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The next morning, the couple woke up to their quiet abode. Team Bear had left the night before after a plan was put in place.

“I think I can smell bacon,” Shaw said because she was anticipating eating Isabelle’s feast.

That’s what’s on your mind?” Root teased her wife.

“But you know what it will be like,” Shaw defended her obsession. “Warm, delicious and sprawled out in front of you.”

Root couldn’t resist the similarity. “That’s what I said about you last night,” she smirked.

“Very … okay yes, but ….,” Shaw stammered because Root had done with her what she pleased. “And that’s… exactly why I need a good breakfast. To regain some strength… back.”

“That was weak, Shaw,” Root shook her head. God, she enjoyed playing with Sameen.

The couple showered and dressed and went downstairs, where the chef was so happy to have her favorite couple returning, that she cooked all of Shaw’s favorites.

“Oh, my God,” Shaw said when she saw the display of eggs, bacon, pancakes, freshly baked bread, orange juice and cakes.

“Welcome home!” Isabelle yelled and had rehearsed not rushing at the couple, but couldn’t help it when she actually saw them. She grabbed Shaw first and held her tight. “It is so good to see you,” she said and meant it. “You have color!” she said, when she released Shaw and grabbed Root.

“You say what like you didn’t think we’d be in the sun,” Root teased the woman as she embraced her.

“Well, you know. Come, eat,” the chef said, and poured Root a glass of juice.

“The reception was magnificent,” Isabelle reported. “Everyone had such a good time.”

“Sorry we missed it,” Root said and was only a little sorry.

“Oh, everyone understood,” Isabelle assured her. “And the Best Man’s speech!” she added as she put a plate of bacon in front of Shaw. “He did a great job.”

“See?” Shaw said to Root with her mouth full. “What did he say?” she asked.

“We were sworn to secrecy,” the chef reported. “But it was a lovely speech.”

Shaw eyed her suspiciously, but decided she’d get it out of Fusco easily enough. “This is so gooood,” Shaw said, eating as if there were only a limited amount.

“I’m so pleased,” said the woman who loved to cook for her.

Thirty minutes later, when Sameen felt she couldn’t eat another bite, she pushed back in her seat and held her stomach. “Everything was so …”

“…Tempting?” Root asked because her wife reminded her of a kid let loose in the bakery.

“Yes!” Shaw replied.

Root watched as Isabelle prepared a bag of small pastries for Shaw to have – on the way to work. There was no denying that her wife worked off a lot of these calories, but Root worried about how healthy all of this was. She’d speak to Isabelle about it and ask the woman to come up with some healthier food choices.

Little did Root know, they’d have no choice soon enough.

When Shaw arrived at work, she thought she could hear her trusty assistant arguing with Reese.

“It’s on the schedule and has been for weeks,” he reminded her.

“Yes, but I had no idea that she would be just getting back from her honeymoon,” Janine countered.

“There’s not much prep work,” Reese said in his low voice.

“Are you kidding me?” she whispered.

“Oh, good; Shaw you’re back. Nice tan. Please handle this crisis, would you,” Reese said as he walked out.

“Crisis? I gave them up,” Shaw said, walking into her office. “Well, I can honestly say, I didn’t miss this,” she said of her surrounding quarters and the paperwork.

“Shaw,” Janine said in a tone that was full of – I have bad news and I need you to stay calm. “John just reminded me that… tomorrow is the Security Team physical.” Janine pulled back in the chair just the slightest as if she were expecting a reaction.

“Okay,’ Sameen said and got out her phone and typed it in.

“It’s not boxing or anything,” Janine said, just to be clear.

“You mean… a doctor comes in, right?” Sameen said, not wanting to point out she used to be one. “I used to be one, remember?” she added, changing her mind.

“Oh! Yes, that’s it. That’s it exactly,” Janine said, wondering if she should leave it at that.

“You’re acting weirder than usual,” Shaw noted.

“No, maybe you’ve just been away from weird for so long,” Janine tried.

“I was with Root, remember,” Shaw laughed.

Janine laughed, too, but it was an exaggerated response as she slapped her own knee. “Good one, Shaw,” she said, as she got up and slipped out of the room. “I need the big guns for this,” she said to herself as she left to get help.

As soon as the assistant left, Fusco made his way into Shaw’s office. “Be prepared to be entertained,” he shouted as Shaw kept her back to him.

“I’ve seen your idea of entertainment, Fusco. It sucks, so there better be… donuts,” Shaw said and turned around to see a huge bag of Krispy Kreme donuts and two large coffees.
If he had any chance of getting Sameen to listen to his Best Man speech, he knew she had to be eating.

“Look, Shaw,” he said, opening the bag, “…Chocolate iced with filling, jelly, and original glazed.” The aroma hit her just as he planned when he put the bag near her.

“I want this one,” she said, putting her hand in and grabbing the jelly one.

“They’re all for you,” he said and she narrowed her eyes on him because she knew there was a catch. “I mean, I can’t eat this anymore,” Fusco said, and his sadness was palpable. “Watching the waistline.”

“Yeah, we’re watching it too, and it’s growing,” Shaw laughed as she and Fusco returned to their sibling like banter.

“I lost weight!” Fusco protested and took out his reading glasses to get started. Then, he shoved his hand into his pocket and took out the four page speech. “Sit back, Shaw. You’re going to enjoy this.”

“Why didn’t I just schedule a root canal today,” Sameen balked, but did as her friend asked. “Go ahead, get it over with.”

Fusco smiled, as he cleared his throat to begin. He had really missed this teasing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he began.

“What am I dead?” Shaw barked.

“…and all invited guests,” he kept going.

“Ladies, Gentlemen AND invited guests. Didn’t we invite…,” she tried, but Fusco pushed the donut up closer to her mouth.

“I wasn’t surprised when Shaw asked me to be her Best Man. It’s not like she has a lot of friends, or even people who can put up with her,” he said.

“Fusco! What the hell,” Shaw complained and he just lifted the bag so she could pick her next donut.

“I was honored just the same,” Lionel resumed. “I have known Shaw the longest of any of you here, pretty much. And we’ve been through some things together. Some things I can tell you and some I can’t,” he continued reading.

“You said this? In a room with my mother?” Shaw questioned, imagining the worst.

“Yeah, did you think I was going to share all the times you were off on a bender and I had to come get you?” Fusco asked, looking over his glasses.

“Well, thanks for not making my wedding reception into a twelve step program, Fusco,” Shaw barked.

“They don’t work if you’re not there, Shaw. Anyway, you’re getting off track. I’m just getting up to the really funny parts,” Lionel said.

“No, no,” Shaw said, unable to eat more or hear more. “I’m done,” she said, wiping her hands on the napkin.

“But you haven’t heard the best parts,” he complained.

“Look, I have a lot to do today, including discussing a certain therapist’s choice in clientele,” Shaw looked at him.

“Oh, yeah, you and the dog are sharing now, eh?” Lionel remembered.

“No, even, funny, Fusco,” Shaw said, saying each word slowly.

“Well, I’m saving this for when you have time,” the detective said and put his speech back in his pocket.

Just as Fusco was leaving, he ran into Janine and Root. “Hey, tell your canine I’m working on it. I keep getting text messages from him,” Fusco complained. “No one believes I have a full time job,” he complained when he got on the elevator.

“I really appreciate this,” Janine said to Root.

“Not at all. I’d rather break it to her,” Root said and walked in.

“Do you believe that guy?” Shaw said, complaining about her friend as she finished her third donut. “I think I’ll have to work out the rest of the day,” Shaw said, looking in the bag and realizing she finished them.

“Sweetie,” Root said sitting down and taking her wife’s hands. “Tomorrow is ….”

“Yeah, I know. She told me,” Shaw said, suspicious about her wife’s appearance. “What is this, a caloric intervention?” she laughed. “I’ll work these babies off in my kickboxing class later.”

“You know you have to … fast,” Root said slowly and gently.

“Fast? “ the former doctor questioned.

“There’s blood work, tomorrow,” Janine said from the safety of her doorway.

“Okay, so?” Shaw asked.

“No food after midnight,” Root explained.

“I know what fasting means,” Shaw said, getting annoyed.

“Okay, then,” Root said, sitting back and looking at Janine. “I’m glad we’re all on the same page.”

“You two,” Shaw shook her head as if there were no need in the world for either of them to be concerned.

Root kissed the sugar coated lips and then licked her own. “I wish Fusco stopped by more often,” she said of the literal sweet kiss.

“Well, that makes one of us,” Shaw said, going back to work.

She wasn’t sure what the big deal was, but she heard her assistant wishing Root good luck.

Root went back to her office to work on the projects, while Sameen returned to her own tasks.

Later that afternoon, Bear visited Sameen. He barked at her and dropped a piece of paper at her feet.

“You know, I already have about six bosses,” she said as she picked the paper that contained an address. “What’s this?” she asked and the dog pulled her by her hand.

“Saying you’ll explain on the way does not make me feel good, Bear,” Shaw complained, but followed her new boss into the elevator.

Following his cues, Shaw went to her car and let him in. Then, she drove to the location, pointing out the whole way that she couldn’t just drop everything and go with him, every time he got it into his canine head.

Bear let her rant on because he had watched Root do it this way and it usually worked. Sure enough, by the time they reached their destination, Shaw had stopped complaining.

“So, we just ring this doorbell?” she asked, after waiting until someone opened the front door and they sneaked in. The tall apartment building was in a bad neighborhood and Sameen made sure her gun was where she could reach it.

Bear put his nose by the door and growled a low growl. The hair on his back stood up. “Okay, okay, we’ll check it out,” Sameen said and knocked on the door.

She heard someone walk towards the door and undo the latch and lock. “Well, you don’t look like one of my neighbors, lady. You lost?” the six feet, two hundred and fifty pound man asked. His arms were so muscled that the t-shirt hugged them tightly.

“Geez,” Shaw said unsure of what she was supposed to do next. “No, I… thought I heard something.”

“You heard wrong, lady,” the man said in a warning tone.

“My dog…,” Shaw was saying when Bear decided the humans were taking too long. He pushed passed the man and went into the disheveled home. “Sorry, he’s got a mind of his own.”

“Hey, get back here,” he said, going after Bear and Shaw going after him.

It suddenly dawned on Sameen that Bear took after Root when it came to putting missions together – impulsive with little info.

“Lady, you better get your dog or I’ll…,” the brute was saying, when Shaw saw where Bear was. The Belgian Malinois was standing in front of another dog, as if guarding her.

It was obvious to Sameen that the dog had been beaten. “Is this how you get off, you messed-up coward?” Sameen spat at him.

“This is my house, lady. What I do to my dog is my business,” he sneered.

“Not today,” Shaw said and told him to get out of their way.

The man laughed and went to grab the belt he had used on the dog, but he was too slow. Bear grabbed the man’s arm and growled, causing the man pain. Bear let go when the man yelled and stood there, to make sure he didn’t move.

“Let’s go,” Shaw said, her hand on her gun now in case the man got up.

Bear barked at the other dog, who followed him outside. Shaw told the man not to follow them and he didn’t. But he was going to report his dog missing to the police.

“Great, I’m a vigilante in Lassie’s gang!” Shaw barked as they made their way downstairs.

She complains a lot,’ Bear barked to the other dog.

“I heard that, Bear,” Shaw said, hurrying to get them both in her car.