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A year! One painstakingly slow year since she has been assigned to him. A year of cruel jests, snarky comments, provoking behavior directed towards her. A year in which she regrets to ever having agreed to that job. A year of keeping him on track. A year of accompanying him. A year of long days in the car, long evenings at whatever event, long nights in hotel bars. A year of him breaking with his family, a year of her father dying. A year of uncalled intervening in her matters. A year of unexpected care. A year in which his career has come to a dramatic end. A year in which his smile finally starts to reach his eyes.

A year! One confusingly eventful year since their first kiss. A year where joy and sadness take turns in her heart. A year to accept that she loves him. A year to believe him not interested. A year of doubting. A year to be scared. A year of learning to trust his love for her. A year of learning to trust his lust for her. A year of being at home in his arms. A year of coming to terms with her looks. A year of redefining her expectations of life. A year of having several options to decide between. A year of learning to say "yes".

A year! One excitingly scary year since she discovered her pregnancy. A year of pondering what she wants. A year of waiting for his reaction. A year of planning and loving and being scared. A year of arguing about names. A year to be afraid. A year of changes. A year to come to terms with her body, once more. A year of sharp pain, of doubting she's strong enough. A year of hell in the labor room. A year of him not leaving her side. A year of holding their daughter for the very first time. A year of smiles. A year of growing together as a family.

A year! One wholly demanding year since their daughter started kindergarten. A year of tears when saying goodbye. A year of rage over bullies. A year to hear excited stories. A year to realize she's her own person. A year of learning to let go. A year of learning to relax. A year to rediscover each other, their bodies, their desires. A year to remember they're more than their shared love for their daughter. A year to get back into her profession. A year of realizing there will be a sibling.

A year! One devastatingly fast year since he had finally agreed to see the doctor. A year of examinations. A year of hearing reasons. A year of hearing explanations. A year of getting a diagnosis. A year of hospital visits. A year of last attempts. A year of rage and grief and acceptance. A year of journeys. A year of talking. A year of laughter and tears. A year of desperate physical intimacy. A year of closeness. A year of saying hello to their grandson. A year of saying goodbye to each other.

A year! One severely testing year since his death. A year of missing. A year of endless amounts of tears. A year of living in his clothes. A year of taking long walks to his grave. A year of family visits. A year of remembering. A year to not feel lonely. A year of meeting her granddaughter. A year of realizing what he has given her, what he has taken with him. A year to value what she still possesses. A year to reconsider her place in life. A year to rediscover her love for life. A year to accept her will for life. A year to decide she wants to live.