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Wild Magics

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Godric’s POV

I watch Sookie, Quinn and Alcide disappear upstairs, the magics binding us already beginning to well with copious amounts of lust. I suppose I’m about to find out what our Were companions experienced the night before, not that I’m complaining, especially not once I glance up to meet the combined, lustful gazes of Rasul  and Eric staring back at me.

“Godric, you coming?” Rasul questions as Eric drapes himself over the back of our brown eyed companion, wrapping his arms around his waist and nipping his bronzed throat teasingly to earn a knowing smirk from me. I then turn my head to catch the rather anxious, blue eyed gaze of our panther.

“Um, why don’t you two go on ahead,” I suggest, tilting my head curiously at Calvin as I feel his anxiety spike between us. Eric and Rasul both send Calvin inquisitive glances before nodding their understanding. An anticipatory growl from Eric finds the two of them vamping to the cellar together and I can only shake my head before stepping closer to our wary panther.

“Um, hey,” Calvin greets. “I, uh, I don’t mean to hold you up or anything, you know, if you wanted to go with the two of them,” he stammers out, pointing a thumb back towards the farmhouse’s cellar.

“Calvin, it’s fine, really. Now, there’s obviously something bothering you; was there something you wished to discuss?” I question, seeing his cheeks subtly flush under the low light streaming in through the living room windows. Now I must admit, I’m quite intrigued to hear whatever it is our panther wishes to say.

“I, yeah-, I mean,” he starts before blowing out a long sigh, his head shaking subtly.

“Hey, it’s alright,” I offer softly, reaching up to place a comforting hand upon his shoulder. An idea occurs to me then and I tilt my head, wondering if I haven’t figured out the source of his unease. “Is this about the meditation I was able to share between us earlier? Because I’d be more than happy to instruct you, though, it will likely take a bit of time to learn to use it adequately.”

“Oh, that, yeah, that was really something,” he admits, sending me a half smile that I’m quick to return.

“This is about how our princess’ transition is affecting you, is it not?” I then question softly, knowing full well of his rather narrow views on sexuality, due largely in part to having felt for myself his unease during feedings. “I’ll do my best to help you, Calvin, but I fear there will come a point when no amount of meditation will prove successful in taming these urges.”

“Wait, what?” Calvin questions, his bright blue eyes widening in surprise. “No, that’s not-, I mean, that’s really kind of you and everything, but that’s really not what I had in mind,” he admits, a nervous chuckle escaping him to leave me even more confused than before.

“I fear I’m at a loss, Calvin,” I admit, shaking my head at him as he sends me a humored smirk.

“Yeah, I guess that makes two of us,” he mutters, hitting me with a rather sheepish gaze just before the magics between us are doused in heavy bouts of rising lust. Instinctually, I pull my hand away, not wanting to spook our panther before taking a careful step back.

“Calvin, I fear even my control has its limits,” I admit, seeing an indeterminate glint shine behind bright blue eyes. “Perhaps the two of us can continue this discussion at a later time,” I suggest before seeing Calvin stalking closer, his beast staring back at me through human eyes.

“But, Godric, don’t you see? I don’t want you to hold back, not now, not with me,” he admits lowly, stepping closer to leave me staring up at him in utter bewilderment.

“Calvin?” I whisper, wondering if our panther hasn’t been wholly taken over by the welling desire steadily building through our shared magics. “I-, I mean, you-,” I stammer out admittedly inarticulately to earn an amused smirk in turn before Calvin’s face is hovering mere millimeters before my own.

He opens his mouth as if to say something before abruptly snapping his jaw closed once more and my brows are left shooting to my hairline upon suddenly feeling his lips pressed firmly against my own. Another wave of lust thrums through us and it takes every ounce of self-control I possess to pull from that kiss before hitting Calvin with a solemn stare.

“I can only hold back so much longer, Calvin. If you wish to walk away, I must ask that you do so now,” I assert, seeing determination shining behind animalistic, blue eyes.

“Now, why would I do that?” he whispers before tilting his head thoughtfully. “Unless you want to stop now?” he questions, visibly shaking with the restraint it’s taking to hold himself back. “Do you want to stop, Godric?” he whispers shakily.

“I-,” I start, really not wanting to stop, not in the least, yet fearing Calvin isn’t exactly of the right frame of mind. Is this him speaking or is this just the effects of our princess’ heat? Calvin’s face visibly falls to make me realize I’ve remained silent longer than I’d intended before I see him take a shaky step back.

“I’m sorry, I guess I just thought there was something between us, you know, more than just friendship. I was always too afraid to explore those feelings before, but if you don’t feel the same…,” he trails off, turning away to leave my eyes bulging in surprise.

“Calvin, wait,” I call, reaching out to take his hand into my own. “This is why you stayed behind; you wanted to be with me?” I question, needing to be absolutely certain I understand this correctly as I see him send me a timid nod.

“Well, yeah, but maybe I was reading things wrong. God, I’m so sorry,” he sighs out to earn a fervent headshake from me as he couldn’t be more wrong.

“Calvin, no, you didn’t read anything wrong, believe me,” I insist, stepping closer to hit him with a solemn gaze. “I’ve felt the same way, I just…I never wanted to push you,” I explain, reaching up to trace my thumb along the scruffy line of his jaw. His eyes widen in momentary surprise before he sends me a brilliant smile.

“Godric,” he sighs out, his eyes closing as a soft purr rises from his throat. He raises his hands to place them over my own just before I find myself staring into intense, lustful panther eyes. I’m sure my own gaze must be equally intense as I rise onto my tiptoes in order to draw my face closer to his own, feeling his heated breath puffing enticingly against my lips.

Lusts are still thrumming through the both of us, but I’m still careful with my actions, having to fight my baser instincts as I gently brush my lips against Calvin’s own, deciding it may be best to let him set the pace between us. Apparently, this is the only encouragement our panther needs as he’s quick to deepen our kiss, pressing his mouth more firmly against my own as a lustful growl rises from his chest.

Calvin’s kiss is passionate and eager and I swear I can actually taste the desperation coating his lips and tongue. Just how much has he been holding back? And for how long? I can only smile into our kiss, knowing I’m about to find out just what our panther is made of and truth be told, I’m quite looking forward to it.

Calvin’s POV

This can’t be real. I can’t actually be kissing Godric right now. I can’t count the number of times this exact scenario has played out in my mind, can’t count the number of times I’ve caught myself staring his way, only to wonder what the hell was wrong with me and it wasn’t until I finally gave into my urges the other night that I finally, finally realized just what it all meant.

I’d always felt a kinship with the ancient Gaul, having accepted him as a close friend and confidant, but there was always something else there, something right below the surface that, until now, I’d always been terrified to examine further. I’m not even sure what spurred this last second decision to stay behind and confront him about it, but I’m certainly glad I did, especially now as I feel his tongue twining deliciously against my own. For the love of God, if only I’d known just what I’d been missing out on all these years. And to finally know the feeling is mutual? Yeah, that’s about the best news I’ve heard this entire fucking decade.

“Calvin,” Godric growls out lowly, pulling his face away to reveal glistening fangs set below blazing, emerald eyes. My breath hitches at the sight just before I find myself being slowly guided backwards by the obviously arduous Vampire before me. Soft cushions hit the back of my knees just before I’m left dropping down to the sofa, all the while seeing Godric wracking his heated gaze over me.

It’s then that he peels away his flowing white tunic and I become momentarily distracted by the awing sight of tattooed, alabaster flesh before I’m following his lead, stripping away my own shirt with keen enthusiasm to gain me a small smirk from Godric. His hands then fall to his waistband and I’m left gulping audibly, watching as he slowly drags the material down along his muscled thighs before I begin fumbling with the heavy material of my jeans, my heart thrumming in anticipation for what’s to come.

“I, uh, I’m not really sure what comes next, exactly,” I admit rather sheepishly, earning me a wolfish grin from my Vampire companion as he drops down to his knees before me.

“Well, that depends,” he whispers, dragging pale fingers along my thighs to bring a shuddering sigh from me. “Just how far are you willing to go, Panther?” he breathes out, tracing his fingers teasingly along the waistband of my boxers to bring a throaty growl from me.

“Godric, please, I can’t-,” I plead, my head shaking as yet another wave of lust crashes over us to leave me softly whimpering with need. Godric seems to understand just what it is I need as he proceeds to strip away the thin, cloth barrier still separating us and my heart is positively thundering as I see him lower his dark head over my lap. I open my mouth, intent on informing him he doesn’t have to do, well, that, before he cuts me off with a firm headshake.

“Shh, just relax; I got you,” I hear him whisper just before my eyes roll back on account of feeling him swallowing me down whole. Oh, for fuck’s sakes, but it’s so fucking good. Inarticulate sounds fall from my lips as Godric’s dark head begins to bob in earnest and I can only delve my fingers into silken locks, holding on for dear life as he graciously grants me the relief my body so desperately needs.

My head falls back against the couch as I lose myself to the indescribable pleasure wracking through my every nerve ending and it’s not until I feel a wave of surging need that I send a curious gaze down towards my Vampire lover. Is that coming from him? God, this feels almost exactly like the rolling need I felt emanating from my wolf the night before and with this thought in mind, I’m suddenly shaking my head whilst reaching out to pat Godric’s tattooed shoulder.

“Hey,” I sigh out, seeing curious, emerald eyes rolling up to meet my concerned gaze before Godric pulls his reddened lips away from my length just before a small frown forms over his serene features. “Not that I don’t appreciate what it is you’re doing, because, goddamn does it ever feel fucking amazing, but I’m not about to let you go on suffering like this,” I insist, seeing his eyes go momentarily wide before he shakes his head.

“I’ll be fine,” he insists, earning a deep frown from me before I gently cup his face between my palms, unwilling to back down on this.

“We either do this together, or not at all,” I state, watching his eyes go wide once more before he sends me a slight smile.

“As you wish,” he answers, standing before me with a devious smirk. In a flash, his boxers are dispatched and I’m left staring unabashedly at his impressive arousal before he’s lowering himself above me to straddle my lap. “Still alright with this?” he questions as I watch him raise a pale wrist to his mouth before plunging his fangs home with a lustful glint in his eye.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, I think so,” is all I can say in reply, looking on in mild wonderment as he lowers his blood coated palm between us. A low groan escapes me as he begins coating my throbbing erection with thick bloods and my nails dig into his thighs as he proceeds to grant a few teasing strokes along my length.

He soon rises to his knees, catching my awed gaze just before he begins to slowly lower himself over my lap, engulfing me inch by scintillating inch inside his taught entrance and it takes literally every ounce of self-control I possess to keep from thrusting my hips upward. I don’t, of course, as the very last thing I want is to cause him any form of harm or discomfort, but I’m still left sighing out a soft breath of relief once he finally manages to sheath me fully, leaving the two of us intimately staring into one another’s eyes.

There’s so much I feel like I should say, so much I’ve held back over the years as I’ve struggled against my rising urges, yet when I stare into endless, emerald pools, I can’t help feeling as though Godric somehow knows just what it is I’m feeling without ever having to hear the words aloud. And maybe that, in and of itself, adequately explains this unspoken connection between us even better than mere words ever could.

Godric’s mouth is suddenly attached to my own and any subsequent thoughts quickly escape me as I lose myself fully to pleasure. Godric’s hips rock expertly over my own as our kiss deepens and even my inner beast is perfectly fine with letting him take the lead between us. My arms wrap tightly around him just as I feel his own wrap securely around my neck and it’s as if this is the way things were always meant to be between the two of us. I know the magics between us must be to blame, at least in part, but I find I’m only grateful as without them, the two of us most certainly wouldn’t be here together as we are now. Simply incredible.

Soon, Godric’s hips begin rocking more fervently, our combined lusts spiking ever higher as I find myself holding onto him a bit tighter whilst breathing in deeply of his familiar, comforting scent, treasuring every last moment of this momentous joining right up until white stars explode behind my vision. Our shared climax tears through the two of us and I’m soon left heaving, trying to catch my breath as Godric curls himself against my chest with a contented sigh.

“Was that alright?” I soon whisper against Godric’s ear. “For you, I mean, because it was fucking fantastic on my end. Mind blowing, in fact,” I admit, earning me a soft snort of amusement from the ancient Vampire comfortably curled upon my lap; a position that, I must admit, I rather enjoy seeing him in, truth be told.

“Yes, Calvin, I’d have to agree with you assessment wholeheartedly,” he answers back with a small smirk before pressing a chaste kiss against my lips. I find myself letting out a small sigh of relief before sending him an affectionate smile.

“Good, excellent in fact, as I certainly hope this wasn’t just a onetime thing,” I throw out, before seeing a warm smile form over Godric’s eternally youthful face.

“Of course not,” he answers back to earn yet another glowing smile from me before he carefully rises from my lap. I reach over to grab my discarded t-shirt, proceeding to wipe up the mess from my lap before tossing the material to Godric. Absently, I realize I really need to implement a better cleaning system before the two of us are left dressing side by side, me sans shirt, of course.

“So, um, I guess this is goodnight then?” I question, seeing Godric tilt his head at me.

“It certainly doesn’t have to be,” he answers back with a dismissive shrug. “I rather enjoy the feel of a warm body in my bed before drifting off to my day rest,” he enlightens me before I send a rather cautious look towards the cellar door.

“And you think Rasul and Eric would be alright with that as well?” I question, seeing an amused smirk play over Godric’s lips before he sends me an affirming nod.

“I’d rather think they’d expect it, considering the events of this evening,” he answers back teasingly as I can’t help but chuckle whilst stepping closer to sling an arm around his waist.

“Point taken,” I remark, leaning down to press a tender kiss against his temple. He sends me a grin before the two of us are making our way towards the cellar together. I let him take the lead once we’re descending the rickety stairway, feeling just a touch wary about how our Vampire comrades will react.

“Godric, I see you’ve brought company,” Rasul purrs, stretching his wholly exposed form over the bed with a teasing smirk. I find I have to clear my throat, unable to keep myself from admiring the incredibly eye-catching view. I then glance up to meet calculating cobalt eyes that seem to be boring straight through me.

Immediately, I stiffen, knowing full well if anyone were to hold issue with any of this, it would be Godric’s progeny. Eric’s gaze finally trails from me to Godric and I’m left holding my breath as I watch the two of them seeming to communicate silently between one another for prolonged moments.

“You’re happy?” Eric finally questions his Maker softly, earning an automatic nod from Godric before he slips his arm around my waist. “Well, that settles it for me then,” he adds with a shrug. “Scoot your fat ass over, Rasul, we’ve got a new sleepover companion.”

“Who are you calling fat, you jackass!” Rasul cries out just before the two equally nude, ancient Vampires are tumbling over the mussed bedding together. Godric only shakes his head before sending me an apologetic smile.

“It’s not too late to join your Weres if you’d prefer,” he claims to bring another chuckle from me as I can only shake my head.

“You act as though I haven’t spent the last twenty-some years sharing my bed with two knuckleheads. This is hardly anything new,” I assure him, seeing Godric’s eyes shine back at me in amusement.

“I heard that,” Rasul remarks, sending me a good humored smile once his and Eric’s playful bout of fighting comes to an end.

“Yes, and he’s not wrong, My Rasul,” Godric chimes in before crawling upon the bed. Rasul and Eric’s limbs automatically wrap around the ancient Gaul and I find myself smiling absently at the sight before Godric’s motioning for me to join them.

“Where should I…,” I start, slipping off my heavy jeans before seeing Rasul scoot himself from the other two men before patting the bed between Godric and himself.
“Right here, Panther,” Rasul insists to leave me crawling towards the open space.

“Hey, no fair, I can’t feel his heat from here,” Eric whines just before two sets of arms are wrapped around me tightly with Rasul’s chest pressed against my back and Godric’s chest pressed tightly against my own.

“Snooze you lose, Viking,” Rasul teases, sticking his tongue out at the pouting Vampire to earn low laughter from both Godric and myself.

“Oh, fine, be that way,” Eric finally sighs before molding himself along Godric’s back. “You know,” he adds after a moment’s time. “If things keep progressing this way, we may very well need to invest in a larger bed,” he reasons and I find I can only nod, realizing he’s likely right about that.

“You’ve read my mind, My Child,” Godric answers back softly, burrowing himself deeper between Eric and myself with a contented smile.

“Ditto,” Rasul answers. “Though, I have to admit, I’d fully expected our tiger or wolf to be joining us long before our panther ever even considered entering the lion’s den, as it were.”

“On that, we’re in complete agreement,” I answer back, earning low laughter all around before Godric’s lips are brushing softly against my own.

“I’m certainly glad to have you here all the same,” he whispers against my lips and I find I can only smile, agreeing with his statement wholeheartedly.