tense at that. “Blue,” Red says after a few seconds of silence, “why’d you bring THEM here?” His eyelight turns red.

Chara gulps and pulls Blue’s cape around herself. Blue frowns and gives Red a disapproving look. “I brought HER here because she’s three days late and isn’t wearing any shoes.” He walks past them and up the stairs. He pauses at the top. Looking down at them, Blue adds, “My brother also wasn’t at his station. Do you know where he is?” The two shrug. Blue sighs. “Well, tell him I found the human this time.”

He enters his room, untangles Chara from his cape, and sets her on his bed. He unties his cape and wraps it around her shoulders. Chara pulls it tight. “Thanks, Sans. Erm, Blue.” She blows her bangs away from her face. “Why did they, uh, act so strange when I, um, said my name?”

Blue shrugs. “In their universes, the human’s named Frisk and the first child’s named Chara. Our universe is kinda backward.” He glances at the door as he pulls off Chara’s soaking wet socks. “I can’t remember if you’ve done a Genocide run, I don’t think you have, but, if I’m remembering correctly, the first human is the one who strikes the final blow in their fights. So… That’s why they tensed at your name. Probably.”

Chara nods slowly. “I see.” She wiggles her toes, trying to warm up her feet. As Blue picks out some socks, Chara states, “Frisk says she would do that to put them out of their misery.”

Blue pulls out a pair of fuzzy green socks and gives them to Chara. “I believe her.” He’s the only one Chara has talked with about Frisk. “Although Sans only has one HP and Red has a max of ten, so the misery she’d be putting them out of is the misery of their brothers being dead.”

As Chara pulls her socks on, she asks, “They gave you permission to check their stats?” She takes off her satchel and sets it on the floor.

Blue shakes his head. “No. I didn’t check them publicly like most monsters have to.” He gestures at his chest. “I have a Green Soul, remember? Green Souls usually turn out to be Healers because they can check stats in secret.”

Chara nods. “I understand. Don’t they know that though?”

Blue shakes his head. “No. I’m not even sure they even know the stuff about Souls.”

Chara brings her legs up to her chest. “Are their brothers like Papyrus?”

“Yes, but with MY personality.” Blue sits next to her. “Except for the puns. Puns are more of a Sans thing than a Papyrus thing. When they’re together, Red’s Papyrus is called Fell and our Papyrus is called Orange. Sans’ Papyrus is just called Papyrus.” Noticing the startled look on Chara’s face, he adds, “Don't worry. None of the other Papyruses are around, so you can call Papyrus, Papyrus.”

Chara lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. It's going to be hard enough remembering to call you Blue instead of Sans.”

“You don't have to.”

“Great.” She leans into him. “So Sans. Have any books for me?”

Blue’s eyelights turn starry. “Yes I do! Have you read Harry Potter?”

Chara shakes her head. “Nope. I’ve watched all eight of the movies, though.”

Blue gasps and places a hand over his Soul. He gives Chara a mock disbelieving look, his eyelights back to normal. “Just the movies!? Chara, no. Just no. You are a disgrace.” He turns his head and sets a hand next to the socket closest to Chara. “I can't even look at you. You disgust me.”

Chara giggles. “Sans, please.”

“Nope. I won't even talk to you.‟ Blue crosses his arms and turns away. “I would take my cape, but I'm not that mean.”

Chara frees her arm from his cape and tug on his white T-shirt. “Sans!”


“Come on, Sans!”

Blue glances back, a smirk on his face. “Who do you want to be?”

Chara grins. “I wanna be Hermione AND Ginny!”

“Both of them? I can do that.” Blue’s eyelights glow a deeper blue as he lifts the Sorcerer’s Stone from the bookshelf with his blue magic. “Who will Papyrus be?”

Chara thinks about it. “He can be Ron. That way the three of us can be together.”

Blue takes the book from the air. “Anyone else while we're thinking about it?”

Chara strokes her chin with her free hand. “Um, can, uh, Sans and Red be in here?”

Blue shrugs. “Sure, why not.”

Chara shifts to the head of his bed as she decides who the two will be. “Sans can be, um… Mr. Dursley.”

Blue shifts to the foot of his bed with a smirk. “Sans wouldn't like that.”

Chara lets go of the cape, letting it hang off her shoulders, and folds her arms. “Well too bad! And Red, um, he can be Snape.”



Blue nods sagely. “Apt choice for him.”

“Jerry’s Voldemort.”

“Of course. That goes without saying.”

Chara pauses. “Who will be Dumbledore?” She pulls the cape back around her arms.

Blue tips his head toward her. “Excellent question. How about the Riverperson? Old, mysterious, and kinda strange. Fits perfect.”

“Yes.” Chara gasps. “Muffet is Mrs. Weasley!”

Blue’s eyelights brighten. “Oh, heck yes!” They both giggle as Blue opens the book. “Ooh,” he says. “Sans can be Percy, too.”


Blue makes a noise as if clearing his throat, which causes Chara to start giggling again. He glances at her. “I can't read it if you're giggly.”

Chara composes herself. “Alright. Okay. Let's begin.”

Blue’s eyes glow a deeper blue again as he levitates the book. “Wingardium Leviosa,” he says with a smile. Chara grins. He makes another clearing his throat noise and begins to read. “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much…”




Papyrus teleports into the house and lands between Sans and Red on the couch. “Heyo,” he says.

“Heya,” reply the two shorter skeletons.

After a few seconds of silence, Sans says, “Oh, yeah. Your bro found Chara barefoot in the snow.”

Red snorts. “Would've just left ‘em there, if it was up to me. That kid’s crazy in our worlds.”

Papyrus glances up at Blue’s door. “Huh. Well, here, it's Frisk who’d be stuck out in the snow.” Sans and Red stay silent. Papyrus laughs dryly. “Don't talk bad about Chara. Especially around my bro. He's got a protective daddy streak a mile wide.”

After a few more seconds of silence, Sans says, “Didn't know your bro knew about the resets. Our bros don't. At least, not a lot.”

Papyrus gives a lazy shrug. “He knows as much as me.”

Giggling comes from behind Blue's closed door. After a minute or two of quiet, Chara opens the door with a mischievous grin on her face, Blue's cape tied around her neck, her satchel slung over her shoulder underneath it. “Who wants to hear some spot-on impressions?” The three lazy bones give various whatevers. Chara's grin grows. “Great.” She turns and says, “They said yes!”

Blue steps out of his room wearing a blue jacket. He hands Chara two more jackets, one orange, one black. He sticks his hands in his pockets. He makes a noise as if clearing his throat and begins. “Heya. I'm Sans. I'm really lazy.” Blue's impression almost sounds like Sans. His voice is just a bit too high. It's closer than his normal voice, though. “My bro makes bad spaghetti, but we all tell him it's really good so we don't hurt his feelings. I live on the surface, but for some reason, I like to visit my friends who live in the Underground. My idea of a date is telling jokes through a door.”

Chara giggles and hands Blue the orange jacket, which actually is one of Papyrus’ sweatshirts. In turn, Blue give Chara the blue jacket. They put them on. He sticks his hand in the pocket and starts again. “Heyo. I'm Papyrus and I'm a lazybones.” He’s kinda close, but not close enough. “Have you met my bro? He's the coolest.”

Chara suddenly yells, “BROTHER!!!” The three lazybones on the couch jump a bit. She breaks character (hehe) for a moment and giggles. She composes herself and continues. “Brother, it's been six days and you still haven't recalibrated your puzzles!” She's not even trying to sound like Blue.

“Sorry, bro. I was tired.” Blue's closer to Papyrus’ voice this time. Still a bit low.

“So you were…” Chara winks and dual finger guns him. “...BONE tired?”

Both of them start laughing. Blue tries to shush Chara and Chara tries to shush Blue. “Okay, anyway…” Blue makes the throat clearing noise again. “No. No puns, bro.”

Chara smirks. “Sorry, they're just built… IN MY BONES.” She jumps onto the railing at starts to slide down. “MWEHEHEHEH!!!”

Halfway down, she starts to slip. Before any of the skeletons on the couch can react, her Soul is blue. Blue bring her to his eye level. “I told you not to do that.” Chara shrugs. He sighs and sets her next to him.

Chara hands him the black jacket. He pulls it on over the sweatshirt. He sticks his hands in the pockets and half closes his eyes. “Heya, I'm Red and I'm lazy too.” Blue sounds more like Sans instead of Red, but it's almost spot on for Sans. “My bro is my boss and his food is bad too. My universe is very violent. Our human has died a lot.”

Red glares at him. “I will kill you.”

Chara grabs Blue's hand out of his pocket. He takes a slight bow. “That's our cue to leave. If you need us, we'll be in Waterfall.” And with that, they teleport away.




Chara laughs. “That was great.”

Blue smiles. “It really was.”

After visiting the Snowdin save point, the two had put the jackets into Chara’s satchel and gone to Waterfall. Chara's still wearing Blue's cape, though. They're at the trash heaps, looking out into the overwhelming darkness. Most monsters wouldn't dare to sit this close to the edge, but Chara's not a monster and Blue can teleport.

Chara swings her legs and throws a rock into the chasm. “Are you ever going to tell them?”

“That I’m actually really good at imitating voices? Not anytime soon.” Blue sighs. “I was going to play piano for them today. Then you finally showed up and I totally forgot.”

Chara smiles at him. “It's okay, Sans. I understand. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Maybe never.”

Chara and Blue look behind themselves. Temmie grins at them. Chara gasps and stammers, “T-Temmie!” She tries to stand up, but almost slips off. Blue catches her. Chara pulls Blue toward herself. Blue wraps his arms around her. Chara shudders.

Temmie laughs. “Really? Clinging to the skeleton?”

Blue glares at her. “Go away.”

Now, most monsters would scatter at that. Every single monster in the Underground knows that their Sans is a harmless sweetheart. At least until you make him mad. Then he's a very VERY dangerous skeleton to be around. He will beat you until you have 1 HP left and only then will he stop. Temmie, of course, scoffs at him. Her HP is so high that it would take Blue at least an hour to get it down to 1. She spits, “Make me, sweetheart.”

Chara holds Blue's arms still. “Don't. Please.” She knows what Blue is thinking.

Temmie suddenly reaches out and splits the two apart. She takes a hold of each. “Idiots.” She holds Chara above her head and holds Blue over the edge of the cliff. “I could drop you.” Blue rattles, looking down over the waterfall into the emptiness. Temmie smirks. “But I won't.”

Blue's eyelights brighten. “Really!? That's great. Just put me and Chara down-”

“I'm going to throw you.”

Blue's eyelights shrink and dim. “What?” Temmie hurls him away from her and Chara.

Chara screams, “SANS!”

The last thing Blue sees is the brilliant blue water cascading downward into the gulf. Then the back of his skull smashes up against a rock and everything goes black.