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Albus Dumbledore and The Harbinger of Magic

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Fleur and Cedric landed with a jolt, then looked around.

"A graveyard?" Cedric asked.

"Wands out?" Fleur suggested. Cedric nodded and they both drew their wands.

"So what do you want to do?" Cedric scanned the area, then looked back at Fleur "Where are they going to come from?"

"See that large chapel over there?" Fleur gestured to a building in the corner "Peter is in their with the...... creature that is Voldemort" She paused "They will be out in about five minutes or so" She took a deep breath "Whatever happens, go with it. Right now, our friends are doing what we need to make sure that we will have help when we need it"

"Always good" Cedric smiled "And you're sure there's nothing else we can do to sway the odds?" Fleur closed her eyes for a moment, then she shook her head "Right now, things are pretty much where we need them" She smiled "So for the next few minutes we just have to look around so they can spring their trap"


Harry and Luna landed with a jolt, then looked around.

"Where are we?" Harry asked.

"Wands......" Luna started, but before she could finish they heard a voice behind them.

"Miss Lovegood, Mister Potter - please hand over your wands" Dumbledore said in a remarkably polite voice "And do not make any other moves - my associate has a very paranoid nature and will stun you before you can so much as sneeze" Harry and Luna exchanged glances, then they both slowly reached inside their robes, extracted their wands by the tips and dropped them on the ground behind them.

"Thank you" Dumbledore summoned the two wands to him "Now, if you would both turn around I think we have a lot to discuss" Luna left his gaze drift to the other figure, standing in the shadow.

"I would have thought a retired Master Auror would have been arresting a fugitive, not aiding and abetting him in kidnapping and murder, Mr Moody" She said quietly "You know that when my friends, and The DMLE, come for us, you will be thrown in Azkaban for just being here"

"Albus asked for my help, missy" Moody replied "And he made a good case" So don't put up a fight, or you and Potter will regret it"

"You won't kill him" Luna said confidently "You need him to kill Voldemort. Kill him, and The Dark Lord will win" Dumbledore quirked an eyebrow.

"We may not be able to kill him, Miss Lovegood, but that protection does not extend to you" He said calmly.

"That's true" Luna admitted "But you are going to kill me anyway, aren't you?"


Hermione, Neville, Angela and Sally were in the Headmaster's office, along with their parents, Sirius, Xeno, Amelia, Tonks and Severus.

"So let met see if I have this straight" Severus stared at the four students "Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory were not in the maze tonight?"

"No, sir" Hermione shook her head.

"And they were not transported by the portkey?"

"No, sir" Hermione shook her head again.

"It was Harry and Luna?" Tonks asked.

"Yes, m'am" Neville nodded.

"How did you get around The Tournament rules?" Amelia frowned "I would have thought....."

"Fleur nominated Luna as her proxy, and Cedric nominated Harry as his" Angela responded "The forms were filed a week ago, and the swap took place just before the parents meeting tonight"

"And the reason you decided not to inform me of this?" Severus asked archly.

"We decided on this plan three or four months ago, Headmaster" Sally said, returning his gaze "I am afraid that we could not take the risk that Voldemort would rip it out of your head in the tween time" Severus stared back at her.

"I take your point, Miss Perks" He said after a few moments "Would there also have been a question of trusting me not to inform my other master?"

"No sir" Sally shook her head "I have it on good authority that both Luna and Harry trust you, however they could not take the risk that your occlumency shields might waver" She paused "We meant no offence, Headmaster, but......" She stopped as Severus waved his hand.

"I entirely understand, Miss Perks - you do not need to explain any further" He paused "I can tell you where Fleur and.... where Harry and Luna were transported to. As to where the real Fleur and Cedric are - I am afraid but I have no idea"

"That is alright, Headmaster" Hermione smiled "Because we know how to find them, even if we don't know where they are right now" She realised Amelia, Tonks and Severus were all staring at them incredulously.

"You....." Amelia shook her head "How?"

"We dosed all four of them with a potion before The Task began" Neville said "It has an incredibly powerful magical signature that should be easy enough to pick up with the underage magic detection grid" He smiled at Amelia "Assuming, of course, we can have access to that?"

"What about the wards around Dumbledore's location?" Severus asked.

"When my brother says incredibly powerful, he is understating the matter" Angela said with a proud smile "We will be able to find it no matter what wards are in the way" She paused "However before you ask, no - we can't share the potion with you. It is tailored to the person who takes it, and with all due to respect to you and The DMLE in general, there is far too much danger for abuse if we hand this over to The Ministry" Amelia blinked in surprise.

"You don't think such a potion would be useful for - say - tracking criminals who have escaped? So that they cant hide under wards?" Tonks asked.

"You don't think such a potion would be useful for - say - Dumbledore when he wanted to find and kidnap Harry after he was liberated from the illegal prison?" Hermione countered. Tonks tilted her head to one side, then shrugged.

"I suppose" She admitted "So what are we going to do?"

"Luna made a suggestion" Neville said "But it is just a suggestion"

"Go ahead, Mister Longbottom" Severus said.

"Director Bones - you take as many DMLE agents as you can muster to find Harry and Luna. Since The Headmaster created the portkey, he must know where it took them"

"I do" He nodded.

"Meanwhile....." Neville took a deep breath "The team that liberated 32 will go to The Ministry, find out where Fleur and Cedric are and go and rescue them and deal with Dumbledore" He paused "Director, you are going to need to give us access to the underage magic detection grid, and you are going to have to convince The Minister to look the other way when we bring Dumbledore to The Ministry"

"Trust me - if you, or your parents, can bring Dumbledore in, no one is going to worry how you did it" Amelia said with a laugh "Okay - we all return to The Ministry and leave from there" She glanced at her watch "You have ten minutes to get your team together, and your things together" She looked around the room "I would ask that you leave the children behind, but somehow I am not convinced you will pay any attention, but if you are not here in ten minutes, you will be left behind"


Fleur walked up to a tomb, and blinked in surprise at the row of instruments and ingredients that were laid out on top of it, but before she could call out to Cedric, she heard him call out to her.

"Fleur!" She turned, then as a narrow beam of light coming from the building in the distance. She sprinted up to stand beside him as the beam widened - she realised a moment later a door was opening.

They both raised their wands, but a moment later she looked over as Cedric winced as a squat figure came out of the door.

"Are you alright?" She asked, but Cedric winced again.

"Headache" He said quietly "I think this is it" He took a deep breath "Ready?"

"Never been more so" She replied, then they both watched as the figure came closer.


"Why would we kill you?" Dumbledore asked sounding genuinely surprised "Luna, Luna, Luna. You have a truly amazing gift, and I think that - with proper nuturing - it could become a powerful weapon in the fight against the dark"

"And if I chose to use this weapon on behalf of Cornelius Fudge or Director Bones?" Luna asked calmly "Or if I chose to make my own way in the fight against the dark?"

"You are young, Miss Lovegood, and very naive" He shook his head "I am afraid that you do not have the wisdom or the experience to truly appreciate what needs doing - the sacrifices that need making in order to make sure that the darkness will be defeated once and for all"

"And you do?" Harry asked "Because you will have to forgive us if we are reluctant to take advice from someone who is on the run from The Ministry and less than a year ago left the two of us and our best friend to be kissed by a horde of dementors"

"I offered you a chance to come with me, Harry, and you turned me down" Dumbledore replied harshly "A mistake that I hope you have learned from"

"Oh I learned something from that, Headmaster" Harry replied in a deadpan voice "I definitely learned something" Dumbledore stared at Harry, then slowly let his gaze drift back to Luna.

"Now that we have established that I have no desire to kill you, Miss Lovegood, shall we continue?" He said in a calmer tone "Because I feel that you have not fully grasped the precariousness of your position in our world"

"Why don't you enlighten me, Professor" Luna said sarcastically.

"There are a lot of people out there who will be afraid of your gift, Luna" Dumbledore said, trying to sound avuncular "There will be those who think that someone with your powers, your abilities is a threat to the freedom and the security of our society. That you would pose a bigger danger than all of the previous Dark Lords combined"

"And don't tell me - you know a way to counter that fear? To counter that perception?" Harry asked.

"I can protect you" Dumbledore said "I can protect you from the dangers that will befall you once your gift becomes public knowledge - from the threats and risks that you are going to face from the rest of our world" He paused "After all, I have done it before. I protected you - both of you - from The Dark Lord and ensured that he would not be able to harm or hurt you"

"Protect us?" Luna sneered at him "By having my father arrested? By kidnapping me and holding me agianst my will? Forgive me if I am not eager to rush back in to the loving arms of your protection again, Headmaster"

"Use all the sarcasm you want, my dear, but I KEPT YOU SAFE!" Dumbledore yelled at her "Do you know how many dangers I protected you from while you were in Little Whinging?"

"While we were in 32?" Harry asked "If you want us to trust you, Dumbledore - if you want us to come back to your loving embrace the least you can do is stop trying to whitewash the past"

"The name is immaterial" Dumbledore waved his hand "You are focusing on the wrong parts. The truth is I kept you safe - safe from Voldemort's reprisals, safe from those who would have taken your gift and used it for their own selfish ends, safe from those who would have seen both of you dead before you were old enough to understand what was going on" He stared at them calmly "Something I can do again"


Amelia lead the group through The Ministry, then came to a halt outside The DMLE.

"Sirius, Xeno - the detection net is through that door. Mafalda is waiting for you and will show you how to work the net to find out what you want" She glanced at the other eight people with them "The DMLE has an apparation point where you will able to leave from, but you won't be able to return"

"We won't be coming back here, Minister" Xeno replied, then looked at Severus "Will we, Severus?"

"We either return to Hogwarts, or we don't return at all" He looked at Amelia "Tonight we settle all family business" She glanced at the four children stood with the group.

"You would lead four children to their death?" She asked.

"Director - they are not leading us" Hermione said quietly "We are leading them" She paused "Plus, you know, we aren't going to die" Amelia smiled.

"Then may Merlin go with you" She replied "Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and organise the largest squad of law enforcement officers ever assembled" She turned and walked down the corridor, then Sirius turned to face the rest of his group.

"Shall we?"


"Fleur Delacour. Cedric Diggory" The figure shambled out of the shadows, and they saw it was a man carrying what looked like a small bundle of rags "Please put your wands on top of the gravestone in front of you"

"What if....." Fleur started, but the man in front of them whipped his wand up and pointed it at her.

"CRUCIO!" He snapped, and Fleur fell to the floor, writhing in pain.

"Stop it!" Cedric yelled, placing his wand on top of the stone in front of him. He bent down and picked up Fleur's wand, then placed it next to his "Okay - stop it!" The man stopped the spell, but didn't lower his arm.

"My name is Peter Pettigrew" He said, and noted the flash of recognition in Cedric's eyes "So you have heard of me?"

"Who hasn't?" Cedric replied darkly.

"If you have heard of me, then you will know of my reputation and you will know not to test me" He walked over to the clearing and laid the bundle of rags on the top of a flat tomb.

"Cedric - you will tie Fleur up against that statue. Make sure she is secured nice and tight" Pettigrew continued "Then you will go and stand by the cauldron while I make the final preparations"

"Preparations for what?" Fleur asked.

"For the return of My Lord" Pettigrew replied as if it were obvious.


"Say we agree to this" Luna said calmly "Say that we temporarily lose our minds and agree to be your prisoners again......"

"You would not be my prisoners, just like you were not my prisoners last time" Dumbledore pointed out, but Luna continued as if he hadn't spoken.

".....then what assurances, what guarantees do we have that you won't change your mind?" She asked "You have made it clear that you think I am a far bigger danger to the magical world than Voldemort ever will be, so how can I be sure that you won't just decide to kill me for the greater good?"

"It is truly saddening that you have so little faith in me, Miss Lovegood" Dumbledore shook his head sadly "Do you not understand that - with my guidance - your gift could be the greatest force for good the magical world has ever seen? That we could bring about the golden age of magic and usher in a utopia the likes of which hasn't been since The Time of The Founders"

"You mean when one of them wanted to ban all the first born mages and the other three were forced to kill him because he went nuts?" Harry stared at him with a slight smirk on his face "Because that definitely sounds like something we should try to emulate"

"Very droll, Mister Potter" Dumbledore turned to look at him "But I think you of all people would be grateful for my offer"

"I would, would I?" Harry asked.

"With Miss Lovegood's help, I would imagine that fulfilling your destiny would become easier" Dumbledore gazed at him placidly "That defeating Voldemort would be simple"

"You are assuming that Luna would be willing to help us" Harry replied "Because I, and others, have repeatedly heard her say that she would rather die than set herself up as as some kind of god-Empress. As someone who controls the destiny of everyone in the magical world" He paused "And I think that would go double for you, Headmaster, because if there is anyone in this world who should not be a god, or an emperor, I think most people would agree your name should be at the top of that list"

"I guided the magical world through two wars, Harry" Dumbledore smiled "And I have educated thousands of children. I believe that the people of our world will be willing to accept me - I believe they will have faith that I am the right man for the job" Harry and Luna exchanged looks, then Harry turned to Moody.

"And you are here because Albus asked for your help?" He asked.

"That's right, boy" Moody gave a single nod.

"You owe him that much?"

"Not sure that's any of your business" Moody replied.

"If you're going to help him keep us prisoner for the rest of our lives, I'd say it's a little of our business, Retired Master Auror" Luna said in a sharp voice.

"You can't see the reasons, girl?" Moody asked "I thought you could see anything?"

"Then I guess we both have something to learn" Luna replied "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours" Moody stared at her for a moment, then laughed.

"You've got spunk, my girl. I can see why Albus wants you so bad" He grinned "But my reasons are my own, Miss Lovegood, and they are going to stay that way. So you will not have to show me yours - as fun as that might sound"

"Your loss" Luna looked back at Dumbledore "May I ask you a question, Headmaster?"

"Of course. If we are going to be working together, I would encourage you to get comfortable with me" Dumbledore smiled.

"If my gift - my unique and powerful gift - is as powerful as you believe it to be, how are you going to keep control of me?" Luna stared at him, a slight smirk on her lips "If I can manipulate the future - bend it to my own will - then how will you stop me bending the future to ensure Harry and I escape? How will you even know that I am doing it?" She took a step forward and tilted her head to one side "I can literally reshape the world to my design, Headmaster. If I wanted, I could blind you and Moody right now, or give you both heart attacks or strokes. I could kill you with my mind and you would not be able to stop me" She smiled "So my question would be are you sure you can keep control of me?"


"They are there" Hermione pointed to two glowing dots in the highlands of Scotland "Can you zoom in?" She looked at Mafalda Hopkirk, who nodded then waved her hands. The group watched as the map zoomed in and got more and more detailed, until suddenly a large black square appeared in the centre.

"I'm sorry, Miss Granger" Mafalda said "It would appear that....." She trailed off in surprise as the two green dots reappeared to the left of the black square.

"What does the black square mean?" Angela asked.

"Unplottable location" Hermione said before Mafalda could reply "The entire area is warded so magic can't be tracked in that area"

"Very good, Miss Granger" Mafalda nodded "Can you explain how we can see those dots?"

"A potion we gave Fleur and Cedric - it puts out an incredibly powerful magical field that can penetrate almost any wards" Neville said "And to answer your next question, no - it's private" He paused "Can you tell what kind of wards there are there?"

"Give me a moment....." Mafalda waved her hands again, then sighed "I can't sorry - which means the top level ward is most likely some kind of magical shielding ward" She paused "There could be anything under there - anti-portkey, anti-apparation, a line of death......"

"The potion wouldn't be working if they were dead" Sally supplied.

" if you are going - which I am guessing is why you wanted to know where they are - I would suggest you land just outside then make your way inside after you cast some kind of detection spells" Mafalda finished.

"Thank you for your advice, Madame Hopkirk" Sirius smiled "Now - if you will excuse us, we have to go"

"Take care" Mafalda looked at the four students "I assume I should ignore any warnings I get for you four tonight?"

"And Luna and Harry as well" Hermione said "Because if my guess is right in about five or ten minutes, your detector is going to light up in a way that even Merlin hasn't seen" She smiled "If it helps, it is in a very good cause"

"Of that I have no doubt" Mafalda replied "I will keep an eye out for it. Stay safe"

"We'll try" Hermione replied, then she turned and followed Sirius and the others out the door.


"Sorry about this" Cedric said as he tied Fleur to the statue Pettigrew had indicated.

"Don't worry about it" She gave him a faint smile "I am more worried about you - whatever this ritual is, I am certain that it will probably involve harming you in some way" She glanced over to where Pettigrew appeared to be talking to the bundle of rags he had laid on the top of the flat tomb "Is that......" She paused, then lowered her voice "Cedric - do you think that that is Voldemort?" Cedric looked over his shoulder, then back at his friend.

"I think it might be" He paused "Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"That if we can them by surprise......" She nodded "Can you get our wands back?"

"Probably not" Cedric admitted, then he smirked "So it's probably a good thing we didn't give him our real wands" He looked over his shoulder again "I think I have pretended to tie you up enough. So - I will wait for you to make your move, then I will blast the bundle of rags for all I am worth"

"I will take down Pettigrew, the cauldron, the father's bones - anything they need" She took a breath "But I will make sure his Dark Mark is left intact"

"Okay" He finished binding her to the statue, then kissed her on the cheek "Once again, I'm sorry" He turned round and faced Pettigrew, then walked over to him.

"Get this over with" He said darkly.


"She makes a good point, Albus" Moody looked over at his friend "If she is everything you say she is, then how do we know that anything we do is our idea?" He gave Luna a quick glance, then looked back at Dumbledore "For all we know, everything we are saying now - this entire discussion, this entire situation - was entirely orchestrated by her. We could just be acting out a play, written and directed by her" Dumbledore stared back at him, then turned to look at Luna.

"I thought you swore you would never use your powers to strip someone of their free will, Miss Lovegood" He said in a slightly derogatory tone "Or did that only apply to those people you deemed worthy of keeping their free will?"

"No - it applies to everyone" Luna said in a placid tone "I would no more strip your free will away from you than I would Voldemort's or Harry's" She paused "But there are a lot of things I can do without stripping away someone's free will" She looked around, then focused on a tree in the distance "If there is a future where that tree bursts in to flames, or gets struck by lightening, I could ensure it happens" She smiled "And if I can make a tree burst into flames, then I can make a house burst into flames. And if I can make a house burst into flames, do you really think there is anything I cannot do?"

"There are ways, Miss Lovegood" Dumbledore said sadly "I suspect the amount of influence you could have on this world would be very limited indeed if you were locked in a stone cell that was barely bigger than you are"

"And if there is a future where that stone cell collapses, or the door swings open, or the roof gets ripped off by a rogue hippogriff......" Luna smiled back at him "Professor Dumbledore - the older I get, the more powerful I will become. By the time I come of age, you will not be able to build a prison that can hold me....." She trailed off, then looked over at Harry ".....nor show me a future where I will work for you. My friends will always be here for me, Professor. You can either let me go home to them, or you can kill me"

"If you are not with me, you are against me" Dumbledore replied, his voice becoming firm "And I can't let you stand against me"

"There are four things you should keep in mind, Professor" Harry said "If you are going to murder my girlfriend in cold blood"

"Indeed" Dumbledore turned to face him "And what would they be?"

"First - killing someone who can see every possible future coming is a lot harder than you would think" Luna said "Everything you can do, everything you can think of, I can see coming"

"Second - to get to her, you will have to come through me" Harry said "And given your obsession with my destiny, and your blind faith that I am the only one who can kill Voldemort, I don't think you will do that" He paused "But if you somehow manage to kill her without killing me, I promise you that I will be dead within the next breath"


"Third" Luna continued as if Dumbledore hadn't spoken "You are so very, badly out numbered" Dumbledore and Moody stared at them as if they were crazy, then they both started laughing.

"There are two of us, girl, and two of you" Moody said "So unless I am missing something...."

"Look again, Mr Moody" Luna said softly, and smiled as Sirius, Remus, Xeno, Severus, Hermione, Neville, Angela and Sally walked into view, all with their wands raised and pointed at the two men. A moment later, Jessica and Owen appeared, both carrying assault rifles and pistols.

"Albus Dumbledore, Alastor Moody - you are under arrest. Dumbledore - please hand your wand over to Mrs Granger. Moody - please hand your wand over to Mr Granger" Severus said in a calm, cold voice "If you deviate from these instructions, we will not hesitate to kill you where you stand" Dumbledore stared back at his former Potions Master.

"Severus - you have no authority to arrest me, or Alastor"

"Amelia said we could bring you in by any means necessary" Hermione replied, her wand as steady as her voice "Now please do as Headmaster Snape has asked because I wouldn't mind casting as many spells as possible at your head, and my mother hasn't shot anyone in a very long time and has a very itchy trigger finger" Dumbledore stared at her for a moment, then looked back at Luna.

"You said there were four things I should know, Miss Lovegood?" He said questioningly "What was the fourth?" Luna and Harry exchanged glances.

"I think that is the one you will find most amusing" Luna said, then she grinned "The fourth thing you should know before you try to kill me is this" She paused, then smiled "I am not Luna Lovegood" Dumbledore blinked, then shook his head.

"You really expect me to believe that?" He asked, then his mouth fell open in surprise as both Luna and Harry cancelled their glammour spells to reveal Fleur and Cedric.

"Good evening, Professor Dumbledore" Cedric nodded politely.

"Now if you would be so kind as to hand your wands over to Hermione's parents so we can return you to The Ministry" Fleur added "Because I am fairly certain they have a large number of questions they want to ask you" She paused "Especially about what happened to your good and dear friend Minerva McGonagall and why she is now a vegtable"

"You b...." He started to raise his wand, but the sound of a single gunshot reverberated through the air and he fell to the ground, yelling in pain and grasping his ankle.

"I did warn you about my mother's trigger finger" Hermione said as if she was talking to a recalcitrant child, then she walked over and picked up Dumbledore's wand "Pretty" She looked over at the adults "Can I keep it?"

"I think it belongs to your mother now" Remus said "If someone defeats a wizard, they become the master of the wand"

"Fair enough" Hermione shrugged, then handed the wand to her mother before looking at Moody "Mr Moody - you have had a long and distinguished career, and there are a lot of people who hold you in very high esteem. You will have to answer some questions, but I am sure you will be able to explain your presence here" She paused "Or my father can shoot you in the leg as well - the good one, not the fake one" Moody stared at her, then gave a short, barking laugh.

"You've got balls, Miss Granger, I'll give you that" He dropped his wand on the floor, then slowly lowered himself to the ground. Hermione picked the wand up and handed it to her father.

"Remus, Sirius - stunning spells only, then binding spells" She said "Dumbledore, Moody - I'm sorry we have to stun you, but you are both far too good at what you do"

"I understand, Miss Granger" Moody replied.

"Just get it over with" Dumbledore hissed, still holding his ankle.

"Very well" Hermione nodded to Remus and Sirius.



"Mister Diggory - you are about to be witness a truly historic moment - the rebirth of the most powerful, the most magnificent mage of our time" Pettigrew said "You could look a little happier about it"

"I'm sorry" Cedric replied "Forgive me for not being happy about being the instrument that will bring Voldemor...."


"YOU WILL NOT SAY HIS NAME!" Pettigrew yelled at him "You are unfit to say his name. You are unfit to even breathe the air that he breathes!"

"Forgive me!" Cedric apologised, bowing his head "I had no idea I was in his presence. Is he here? Where is he, so that I might apologise to his magnificence?" Pettigrew eyed him warily, but took a step back.

"My Lord lies there, ready for this rebirth" Pettigrew pointed to the bundle of rags "And your blood will be the final...."

"REDUCTO!! BOMBARDIA MAXIMUS!! INCENDIO!!" Cedric threw himself to one side as a stream of curses came from behind him. The blasting curse blew the tomb marked "RIDDLE" apart, then the crushing curse exploded the tomb Pettigrew had laid his tools and ingredients out on, then the incendio curse created a ring of fire surrounding the clearing.

"What...." Pettigrew started, but Cedric punched him as hard as he could, before walking over to the wrecked tomb at the edge of the clearing.


"REDUCTO!" Fleur cast another curse at Pettigrew, blasting his right hand off. He screamed in pain and collapsed on the ground. She stalked over to him, and grabbed his wand from him.

"Good evening, Peter" She said in a conversational voice.

"What..... what......" He spluttered. Fleur stared at him for a moment, then blinked in surprise.

"Oh - yes, you don't remember me" She blushed "Sometimes I would forget me head if it wasn't screwed on" She waved her hand, cancelling the glamour spell "Do you remember me now?"

"Lovegood?" He stared at her in confusion "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't want to let my boyfriend come alone" She said, then pointed over to the edge of the clearing "You remember my boyfriend?" Pettigrew looked over to where Cedric was stood over Voldemort, his wand pointing down at the helpless homunculus.

"Cedric?" Pettigrew shook his head "You're boyfriend is Cedric?"

"Oh dear - I've forgotten again, haven't I?" Luna pointed her wand at Cedric and gave it a single wave. A moment later, Cedric morphed into Harry Potter.

"Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. The One With The Power To Vanquish The Dark Lord" Luna looked down at Pettigrew "You were right about us witnessing a truly historic moment, Peter - we are going to witness the death of the most powerful Dark Lord in a generation"


Harry stared down at the shrivelled shrunken body in front of him.

"So you are Voldemort?" He asked "The Dark Lord - the most powerful Dark Lord in a generation?" He paused "I remember you as taller" He pointed his wand downwards "DIFFINDO!" He watched impassively as Voldemort's head rolled backwards, then he raised his wand again.

"REDUCTO! REDUCTO! REDUCTO!" He blasted the corpse into bits "INCENDIO MAXIMINUS!" The remains of the body burst into flames, burning bright orange and blue. He watched it burn, and smiled as the ashes blew into the wind. Then he turned away and walked back towards Luna.

"Hello Peter" He stared down at the man lying on the ground "Your Lord and Master is dead. You can either join him, or you can wait for The DMLE to turn up and go to Azkaban for the rest of your life"

"What........ what do you want me to do?" Pettigrew asked.

"Give me your arm" Luna said. Pettigrew slowly lifted his right arm up, but Luna rolled her eyes "Your left arm, Peter" Pettigrew winced, then lowered his right arm and lifted his other arm. Luna smiled, then pressed her wand against the newly revealed Dark Mark.

Glancing at Harry, she grinned.

"Don't try this at home - it won't end well" She said, then looked down at Pettigrew's arm "MORSEMORDE!"


Lucius was reading in his study when he felt the tattoo on his arm burning for the first time in over a decade.

Smiling, he got to his feet and walked over to the cupboard that he had only opened once since The Dark Lord had been vanquished and pulled out the robes he thought of as a second skin.


Severus felt the tattoo on his arm burn, and let a soft smile cross his lips.


Luna lifted her wand off Pettigrew's Dark Mark, then took a step back as Harry drew his fist back and punched him as hard as he could across the face. Pettigrew collapsed, unconscious.

"Amelia - we know you are out there. The Death Eaters should be arriving in around five, ten minutes. Wait until they are all here, then you can move in and arrest them. If you move before they all arrive you will lose any chance you have of getting them all" Luna called out "We are going home, because our work here is done" She paused, then she turned and kicked the cauldron as hard as she could, sending it crashing over and the contents spilling on the ground.

"Mister Potter, I think it is time to go home" She said, then took his hand and walked over to where The Tri-Wizard Chalice lay. With a final glance around the graveyard, she bent over and picked it up.

A moment later, they were gone.