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Game of Souls Cast:
Mainly I’m doing this for my own benefit. 99% of the Bleach characters that are not on this list, you can assume are already in the story either in their original roles or in a different role. They’ll mainly be following the main plot of GoT with a Bleach twist. I’m going to do my best to blend the plots together however I can, so it promises to be an interesting series. I’m mostly following the Bleach timeline, but this would be the current Gotei at the time of the beginning of the Bleach series.

Squad 1:
Captain: Eddard Stark
Vice-Captain/Lieutenant: Robert Baratheon

Squad 2:
Vice-Captain/Lieutenant: Arya Stark

Squad 3:
Other Members: Jon Targaryan

Squad 4:
Captain: Sandor Clegane
Vice-Captain: Sansa Stark
Other Members: Podrick Payne

Squad 6:
Other Members: Rob Stark

Squad 8:
Captain: Jamie Lannister
Vice Captain: Brienne Tarth
Other Members: Cersei Lannister

Squad 9:
Other Members: Missandei

Squad 10:
Captain: Tyrion Lannister
Vice-Captain: Bronn Blackwater

Squad 11:
Captain: Ramsay Snow
Vice-Captain: Beric Dondarrion
Other Members: Asha Greyjoy
Theon Greyjoy
Joffery Lannister
Gendry Waters

Squad 13:
Vice-Captain: Dany Targaryan