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Root's business was so successful, in part because, she could solve almost any issue in twenty-four hours. She had developed programs to solve crises in less time. So, working out the logistics of a wedding to Root was child’s play. By the time Sameen had secured Iris’ willingness to attend, Root was more than halfway through Janine’s list.

Shaw went up to Root’s office to tell her what a great job she was doing in telling people. There were some challenges. Martine gave her such a slap on the back when she asked her to come, that she almost regretted not getting hugged.

“I think she’ll look fabulous in this one,” Shaw heard Janine say to Root as the two women hovered near the computer screen.

“It would show off her incredible arms,” Root said.

“And incredible everything else,” Janine added bluntly.

Shaw said hello, but no one heard her.

“Not too short?” Root asked, staring at the screen.

“Hello?” Shaw said.

“Are you kidding?” Janine answered because there was little Shaw couldn’t pull off.

“Are you picking out my dress?” Shaw said, pushing her way into their line of sight.

“Oh!” Root smiled. “Where did you come from?”

“I… work… here,” Shaw answered. One kiss from Root and the annoyance at being ignored melted away. “Is that for me?”

“What do you think?” Root said of the short white sleeveless dress and satin color.

“So, we’re going with white, are we?” Shaw laughed.

“We could go with cream,” Root said seriously.

“I can pretty much work whatever you get me, so don’t worry,” Shaw said, flopping in the chair and putting her feet up on the desk.

“That’s so true,” Janine said sincerely.

“I’m going with long,” Root said and showed Sameen what she was thinking of.

“Very nice. It will look great on you,” Shaw agreed.

“All agree?” Janine asked and the couple nodded their heads. “I’ll get these down to the designer. Now, they may want to take measurements,” she informed them as she left to carry out her duties.

“I would love to be the woman who has to take a tape measure to you,” Root said, sitting next to Sameen and imagining doing just that.

“You have the wildest, most active imagination I have ever met in a person,” Shaw commented as Root’s eyes scanned her from head to toe.

“Thank you,” Root giggled. “Do you want to write our vows?”

“Write them? No,” Shaw said, thinking she would wing it. “Top of my head, tip of my tongue,” she teased.

“The tip, eh?” Root said seductively, lost in the thought.

“Earth to Root,” Sameen said.

“Oh,” Root said coming back to focus. “Are ready for this?” Root asked.

“I’ve never been more ready,” Shaw replied. She was so sincere that Root had to grab her face and kiss her. “We’re not going to make it through the ceremony,” Shaw grinned.

“Oh, yes we will,” Root smiled back. “Because after the wedding is the honeymoon!”

“Good point. So, where are we doing all this?” Shaw asked.

“How about Hawaii? It’s warm, it’s beautiful,” Root asked.

“Yes, but very cliché,” Shaw laughed of the honeymoon destination.

“True,” Root agreed. “How about Paris? After all, Paris est la ville de l’amour,” she cooed close to her fiancée’s ear.

“Do you know how fast someone will find us there?” the security guard suggested.

“Well, I know a private area in Tahiti,” Root was suggesting.

“Sold!” Shaw said, loving the heat.

“Great!” Root said, clicking some keys on her keyboard at her desk and making the arrangements. “Where should we get married?”

“Some place where Isabelle can cater it,” Shaw said, listing her number one priority.

“That woman would follow you to the ends of the earth,” Root pointed out.

“I hear it’s crowded there this time of year,” Shaw teased. “Hey, let’s take everyone to Cameroon and get married there. Then, they can film them making their back home without any help; like Wedding Party Survivor reality show!”

“Janine would win,” Root said earnestly.

“What? Over Reese and Martine? No way!” Shaw argued.

“Janine would be in Cameroon. You would be in Tahiti, but then, you’d be back in New York. Do you think anything would get in that woman’s way to be back here on the first day you return from our honeymoon?” Root laughed.

“Good point,” Shaw conceded.

“I think we should get married in New York. This way, we can just leave for Tahiti when it’s over,” Root proposed.

“Great. Who will do the service?” Shaw asked.

“Well, you won’t believe this, but Reese told me that Joss was an ordained minister before joining the army and then the force,” Root shared.

“Perfect! Joss always gets to the point quickly,” Shaw said.

“Did you ask Fusco?” Root questioned, checking off the items and decisions were made.

“Oh yes,” Shaw said, rolling her eyes. “I had to make sure his girlfriend would be there for him. I mean, someone has to hand him the tissues when he cries.”

“I’m leaning towards asking Grace as my Maid of Honor,” Root said, thinking the woman would really appreciate it.

“Good, she can help walk Fusco down the aisle,” Shaw mused. “I’m serious about Finch. He better learn to crack a smile or Reese is walking you.”

“I’ll have him practice,” Root promised.

“Well, I guess that it. When do you want to do all this?” Shaw asked.

“Well, do you have any sporting events that you can’t miss the day after next?” Root asked and for a second, Sameen gave it serious thought.

“Oh, funny,” the shorter woman responded.

“We can go over everything at dinner,” Root suggested and the couple kissed goodbye.

There were still some things on Root’s list, but as she made phone calls and made arrangements, she doodled with her pen; writing over and over again – Root Shaw; Samantha Groves Shaw; SGS.

The reason the couple was going to be able to pull this off so quickly, was because everyone was pitching in to help. Even Bear had his part.

When Sameen returned to her office, Bear was waiting for her. Sitting in the guest chair, he barked at Sameen to look at the samples of rings that were displayed in a case.

“Let me guess,” Shaw laughed. “You know a guy.”

Bear was very serious about his new job and barked at Shaw to sit down.

“Did you just tell me to… sit?” she asked, thinking the role reversal was crazy.

A growl told her she was right and to do it.

“The world is crazy and you’re the mascot,” Shaw complained as she sat down. “I need a plain gold band because light reflects off diamonds and makes it easier for snipers to spot you,” the former CIA operative explained as she chose her ring. “But this…,” she said, taking the double row of diamonds band, “… this is Root.”

Bear barked his appreciation and closed the box with his nose. Then, as if he truly believed their roles, he bent down and retrieved a granola bar and held it in his mouth for Shaw.

“You think you’re giving me a treat for a job well done, don’t you?” she barked back at him.

He looked as innocent as a canine can and sat there holding it.

“Fine,” Shaw said, wiping off the dog saliva before ripping it open and eating it.

With that, he grabbed the box and went on his way. He barked something to Janine as he left, which of course, Shaw understood.

"Hey, I already know how to catch a ball," she shouted back.

And then regretted it. 

"I really wish I hadn't said that," she said, her mouth full of the treat.