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Whims and Desire

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Kei stepped out of the pod, immediately being hit by a wave of dry heat. It quickly seeped through the dark layers of her robes and her mask, making the whole situation worse. Behind her, a clanking noise told her that her companion was making his way out as well, his grunts revealing mutual displeasure in the situation.

Taking in the landscape, she rolled her shoulders which were sore from the security straps that kept her from being thrown about the cramped space during the crash landing. An earlier attack on the main shuttle had resulted in engine failure when they tried to jump into hyperspace, and forced everyone to evacuate the old transport shuttle. She had followed the General into the small pod before the shuttle went down. Luckily the Order had been alerted to the situation and would be sending rescue crews.

“How long until a rescue crew get here?” she asked, never a fan of the heat.

“They should be here by the end of the day,” General Hux said, leaning back into the pod looking for something. “Unfortunately this pod does not have a tracking beacon.”

“Fucking hell,” Kei released the clasps on her helmet, removing it. It was slightly less suffocating without.

Hux had turned to look at her when he heard the hiss of the release, wearing that same inquisitive look people always did the first time any of the Knights of Ren took their helmet off, as if they’d reveal something grand. They had never worked directly together, only seeing each other in passing of information. His eyebrows were furrowed in a look of concern or confusion.

“Does it at least has survival packets?” she asked, tossing the helmet on the ground as she started to remove the outermost layer of heavy fabric, desperate to not suffocate.

“Four packs, three days of rations each.” He had gone back to his normally impassive expression, over whatever shock that had hit him.

“Grab them all. There’s a town a few days walk away where we can comm the ship. I’m not going to sit here for a week hoping they’ll find us. And you could probably use the exercise.” She grinned at the joke, tying her robe around her hips, stripped down to a sleeveless shirt.

“I can walk just fine,” He glared at her but it fell flat with no real threat behind it. She wasn’t one of his officers even if she reported to him sometimes. “How do you know there’s a town?”

“I can feel lifeforms, enough for a decent sized town.”

“With the force?” The way he said it left a bad taste in her mouth. “Why should I believe that?”

“Would you rather wait here in the middle of a field and starve to death or die of heatstroke?”

They stared each other down before he sighed and tossed her a pack. It took them a few minutes to move the rations into two packs then they set out in the direction of the town, Kei’s helmet secured on the backpack. The land was mostly flat but exposed. They were headed in the direction of trees, not visible yet on the horizon. It took about an hour into their silent trip before Hux started to fall behind.

“You should take that jacket off. I’m not carrying you if you pass out.”

“I’m fine.”

Kei paused looking back and trying to suppress an amused grin. “You don’t need gloves in this weather.”

He continued his steps until he was right in front of her. From the distance she could see the flush and sweat over his face. Grimacing, he took hold of one hand, making a show of yanking each glove off before stuffing them in his pocket and walking past her.

Their journey continued for about thirty minutes before Hux removed the jacket in silence.

Four hours later they reached the treeline as the sun started to set, taking the heat with it. Kei could feel the exhaustion and irritation radiating off her companion. He had slumped against a tree, now sitting on the forest ground, his hair soaked through with sweat and refusing to stay in its usual style no matter how many times he ran his hand through it. He was smaller without the uniform—almost cute with the slight burn over his face and shoulders.

“How much further is the town?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Two, maybe three days?”

“Does it have a space port?”

“I’m not sure. I can only sense that there are a large number of life forms.” Kei sat down, leaning back against a different tree.

Hux’s fists clenched, brows furrowing, clearly not pleased with the answer. “So you want to walk three days to a town that may or may not have a way of communicating off planet? They would have better luck finding us from the pod!”

“If you’d like to walk back to it you’re more then welcome to,” she snapped back.

He crossed his arms and looked away. Kei sighed in frustration and began to busy herself with gathering branches.

“What are you doing?”

“Building a shelter. The emergency blankets in the pack will help for warmth but I prefer to sleep with something over my head.”

The abundance of sticks and branches made building a makeshift lean-to quick work. They sat in silence, eating their rations as the remainder of the sun faded away, the temperature dropping drastically with its retreat. Kei crawled her way into the shelter and laid to one side, assuming Hux would follow her. When he didn’t she peaked out to see him wrapped in his blanket sitting against a tree.

“I made this thing big enough for the both of us,” she called out.

“I’m going to sit here and keep watch.”

“There are no predators in the area.” While not entirely true, she had brought her weapon into the shelter and would sense if anything tried to creep up on them. She was more concerned about the impending cold.

“Did the Force tell you that?”

“Get in the shelter, General. I don't want to explain to anyone that I didn't bring you back because you were too stubborn and froze to death.”

The internal battle was visible with the way he twitched and glanced around. Her argument won though, and soon he was crawling into the space, trying his best to avoid knocking into her or the branches. He settled on his back, looking straight ahead at the low ceiling. Kei stayed silent and rolled over away from him, trying to sleep.

The remaining threads of light soon disappeared and cast the landscape in gentle moonlight. The temperature continued to fall until they were both shivering. Kei shifted, signaling she was awake.

“We would have been better off sleeping in the pod,” Hux spat.

Kei turned to glare at him. “Fuck off,” she hissed scooting closer, pulling back his blanket as she climbed in and stacked the blankets on top of each other. There were no complaints as they bumped limbs trying to wrap around each other. Kei had wrapped a leg over Hux’s leg that now rested between hers, both of their arms tightly twined around each other in hopes of finding warmth.

The cold slowly receded inside their pocket of warmth. As the feeling in their limbs returned, she became hyper aware of every single movement and feeling of the warm from the solid form wrapped under and around her. With her face pressed into his collarbone, she could feel his breath ghost over her hair and his chest moving with each breath. Rubbing her nose into his uniform, she relaxed into the warmth. As she shifted to be more comfortable, his leg jutted too much into her. She tried to adjust into a more comfortable position and then felt a firm object pressing into her hip. It could've been passed off as a branch, but the way he flinched his hips away made it unmistakably an erection.

“Has it been so long that you can’t control yourself?” Kei teased as she tightened her leg around him, pulling him close again. She tilted her face up so they were now looking at each other, an amused grin across her face.

“It's a perfectly normal response. Can you not control yourself rubbing on me?” he hissed, able to feel her breath on his face.

“No.” She grinned and purposely rolled her hips against his.

Hux cursed, his head falling back as he pressed into her movements. Kei watched him intently, his expression of annoyance and arousal fueling her own interest as they rubbed together. Hux leaned back in, their faces centimeters apart, his breath heavy on her face. He refused to meet her gaze, his eyes half lidded and looking down. He was hesitating. Without considering the consequences or implications, she closed the distance, taking his lower lip into her mouth.

He immediately responded, pushing against her. The kiss was rough, mostly tongue and heavy panting. Kei threaded her fingers through his hair, gripping it and holding him against her. He let out a pained groan and she rolled on top of him, legs straddling his sides. Pushing his head to the side she kissed up his jaw, leaving wet marks in her wake. His hands slipped into the band of her pants, encouraging her to grind down and drawing a low moan from her throat as he dug his fingers into the flesh of her hips. With her lips against his ear she whispered, “If you behave and lay there, I'll ride you.”

“What makes you think I'd behave?” he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Would you rather I made you behave?”

Hux bucked his hips up and shut his eyes. Composing himself, he reached between them for her pants buttons. She batted his fingers away, the clothing more familiar to her, and instead his hands went for his own pants. With Kei distracted removing her boot, he took the opportunity to flip them.

Kei huffed and pushed back against him but he managed to wrestle her onto her front. She hadn't put up much of a fight, aware she could easily take him in a physical fight.

Laying on top of her he ground his still clothed erection against her ass as he breathed heavily over her neck, sending a shiver down her spine. After she had stopped squirming he pulled her pants down to her knees.

“See this is easier, now you don't have to take these off.” His tone was borderline sarcastic.

“Easier for you.” Kei rolled her eyes as as his now uncovered dick slid over her ass before finding her folds in the dark. The feeling made her clench down around nothing, anticipation peaking. “If you come before me I'm going to sit on your face.”

Hux cursed and Kei smiled to herself at how his cock slipped back over her ass, losing some control over the statement. That didn’t last long and the tip of his cock pressed into her. Kei rested her head on her arm and tried spread her legs wider, but the pants around her knees making it difficult. The stretch felt wonderful as he rocked his hips, entering her deeper with every thrust. It had been a longer time than she liked since she last had sex, stuck on spaceships surrounded by no one but storm troopers and officers. The thought that it might be longer for Hux sent a shiver of pleasure through her. He didn't seem like the type to go gallivanting through the ship having casual sex. The press of his hips against her ass took her out of her thoughts, him now fully seated inside of her.

Kei could feel his breath on her neck again; hot, heavy, and fast. Good, he was affected as much as she was. His arms rested on either side of her as he started moving. A small gasp was forced out of Kei on the first few thrusts. They started slow and shallow until he found the right position and could slide nearly all the way out before pushing in until his hips smacked against her ass.

He was getting louder, never outright moaning but his breathing was becoming ragged and his grunting had increased. The slide of him over her inner walls felt good, but the not-so-arousing experience of having her face pressed into grass was starting to ruin it.

Kei grabbed his arm and twisted it, forcibly rolling him off of her. The sudden movement must have startled him considering how he looked at her with his brows furrowed and nose scrunched.

“What?” he asked, sounding the most genuinely concerned he had been the entire trip.

Kei kicked her boot and pant leg off before he could recover from being thrown on his side. Leg now free, Kei climbed back on top of Hux, roughly shoving him onto his back then sitting on him.

“Why don’t I shove you face-first into the grass and see how you like it?”

She leaned over him and roughly pulled on his hair, exposing his neck which she bit down on. He made a breathy keening noise as his hands gripped onto her hips, though he did not try to push her off. She nibbled up his jaw towards his ear, forcing a groan from him as she began to rock herself over his cock, which was pressed between her folds. Her fluids had made it slick and she gasped at the feel of her clit running over it.

She tilted her hips and until he slipped back into her. His hips immediately thrusted up, and she sat back on him releasing his hair but keeping him in place with her hands on his shoulders. When he tried to roll his hips again she held him trapped to the ground.

“Move already.” Hux looked up at her, eyelids heavy and a flush over him that was visible even in the low light. Seeing him look so disheveled fueled her desire to see him fall apart.

“Beg me,” she taunted, half expecting him to be desperate enough to do it.

“No.” He frowned at her but cursed, head falling back, when she lifted herself nearly all the way off before dropping back down on him. His defiance pushed her to tease more, stilling then grinding her hips in circles while fully seated on him, her insides only shifting slightly around him. The feeling was wonderful as her clit rubbed against his base. His fingers dug into her hips, the pain causing her to groan as she pressed harder against him sending pleasure through her.

“I thought you said you were going to ride me.” His voice was forced, almost pained.

“Is this not riding?” she asked grinning. “If I bounce on you do you promise not to come before I do?”

“Yes.” It was spat in frustration.

“Yes, what?”

He glared at her. A cute look.

She shifted, distracting him as she pried his hands from her hips and pinned them by his head. He pulled against her hands, struggling and kicking but she held his thin form, reveling in the way his body squirmed under her. Even in the low light it was easy to see the way his face contorted and gasped.

He finally went limp, face turned to the side looking away from her, panting. “Please.”

She leaned down, putting her weight on his wrists as she tilted her hips, rolling them up and down over him. He let out his first real moan that was muffled into his shoulder, eyes closed, still facing away, hair in disarray around his head. It was surprisingly erotic to have the normal stick-up-his-ass general falling apart underneath her. She let off his wrists, resting her weight on his chest to allow her to speed up. His arms instantly wrapped around her back, forcing her to still everything but her hips as they breathed heavily onto each other's necks.

“If you keep moving like that I'm not going to last,” he panted. Good, he was following orders.

Kei switched her technique, changing it back to a grinding motion while still moving him in and out of her. He angled his hips so he pressed upwards inside of her, rubbing against her front wall as she was simulated from the inside and outside, clit rubbing against his groin.

She locked lips with him, open mouthed and sloppy. Heat pooled low inside her as her movements became erratic. “Keep doing that,” she panted as his eyes stayed intently on her, using his grip to help her move against him.

The pleasure continued to build until it peaked, causing her legs to tremble and clamp around him as she shoved her face against his neck to stifle the moans of her orgasm.

She was pulled out of her post orgasm haze with fingers threading through her hair. Looking into his face again, he was still panting and trembling slightly, eyes blinking as if he was waiting for her to tell him what to do. She shifted her legs wider and bucked down causing him to cry out, shutting his eyes.

“Fuck into me,” she commanded.

He didn't have to be told twice. His knees bent and his hands shifted back to her hips as he thrusted up, meeting her movements. The only sound in the silence was their labored breaths and wet skin slapping.

Kei kept her arms planted on either side of his head, trapping him, only able to look away so much. She wanted to see him when he came. He struggled to keep eye contact with each thrust, suddenly turning away as brows pressed together and back arched as he stifled his moans against her arm. She continued to move, milking him through his orgasm, feeling him pulse and coat her insides. She stilled when his hands gripped at her to stop. They stayed like that, plastered together with sweat as they caught their breath.

“I should of had you come on yourself,” she finally said, no spite behind it, as she lifted off him, hovering, letting his come drip out over his spent dick. If she was going to suffer with crusted semen in her panties so was he. “If we didn't spend the day hiking through this disgusting excuse of a planet I'd have you lick it out of me.” She shifted off him, struggling to stay inside their pocket of warmth as she tugged her pants and boot back on.

His only response was a huff as he stayed still, his eyes following her movements. After he had tucked himself back in his pants, Kei flopped down half on top of him gracelessly, exhausted from the day's activities. His arm wrapped around her as they quickly drifted off.