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Whims and Desire

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It had been three days since she returned to the Finalizer. The rescue ship had picked them up and brought them back, Hux immediately going back to his quarters to change into a fresh uniform before resuming his duties to assure the ship was still running properly. With no impending missions she had spent the majority of the time in her quarters, and had only seen him in passing. While his eyes would linger on her longer than usual, nothing had been said between them.

After passing out in the hotel bed, they never discussed what continuing their arrangement entailed. They had snoozed through their alarm wrapped around each other, and then dressed in a hurry to get to the shuttle. By now Hux could have decided he wasn't interested. But with the way he held onto her that night it seemed unlikely.

Kei was in the middle of pulling up a directory to look up where his quarters were located when her datapad pinged, the words General Hux appearing on the screen.

Report to my quarters.

Kei rolled her eyes at the brash, overly professional wording. He was probably sitting smugly in his room that he could summon her with a simple command.

“Report,” she said to herself mockingly. Having already showered, there wasn’t much she could do to procrastinate going over. She didn’t want to seem overeager. At least she wouldn't have to find entertainment elsewhere.

After fifteen minutes of laying about, she got impatient and began to dress. She put on her robe and mask, figuring anyone who passed her would assume she was there for business.

The walk was short, both of them located in the senior branch of the officers’ quarters. Hux must've been watching the door since it opened as soon as she stopped in front of it. She wasn’t sure if the room was larger than hers or if the different layout simply made it appear that way. There was a sitting area and a large desk, with what appeared to be a kitchenette around the corner. The most surprising thing about it was that Hux was not at the desk but on the couch, a datapad in one hand and a glass of dark red liquid in the other.

On top of that his hair wasn’t plastered against his head, looking more like it had while planetside then what he always wore on the ship. It seemed damp and had been pushed back, but strands fell loose at the lack of product. He was still in uniform from the waist down but had lost the jacket, leaving him in just a standard issue undershirt.

The door closed behind her as she walked into the room, the General’s eyes on her.

“You called?” she said flatly through the vocalizer.

“I did.”

She took off the mask, setting it on the coffee table. “You could be a bit more pleasant about it.”

“It's an offical channel, it could be monitored.”

“You're terrible at setting a mood.”

He ignored the insult.

“What are you drinking?”

“Whatever wine came in on the last shipment. There is an another glass on the shelf if you would like one.” He motioned to a cabinet that held a mostly empty bottle of wine with a clean glass next to it.

Kei stalked over to the cabinet, needing the glass of wine if he was going to be an ass and not even offer it first. She poured herself the remainder of the bottle into the glass. Leaning back against the cabinet, she took a sip. He had gone back to looking at his datapad.

“There can’t possibly be that much work that you’re still doing that this late,” she teased.

“The ship never sleeps,” he said without looking up.

“I’m sure someone would notify you if the ship burst into flames.”

He gave her a cold glance at that.

Kei sipped at her wine while Hux tapped on his datapad. When she was finished, she set the glass on the counter, annoyed that he would call her over if he planned on working or pretending to work. She strode towards him. His eyes raked over her as she moved, and he shifted on the couch, seemingly nervous.

Stopping directly in front of him, close enough that she was hovering, she plucked the glass from his hand. He didn’t stop her as she finished off the last bit of red liquid before setting it on the table behind her.

Looking up at her, he had a slight flush to his face. Judging by the now empty bottle of wine he was probably decently intoxicated. It could be his usual routine or he could be nervous, wanting something to take the edge off of it.

She leaned down over him until her mouth was lighting grazing his ear. She could feel the shudder come across him as she breathed hot into his ear, “This would be a lot easier for both of us if you just asked me to fuck you.”

Instantly his hands were on her hips pulling her into his lap. Straddling his thighs, she went to kiss him but his head had tilted down as his hands moved up her shirt directly over her breasts. He gripped at them, squeezing harder than necessary.

She groaned at the rough treatment and ground her hips down against his hardening cock. Hux inhaled sharply and his eyes fluttered shut at the contact.

The hands groping under her shirt pulled out to push the shirt and bra up over her breasts. As soon as they were exposed his mouth was on her, sucking and nipping between her breasts before moving over to one and taking a nipple in his mouth. Kei couldn't help but moan as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up towards him so she was on her knees rather than sitting on his lap, his face pressing firmly against her chest as he sucked and teased.

She held onto the back of the couch with one hand and the other lightly pulled on Hux's soft, product free hair. His ministrations had arousal building quickly between her legs, her panties becoming wet. When it became borderline painful she pulled his head back and kissed him. The kiss was sloppy and wet, their teeth scraped together as she pushed his head back against the couch, tongue licking into his mouth. She broke it to kiss down his jaw and neck which he gladly tilted his head back to allow.

“Did you…” he started, sounding out of breath already. “...mean it when you talked ass?”

Kei bit down on the skin running between his neck and shoulder causing Hux to stiffen, and then gave it a quick kiss before pulling away and looking him in the face. He was flushed, a combination of the alcohol, arousal, and what looked like embarrassment.

“Yes,” she said grinning, thinking back to his comments about ass play at the river. She wouldn’t have guessed out of all the things they said that that would be the one he fixated on. She stood up, pulling Hux with her by the collar of his shirt. He didn't protest when she pulled him towards the bedroom and fell easily to the bed when she pushed him onto it.

“Take everything off,” she instructed as she started removing her own clothes. She stood in front of him blocking him from getting up so he had to undress while lying on the bed. The shirt was the first to go followed by his pants and briefs that he had to lift his hips up to remove. After the socks were gone, he sat nude on the bed, cock hard as he waited for her next instruction.

“Do you have lube?” she asked, shucking off the last of her clothing onto the pile on the floor.

Hux flushed lightly before moving across the bed and digging into the bedside stand. He procured a decent sized bottle that was half empty. She smiled at that.

“Turn around and get on your hands and knees,”she said after he had passed her the bottle.

He hesitated. Already on his knees, he slowly shifted so that he was facing away from her and placed his hands on the bed. Technically he was on his hands and knees, but he was still sitting on his heels which wouldn’t do. Kei slapped the top of his ass causing him to flinch at the unexpected contact.

“Raise your ass.”

Hesitantly he obeyed, drawing himself up onto all fours with his back arched, sticking his ass out.

“Good boy,” Kei praised as she climbed onto the bed and ran a hand down one cheek and thigh.

The bright hair that covered his front wrapped around to his backside too. It was a cute color but he wouldn't want to hear that.

She ran a finger down his crack and then roughly pried his cheeks apart. He made a small noise as she dug her thumbs into the crease of his ass and thighs.

“Did you clean for me?” she asked, wondering how much forethought he had put into this evening.

“Yes.” His voice was strained.

“How well?” she asked, rubbing circles into the meat of his small but shapely ass.

“I did a small enema and took a shower.” Though she couldn't see his face she could feel the shame and arousal coming off him.

“Mmm,” Kei couldn’t help the sound of approval that he invited her over after he had prepared himself for this, hoping she’d indulge. “Such a good boy. Prepping yourself before inviting me over to play with your ass.”

It sounded like he was about to say something, but he jerked forward and let out an undignified yelp as Kei’s tongue pressed slowly over his hole.

His moment of shock must of passed and he moaned, pressing back against her face.

He tasted like soap with a hint of sweat, and it encouraged her to eagerly run her tongue over the sensitive nerves. He was clearly into it from the way his breath was coming in heavy pants. He let out a sharp gasp when she pushed the tip of her tongue in for just a moment.

“Please.” It was almost a whine. She grinned against his ass, continuing to slowly lick against it. It was rather early for begging.

“Please what?” she said against his skin.

There was the hesitation again.

“Don't be shy Hux, I have my tongue in your ass.” She emphasized this by licking a broad stripe up his perineum and hole.

“I want something in my ass,” Hux answered, straining for breath.

Kei pulled back and pressed a finger over his hole, pushing firmly against it.

“You want this?”

“Yes.” He pressed back against her as if that would cause it to slip in.

“I want to hear you say it. What do you want me to do?” she purred, feeling hot from how into this he had gotten.

There was another moment of hesitation before he answered louder than necessary.

“Please finger fuck me.”

Kei slapped his ass again.

“It's hot when you're vulgar.”

He craned his neck back at the sound of the lube container opening, trying to see what was going to happen. She warmed it between her fingers before running a slick finger in circles over his hole, gently pushing against the pucker. It yielded and her finger easily slipped inside. She gave him a moment to adjust.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, his body under her hands twitching and trembling slightly.

“Good,” he panted as she ran her free hand over his ass cheek and back.

“Tell me if it's too much or hurts.”

He nodded.

She moved the finger slowly in and out. After she felt he’d adjusted to it, she became more aggressive, twisting her hand and adding a second finger when he started to rock back against her. The second finger didn't slide in as easily as the first but Hux was eager and took it well.

He was covered in a thin sheen of sweat by the time she was scissoring her fingers inside of him.

He whined when she pulled them out, keeping them slightly spread to watch his hole stretch.

“Turn over,” she instructed, wanting to see his face. The view and his moans were nice but would be better if she could watch his face as she tried to take him apart.

Hux attempted to roll over and ended up flopping on his back in the process. It would be more difficult this way, but she immediately decided the extra effort would be worth it as he revealed the deep flush that covered his face and chest, mouth slightly open and eyes glazed over.

She settled between his legs, pushing them further apart. Hux twitched as the two fingers slipped back into him easily, moving in and out, curling until Hux's hips bucked and he moaned. She worked on the spot rubbing over it firmly, her thumb pressing behind his balls to rub at his prostate from the outside as well. He gasped and cursed, his hand flying back to grab the headboard.

“How often do you put your fingers up your ass?” she asked, running a hand up his sweat dampened chest and tweaking a nipple.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he arched into the extra stimulation. “Not–ah–often. And I usually use a toy. It’s hard to reach.”

Kei brought her other hand up to his lips, pushing against his bottom lip until he opened his mouth. He willingly sucked the two fingers she pressed into his mouth, his eyelids fluttering as she continued to rub his prostate.

“I want to watch you fuck yourself on a toy.” Her voice was low and heavy with arousal from the sight splayed out in front of her. It was unexpected, and he was gorgeous like this, flushed with heavy lids, greedily sucking her fingers into his mouth and moaning around them.

“Don't stop,” he managed to get out, turning his head into the pillow to get her fingers out of his mouth. She allowed it and took back her hand, looking down over his flushed skin. His eyes had fallen shut and his mouth was open as he panted into the pillow, hips rocking against her fingers.

She quickened her movements, pressing more insistently and feeling her own arousal build as his body tensed beneath her. Only a few seconds more and he arched his back, legs lifting as his muscles spasmed. He came with a loud string of moans, coating his stomach and clenching around her fingers. Kei had to fight against his legs that clamped on either side of her to keep up the same rhythm. She didn't stop stroking him until he started to pull away, legs trembling.

Slowly, she removed her fingers as his legs went limp against the bed. Kei felt hot, her skin tingling with arousal. She could easily get off with a few quick rubs against him but she'd wait for him to come down first. Crawling over him she planned a kiss on his jaw, licking down it.

"Mmm, look at you. I don't even have to touch your cock to get you to come." she purred into his ear.

He huffed, hand lightly gripping her arm. “Is that a good thing?” he asked, filter gone in the post haze of an orgasm.

“It’s hot.”

She nipped his jaw lightly before pulling back to look down at him. His head was still tilted to the side, eyes closed as he caught his breath, a slight smile on his lips. She remained hovering above him, not interested in smearing the come coating his stomach on herself. Kei had always liked control, especially in the bedroom. It was exhilarating having someone fall apart beneath you, and Hux had done it beautifully. He was always so stiff and cold, she was surprised that this is what he liked. Maybe she shouldn’t be surprised at all.

He looked back up at her, breathing steadily again.

She moved forward positioning herself above his face. There was no hesitation this time as he gripped her hips, and pulled her down until she was hovering just above his mouth. His tongue lapped against her folds, and Kei let out a moan as his lips went for her clit, sucking on it.

“Fuck, right there,” she groaned rocking slighting against his face. She leaned back so she could look down and meet his gaze. When he looked up at her he stuck his tongue out and licked a slow broad stripe up her cunt.

He grinned when Kei grabbed his hair and forced his head back against the mattress.

“Stick your tongue up, I'm going to ride your face.”

He listened, tongue held out for her as she sat down on him, hand firm in his hair keeping his head still against the bed as she ground down against his tongue taking her pleasure. She continued to move against him, his hands digging into her ass but not restricting her movements. Her orgasm was already close, the play leading up to this bringing her to full arousal. It hit over her in waves as her body shook and she couldn’t help her legs that clamped around his face. He couldn't have minded too much as he continued to rub his tongue and face against her. She rode it out, letting out a string of moans as her hips rocked against him.

When it became too much she pulled back, hovering. She jerked when she felt his tongue against her again and shoved his head back down.

“That’s enough,” she panted, looking down at him, unable to suppress a grin from his enthusiasm. He looked back up, the lower half of his face was wet, as he panted lightly.

She slowly climbed off him so he couldn’t attempt that again, and flopped down to lie next to him. When his head turned towards her she caught his lips in a kiss, licking the tangy taste of herself off of him.

“When was the last time someone ate your ass?”

The flush was still heavy on his skin. “Never,” he admitted, turning his face against the pillow under the guise of wiping his face on it.

He glanced back up when her fingers stroked over his side.

“When was the last time you did?”

Kei shrugged. “I don't do it often. Do you have toys you use?”

“I do. Does this mean you'd be interested in anal sex?”

“On you or me?”


Kei smiled and rolled off the bed, walking into the refresher to wash her hands. Emerging back into the bedroom, she started dressing as Hux laid on the bed watching her.

“I'd love to fuck you in the ass and you can do the same to me if you'd like,” she said before planting a kiss on his lips, biting his lower lip softly. “I’ll see you on the bridge tomorrow.”

She put on her helmet and jacket in the living room before leaving Hux to his own devices.