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Two Friends Like Us

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Ian isn’t quite sure how to respond to Mickey’s confession, so he ends up just saying,


Mickey looks back at him again, trying to gauge his expression.

Ian tries to keep his face blank as the other boy stares at him. He’s surprised, but he probably shouldn’t be. He knew Mickey had much less experience than him, he’d admitted before that he’d only bottomed twice before Ian, and neither experience sounded particularly intimate. According to Mickey, both had occurred during a haze of alcoholic intoxication.

Ian finally says, trying to be encouraging, “Well, you’ve gotten a fuck ton of them. It’s not hard, I can show you”. Mickey raises an eyebrow at him, “You wanna teach me how to suck your fucking dick?”

Ian would be lying if he said that didn’t give him at the very least a semi.

“Think it could be fun” he answers, as Mickey shifts uncomfortably. He smirks as he adds as an afterthought, “I mean, I love sucking yours”.

This finally earns him a grin from Mickey, and he tips his dark head slightly, looking back at Ian as he lights a cigarette. He answers with it still between his lips, “Okay”.

Ian drops the topic for the rest of the school day until him and Mickey are walking home, and then he brings it up again, “We should probably just go right to the fucking construction site, we know we’ll have privacy there”.

He doesn’t want to waste any time running between the Milkovich and the Gallagher houses, hoping for one of them to be empty.

“Oh…yeah…” Mickey answers.

He’s still clearly not as excited as Ian is for this. They turn onto Rogers street instead of continuing on towards Ian’s house, and head into the crumbling building with fuck spray-painted over it’s empty doorway.

That’s kinda symbolic, isn’t it?  Ian thinks, as he passes underneath it, Mickey just behind him.

He starts to unbuckle his belt, and Mickey laughs nervously as he watches him, “Maybe you should suck mine again instead, show me how to do it right”.

Ian presses his lips together as if he’s impatient, but he’s more so amused, “Mick, it’s not that bad. Seriously, you’re overthinking this”.

Mickey snorts, “Alright Ian, Jesus. I’m not swallowing like some goddamn pornstar though".

Ian just looks at him and Mickey waves his hand impatiently, "Pull down your fucking pants”.

He immediately obliges and Mickey runs his hand down over his mouth, scratching his chin as he looks down at Ian’s dick thoughtfully.

Ian takes off his backpack and leans his shoulders up against the concrete wall, dropping the bag down in front of himself. “Kneel on that” he says, trying to make Mickey more comfortable.

Mickey does kneel, and looks up at him once more, uncertainly, now an inch away from his semi. Just knowing that it’s about to happen is already getting Ian hard, but the cold is keeping him from getting all the way there just yet.

He holds his cock out with one hand and wiggles it slightly in front of the other boy’s face. Mickey immediately glares up at him, flipping him off, “Fuck off”.

Ian looks at him teasingly, “Just put your mouth on i-“

He shivers as Mickey suddenly surprises him by slipping his lips over the tip of his cock, effectively shutting him up, even as he continues to flip him off.

Mickey closes his eyes as he slowly but steadily takes Ian further into his mouth, lowering his hand to Ian’s thigh as he does. Ian’s cock is enveloped deeper into an incredible hot wetness, that is in stark contrast to the cold winter air hovering inside of the empty building’s concrete walls.

He makes sure he stands very still as Mickey starts to actually suck him off, clearly trying to remember and copy some of the actions he had used on him before. He feels his dick resting over Mickey’s tongue like a heavy weight, and it makes him feel very dominant in the moment. 

The other boy gags slightly as Ian approaches the back of his throat, and his eyes flicker open immediately, looking up at Ian for reassurance.

He strokes the other boy’s dark head comfortingly, “So good Mick, feels so fuckin good”.

Mickey nods slightly and continues. He grips Mickey’s hair gently as his cock twitches inside the others boys mouth, the sensation already causing an orgasmic tension to creep into his balls.

It’s literally been fucking months since he had a blowjob, but as he looks down at Mickey sucking him off, he feels it’s totally fucking worth it. It’s taken him about ten minutes to get over his initial awkward exploration of giving his first blowjob, but in Ian’s opinion, he’s owning it now.

Mickey’s electric blue eyes drift upwards towards Ian intently again, who feels his own eyes getting heavier as he fights wave after wave of pleasure, controlling himself from humping into Mickey’s mouth when the other boy opens it slightly, attempting to speak around his cock.

It’s hard to understand what he’s saying, his voice is muffled by the dick in his mouth, but the mischievous glimmer in those gorgeous and heated fucking eyes helps to translate.

“I likeh itd”.

Ian groans, pressing his head back against the concrete wall, trying not to cum.

Was that dirty talk? Felt pretty fucking dirty, felt pretty fucking hot…

He forces himself to look back down after another minute at the other boy, “You like it, don’t you…sucking my cock”. He’s breathing heavily now, watching intently as Mickey nods his yes, not bothering to stop for even a moment to answer him with words.

Mickey reaches a tattooed hand upwards to grasp the base of his shaft, jerking him off as he continues to suck his cock, and Ian steps backwards, feeling slightly dizzy.

The cold concrete against his ass cheeks steadies his attention immediately though. “Mickey…I’m gonna cum” he whispers, scratching the top of Mickey’s dark head slowly, Mickey briefly closing his eyes at the pleasant sensation.

He pulls his mouth off of the tip of Ian’s cock, but continues to jerk him off, his bicep flexing from the motion. The shock of the cold winter air on Ian’s wet cock gives him a strangely erotic sensation, and he begins to jizz past Mickey’s shoulder onto the grey concrete behind him,“Fuck Mick”.

He straightens to pull up his pants once he’s finished, his sensitive and softening cock now feeling the harsh effects of the cold winter air.

Mickey licks his bottom lip, looking at him intently. Ian leans forward and presses his lips into the other boy’s, perceiving a mild taste of his own precum there. He groans slightly, closing his eyes, and brings a hand up to Mickey’s cheek to hold his face reassuringly.

He hears Mickey swallowing nervously, and he opens his eyes again to look into the other boy’s. “That was fucking amazing” he tells him, seeing a brief but definite flash of pleasure in Mickey’s blue eyes at the compliment.

He tries to brush it off like he doesn’t care anyways, “Didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, but whatever”. Ian smirks, is Mickey trying to fish for more compliments?

It’s pretty fucking adorable that Mickey Milkovich, the ‘thug’ of the southside, wants some more positive feedback about his dick sucking skills.

“Your mouth did” Ian answers, winking. Mickey blushes, and flips him off in response as he takes out his Marlboros.

“Hard to believe you’ve never done it before” Ian says, nodding his head in interest at the cigarette pack. Mickey hands him one, “Why is that hard to fuckin believe? I’ve only been with two other guys”.

Ian frowns, his train of thought now directed onto a new path, “I thought you said you’d only bottomed twice before”.

Mickey raises his eyebrow back at him, “Yeah, I did. When I was fuckin plastered. I fucked both of em more than once though”.

Ian feels a strange sense of jealousy come over him as he hears this, which seems ridiculous, because he’d fucked more than two guys before Mickey. He just hates the fucking thought of anyone other than him being with Mickey.

“Well, did you like it? Fucking them?” he tries to ask casually.

Mickey shrugs, taking a pull from his cigarette, “Yeah, course. What’s not to like?” He laughs after he says that, shaking his head, and Ian looks down at the ground.

Ian feels a light and playful punch on his shoulder, and Mickey’s looking at him sincerely now, “I like this better though, a lot better”. Ian just can’t seem to drop it though, “Were you dating them?”

Mickey laughs harshly, “Fuck no. Didn’t spend more than two weeks hooking up with either of them before I couldn’t stand em any longer”.

Ian nods. He not sure if that’s what this is, dating, but it feels like it’s more important than whatever Mickey is describing. Still, he feels a little down and jealous now, picturing Mickey with two other guys. Wondering what that was like, how they made him feel...him fucking them.

Mickey’s hand comes underneath his chin, turning his head towards his face so he can look into Ian’s green eyes, “Hey, why do you got that look on your face? You told me you weren’t a virgin our first time”.

“I wasn’t”, Ian answers honestly, “I just kinda wish… I was your first time I guess, that’s all”.

Mickey shrugs, “Why? Not like it was fucking special. What was your first time with a dude like, anyways?”

Ian thinks back to the first time Kash had propositioned him at work, when he’d been restocking boxes of Cheerios in the back room of the Kash & Grab. It had been exciting, hot even... but not special. “Good point”. 

Mickey nods in an I-told-you-so kind of way, but doesn’t ask for any more detail on Ian’s first gay experience. He grins after a moment though, “Course, if my first time was with you, maybe it would have been, I dunno”. He winks as he takes a pull from his cigarette.

Ian feels his good mood returning, and he turns and grabs Mickey to give him a playful noogie. “Maybe?” he teasingly demands, rubbing his knuckles into Mickey’s dark head. 

Mickey laughs, trying to shove him off, “Alright, alright. Course it would have been special. You realize I’ve been fuckin hooked on you since Oak Forest right? Dumbass” he adds, affectionately.

Ian releases his hold on the slightly shorter boy, “That’s more like it”. Mickey runs his hand over his black hair once he is released, flattening it back down after Ian had messed it up, as the redhead moves in front of him.

“Kiss me” Ian says.

Mickey leans in and happily obliges, a small smile of amusement on his face as he does.