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Detective Jackson had just come upon the latest episode of Root taking her gaming to a whole new level. Shaw got out of the car now, in an attempt to save Root. Speeding was one thing; impersonating an officer was quite another.

“What are you doing here?” Shaw asked with a mixture of surprise and excitement that one uses when you’re actually happy to see the person.

“Stop stealing my lines, Shaw,” the woman suggested.

“This is all a huge… misunderstanding,” Root tried, but the sight of her fiancée in the dress was making her speech slow down.

“Totally,” Shaw smiled, pulling at her dress to cover up.

“Let me guess,” said the woman with a lot of years’ experience. “You want to keep the spark in your relationship; so, you…,” she said pointing at Root, “…come up with the idea to play traffic cop and speeder.”

“Actually, it was Sameen’s idea,” Root gushed because she was still so happy that Sameen was actively involved.

Really?” Jackson said, turning to look at Sameen who couldn’t look her in the eye. “Now, that, I didn’t expect.”

“It was… I wasn’t…,” Shaw attempted to explain, but couldn’t.

“So, you get all dressed up and take off into a deserted stretch of roadway thinking since there’s no one around, you’ll just rev that car of yours and do seventy mph without anyone noticing,” she smiled at Shaw. “And you, got the idea to actually dress up like a cop and borrow a cruiser, complete with flashing lights, to apprehend the speeder,” the woman continued.

“Well, I was …,” Root tried, but the woman wasn’t done.

“And then you would tell her you’d have to bring her in for questioning and possibly a strip…,”

“OKAY!” Sameen cut her off. “I think you have the general idea. Good work, Detective. Well, if you would just give me my ticket…”

“Do I look like a traffic cop to you?” the Detective responded.

Root looked around at the surrounding area. “What are you doing out here?”

“Yeah, why are you in Manhattan?” Shaw added. “Doesn’t Brooklyn need your exquisite deductive skills?”

The woman smiled and turned to Root. “When you’re interrogating her later, you might want to remind her that taunting the police is punishable by law.”

“You’re working on the shooting at Grand Central,” Root said, more to inform Shaw because she knew she wasn’t paying attention to Fusco when he told them.

“You?” Shaw asked. “Why?”

“Because I have many areas of expertise, Shaw. One of them is corporate espionage. And there is something funny about that company that was involved in the incident,” the woman shared.

“And you thought you’d come to an abandoned stretch of roadway to ….?” Shaw asked, looking around.

“Think,” Root said at the same time Jackson did.

“What’s to think about,” said the woman who believed in action. “The two men who went in there wanted something, and when they were met with gunfire, they shot back.”

“It’s amazing you never got the gold shield,” Jackson teased Sameen. “You two have actually had some run-ins with these people,” the detective said because there was an FBI report of when the captured Root.

“If you call both being kidnapped by them as run-ins; then yes,” Shaw said, giving out TMI.

“Both?” Jackson questioned because there was no file on Shaw being kidnapped. “You must really hate these guys.”

“You have no idea,” Shaw said and Root grimaced to think Jackson just led her to where she wanted her.

“Oh, I might have some idea,” the detective smiled. “So, do you want to tell me where you were going to dinner?”

“Why the hell would I do that?” Shaw barked, but Root already knew why.

“Detective,” Root said in her calmest voice, “…do you think you could come by tomorrow and we could tell you what we know?”

Detective Jackson looked at Root and then at Shaw. “I would hate to be the one to break up a romantic tryst,” she smiled.

“Right, like it’s not ruined already,” Shaw complained.

“Please promise me, Officer Groves, when you take her in, you’ll convince her that real cops are not going to find her sense of humor so charming,” Jackson said to the only woman who could get through to Shaw.

“I promise,” Root saluted.

“See you tomorrow,” the Detective said and went back to her car.

“Well, what do you know,” Shaw remarked. “No ticket and no arresting you for impersonating an officer. Maybe she is human.”

“That’s a fellow officer of the law, Miss,” Root said, crossing her arms. “We don’t take kindly to that.”

"Kindly? Where are we, the South?" Shaw looked at Root and then looked around at their surroundings. “What did you expect to do out here?”

“I was going to frisk you and take you on the hood of your car,” Root shared.

My car?” Shaw asked in horror. “Not my car.”

“Okay, then I’d put you in the backseat of the police car,” Root shared Plan B.

“Have you ever been in the backseat of a police car, Root? They’re nasty,” Shaw felt it necessary to share.

Getting Sameen back into play mode was not easy once she was distracted. It called for drastic measures.
“Can I see you license and registration?” Root said, in a serious tone.

“Really? You still want to do this now?” Shaw balked.

“Obstruction of an investigation is punishable by law,” Root informed her.

“Root! I flashed my boobs at a cop. She wants to talk to us tomorrow. That woman is second only to Doc Campbell at getting things out of me,” Shaw complained.

“Oh, I think I know a better way to get things out of you,” Root smiled and moved in. “How did you flash her?” Root asked. She refused to give up on a perfectly good role play.

“I unbuttoned my dress,” Shaw explained and demonstrated to make sure Root knew how close she was.

“Tsk, tsk,” Root said, staring at Sameen’s opened dress. She leaned in and kissed Shaw; reigniting the flames.

“Root, maybe,” she tried, but Root was ready with kiss number two and this time, she didn’t let go until she felt Sameen’s resistance melting.  “Okay,” Shaw gave in. “I don’t know where my license is.”

“I’m going to have to ask you to turn around. You could be carrying a dangerous weapon that I can’t see,” Root explained and Shaw smiled, but finally turned and put her hands on the car.

“Oh, God, I love my job,” Root said as she ran her hands over Sameen’s front.

“You know you’re supposed to pat me down,” Shaw teased because Root’s hands were practically massaging her breasts.

“Oh, sure,” Root said, but her hands were now running the length of Sameen’s legs.

“Are you done mauling me, Officer?” Shaw teased, but had to admit that being physically interrogated in public was exciting.

“I think I better take you… in,” Root said, leaning on Shaw from behind. “Who knows what else you have under that dress.” With that, Root took handcuffs and put them on Sameen.

“Oh, not the back of the car…,” Shaw balked until she saw that Root had the interior of the car altered. “Is that steak?”

“We don’t torture our suspects,” Root said, gently guiding Sameen to sit in the back of the blacked out windowed car.

“Did Isabelle make that?” Shaw asked because the aroma was very familiar.

“Now, Ms. Shaw, if that’s your real name,” Root began. “I can’t take the cuffs off so if you’re hungry, I’m going to have to feed you.” Root couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she divulged her plan.

“Oh, really?” Shaw said, wanting to laugh at how inauthentic Root was.

“And I would hate for anything to happen to your white dress,” Root pondered as if she didn’t have it planned.

“My hands are cuffed. How are you going to get my dress off?” Shaw smirked.

“I don’t need it off; I just need it opened. You know, so nothing spills on it,” Root reasoned and opened Sameen’s dress.

“Much better,” she said and before Shaw could protest, she opened the tin foil with the sandwich. “Wanna bite?” she asked coyly.

“I am hungry,” Shaw admitted.

“Open wide,” Root said, her eyebrow arched.

Shaw did and took a big bite. “You think…(chew)…that…(another bite)… food…(chew) is my weakness, don’t you?” Shaw asked, taking another bite.

“Isn’t it?” Root laughed and wiped Sameen’s mouth slowly with a napkin.

“No, Root,” Shaw said, and in spite of the comical mishaps of their plans, she became serious. “You are; you are my weakness.”

If Sameen had wanted to speed things up, lighting gasoline would have taken longer to ignite than what her sentiment did to Root.

Admitting to her that she was Shaw’s weakness set Root ablaze.

Root leapt over onto Shaw’s lap, held her jaw and kissed her hard. “I love you, Sameen Shaw,” Root said when she finally broke the kiss.

Shaw’s hands were suddenly on Root’s face. “I love you, too,” she smiled.

“I should have known I couldn’t keep you locked up,” Root laughed, taking Shaw’s hand and kissing the palm. “Against your will, anyway,” she added and kissed Sameen again. “Marry me, Sameen.”

“I think we’re on that track already,” Shaw pointed out.

“No, marry me now,” Root said.

“Now?” Shaw asked, trying to see if Root was serious or just onto her next game. “Root, we… we….,”

“Now! I want to be your wife. I want you to be mine,” Root implored.

“Could we…?” Shaw was trying to say. “Oh, hell, why not now?”