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There was a long period of silence after Tyler tapped his partner. He tapped him again.


The silence remained, broken only by a very slight 'shh!' from the survivalist. Tyler tried again to be patient, but this time he shook Burt's shoulder a bit.

"Earth to Gummer!"

However, Burt remained ramrod straight and still as a stone as he surveyed something in the distance through his binoculars. Tyler knew it was time for desperate measures. A second later Burt yanked his binoculars away from his eyes, his hand flying up to protect his ear. He stared at Tyler for a moment in a mixture of shock, confusion, and perhaps a bit of disbelief.

"Did you just flick me?” he finally asked, furrowing his brow.

Tyler just looked smug. "It got yer attention, didn't it?"