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Wild Magics

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Sookie’s POV

“You just be careful, alright?” I ask of Amelia for what must be the tenth time before hearing her sigh through the phone. My Weres and I having been on our phones all morning, warning anyone and everyone close to us to be on their guard as we just can’t take any unnecessary chances as far as Mab and her dark cohorts are concerned.

“Damn, Sook, you act like I’ve never dealt with Dark Magics before. I’m a freaking witch, remember? One that just so happens to be pretty damn good at wards as well, so just lighten up. You have more than enough on your plate without having to worry about me, alright?” she argues to leave me sighing as I nod my head.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Love you, Ames,” I sigh out, dropping myself down to the kitchen table.

“I love you too,” she assures me, bringing a small smile to my face despite myself. “And Sook?” she adds, to make me lift a questioning brow that she, of course, can’t see. “You got this,” she asserts, instantly making my smile falter before the line goes dead.

“Sookie?” Calvin questions softly, scooting his kitchen chair closer to wrap a comforting arm around me.

“I’m alright,” I insist, seeing my panther hit me with a no-nonsense stare as he can clearly feel just how not alright I really am. “Oh, fine, I’m really fucking far from alright about now, can you really blame me?”

“No, of course I don’t blame you,” he answers back, leaning closer to press a soft kiss against my temple. “Though I do hate feeling you worked up this way; we all do,” he admits to earn another sigh from me as I can’t help but feel rather guilty about this.

“I know,” I admit, shaking my head in defeat. “Being cooped up here just makes things that much worse, you know? It’s like all I can do now is sit…and wait…and think…and overthink…and quite honestly, that’s the very last thing I feel like doing right about now.”

“Alright then,” Calvin remarks whilst standing and scooping me up into his arms.

“Calvin! What on earth?” I question, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck as he proceeds to carry me straight out of the kitchen, towards the nearby stairwell.

“We’ve made all our calls. All our friends and loved ones have not only been thoroughly warned, but are also being guarded over by our allies as well. Alcide and Quinn are checking over the perimeter together and there is absolutely nothing else you can do at this moment, my anxious princess,” he insists, having carried me to my bedroom before nudging open my adjoined bathroom door.

“Okay, so now what?” I question, earning an affectionate smile from my panther who shifts me in his arms before squatting down to start the bath.

“Now, My Love, you’re going to just breathe and relax a bit, alright? Before you manage to drive us all insane with worry,” he insists, earning a soft snort from me before I nod my agreement.

“Consider it done,” I answer as he gently settles me upon the lip of the tub. He pauses a moment, looking momentarily lost before turning away to allow me a bit of privacy. I let out a sigh, realizing he’s likely trying not to incite another lustful incident before I proceed to undress and lower myself into the quickly filling tub.

Sending an amused smirk towards my panther’s back, I reach up to grab the nearby bottle of soap, proceeding to fill the tub with lathery suds. There; at least now we have the illusion of privacy for whatever bit of good that might do us.

“Alright, I’m decent,” I call teasingly, seeing a small smirk pull up the corner of Calvin’s lips as he turns back, now having the black and white photograph in hand, his bright blue eyes studying it carefully.

“So, you wanna finally talk about it? About what’s really bothering you, I mean?” he questions softly, lowering himself to the floor to prop himself up against the side of the tub before holding the photograph towards me.

“I thought the whole point of taking a long, warm bath was so I didn’t have to think,” I answer back with a frown whilst accepting the grainy photo from my now smirking panther.

“Perhaps I lied,” he answers back slyly. “Or rather, perhaps I thought you’d be more likely to speak openly if you felt a bit more relaxed,” he amends, bringing a defeated sigh from me as I prop my head against the back of the tub, a small frown now formed over my face.

“And what makes you think I’m holding anything back?” I challenge, earning a cocked brow from my intuitive lover. “Ugh, fine, so perhaps I haven’t been completely honest about what’s bothering me. Damn magics anyway,” I sigh out, never having been able to hide anything at all from my loves…any of them…about anything.

“Princess, you knew this day was coming; you’ve always known what was coming as we never withheld anything from you. You’re ready to face this; the six of us planned for this as well, having trained you for this very confrontation your entire life,” he insists softly, his fingers combing gently through my dampened locks. “I realize the idea of the enemy being kin came as a surprise, but does that really change things so much?”

“No…yes…hell, I don’t know,” I sigh out, sending a frown to the photograph I’ve studied probably a thousand times since yesterday. “It’s all somehow more real now, ya know? And I guess this whole thing’s got me rethinking some things…rethinking a lot of things, actually,” I admit, seeing Calvin’s eyes shining with concern.

“What is it, Princess? You can tell me; you can always tell me anything, anything at all,” he insists softly. I breathe in deeply, trying to figure out the best way to explain just what’s been on my mind ever since first finding out just who and what we’re all up against.

“Calvin?” I whisper, reaching up to trace a wet line over the very familiar, scruffy jawline of my love. “Do you ever regret it? Your choice in becoming my guard I mean?” I question, seeing instant defiance flash over his face as he firmly shakes his head.

“No, Sookie, not for even one, single moment,” he insists, the sincerity shining in his eyes serving as proof of the truthfulness of his words. “Even knowing all I do now, I’d make the exact same choice. I love you, Sookie, with all of my heart.”

“Yeah, I know,” I answer back as hot tears sting at the corner of my eyes. “And that’s exactly my point,” I sigh out, seeing his brow furrow in confusion.

Calvin’s POV

“Sookie, what-, I mean, I don’t understand. I mean it, if given the chance; I’d do it all the same, just as all the other men would. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?” I insist, seeing Sookie’s bottom lip begin to tremble as she gazes up to me with watery, sapphire eyes.

“But what if I wouldn’t?” she whispers, making my eyes go wide with shock. “Calvin, I never asked for this, for any of it. What if this isn’t what I want? What if I just want a normal life?” she sobs out, her slight shoulders shaking with racking sobs.

“Sookie, what are you talking about? What do you mean?” I question, reaching out to pull her damp form into my arms as she continues to sob softly.

“Don’t you see? I never got any choice in any of this, Calvin, all this was just dumped on me and now everyone’s just expecting me to make the right choice. They want me to save them and I’m not sure I can, hell, I’m not sure I even know how,” she sobs into the crook of my neck, bringing a deep frown to my face before I tighten my hold upon her, holding her close.

“Hey, where’s this all coming from, huh? Where’s that strong, tenacious fighter we all fell in love with?” I question, pulling away to see Sookie staring up at me with tear-stained cheeks.

“I-, I don’t know,” she admits, looking momentarily confused before glancing back down to the black and white photo of her grandparents once more. “What if I can’t do it though? What if I make the wrong choice? What if I doom us all?” she whispers, continuing to stare intently down to the grainy image to make a small frown fall over my face.

“Sook?” I question, watching my love’s gaze become distant as she continues to gawk down at that damn photo. “Sook! Hey! Snap out of it!” I cry out, taking hold of said photograph before holding it up above the sudsy water, seriously considering dropping the thing into the bath.

“Calvin! No!” she cries out, her eyes going wide with fear before she whips the image from my grasp at speeds nearly too fast for my eyes to comprehend. “Don’t,” she whispers, sending me pleading eyes as I can’t help but be worried about her suddenly strange behavior.

“Sookie, maybe we should put this away for now, alright?” I ask of her, reaching towards the photo I’m beginning to think is somehow messing with her head as I earn an incredulous gaze from my love. “We’ll put it someplace safe, I promise,” I assure her, her fingers finally loosening their grip enough to let me slip the image from her hands.

“Yeah, okay,” she answers back, seeming to be snapping out of whatever the hell that was as I stand, photo in hand, my concerned gaze still affixed upon my beloved princess. I tilt my head; still not sure I know what the fuck just happened, before stepping into Sookie’s bedroom. I glance around the space before finally stepping closer to a nearby dresser where I proceed to tuck the photo into a top drawer, below some of Sookie’s clothes. Out of sight, out of mind…or so I hope.

“Oh, shit,” I sigh out whilst shoving the drawer shut a bit more roughly than intended as I’m suddenly hit with a what feels like a fucking brick wall of lust emanating from my transitioning princess. “Sook?” I question, making my way back to the bath just in time to see my soaking, sudsy love stepping from the tub, her sapphire eyes blazing with unabashed need I can feel flooding through me as if it’s my own.

“Calvin,” Sookie breathes out through a shuddering sigh as I’m nearly brought to my knees with overwhelming need. “Please,” she pleads, a soft whimper escaping her as she nearly falls against the sink, her hands bracing the porcelain in a white-knuckled grip.

I’m left struggling with my clothing, unable to get the damned, offending material off fast enough before finally protracting my claws and roughly slicing my attire away with a low growl. The sound leaves Sookie’s breath hitching as she turns blazing, sapphire eyes back over her shoulder and I waste not even a moment in pressing our exposed flesh together to bring resounding purrs from the both of us, but it’s not enough, not even close.

I open my mouth, intent on warning my love of my lack of control, but only another throaty growl escapes my lips as I take firm hold of her supple hips. My lover’s pulse begins to race then, though thankfully through our shared bonds, I can easily tell this is on account of her eager anticipation instead of fear. Thank God for that, especially since it suddenly feels as though I’m only going along for the ride here, having no actual control over my lust addled body.

I pull Sookie’s hips a touch closer whilst aligning myself with her heated sex and it’s with shared cries of ecstasy that I plunge myself deep, my grip upon my love’s hips tightening to bring a throaty moan from her. I can only hold on tighter as my hips begin to snap forward, seemingly of their own volition, as our intense lovemaking commences; absently, the thought that this feels almost how my transition to panther used to feel in my years before Sookie coming to mind as I very much feel more beast than man at this current moment.

Speaking of my beast, my panther is suddenly stirring within me, pushing insistently at the surface and I find it’s much more difficult than it should be to fight the sudden urge to shift. Fuck. I snap my eyes shut firmly, my hips never halting their unrelenting rhythm against my love as I’m left fighting the primal urge to shed my human form. Just what the fuck is going on!?

“Calvin, oh God, don’t stop,” Sookie pants out. I pry my eyes open to see her bracing herself against the sink and it’s not until I lower my gaze that I realize my claws have elongated once more and are now digging into my princess’ golden flesh to leave crimson lines trailing down along her outer thighs.

“Shit, Sookie, I’m so sorry, I-, I can’t,” I try to explain, seeing Sookie shake her head before she’s hitting me with a heated stare.

“I said don’t stop,” she all but growls out, her eyes flashing intensely as I find I can only nod, hoping I can trust in the magics between us to keep her safe. I lower myself over her, pressing my chest securely against her back, all the while carefully keeping my claws clear of her flesh before giving myself over to the invisible forces driving us.

Any fear on my part is soon washed away by welling desire as the magics between us take over once more, pushing us both past ourselves until there’s nothing left but need and the ever growing compulsion to keep going…no matter what. Absently, I note the feel of Sookie’s nails digging harshly into the flesh of my forearms and I can only growl low in appreciation as my hips rock ever harder, ever faster as we drive one another closer to our impending release.

Shared cries are sounding from the both of us as we continue, though the sounds are more animalistic than human, coming out as primal growls and grunts rather than actual words. Soon, my vision blurs as the rest of the world falls completely away to leave only Sookie, myself and our building need rolling over us both, taking us over completely.

Literal howls rise from the both of us once we finally hit our peak as one, bright stars exploding behind my vision as I slowly start to come to myself once more. It’s the taste of familiar copper upon my lips that leaves me realizing I managed to bite into my Sookie’s golden shoulder somewhere amidst all the chaos and instant guilt wells within me as I raise a thankfully fully human hand to towards the seeping wound.

“Sookie, God, I’m so sorry,” I whisper, seeing Sookie turn her head to examine the bloody wound with a raised brow.

“Oh, I didn’t even feel it,” Sookie answers back absently just before her golden flesh begins to knit itself together before our very eyes. “Oh, wow,” she whispers, her eyes going momentarily wide before I glance down to see the claw marks on her hips are healing as well.

“I guess your transition must be even closer than we all thought,” I muse aloud, earning a slight shrug from my princess before I smooth a hand over her now fully healed flesh.

“Maybe,” she answers back, raising a hand towards her ears that have most assuredly become more pointed than before. “I guess I’m starting to understand just why Niall and Alexandra warned us about The Hunger as well. They really weren’t kidding about it being intense,” she adds as she begins to wash the blood from her skin.

“Yeah, no shit,” I answer back, still feeling rather shaken about having lost control the way I did.

“Hey,” she remarks then, stepping closer to send me a soft smile. “I’m just fine, Calvin,” she insists, motioning towards her wholly healed flesh. “See? Not so much as a scratch. Hell, at this point, I’m not sure you could leave a lasting mark if you wanted to,” she adds, earning a somewhat reluctant nod from me as I pull her into my arms.

“I’m just relieved to know you’re alright. I love you,” I inform her, feeling her returning love welling between us as she presses a soft kiss against my throat.

“I love you too,” she whispers as I can finally relax in her arms, knowing nothing’s changed between us. Though, speaking of change…

“Are you feeling better then?” I question, receiving quizzical eyes from my love. “Because before, well, this,” I start, motioning back and forth between the two of us. “You seemed…off somehow, you know, like not your usual, confident self,” I explain, seeing her tilt her head, her brow furrowing slightly.

“I’m not real sure I know what you mean, but I feel just fine now,” she assures me before pressing a reassuring kiss against my lips. She tenses then and I’m suddenly on high alert as I see her eyes grow wide. “Alcide and Quinn,” she starts, her eyes shining in concern. “Oh, God, do you think they’re okay?” she questions to earn a low chuckle from me.

“Something tells me the two of them managed just fine,” I assure her, feeling only contentment and affection emanating from the Weres in question.