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Life Through Glass

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It was the color he saw everyday. All around him it was blue. To his left was blue, to his right was blue, everywhere was blue.

The cool water rippled against his skin, going through him quietly and swiftly. He opened his eyes slightly, his eyelids heavy with exhaustion. He cursed under his breath when he realized what day it was.

It was the day they were back on the move. 

Tsukishima Kei sat up and stretched, rubbing his eyes with one hand as he reached for his goggles- well, he thinks that's what they're called- and slips them on. He remembered finding them with his friend along the shallow parts of the waters. He didn't know why, but they intrigued him and Tsukishima decided to keep them.


The creators of the goggles were dangerous though. Sawamura had been so mad when he brought them back. He thought that it could have been a weapon until Tsukishima explained what they thought they were for. 



The two legged people who lived on land. Who do strange things for fun. Who created all sorts of things. People who have had the time of their lives up there. 

But they were also the people to harm their kind. 


Tsukishima flicked his golden tail upwards, the fins on his sides rippling with the water, while his tail fins swayed gently. He stared at the scales traveling up his arms and shoulders.

Being a merman was dangerous.


It was at least once a month when they would almost, just almost, encounter a human. They would always find a wandering tourist by their home. They would occasionally see a boat passing. They would see nets scooping fish, but barely missing them by a few inches.

Now, it just wasn't the humans, not at all. There were hungry and desperate predators, other pods that would go against them, oh the possibilities were many. 


But humans scared them the most. 

It had beens years since Tsukishima witnessed a friend of his being taken away, the humans finding him at a weak point. It had been years since the pod had mourned over it. It's been so long since they have actually seen a human up close. 

He hoped it stayed that way. 


Tsukishima swam up, collecting some of his belongings that were scattered around, packing them in a pouch to prepare for the trip. He slung the pouch over his shoulder and swam out into the water. 

He squinted, the light shining brightly through the water. Colorful fish and critters swam around him, leaving him alone. The old tough coral stood tall and proud, showing off its colors. 

He sure would miss this place.



He turned his head around to see Yamaguchi swimming quickly towards him. His freckled faced friend's tail was waving around frantically, the sea foam green scales and fins moving rather quickly. Yamaguchi must have gotten faster. 

"Tsukki, let's swim next to each other!" 

"Shut up Yamaguchi."

"Gomen Tsukki!" 

Tsukishima still hadn't understood why they didn't use their traditional language. It's not like they have to know Japanese, but Sawamura was raised in a Japanese speaking pod. Most of them were. Why use Japanese though? They all knew how to speak their own tongue. What's the use of it? It's not like they'll ever talk to someone on the surface. 

Tsukishima shook his head, pushing the thoughts back. He swam up to the circle that his pod had formed. 


Sawamura was in the center, his multi colored tail beating a steady pace. The orange, black and white blurred in the water. Sugawara was on his left, fiddling with his fingers nervously. The silver tail swayed delicately back and forth. To Sawamura's right was Azumane, the gentle giant of them all. His dull orange tail, that almost looked like bronze was beating nervously. 

Sugawara and Azumane always seemed nervous when they would be on the move.


"Alright!" Sawamura boomed out, "We'll be heading out to find a place to stay, and hopefully, this will be the last time we'll have to move!" 


"Let's go!" 

The pod followed Sawamura, a few lingering to take one last look at the home they were leaving behind. 



It's not only a color, but it can be an emotion. He heard members of his pod use it like that before. Blue represents sadness or an emotion that gives the feeling of disappointment. 

His pod was blue.

He knew that no one wanted to admit it, but he could see it on their expressions. Yamaguchi's lips pressed into a thin line, Azumane furrowing his eyesbrows, Sugawara bitting his lip, and Sawamura having a grave look. 

They are blue.

They are worried for what will happen if they can't find a place. They are tired for having to move so often. They are concerned for our futures. But everyone has the same thoughts. 

Everything and everyone is blue

Just a couple of blue souls, living in a blue life, having to escape so often just to get away from the risks of living.


Being a merman sure is dangerous.