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Brienne's blade pointed towards Jaime's throat, both of them breathing heavily, when Jaime moved his sword's blade alongside hers, shoved her sword up with his crossguard, threaded his sword's hilt through her hands and pulled sharply, stabilizing the pommel with his golden hand - his blade at her throat, hers stuck, pointing to the right side uselessly, Brienne huffed in frustration.
Looking him in the eye she made a step forward, bringing them nose to nose, mouth to mouth, and kissed him intently - losening her left hand's grip on her sword she bit his lower lip, ducked quickly, made a low step to her right, came up, caught his throat between her right elbow and sword's pommel and, with one strong turn of her upper body, threw him to the ground, using her right knee as a lever.
"You fight dirty!", he exclaimed, grabbed her right arm to keep her sword under control, kicked her leg away from under her and pulled her onto him, whispering "I love it!", before his mouth found hers.