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Two Friends Like Us

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Ian Gallagher shifts onto the last empty seat at the very back of the school bus, pleased to see that he gets the whole thing to himself after being the last student in line waiting to get on. He tosses his backpack onto the empty space on the seat beside himself and stretches his neck a bit to look up to the front of the bus, where his teacher, Mrs. Lowry, is still trying to shush the chattering of all her excited students. Finally, she manages to raise her voice over the commotion.

Alright 11th Graders! If I can have your attention for a moment please, yes- that means you too Mitchell, please be quiet. So, our field trip today to the Oak Forest Campgrounds is going to be- Mickey?” the teacher sighs, looking down the bus steps at someone who has apparently arrived late. “Mickey, you never brought back your signed form, you can’t go on the trip without it”.

Ian watches as Mickey Milkovich comes bounding up the bus stairs, waving a crumpled and bent sheet of paper in his hand as he does. He belches loudly, “Here”. He thrusts the paper at the unimpressed teacher.

She rolls her eyes as she looks at it, knowing like the rest of the class that he had probably forged the messy signature on it, but she apparently decides not to waste any more time arguing about it, “Please take a seat Mickey, we’re just about to leave”.

Mickey saunters down the aisle of the school bus, past all the full seats, until he narrows his eyes at the very last empty space behind Ian, who has been watching him approach with some interest. “Move” he says to Ian, who picks up his backpack to make room beside himself. “No Gallagher, move over. I’m taking the window side”.

Ian scrambles across the seat awkwardly as Mickey bends over slightly to squeeze past him, Ian’s eyes widening slightly as he does. Mickey, who of course didn’t see that, throws himself down into the seat and stares out the window with his arms crossed casually, shifting down into the seat comfortably as Mrs. Lowry continues speaking to the class.

“As I was saying, it’s about an hour drive to the campgrounds, so while you can talk to your neighbors during the trip, let’s keep the volume to a reasonable level so our driver can concentrate please!” The perky teacher finally takes her seat at the front of the bus, behind the driver, who pulls the bus into motion, drifting slowly out of the parking lot before hitting the road.

Ian cradles his heavy backpack uncomfortably on his lap before putting it down on the ground in front of himself, thinking about the boy now sitting beside him on the bus.

Mickey Milkovich was a year older than him, but because he’d been held back a year before for skipping too often, he was in the same grade as Ian. Mickey lived near Ian’s neighborhood in the South Side too, so he saw him around often. But they rarely, if ever, talked. Sometimes Mickey would come bug him for answers during class, but other than that they didn’t interact much. Not that Ian wouldn’t like to, he thinks, as he sneaks a shy glance at the dark-haired boy sitting beside him.

“Um, why didn’t you bring your backpack?” Ian asks awkwardly, trying to think of what to say. Mickey glances over at him, eyebrow arched, surprised Ian is talking to him. His vivid blue eyes are breathtaking up close…

“Don’t need to” he shrugs, yawning.

“We’re camping overnight”, Ian reminds him. “Yeah, I know. Can ya shut up please? I’m hungover, need to sleep”. And with that Mickey closes his stunning blue eyes, and leans back against the seat, his legs spread apart slightly as he eventually starts to breathe more slowly and deeply.

Ian glances around the rest of the school bus. The rest of his classmates are all busy chatting with each other and tossing stuff across the bus, like notes and snacks. The two kids directly across the aisle from him are absorbed into their portable Nintendo’s. Ian pops his headphones in and turns on his iPod to listen to some music, but after a while he can’t help but look over at Mickey again, who is now definitely asleep.

His arms are still crossed across his dark grey tank topped chest, putting his impressive biceps even more clearly on display. The hand that has “FUCK” tattooed onto it by Mickey himself is facing Ian, and he runs his eyes slowly over each black letter on the boys slightly dirty hand, before shyly glancing at his face again.

His dark black hair and eyebrows stand out in an attractive contrast against his pale white skin. His blue eyes are closed of course, but Ian notes the delicate eyelashes resting against his face. Ian continues travelling down Mickey’s face, noticing there are some very light brown freckles around his nose and cheeks.  His nose is narrow and strong, his entire face angular and yet somewhat round at the same time. Ian’s green and curious eyes then flicker towards the boy’s mouth. His pink and perfect lips are parted slightly as he continues to doze.

Okay, Ian feels a little creepy staring at Mickey like this, but it’s the only chance he’s ever gotten being this close to Mickey without Mickey being able to swing a punch at him for staring. It’s weird seeing him this peaceful. It’s actually probably the longest that Ian’s ever been around Mickey without hearing him swear or threaten someone.

Ian smiles inwardly to himself at this amusing thought and starts to turn away from Mickey, sure that someone will notice him staring if he continues. But as he forces his eyes away from Mickey’s face and tries to face forward, they pass over a very noticeable bulge in Mickey’s baggy jeans on the way. Ian gulps, and quickly glances around the rest of the bus, making sure everyone is still completely unaware of what’s going on in the back seats, before turning his gaze back onto Mickey’s jeans.

Jesus... he must be at full fucking mast to be showing like that in those loose jeans... Ian wonders what Mickey is dreaming about, and he bites his lip, feeling his own dick starting to stir with interest in his jeans. He quickly moves his backpack to cover his semi. Lucky he did too. The bus suddenly hits a pothole on the road and sways, bouncing all of the students in their seats. Mickey jolts awake from the impact, “What you starin at?” he asks, rubbing his eyes, as he squints up at Ian.

Ian quickly looks away, “Uh nothing. You said something in your sleep, I was just- I just looked over at you when you said it”.

Without looking he can tell Mickey is quickly straightening up in the seat and then rearranging himself. Mickey just grunts in response to Ian’s explanation and Ian’s racing heart starts to slow as he realizes Micky hadn’t caught on to what he was actually looking at. Phew that was close.

The school bus pulls into the Oak Forest campgrounds and the teacher stands, asking for volunteers to help her unload the tents from underneath the bus. Only two kids volunteer, and she looks at Ian hopefully, as he is usually one of the more helpful ones in class. He squirms a bit, hoping Mickey won’t think he’s a loser as he gets up. To his surprise though, Mickey follows him off the bus, and helps their teacher pull out the heavy bundled tents from the bus’s under storage compartments.

His cooperative mood apparently ends there though, as he pulls out a smoke and a lighter from his pocket, and sparks up in front of the teacher as the rest of the class piles off the bus around them.

She sighs, “Mickey, you can’t be smoking here. Give me that please”. Mickey blows smoke at her, “Bite me”. “Mickey, remember that English essay you never handed in that I very kindly allowed you to skip? Unless you want to actually write it, I suggest you hand me the rest of your cigarettes”. Mickey glares at her, those ice blue eyes looking like they could turn someone to stone, but she doesn’t budge at all. He slowly pulls the packet out from his jeans and slaps them into her hand.

“Good. Alright students, we are going to start out by the lake with some canoeing! Everyone find a partner, or form a group of three please”.

Ian turns to Mickey, asking as casually as he can, “Wanna be my partner?” Mickey looks at him doubtfully, so Ian quickly adds, “I already know how. Cadets”. He nods, “Yeah sure, whatever”.

They walk down to the lake in pairs and trios and Ian watches, impressed, as Mickey lifts one of the canoes over his head and carries it over to the water’s edge, his stocky form solid, his muscles bulging. “You comin’ Gallagher?” he yells back behind himself.

Ian hurries over and shoves the canoe partway into the water, tossing his backpack in the middle. “Get in” he tells Mickey, who obediently climbs into the front seat, albeit awkwardly. “You need to balance your weight, get- get on your knees” Ian tells him.

Mickey shoots him a look, but Ian suddenly pretends to be very concerned with getting into his own place, and Mickey follows his example of how to balance in the canoe. He can’t lie, telling Mickey Milkovich to get on his knees gave him a wicked thrill. And the fact that he actually fucking did it? God.

Ian shoves his oar back against the bottom of the lake, hard, and pushes the canoe forwards into the water. “Paddle on the right side, like this” he tells Mickey. Mickey tries to look behind himself and see how he is doing it, but he’s obviously somewhat nervous about tipping the canoe, as it wobbles in the water.

Still, he figures it out, and they get a solid momentum going, working together in unison. The other students have all entered the water as well, mostly in pairs and some in groups of three. Mrs. Lowry sits in her canoe in the middle of everyone else’s, “Alright class, great job! How about a little competition? Let’s see… who can get to water’s edge by that red cabin first?”

Ian glances across part of the lake to where a red cabin sits, some grey smoke curling out of it’s chimney. He tenses his muscles, “Alright let’s do this…Milkovich”, he teases. He knows even without looking that Mickey is raising an eyebrow at the way he had addressed him, and Ian is delighted by it.

“Alright go !” the teacher yells.

Ian and Mickey immediately put their muscles to work paddling and find their rhythm again, their bodies working in unison incredibly well. They glide across the lake, and quickly pass and then lead the entire class, beating them by a landslide. Mickey turns as they hit the shore, and laughs, looking behind himself with pride as he sees all the other students still struggling to paddle their canoes. His blue eyes are alight with amusement, and Ian feels a strange squeeze in his chest as he looks at him.

Mickey sticks out his tongue childishly at the other students as they also begin to pull up against the shore, who roll their eyes in response. Ian can’t help but laugh. The teacher addresses Mickey and Ian as she arrives, “Wow, good job you two… great teamwork. Which works out well, because we will be staying in these teams for the rest of our trip, okay class?” Everyone seems pretty happy with that, considering they were allowed to choose their original teams. Ian sneaks a glance at Mickey, who seems fairly neutral in response to the announcement. Ian supposes Mickey is feeling friendlier towards him after their victory.

“We are going to canoe back, have lunch, and then we have a two-hour class with one of the nature specialists that works here, before free time”, she adds.

Mickey rolls his eyes at the mention of the class, but helps Ian to set off the canoe again and Ian can tell he is enjoying himself as they glide back across the lake. And what’s not to enjoy? It’s warm and sunny, the lake is beautiful, and they are surrounded by nature. It’s very peaceful here.

That is, until they are approaching the shore and suddenly slam into a huge rock hidden underwater in the dark lake. One that Mickey had apparently failed to spot and avoid paddling directly into. The canoe rocks and sways dangerously from the impact, Ian laughing wildly as Mickey says “Fuuuu-“ *splash*       “-ck!” They both end up in the lake, that is somewhat cool due to it being September.

 Luckily, they are at a shallow enough place in the lake that they can walk the rest of the way to the shore, pulling the canoe along after themselves. They are both pretty soaked from falling out of the canoe though.

 “Way to go Gallagher” Mickey grumbles, shaking droplets of water from his dark hair. “Me? You’re in the front, you’re supposed to be spotting! Fuck, hope my cigarettes didn’t get wet”, Ian complains. Mickey looks back at him in interest as they walk back up the sand and towards the grass, dumping the canoe in the sand on the way, “You got cigarettes?”

 “Well yeah but I kept them hidden in my backpack, not like your dumb ass” Ian smirks. He loves the easy back and forth between them that’s been developing throughout the day. He never would have imagined, even this morning, that he would end up feeling like Mickey Milkovich’s friend today. Of course, his interest is secretly a little more than friendly.

Mickey flips him off, “You gonna share?” “I’m not gonna be a douchebag and smoke in front of you all night without offering you one, if that’s what you’re asking” Ian chuckles. “Oh yeah, we’re partners” Mickey remembers aloud. Hearing Mickey say that, partners, makes Ian’s stomach flip, and he smiles nervously, “Yeah, we are”.

They drop onto the grass, away from the rest of the class to dry off in the sun, and Ian peeks inside his bag, “All good. I love army backpacks, water-resistant. But”- he bats Mickey’s hand away- “Not getting these taken away. We’ll fuck off from the rest of the class during free time, and smoke then”. Mickey nods and Ian hears his stomach grumbling as he does, again wondering why Mickey didn’t bring a lunch, or even a backpack today.

Then again his dad, Mr. Milkovich, didn’t seem like the best provider, or the nicest guy. Ian pulls out his sandwiches and tosses one to Mickey, knowing that if he asks Mickey if he wants one, he'll just say he’s not hungry. It's a poor kid pride thing. They both tear into their sandwiches, and afterwards, while Ian is absentmindedly tearing up handfuls of grass from the ground, he feels Mickey’s eyes on him. He slowly looks back up into them. He’s not sure what’s hidden in that blue hazy expression, but Mickey tips his head slightly and looks back down, before saying “Thanks".

Ian sort of gets separated from Mickey and ends up sitting a few rows behind him, as the class plops down inside one of the campground cabins for their lesson with one of the nature specialists who works there. Ian barely listens to the boring talk of ecosystems and pollution effects, his own mind polluted with thoughts of Mickey Milkovich. He keeps moving around awkwardly to try and steal glances of the other boy, but all he can see is his dark head until Mickey stretches at one point, thrusting his toned arms upwards and yawning loudly.

Ian appreciates the sight of his muscular arms, until his own muscles begin twitching in response, and he quickly looks away before he has to deal with another awkward semi. He notices one of the girls sitting beside him, Becca, is also glancing at Mickey with interest and he purposefully knocks his elbow into her.

“Sorry” he whispers to Becca with sort of a bitchy smile as he says it, hoping it doesn’t give him away. She just looks at him in annoyance, but her attention is now averted away from Mickey, and Ian is satisfied with that.

He is pleased when Mickey approaches him as soon as the class is over, instead of it being the other way around as he was expecting it to be. “Alright, you said during free time you’d whip out the smokes” Mickey says, standing there and looking impatiently at Ian. He smirks, “Yeah, yeah. Come on”.

They leave the cabin among the other students also milling outside, and Ian heads into the forest, Mickey trailing after him. Ian stops once the rest of the class is out of sight and sits on the forest floor, kicking away some leaves and rocks from the immediate area before he falls back. Mickey leans against a tree across from him, the sunlight dappling his skin through the treetops, he looks like he is glowing a little bit. Ian's heart thuds against his chest.

Ian wordlessly hands Mickey a cigarette, and watches Mickey put it into his mouth and light it, immediately taking a long pull from it. Ian fights the sudden urge to stand and hold Mickey against the tree, burying his hands into that dark hair as he kisses up his pale neck. Mickey is looking down at him too, as he smokes the cigarette languidly, now savoring it. Fuck, he’s beautiful. Ian slowly stands up and approaches Mickey, breathlessly wondering if, if maybe he could-

“Hey guys! We’re gonna play Sardines while it gets dark before dinner, wanna join?”

One of their classmates, Brent, that Ian sometimes hangs out with at school has just come crashing through trees and found the two of them. Ian at first irritably thinks, no, I’d like for you to fuck off, but when he glances back at Mickey and sees his jaw is clenched, he thinks it’s probably better if he clears his head, and avoids pushing any boundaries with Mickey. He’s obviously straight, and would probably beat the shit out of Ian if he even guessed that he might be gay.

“Yeah, sure”. Mickey and Ian follow Brent back out to where the rest of the class is gathering on the grass in front of one of the cabins. “Alright, rules. Sardines is where one person hides and the rest of us all search alone. When you find the person hiding, you join them, and so on. Like fucking cram yourself in, like a sardine. It’s getting dark out so this should be fun”. He grins, “Um we need a sardine to start us off with… Ian?” Ian shrugs, “Sure”. “Alright, we’ll give you ten minutes and we won’t look where you go. It’s a large space to hide, too large… so let’s just say, anywhere past the lake's edge is out of  bounds”. Ian nods and then runs off from the group without looking back at Mickey, hoping to shake off his strong attraction to the boy.

Ian’s a fast runner, in great physical condition from his cadet training, and he also has a keen eye for strategic games like this. He comes across the perfect place to hide, there’s a wood pile near a cabin that’s quite tall, but there’s also a big fucking rock in front of it. Perfect place to squeeze in behind. If he lays down, he’s completely out of sight, unless someone really comes looking. He gets on his belly and waits, panting slightly into the ground, the smell of earth and grass strong in his nostrils.

Ian eventually checks his watch, it’s been fifteen minutes and still nothing. Maybe he had hidden himself too well… but then he hears, “Fuck!”  He freezes.

It’s Mickey’s voice. Sounds like he tripped over something. Ian thinks quickly, and then clears his throat, loudly. “Hello?” Mickey says, uncertainly. Ian realizes he probably sounded more like an animal than a person clearing his throat, and he laughs, picturing Mickey standing there thinking he stumbled across a fucking bear or something.

“Gallagher?” Mickey comes around the boulder and behind the logs, and then peers down at Ian’s prone form, impressed, “Holy fuck”. Ian looks back up at him, “You found me”.

“Kind hard not to, after hearing your gigglin’ ass back here”, Mickey frowns, but he is obviously amused. “So uh, I’m supposed to what, hide with you now?” he asks. Ian scrambles onto his side, pressing his back against the cabin wall, trying to make room for Mickey to lie down beside him. “Hurry up, get down” Ian whispers, remembering the game.

Mickey crouches and crawls in awkwardly beside him. He peeks over the rock once more, “I don’t see anyone anywhere fucking near here” he informs Ian, but then he lowers himself down against the grass.

His back is clearly uncomfortably wedged against the log pile but even so, he is entirely pressed into Ian’s body, as they lay chest to chest in the narrow space. Ian looks at Mickey Milkovich, jammed against his body in this small space as the night falls, and the whole thing seems almost ridiculous, just too good to be true.

He pinches his nose with two fingers, trying not to smile, but he can’t fucking help it. “What you smiling like an idiot for?” Mickey asks, but then he starts smiling too, and they both crack up. The two of them stifle their laughter the best they can for a moment or two before it dies down, and then Ian gazes into Mickey’s eyes thoughtfully, now appearing dark in the lack of daylight.

Mickey stares back at him, both of them panting slightly into the damp night air after their burst of laughter. Ian suddenly feels a strong wave of arousal wash over himself, as he feels Mickey’s firm and muscular body pressed against his own, his sexy eyes and perfect lips just inches away… fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Ian’s eyes widen as he feels a raging hard on rise in his pants, pressing right into and against Mickey’s own crotch. Mickey’s eyes flutter away from Ian’s at the unexpected sensation and he glances down. His eyes come back up very slowly, his expression unreadable, as Ian barely breathes. The two of them are completely jammed into this tiny space, alone in the middle of spread out campgrounds…

Ian wonders briefly if Mickey Milkovich will kill him.

But then Ian feels an unexpected resistance against his own hard on, and glances down himself, to see the bulge in Mickey’s pants he had noticed this morning on the bus now returning with a vengeance, straining hard against his own.

The two of them dart their eyes back up at each other, both breathing heavily against the dewy grass. Aggressively waiting to see how the other boy will react, what the other boy will do. Mickey reaches out with a tattooed hand and grabs Ian’s throat, and Ian thinks, here it comes.

But instead of choking him out, Mickey only puts a gentle pressure on Ian’s throat with his hand, before sliding it around to grip behind his neck. And then he pulls Ian’s face in towards himself.

Ian feels Mickey’s hot lips against his own a second later, and they breathe shakily into each other’s mouths as they come together and apart, over and over again. Mickey darts his wet tongue into Ian’s mouth and slides it across Ian’s tongue teasingly. Ian trembles and presses his fingers into Mickey’s bicep for something to hold on to in response, his brain short-circuiting from disbelief, heat, and the absolute sparks flying between them. Mickey kisses him more aggressively then, and Ian pushes back into the kisses with insane want.

There’s no routine to the making out, it’s unsteady and heated and all over the place, both of them consumed with lust. Ian bites Mickey’s lip, and drags it slightly away from his mouth, earning him an appreciative and carnal growl from Mickey in response. The sound drives Ian wild, and he begins to grind his hard on against Mickey’s, who responds by pushing his hips forwards into it more. Forcing them closer. Ian groans slightly into Mickey’s mouth as he feels himself approaching a brilliant orgasm. It earns him a low groan in return from Mickey, who is apparently extremely turned on by Ian’s pleasured vocalizations.

A female laugh nearby makes them both yank apart and glance around wildly, as they freeze in panic. They hear voices in the near distance and then relax slightly, realizing they haven’t been spotted.

“Where the hell is he?” the girls voice says. “I don’t know, but Mickey managed to find him, haven’t come across him in a while” another girl answers. A guy laughs, “Maybe Mickey beat him up and took his money”. Ian notices Mickey grimace beside him. He recognizes Brent’s voice next, “Fuck, I have no service. Mrs. Lowry told me we have ten minutes to get them to the campfire for dinner”. Ian glances at Mickey, who quickly nods. “We’re here!” Ian calls out.

The boys stand and come out from their hiding place, revealing it to several of their surprised classmates. “Jesus, good spot. How’d you even find him Mickey?” Becca asks. Mickey shrugs, “Oh you know, he talks to himself a lot”. Ian slugs his shoulder and Mickey pushes him back playfully.

Brent looks at them uncertainly, obviously wondering when the hell they became friends. “Okay well… campfires going. Hot dogs are ready. C’mon”.

Ian and Mickey meld back into the group, and head towards the campfire separately. Ian grabs a couple hotdogs and slathers them in ketchup. He sits down in front of the fire and watches as Mickey covers his own hotdogs in everything, and then sits down on the opposite side of the fire from Ian.

Beside Becca.

Ian looks down at his hotdog, suddenly feeling his cheeks flush with embarrassment. What the hell was that back there? It was obviously a one-time thing for Mickey, who is now happily laughing at something Becca has said.

Oh, so now she’s some fucking comedian?

Ian’s heart throbs with disappointment, and he looks up to glare across the fire at Becca. But as he raises his head, he sees Mickey’s blue eyes are already regarding him from across the flickering fire. Mickey takes a slow sip of coke from his can, without taking his piercing eyes off of Ian.

Ian feels his stomach make an odd flip, and he watches as Mickey finishes off his hotdog and drains his coke, licking his lips when he’s done. Becca leans over and touches his bicep as Mickey looks back at her, the same one Ian had been squeezing less than an hour before, while their tongues had danced. Alright, he’s had enough of this shit, that’s for damn sure.

Ian gets up, and goes to grab a tent from the pile with frustration, then he walks off with it to go set it up near the lake. He gets about half way through setting it up before he decides he wants a drink, and heads off towards the cabin with the coke machine inside. He’s approaching it when someone suddenly comes out of the dark beside him and slams him against the wall of the cabin, making him jump.

It’s Mickey. Ian starts, “Look I-“

Mickey cuts him off, driving his lips into Ian’s so roughly that their teeth scrape. They kiss heatedly for a moment before Mickey steps back, wiping his mouth against the back of his hand. “Watching you pitch a tent made me pitch one” he says, arching an eyebrow teasingly. Ian gestures with his hand in confusion, “I don’t understand. You- you’re gay?”

Mickey smirks, “Was it me rubbing my boner against you, or pulling you into a kiss just now? What gave me away?” Ian is baffled, “I just thought, I mean, you’re so…” “So, what?” Mickey frowns, “Not gay? You think any one would guess that you’re gay? You’re seriously one to talk”.

Ian closes his mouth, it’s a good point.

“C’mon. I’ll help you finish with the tent, Lowry says I’m bunking with you tonight. Then we can get back to the fire”. Ian can’t help himself, “You gonna sit with me this time, or Becca again?”

Mickey raises his dark eyebrows, seeming confused. “What? I didn’t know that would piss you off. Sorry, I guess? I just needed a bit of time to chill out after that”. Ian relaxes, slightly embarrassed at his obvious jealousy, “Oh…okay”. They finish setting up the tent and then return to the fire together.

The teacher, and several of the other students, have already gone back to their tents to go to sleep, by the time they arrive. A classmate's joint is now being passed around the fire, and Ian and Mickey both take a few pulls before continuing to pass it along. Their guards now down from the high, they sit fairly close to each other. Ian smiles when Mickey purposely knocks his knee against his own every so often.

Ian finally reaches down into his backpack as the last few stragglers leave the fire, the boys now sitting alone, “I got something else too”. Mickey arches his eyebrow, looking down into the bag with interest. Ian pulls out a couple beers.

“Damn Gallagher, you’re full of surprises….” Mickey takes the beer Ian is offering him and they both shotgun, draining them quickly and then belching in unison. Mickey wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, and looks over at Ian, illuminated by the glowing firelight. The heat dances on their skin. This whole night has been like a fucking wet dream to Ian, and he wonders for a moment if that’s all it is before Mickey speaks again, “….a good man to have around”.

Mickey grips his hand into Ian’s shoulder and pulls him again, Ian closing his eyes to meet the kiss. Fuck... Mickey’s lips are wet, and especially hot, from sitting so close to the fire. He tastes like beer, with a hint of marijuana in there. Ian bites his own lip and forces himself to push away, earning himself a look from Mickey. “What?”

Ian tips his head back towards the tents filled with their classmates. Mickey quickly nods in agreement, “Yeah good point. I’m stoned”. The two of them sit there for a bit, watching the fire. “Let’s go to the tent” Ian offers, bravely. He hopes he’s not pushing his luck.

Mickey looks up at him uncertainly for a moment, but then smiles, “Okay”.

They walk slowly back to where they had set up their tent, just off from the rest of the group, who were randomly clustered across the campgrounds. Ian had purposely set up the tent so that if the door was unzipped, he would be looking out over a moonlit lake. He leaves it open when him and Mickey get inside, there’s no tents in front of them and he wants moonlight to be their only source of light. Anything else inside of the tent would show off their silhouettes…and anything they maybe, possibly, happened to be doing.

Mickey crawls inside of the tent first and pulls off his shirt eagerly. Ian drinks in the view, still barely believing that Mickey is letting this happen, wanting it to. His body is toned and firm, but he’s also got the slightest bit of a tummy, something that makes Ian want to cover his stomach in kisses.


Ian crawls over to Mickey at the command, and they begin to kiss while they are on their knees. Mickey pulls Ian’s shirt off over his head as they do, and then immediately pulls him back in. Their bare chests press against each other and stick slightly, as they both begin to sweat.

They yank their pants down, letting both of their erections continue to expand freely inside of their loose boxers. They knock against each other, and Ian begins grinding his dick against Mickey’s again, just like he had while they were hiding. 

“Suck my dick” Mickey pants, and Ian immediately obliges. Pulling his boxers down entirely, he admires Mickey’s stiff dick for just a moment before taking it into his mouth, starting with working just the thick tip. Mickey looks down at him through blown eyes, and weaves his fingers through Ian’s red hair as Ian begins to take him deeper, working the rest of his shaft with one hand as he does.

The lake flickers quietly under the moonlight, illuminating their firm bodies as they shift and work against each other with a feral heat.

“Okay, okay… stop” Mickey eventually sighs, and Ian pulls away reluctantly, tasting some precum on his tongue as he does. Mickey pulls a condom out of his wallet, and puts his hand on Ian’s shoulders and starts to turn him around, and Ian is so caught up in the moment that he doesn’t say anything.

He doesn’t really bottom, like ever. And he’s a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to put his dick in that perfect, surprisingly plump ass. But is he gonna tell Mickey Milkovich that and ruin the whole damn night? Fuck no.

Besides, he thinks, glancing back as Mickey lines himself up behind him, stroking his cock with leftover saliva and precum, that’s one guy he’d like to take it from. Mickey hisses as he slowly pushes himself into Ian, and Ian bites his lip in pain.

He’s not used to the stretch, and he moves his shoulders, willing himself to relax. It does start to feel good, but his fucking body is still fighting it, regardless of how slow and gentle Mickey is being with him. “Fuck ” Mickey breathes, as he pushes all of the way inside Ian. But he can obviously tell how tense Ian is, because after a few pumps he stops. “Gallagher?”

Ian looks back, “Yeah?”

“You seem… you don’t seem…. Are you a virgin? Like an ass virgin?” Mickey’s blue eyes actually look concerned and Ian almost laughs as he shakes his head, “No Mickey, I’m a practiced gay if that’s what you’re asking. It’s just…” He looks up at with Mickey with some embarrassment, who is still inside of Ian and just not moving anymore.

Mickey raises his eyebrows, “Just what? You don’t want to fuck me?” “No! No, it’s not that at all! I want, I want to fuck you. But I’m a top”. Mickey pulls out, obviously surprised. “I’m sorry” Ian hastily adds. Mickey smirks, a dark grin spreading across his face, “You know what, Ian?”

Ian shivers as Mickey finally says his first name.

“You know what I like to do?” He approaches Ian, who had turned and sat down with his legs stretched out in front of himself, and straddles him slightly. He's not sure if Mickey's confidence is stemming from the weed, or how far away from home they are, but he doesn't care.

“What?” he breathes, looking at Mickey’s fucking amazing body, now resting on top of his own. Mickey shows Ian his fingers, “I like to put these in my ass, and stretch myself. Before I bottom ”. Ian gulps, oh fuck. He’s pretty sure his own dick is slick with precum by now, this couldn't get any better. “Show me” he whispers.

Mickey holds out his fingers and Ian sucks them for him, getting them nice and wet for Mickey, before he slips them down towards his ass. Mickey groans as he begins to stretch himself, and Ian watches with absolute interest through hooded eyes. This is hotter than any fucking porno he’s ever seen. Any awkward bang he’s ever had.

Mickey continues to work himself open with his fingers as Ian pulls him against his chest to make out, Mickey making small grunts into Ian’s mouth as he does. “Get the fuck in me” he finally moans against his lips. He gets off Ian’s lap and lays down on the floor of the tent, propping his ass up under a pillow for better access.

Ian quickly gets behind him, but hesitates, “Can I…can I eat your ass?”

“What?” Mickey looks back at him, eyebrows raised.

Ian blushes even from behind his straining hard on, “You know, can I lick your-“

“-Yeah, I know what it is”, Mickey looks at him with interest, “Just never done it before”.

 Ian licks his lips, “Let me show you…”

He lowers himself down and spreads Mickey’s ass cheeks apart, before he licks a stripe from his balls upwards, causing the dark-haired boy to shudder in pleasure. Ian presses his tongue back down and rims the tight muscles around Mickey’s hole, loving the heat coming off of it. He continues to work his tongue in circles, and then back down to Mickey’s balls before Mickey speaks again, his voice now hoarse and strained, “Fuck me”.

Ian licks his lips and quickly comes back up, after quickly grabbing a condom from his own wallet, he uses one hand to guide his dick against Mickey’s asshole, and the other to grip Mickey’s shoulder for leverage. He pushes the tip in first, which Mickey’s ready ass greedily takes, but he meets more sweet resistance as he continues to slowly slide in, the walls of Mickey’s ass constricting tightly around him. Mickey arches his back slightly and pushes his ass back, doing just as much work as Ian is. Yeah, he’s definitely a bottom.

He’s tight as fuck, and it’s glorious. Ian wonders when the last time was that Mickey had an actual dick in his ass and not just fingers, as he finally gets balls deep. He's just so fucking tight. Then again, he doesn’t really want to know. This ass, this perfect round fucking ass, is his right now. He slaps one of the cheeks gently, knowing they have to be quiet. Mickey remembers the same thing and lowers his face down into a pillow to moan.

Ian closes his eyes for a moment and works into a steady pace of thrusting before opening them again to stare at the back of Mickey’s dark head. He can’t believe who he’s giving it to right now, even just the thought of fucking Mickey Milkovich spurs him on harder.

He lowers himself down to lay flat on Mickey’s back, sweat slicking between them, and moves the hand that was previously on his shoulder back down over Mickey’s tattooed hand, looping his fingers through the U-UP.

 He breaths hotly into Mickey’s ear who shudders in response, and rolls his blue eyes back to look at Ian. The blown out look in them sends Ian over the edge, he quickly moves his other hand around to start jerking Mickey off, who lifts his hips slightly of the ground so he can.

“I’m gonna cum” comes strangled out of Ian’s throat, and Mickey growls, thrusting his ass back harder, as Ian slams directly into his prostate.

Ian feels cum start to shoot out over his hand as he jerks Mickey off, and his own orgasm follows suit as he gushes into Mickey’s ass.They both pant as they lay against each other’s bodies for another moment. Damp with sweat, cum, and the heavy night air.

Ian slowly gets up, pushing off of Mickey’s strong body for support. He grabs his dirty t-shirt and uses it to wipe off his hand before offering it to Mickey to clean up with, knowing he doesn’t have any spare clothes. They finish and then partially redress in their t-shirts and boxers, before remaking a sleeping space inside the tent. They lie down beside each other on their sides, facing each other.

Ian’s looks into Mickey Milkovich’s stunning blue eyes and thinks, I’ve never seen them more calm or peaceful than they are right now.

He wants to kiss Mickey goodnight, and he hopes he doesn’t mind, but before he does, Mickey stretches towards him and presses his lips against Ian’s, softly this time.

It’s a long, slow kiss, and when Mickey finally pulls away and lays back down, closing his eyes to the world, Ian wonders.

Is it possible to fall for someone in one day?