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"Words are wind", Brienne had told herself a thousand times throughout the years of her life. She had tried to let them wash over her, to stay unaffected by their intended, mostly humiliating, impact.
"Words are wind" Brienne whispered to herself, repeating the old mantra. "Words are wind words are wind words are wind words are wind" while the storm the weathercast had warned for was rampaging around her house.
"Words are wind" Brienne repeated once more, when the power was cut off and darkness fell over her.
"Words are wind", but no matter how often Brienne thought it, how loudly she shouted it, she couldn't drown out the memory of Jaime, his smile, his happiness when he had kissed her and whispered "I'm in love with you". The look in his eyes when she had panicked, unable to think, unable to breathe, and finally fled. Two decades of humiliation, of being mocked, of degrading bets, of her own painfully hopeful naivity that let her stumble into these traps again and again finally paying their toll.
"Words are wind" - but wind did have an impact. "Words are wind" - but she trusted Jaime. "Words are wind" - but her whole being yearned to repeat his words to him.
Her heart and courage took a leap.
Hoping that the network hadn't collapsed yet she picked up her phone and dialed Jaime's number.