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Root was facing a never ending challenge in her relationship with Sameen. She had to concentrate very hard to appear serious as her girlfriend ranted about being called a butterfly. Root simply found Sameen irresistible when she was grouchy about things like this. Actually, she found her entire grouchy demeanor appealing.

“Can you believe him?” Shaw questioned and waited for Root to answer.

“I think he meant it as a compliment,” Root tried because she really did think Fusco was giving thought to the changes he saw in his best friend.

That statement made Shaw stop in her tracks because obviously her kind hearted girlfriend, who saw the best in everyone, was insane. “Picture this, Root, please,” Shaw said, grabbing Root’s arm and looking up at the ceiling. “You’re in a jungle, surrounded by man eating tigers and poisonous snakes. Do you want a girlfriend who’s a shark or a freaking butterfly to protect you?”

“Actually, leopards are considered more man-eating than…oh, never mind,” Root said when she saw the frustration mounting in those dark eyes. She knew the better answer; the one that Shaw was all but leading her to. “A shark,” Root affirmed.

“See?” Shaw said; glad to have the smartest person in the building on her side. “Butterfly,” she shook her head.

“Come here, you,” Root said, pulling Shaw in for a long soothing kiss. It was so easy to lock onto those lips when Shaw was pouting.

“Oh,” Shaw said, her temper dissipating with the wet kiss that left her lips tingling. “I… can… see what…uhm….”

“He meant?” Root filled in the blank for her.

“Yeah,” Shaw said, rolling her tongue over her lips. “Maybe.”

“Good,” Root said and took Shaw by the hand so she’d remember what they were doing.

Root took Shaw upstairs to her office to break the news to her.

“So, Sweetie…,” Root began as they sat on the couch.

“Are these fresh?” Shaw said of the chocolate chip cookies that Jill put out seconds before they arrived. The text from Root was explicit – freshly baked cookies were to be on a plate waiting for them.

“Yes, they are,” Root said, pushing the plate closer. It was a little something she learned from Genrika. “So, Sweetie, that prototype that I made of the tracking device was technically supposed to be used in the arm,” Root said and put her finger on a part of Shaw’s arm that wasn’t covered in a bandage.

“Yeah, Reese thought they’d see it,” Shaw said between bites.

“Yes, and he was right because it does leave an entry mark,” Root said smiling a little bit too much.

“I feel like you’re trying to sell me something,” Shaw said, but the smell of freshly baked cookies was taking the edge off her being impatient.

“No, no, it’s just that we were successful in… inserting and removing the device… when it was in someone’s…. uhm…. arm,” Root explained hesitatingly.

Sameen got it immediately. “Are you telling me that Reese shot me in a place that was not meant for this device?”

“Well, he meant well…,” Root tried.

“Root!” Shaw yelled, not appreciating Root defending the man.

“I’m sure we can figure something out,” said the genius and it would have been better if she sounded more confident.

“So, in the meantime, I have to walk around letting my ass beep so my adoring administrative assistant can find me?” Shaw bellowed.

There was an urgent knock on the door and Martine walked in. “Shaw,” she called out.

“What? How did you know I was here?” Shaw asked suspiciously.

“I…,” Martine started to explain.

“Do you have that app that shows where the hell my ass is?” Shaw barked.

App? For what? “ Martine asked. She discretely shoved her phone in her back pocket.

“I think Ms. Rousseau was told you were in here,” Root hoped and prayed.

“Oh,” Shaw said and only then allowed Martine to update them about what Reese and Fusco discovered when they went to Claire’s apartment.

“Shot?” Root asked and immediately tried to access phone records.

“Whoever is in charge is cleaning up,” Shaw theorized correctly. “But why?”

“Loose ends?” Root asked.

“Maybe she was a weak link and he didn’t want her talking to anyone. Got a lawyer to get her out just so he could kill her,” Martine summarized.

“Let’s see…,” Root said, asking Reese to provide Claire’s cell number. A quick search of the records indicated the deceased woman made a phone call when she arrived home. “Burner cell,” she said.

“Whoever this is, Root, they’re not afraid to leave a stream of dead bodies in their wake,” Shaw pointed out.

“Who could this Greer guy be?” Martine asked.

“He sends out scouts for hackers; then he kills the scouts,” Shaw talked through. “He’s got military training, I feel.”

“Great, we got military people looking for a giant computer?” Martine asked. “That’s not good.”

“Well, for now, there’s been no activity and your mother and I successfully scrubbed any trace of their hold on the machine,” Root said.

“What do you think they have?” Martine asked.

“They said they wanted to rebuild the machine. Azar thinks they heard about it oversees and have been looking for it ever since,” Root shared.

“Why aren’t they looking at my mother?” Shaw asked, and was out of her seat.

“I think they thought she was a gatekeeper that sold it to the highest bidder. Your mother is quite wealthy,” Root said. “And the fact that she is Iranian has made every suspect she sold it in the Middle East.”

“Reese said he’s on his way back and will update us as soon as he gets here,” Martine said and left.

Shaw may have been temporarily distracted by cookies and updates, but as soon as she sat down, she remembered what they were talking about. “Isn’t this thing going to run out of juice?” Shaw asked, looking back over her hip. One look at Root’s face told her that wasn’t about to happen any time soon. “Oh, come on. I’m going to be like the Energizer Bunny here?” Shaw asked, grabbing another cookie to sooth her aggravated nerves.

“Maybe you could do me,” Root suggested.

“Now? Right here? Reese is on his way …,” Shaw felt it necessary to explain.

“Sameen!” Root said in a sing song voice that would eventually just sound like ‘I gotcha’. “Is sex all you ever think about?” Root’s eyes burst with laughter as she tried to appear shocked at Sameen.

“You said…,” Shaw tried to say with a mouth full of chocolate chip cookies.

“I meant shoot me with the device,” Root smiled because there was the lightest shade of red in Shaw’s cheeks.

“I thought you meant,” Shaw thought she should explain as if her wild eyed girlfriend didn’t know exactly what track her train of thought just pulled into.

Root leaned over and kissed the chocolate laces lips. “You are adorable,” she couldn’t help but say.

“Great! First, I’m a butterfly….,” Shaw was balking and Root knew exactly where she was going with that, so she kissed her again. When she released Shaw, she slowly licked her own lips to taste of chocolate. Both actions mesmerized Shaw. “I… can… do adorable,” she conceded.

“Oh, yes, I know,” Root cooed back, soothing her girlfriend’s ruffled feathers.

The couple decided to meet up again when Reese returned. In the meantime, Root was scowering government sub-files for anything on Greer.

When Reese returned and shared what little they knew, Shaw was even more convinced this guy was military. “Your instincts were right,” Root said, turning her laptop to face her coworkers. “Former MI6,” Root said.

That’s Greer?” Shaw asked. “He’s like a hundred years old. Fusco is half his age and can’t figure out his IPhone. How is this guy dealing with high tech?”

“The brains doesn’t always have to know how to do it; just what to do,” Root said, which was ironic coming from her.

Just then, a very astonished Janine appeared in the doorway. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out as her mouth got very dry. “Ms. Groves… it’s the office of the President on the phone for you.”

Shaw and Reese looked at each other, but Root was very nonchalant in taking the call in the conference room.

“Mr. President?” Root said and was cordial in her responses. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said before hanging up. She went back to her computer as she thought about the phone call. Reese, Martine and Shaw exchanged looks as they waited.

“So, what did the President want?” Shaw finally had to ask.

“What?” Root asked, her mind on something else.

“The President? He just called you?” Shaw said slowly.

“Oh, yes,” Root said, smiling. “Something about a global virus he wants me to take a look at. The hackers are holding companies hostage.”

“So, you’re going to… ,” Shaw said, hoping this was a fill in the blank conversation.

In those few seconds that it took Shaw to ask her questions, Root had come up with a plan. “We’re going to find the source of that virus,” Root said.

“And…?” Shaw said, feeling that pulling teeth would take less effort.

“Then, we’re going to give it to Mr. Greer,” Root said, deciding to kill two-birds with one stone.

“Wouldn’t they already be taking precautions?” Martine asked.

“Yes, as is everyone. But BEAR is about to put out an anti-virus for free. And they’d be crazy not to use it,” explained Root.

Martine and Reese were impressed with Root’s plan, and so was Shaw. But she was caught up in how angelic Root could look while masterminding a diabolic plan to bring down their enemies.

Root went off with her team to work on the antivirus software for the latest threat that was affecting hospitals in England and companies all over the world. She called Azar to keep her abreast and to ask her to take over watching the machine. Then, she set out to create the antidote.

Shaw, in the meantime, decided to test her theory. She went to the farthest place in the building she could find and waited. She made sure no one saw her as she went into a rarely used storage room. Within minutes, her theory tested positive.

“Shaw?”Martine called from the doorway. “Why would she be in here?” she heard her coworker ask.

“I don’t know,” she heard Janine answer.

“I’m going to kill him,” Shaw said as she appeared from behind a stack of boxes to face her friends looking at their phones.

“Oh, hey, Shaw,” Martine greeted her and it was obvious that she was worried. The two women fumbled to put their phones away.

You,” Shaw said to Martine,” …Go get your girlfriend.” Then, she turned to Janine. “You, get the things I’m going to text you. We’re ending this today.” With that, Sameen walked out and ahead of her coworkers.

‘What is she going to do?” Janine asked.

“My guess? She’s going to have Ayala remove that tracker.”