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Two Friends Like Us

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Ian’s not sure how long they stay like that for, their lips tentatively exploring each other after so long apart, until they find their familiarity again, and the kisses deepen.

It feels like coming back home after being away for far too long, and Ian runs his hands over every inch of Mickey’s body that he can, reacquainting them with Mickey’s very real presence after dreaming about this for what seemed like forever.

He feels Mickey’s soft white skin beneath his fingertips, and the smooth bulge of his biceps as he lifts his arms to wrap his hand around the back of Ian’s head, pulling him closer. He feels Mickey’s narrow nose pressed against his own, and he feels the prickle of his short black hair as he reaches back to hold Mickey’s head too, cradling it, as he presses his tongue inside the other boy’s mouth.

He feels it all, and he hears it too. He hears Mickey’s labored breathing as he gets excited, and the sound his leather jacket makes as he moves against Ian’s body. He hears the water lapping up against the boats just a few feet in front of them, and he hears the faint wet sound of their lips coming together again and again.

And then there’s Mickey’s scent. Something Ian had missed just as much as the sight of him, and he buries himself into it, letting all of his senses reunite with their favorite things.

He’s breathless by the time Mickey finally pulls away from him, biting his lip as his blue eyes roam over him appreciatively.

“I don’t wanna say goodbye to you tonight” Mickey admits, looking at him softly.

“You don’t have to” Ian promises, “Fuck, we can sleep right here for all I care. I want to make things up to you, and I’ll do whatever it takes”.

He feels drunk just being around Mickey again, his senses are intoxicated by him and all he wants is more…

Mickey looks out over the dark water, the boats bobbing gently in place where they are tied up at the docks.

“Right here, huh?”

Ian looks at the ground around them, confused over Mickey’s hesitation. He never was one for creature comforts before.

“Yeah? It’s August, definitely warm enough”.

He realizes what Mickey is getting at as he turns back around to look at him, and sees his eyebrow twitching just slightly before he raises both of them and tips his head.

“Ohhh” Ian says, feeling the corners of his mouth of his mouth curve into a smile. He knows Mickey’s body language so well, that a simple movement of his eyebrows is enough for him to pick up on what Mickey’s thinking sometimes.

Mickey bites his lip, “So you wanna make it up to me?”

Ian lifts his eyebrow suggestively, feeling his cock stir in response to his tone, “Yeah I do Mick”.

“Fuck me hard enough to make up for four months of me having to make love to my fucking hand” Mickey jokes. But there’s no joke about the bulge Ian sees straining against his pants.

“Lucky hand” Ian whispers, pulling Mickey back to him and pressing his chest up against the other boy’s as he goes in to kiss him again.

Ian pulls away just enough to lower one hand down to stroke Mickey through his jeans, and to search his neck for a moment to find Mickey’s pulse point before he presses his mouth to it. He nips it lightly with his teeth, and then runs his tongue over it. 

Jesus…” Mickey groans, rolling his neck at the hot and wet sensation.

He shivers even in the August heat, and Ian turns him roughly around, pressing him up against one of the boats.

Ian reaches forward and undoes the button on Mickey’s jeans from behind, tugging his pants down a moment later. “Want me to eat your ass?” he asks hopefully, undoing his own belt with a snap.

Mickey seems torn as he shifts on the spot, “Yes. No. Later. Just fuckin get in me” he says impatiently.

Ian strokes himself and smiles, he missed Mickey being bossy with him. He presses up against him teasingly, kissing Mickey’s neck again from behind.

He’s just about to slowly push inside the other boy when he suddenly remembers, and he groans in disappointment.

Mickey glances over his shoulder, “What? Did you fuckin come already?”

Ian would laugh at the suggestion, but he’s so annoyed at himself that he doesn’t really feel like it.

“I don’t have any fucking condoms on me. Did you bring any?” he asks hopefully.

“No” Mickey says, still looking back at him.

There’s a moment of silence before Mickey says, “Ian… I trust you. We don’t really fucking need one. You trust me, right?”

Ian turns Mickey’s face around with his hand so he can look him in the eyes when he answers. “Of course I do. To be honest…I’ve wanted to do this for a really long fucking time. Just feel you against me, with nothing between us”.

It’s true. There were many nights, even before Mickey had left, that Ian had masturbated just to the thought of fucking him without a condom on. Coming deep inside Mickey, and seeing his own jizz come dripping out later. He shivers just thinking about it.

“Me too...wanna feel you inside me” Mickey admits, biting his lip as his eyes flicker back down to Ian’s hard on. Ian leaves one hand on his face to hold him there as he kisses him again, and uses the other hand to guide himself up against Mickey’s hole.


He’s pretty fucking tight after a few months, but as soon as Ian manages to start sliding in he gasps.

It’s incredibly hot, with just skin against skin, and he feels every ribbed muscle and contraction of Mickey’s walls so much more intensely without a condom dulling any of the sensations.

He is so overwhelmed by the incredible sensation at first that his blood rushes to his ears, and he doesn’t even hear Mickey starting to make his trademark sounds of pleasure, one of which is releasing a slew of curse words.

As soon as Ian snaps back into the movement, and starts to thrust in and out of Mickey hard, the sounds he’s making make it even harder for Ian to keep it together.

It’s almost too much…

The perfectly tight and hot hole he’s fucking into, the sounds of Mickey’s moans, the feel of him against his lips, each moan vibrating deep into his open mouth…

The coming too soon thing is suddenly a very real possibility, and Ian stiffens, quickly reaching around desperately to grope for Mickey’s dick, not wanting to leave him hanging.

But as Mickey pushes back to allow him to, Ian’s insides tighten like strings and he sees white for a moment as an incredible heat travels through his entire body.

“Shit…shit !” he fails to stop the volcanic-like orgasm from rolling through him so hard, it almost knocks him on his ass.

 “Fuck, I’m sorry” he pants when its over, slightly annoyed at himself for coming too soon.  

“Don’t worry bout it” Mickey grins, turning around to look at him. He’s still stroking himself, and as Ian watches his chest jerk inwards unsteadily, he realizes he’s close to the edge of his own orgasm.

He quickly gets to his knees and knocks Mickey’s hand away, taking him into his mouth eagerly.

“Fuck yes” Mickey says appreciatively, reaching down to comb his tattooed fingers through Ian’s red hair, Ian closing his eyes in bliss at the familiar and comforting sensation.

As Ian continues to suck him off, he feels Mickey’s chest heaving as he gets close to blowing his load, and he can’t seem to shut up.

“Thought about you every single day. Every single day Ian. Fuck I missed you…I missed you so much…”

His voice gets unsteady, and Mickey comes without warning into Ian’s mouth. He swallows it all without a complaint.

To be honest, he had even missed the taste of Mickey.

He comes up smiling, but then he sees a pained look on Mickey’s face.

He realizes his chest isn’t just heaving because of his orgasm. “God…I’m so sorry” he whispers, pulling Mickey close again. He uses his thumb to brush away the hot tears that are trailing down Mickey’s handsome face.

“I’m fine…I’m fucking fine” Mickey argues, more to himself than Ian. “I just was thinking about what it was like those months, and…fuck. Look at me cryin like a fucking girl” Mickey laughs shakily, but Ian shakes his head, not willing to just brush it off as a fucking joke.

Even if it would be easier.  

“I don’t expect you to just to get over it Mickey. But I hope you know, it wasn’t because I didn’t fucking love you”.

“Yeah I know” Mickey admits, his voice very low, “But I’m back now, and I’ve gotta take care of you, so I need to get over it”.

Ian winces and pulls away just enough so he can look Mickey in the eyes. “You don’t have to take care of me. Just fucking be there. That’s all I need, that's all I want. Just like I’m gonna be there for you”.

Mickey smiles at him, looking much calmer now, “I’m your fuckin boyfriend Ian. I’m gonna do both those things, because I fucking want to. Not because I fucking have to”.

Neither of them says anything else, and Ian feels a rush of gratitude as they hold each other in silence for a while, before laying down on the grass together to give in to their mutual exhaustion.

Not just because Mickey’s by his side again either, back home where he belongs.

Ian’s grateful that for whatever reason, the universe decided to let Mickey Milkovich love him.