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Two Friends Like Us

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Mickey looks up uncertainly at Fiona’s offer, and then over at Ian questioningly, who of course nods at him encouragingly. They won’t be able to sleep together, but he hasn’t even slept near Mickey since their class trip to Oak Forest, and he had loved waking up next to him then.

Mickey nods, “Okay, um, sure. Thanks Fiona”. Mickey never seems quite sure how to act around Ian’s older sister, and Ian has a sneaking suspicion it might be because of her motherly role in the house, something he wasn’t entirely familiar with.

Fiona smiles back at Mickey, and it seems genuine enough. “Anytime. I’m going to take the kids to the grocery store, stock up a bit on some non-perishables in case our power goes out too. You guys comin’?” She glances from her redheaded brother, to his dark haired ‘friend’.

Normally Ian is all for helping out his older sister, but she will already have Debbie and Carl to help, so he doesn’t feel too bad about shaking his head no.

“I’m beat Fiona. I think we’ll just watch a movie or something on the laptop upstairs”. Mickey shifts in his chair just slightly at the suggestion, but Fiona just nods, “Alright. Well, c’mon you guys. Debbie, get Liam dressed, ok?”

Ian stands up and takes his and Mickey’s empty cups to the sink before grabbing the laptop from the living room, and heading up the stairs towards his room, Mickey following after him as the rest of the Gallaghers get ready to head out.

They both sit on his bed, backs against the wall, and Ian pulls open the laptop as he places it on his lap to search up a free movie website on Google. A moment or two later, they hear the front door slam, the entire house now eerily quiet from the unusual lack of Gallaghers.

Mickey turns to him immediately, “We actually watching a fuckin movie, or?” Ian laughs, “Fuck no, we can do that later”.

He puts the laptop down beside himself on the bed, and then immediately turns back around to climb over a grinning Mickey, who settles his hands over Ian’s thighs as Ian presses his mouth against his, resting on his lap.

Mickey hums into the kiss after they’ve been making out for a minute or two, and removes one hand from Ian’s thighs to reach for the loose crotch of his sweatpants. He begins to stroke Ian’s cock through the thick fabric.

Ian feels his semi getting harder in response to Mickey’s touch, and Mickey’s own dick is now pressing up insistently beneath him. He swings one knee around, and gets off Mickey’s lap, to scoot upwards on his bed. Laying down on his bed normally, he pats the empty space beside himself for Mickey to come over.

He does, and they both pause to look down at the pitched tents in their sweatpants as they are head to head.

“Think we have enough time?” Mickey asks, licking his lips. Ian considers, “Probably, yeah. If I go fast”. He winks at the last part, before stretching to reach down into his night table drawer, pulling out a condom and a packet of lube as he comes back up.

He looks at Mickey, who is now pulling down Ian’s own sweatpants that he had borrowed, and feels a strange pull inside of himself. “Hey…” he looks at Mickey with consideration, “Do you want to suck my dick first?”

It’s only just now striking him that although he had sucked Mickey off several times, he’s never received a single blowjob back from Mickey. He loved sucking Mickey’s cock, the euphoric look on his face during it was reward enough alone for Ian sometimes, but seeing that perfect mouth he suddenly feels that he’s been missing out.

Mickey hesitates, “Well…how about later, we don’t got a lot of time. If you fuck me we can both get off”.

“Oh yeah, good point” Ian remembers, nodding his head and rolling on the condom. He puts some lube on his fingers and approaches Mickey, who’s now positioned on all fours, waiting for him. He thumbs the outside of his hole gently first, but noticing Mickey clenching his jaw impatiently, he thinks, fuck it, and slides one finger in right away. Mickey doesn’t whine or complain at all, something that Ian fucking loves about him.

He knew himself that bottoming wasn’t easy, he’d never actually achieved being one for more than a minute or two before giving up, but Mickey was a fucking champ and would take everything he had to give, and then some. He slips another finger inside his ass and moves them apart slightly, stretching Mickey just enough so that he won’t hurt him. “You good?” he asks, his own dick now annoyed at his slow pace. “Yeah”, Mickey breathes out.

Ian bends to kiss his spine, and then straightens up, and pushes inside of him steadily. He forces his dick through Mickey’s strong muscle contractions that attempt to thwart his progress. “Fuck, you’re tight” he says appreciatively, knowing Mickey is grinning.

He presses his own thighs up against the back of Mickey’s as best he can. Doggy style is the fastest and easiest way to fuck, but it prevents him from having as much skin on skin contact as he’d honestly like to have, with Mickey.

Still, he’s not complaining, as he drives into Mickey with a building pace.

“Help me”, he pants after a while, and Mickey looks back over his shoulder, eyebrow arched, “Alright Gallagher”. He tips his dark head downwards and begins to push against each of Ian’s thrusts, shoving him deeper inside of his ass with each movement.

Some strange sound of pleasure slips from Ian’s mouth, and he’s more than aware that most of what’s coming out of it now isn’t coherent, as the combination of him thrusting and Mickey pushing back nears him to the edge.

One or both of them moves a little too forcefully as they begin to fuck harder, and they suddenly tip sideways, unsteadily, their combined weight landing on the laptop Ian had left on the bed. There’s a loud cracking sound and Mickey looks back in alarm, but Ian doesn’t give a fuck about the computer right now, and he grabs it with one hand to toss it to the floor.

Keeping one hand pressed on Mickey’s ass, he moves the other hand back around to grab his cock, finding it already pleasantly wet with precum. He doesn’t need any extra lube to pleasure him, and his bicep tenses as he begins to work Mickey’s cock with his hand in a pace that matches his thrusts into the other boy’s ass.

“I’m gonna cum”, Mickey warns him hoarsely after a minute, “Hand me something”. Ian glances around desperately, not wanting to pull out, but there’s nothing close enough for him to grab without pausing.

Fuck it.

“Catch it in your hand”, he says, groaning, as he approaches his own orgasm. Mickey lowers his own hand just in time as Ian feels cum begin to spurt out over his hand, Mickey catching the excess as Ian groans through his own orgasm, although his is neatly collected into the condom he’s wearing.

“Fuck”, he pants after, “We better clean up”. He pulls out of Mickey slowly and heads towards the bathroom, rolling off the filled condom. He wraps it in toilet paper and hides it in the garbage as Mickey joins him in the bathroom to wash his hand off.

His cheeks are flushed and red, and he leans in to kiss Ian as he washes his hands too.

They get dressed again quickly enough, sweatpants going on more easily than jeans, just in time too, because the house is filled with a chorus of sounds again about ten minutes later. Carl comes bounding up the stairs into the bedroom he shares with Ian and the rest of his brothers after a minute or two, and he immediately looks down at the smashed laptop on the floor.


Ian looks down at the laptop, now remembering it, and reddens. “Carl shut the fuck up!” It’s too late though, and Fiona appears in the doorway a minute later, “What?”

She looks down at the computer in disbelief, “Ian, what the fuck! You know how long it’s gonna take for us to afford another one?” Ian stands there, mouth opening and closing as he thinks of what he can possibly say, but he comes up with absolutely nothing.

How the fuck did you manage to do this?” she demands, crouching and prying open the smashed laptop, “Did you fucking jump on it or something?”

Ian glances over at Mickey, who very quickly looks away, and he stifles a laugh. “It was an accident” he answers. She sighs, dropping the trashed computer back to the floor. “Have fun explaining that to Lip, he uses that more than any of us, for school”, she says bitchily.

Clearly trying to make him feel guilty.

“He uses it more than any of us for porn ” he snaps back, but Fiona just flips him off as she leaves the room and heads back downstairs towards the kitchen, presumably to put away the groceries.

Ian shoves the broken laptop in a drawer under his bed, still grousing. He’s not sure why he’s even annoyed, because it was totally his fucking fault, but he sure as hell wasn’t gonna tell them it’s broken because he was banging Mickey so hard that they fucking landed on it.

“Let’s go for a smoke” Mickey mutters, and Ian nods, thinking it’s probably a good idea for him to chill out right about now.

They sit outside on the front porch and Mickey pulls out his wallet, carefully taking out a roach. He lights it, and takes a few tiny puffs before passing it over to Ian, who does the same.

He feels a comfortable haze start to settle over his mind. “I want McDonald’s” he mutters, a few minutes later. Mickey laughs, “You’re fucking stoned”.

Ian peers over at the other boy’s red eyes, “You fucking are too”. Mickey shrugs jovially, “Not gonna argue with that. C’mon, let’s go get your munchy ass a burger”.

By the time they get back home from their burgers and milkshakes, it’s late, and Ian isn’t high anymore, but he still sort of feels like he is. As Mickey leaves the bedroom to use the bathroom, the two eldest Gallagher brothers now starting to settle into bed as the others are already asleep, Ian realizes it’s just the comfortable feeling that settles over him when Mickey is around.

He doesn’t even bother telling Lip about the laptop, he’s not even sure he’ll care as much as Fiona thinks he will. His older brother passes out before Mickey even returns from the washroom, and Ian watches contentedly as Mickey starts to spread out the odd assortment of blankets and pillows the Gallaghers had been able to spare for him, in some sort of a nest, directly beside Ian’s bed.

The lights are turned off soon after by a passing Fiona, and he feels his own eyes begin to droop as he listens to the sounds of his brothers, and possibly Mickey, sleeping. He dangles his hand slightly over the edge of his bed, not sure why he even is. But a few moments later, he feels Mickey’s fingers reaching upwards into his hand, and then squeezing it, and he realizes that’s exactly what he was hoping for.

He falls asleep like that, without knowing that Mickey had waited until he knew for sure that Ian was asleep, before taking his hand away and going to sleep himself.