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With the morning sun came dew coating the lushious meadow grasses, glistening green stretching as far as the eye could see. The previous night's events considered - lava having exploded from the ground itself, undead soldiers having fallen from the sky - Chrom found it almost hard to believe that such chaos could once again turn into the purest serenity of dawn.

His training regimen having made him into an early riser, Chrom had found himself awake at the side of a burned out campfire just at sunrise. Lissa and Frederick had been laying on the other side of the fire pit, deep in sleep, as well as Sully and Virion, who'd joined their company the night before. But only a robe of deep purple and gold had lain in place of the sixth member of the party. He'd looked around, but saw no sign of Robin anywhere in the near vicinity. So, wiping the sleep from his eyes and exhaustion from his muscles, he'd stood and went in search of her.

Considering her amnesia and the collapsed state he'd found her in to start with, he'd worried something could've happened to her. He was at least thankful she'd left her cloak, providing him solace in knowing she hadn't run away.

So there he found himself, wandering through the expansive meadow, his boots getting wet and slick from dew as he found himself approaching a small riverbank – pale blue in the light of the rising sun. It didn't take long following the water's clear surface down a ways for him to spot a figure standing at its edge.

Robin stared downwards, lost in thought evidently, her hair down and disheveled from having slept on the ground and her pale arms bare without her cloak. Chrom sped up his pace to reach her, hoping he wouldn't startle her. She stood so still, and for a person with few memories in her head she looked very pensive.

Chrom came ever closer, but her thoughtful gaze remained concentrated on the river. Just when he thought he would have to shock her out of thought alone, her body left its standstill and began to fall backwards, her white hair blowing forward and covering her face as she collapsed backwards onto the grass.


Breaking into a run, Chrom called out her name. He had only just found her, only just started getting to know her. For the gods to pull such a person as her away after so little time, someone with so much potential... It would simply be cruel.

When he reached her side, however, his worry rather suddenly turned into confusion. Her eyes were open, her breathing still steady. Looking down at her, she looked perfectly conscious.

“Robin?” Chrom tried grabbed her attention, worry drawn on his face. “Are you alright?”

It took a second of delay before Robin's answer came.

“Yes, I'm fine,” she replied gently, her eyes still focused on the sky above her. “That was nothing but a silly idea of mine.”

Chrom took a seat beside her, balancing himself on the slope down to the river. “Oh?”

“I thought,” Robin began to expand, sitting up and leaning back on her hands. “Maybe if I tried to recreate the moment when I collapsed, it might spark a memory.”

“And? Any success?”

With a scoff through her nose and a gaze dejected, Robin replied, “No.”

Chrom felt a pang of sympathy for his new friend. He could see in the slight knit of her brows that she was trying to hide real frustration, perhaps even sadness. Well, of course she was... He couldn't imagine losing all of his memories of his life, and he knew he would be desperate to get them back if he ever did. Though it was easy for him to say; he knew what he would be missing. Robin, on the other hand, really had lost all her memories, and she hadn't the faintest idea what it was that was leaving such an empty space in her mind.

“It's odd,” Robin continued, gazing out at the half risen sun on the horizon. “I remember basic things like eating and walking. I haven't unlearned how to speak or use weapons. I know that that in front of me is a river and this on the grass is dew. I know dew is formed by a drop in temperature overnight. But when it comes to myself...”

“You remembered your name,” Chrom finished for her, only when it became clear she'd trailed off forlornly. He felt it necessary to remind her she hadn't forgotten quite everything about herself.

“Yes, I did,” Robin confirmed to herself, sounding a bit encouraged by that statement. Turning to Chrom with a smile, she also added on, “And yours. Somehow.”

He chuckled, leaning back on his hands as she was. “Perhaps you were a seer, not a tactician,” he japed.

“I hope for the sake of your Shepherds that isn't true!” Robin replied with a laugh. The solemn look on her face was completely replaced by a bright smile now, and Chrom felt pleased to know he'd helped her out of her state. He hoped to be as good of friends with her as with his other Shepherds.

They spent a peaceful moment on the grass simply enjoying each others silence. The sound of the river flowing was an incredibly helpful way for Chrom to forget the stresses of the night before and the stress to come when they reached Ylisstol. He had been out with Lissa and Frederick for nearly a month on his first official mission, visiting villages and ridding the countrysides of brigands in the name of the capital. As soon as he got back, he knew he would be forced back into his stricter daily routine as well as find himself dealing with the new threat of the undead soldiers.

But in that moment, it was just him and Robin, enjoying one another's company as they acclimated themselves with each other. There was always an adjustment period to getting to know someone new. This, Chrom knew from his experience in recruiting his other Shepherds. It was unfamiliar, sometimes awkward. Sometimes it took months before conversation came naturally!

But with Robin, things just seemed to be happening. Perhaps it was Lissa's presence and charm that had helped to lighten the mood, or maybe it was the way they were thrown into combat together so soon. In any case, he felt... familiar with her. It was reassuring. Comforting, even.

“So tell me,” Robin finally spoke up after a short moment, snapping Chrom out of his thoughts. “When exactly will I be meeting these Shepherds of yours?”

“Well,” Chrom replied, thinking over the schedule he and Frederick had planned for arriving back in Ylisstol. “We're set to arrive in Ylisstol, the capital city, this afternoon. We'll make a quick stop to see my sister, and then from there, it's not far to our base. So I'd say this afternoon for sure.” He ended with a smile, hoping it was soon enough for her.

“This afternoon?” Robin asked with shock, her brown eyes widening. “That's so soon!”

“Haha! I thought you'd be eager to meet them.”

“I am! I am,” she rushed to clarify. “I just was expecting more time to prepare myself...

Chrom realized a change in her face, a decided appearance of composure. It was a less than convincing disguise of her nervousness.

“You don't need to prepare yourself too much,” he told her with a chuckle. “They're fine people. They'll like you no matter what.”

Robin almost seemed to doubt him for a fraction of a second. But as quickly as that thought must've entered her mind, it left as she turned to face him. A small smile graced her pale lips as she asked, “Are you sure?”

“Positive,” he answered, a smile mirroring hers as he felt his face heat up ever so slightly. “Trust me, we've seen worse.”

Robin's eyebrows suddenly lowered as her smile became an amused smirk. “And what's that supposed to mean?”

Realizing his blunder, Chrom found himself struggling for words. Robin's intent gaze did nothing to help.

“No, no! Nothing bad! Just, well-... What I meant was.... The Shepherds are a very unique group of people. Someone with amnesia would be one of the less odd ones of the group. So if that's what you're worried about, then you shouldn't be.”

Robin hesitated a moment before letting out a light-hearted scoff. “It's hard to imagine someone with odder circumstances than being found unconscious in a field with no memories,” she said, letting her eye contact with Chrom break in favor of gazing back out at the horizon.

“It's hard for most people to imagine a group like the Shepherds,” Chrom pointed out. It was true that most of his comrades were 'characters' as the people in the court would call them, a disapproving word disguised in politeness. The Shepherds were people from odd backgrounds, people with eccentric personalities. But there was no doubt they were people he felt he could trust more than any others to fight for Ylisse and be true comrades.

“Well, you seem fond of them at least,” Robin said, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards again. “That's encouraging if nothing else.”

“I am,” replied Chrom in complete honesty. “I am very fond of them.”

“Then I can't wait to meet them.”

As the sun reached its place in the sky, Chrom and Robin remained on the riverbank, peacefully silent once again as they thought about the hours to come. Robin was cautiously excited about meeting the Shepherds she would be commanding, and Chrom was excited to introduce her to them. She was another 'character', though without the condescending connotation. She was interesting and clearly intelligent. The prince had a feeling she'd fit right in.

This made it all the more easy to relax along that river. Robin laid back on the grass and closed her eyes. Chrom continued to look at the now risen sun, in the direction of Ylisstol, where counsels and duties would await him for sure. Though to feel too much stress about the hours to come wasn't quite possible. With the sound of the river, the cool dew on the grass (which thanks to Robin he now knew how it came to be), and the relaxed amnesiac by his side, all he could feel was peace. Serenity.