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Wild Magics

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Alcide’s POV

“Damn,” Quinn sighs out beside me as we watch our Vampires and Sookie disappear from sight together.

“Oh, you know we’ll get our own turn soon enough,” I insist, seeing Calvin shooting our tiger an amused smirk. “We certainly don’t want to overwhelm our princess and three men is probably pushing things as it is,” I reason to earn a drawn out sigh from my tiger cohort.

“That’s…actually a good point,” Quinn finally concedes, shaking his bald head. “So, what now? Bed?” he questions, looking back and forth between Calvin and myself.

“Still kinda early,” Calvin states with a shrug. “Chess?” he asks, earning mirroring sneers from both Quinn and myself. Our panther only chuckles before heading towards the living room where he pulls out our worn deck of cards with a smirk.

“Now we’re talkin’,” I state, marching forward with Quinn before the three of us are plopping down to the floor around the antique coffee table together.

“Whaddya say we make things interesting, boys?” Calvin suggests, reaching down to slip his wallet from his back pocket with a grin.

“Oh, hell yes! You’re on, Old Man!” Quinn answers excitedly as the two of us are left digging into our own wallets for some bills.

“Hmm,” is all Calvin says in reply, the slight smirk on his face suggesting he might actually know his way around a poker hand as he proceeds to deal the cards between the three of us. I tilt my head at him, wondering if there are any other little secrets we’ve yet to learn about our Were comrade as I pick up my hand.

An instant frown falls over Quinn’s face as he glances at his own hand and Calvin and I exchange knowing smirks. Our tiger always has had a shit poker face, which is a bit ironic really, considering his stint in Vegas. The game soon commences, though it’s not really much of a game, seeing as how the three of us are soon left shifting rather uncomfortably around the small table once bonds between us are flooding with copious amounts of lust.

“Goddamn,” Quinn mutters, shifting beside me and clearing his throat loudly, his bald head  shaking as he visibly struggles to concentrate.

“No shit,” Calvin concedes, running a rather shaky hand through his wavy hair with a sigh.

“Is it just me? Or is this more…intense than normal?” I grit out, having to adjust the zipper of my jeans that are suddenly way too tight. Fucking hell.

“No, this is definitely way more intense than usual,” Calvin grits out, his head dropping low as he’s left clutching the edge of the antique coffee table into a near death grip. “Fuck.”

Fuck is right. Goddamn, I’ve never felt anything like this in my entire life! And that includes the many times I’d had actual intercourse before accepting my role as our princess’ guardian.  My hands are actually beginning to tremble as a pained whimper falls from my lips, suddenly needing release and needing it right fucking now!

“Alcide,” Quinn whimpers out, slumping against my side as his lilac eyes shine up at me with the beginnings of actual tears. “God it fucking hurts, I just-, I need-,” he stumbles out, fumbling uncoordinatedly with the fly of his jeans. Without so much as a second thought, I reach down to gingerly unzip his jeans as he tucks his face into the crook of my throat with a pained whimper.

“Shh, it’s okay, I got you,” I offer softly, having to bite my bottom lip against the pain emanating from my own nether regions as I glance down to see both of Quinn’s large palms fisting the fabric of my t-shirt, a pained hiss escaping him.

“Alcide, please,” Quinn chokes out; his need clear enough as I come to realize he can’t seem to lessen the iron grip he now has on me. I reach down, fully expecting to feel at least somewhat awkward about touching another man so intimately, but much to my surprise, I feel no such thing as I gingerly take Quinn’s quivering arousal into my hand, in fact, it almost feels right somehow; strange.

I have no time to contemplate this further as another wave of lust suddenly crashes through our shared bonds to bring loud grunts of pain from us. Fuck! My left hand grips more tightly around Quinn’s waist, pulling him closer still as I begin to carefully stroke his length with my right palm, finally earning a soft sigh of relief from my tiger.  

“God-fucking-damn-it,” sounds out to my right just in time for me to feel Calvin collapsing against my opposite side. My brows shoot to my hairline upon feeling the panther fumbling with the fly of my own jeans, but once he takes hold of my throbbing erection, a soft purr rumbles from my chest, never having felt pleasure even remotely akin to this…ever.

“Calvin,” I sigh out, my head falling back as I alter my hold upon my tiger in order to return our panther’s gracious favor. A shuddering sigh falls from Calvin’s lips once I manage to wrap gentle fingers around his own aching erection and soon, our collective hands are finding an echoing rhythm against one another.

Just like that, our previous pain has all but disappeared, now replaced with wave after wave of shared euphoria between us. Absently, I can’t help wondering why the fuck the three of us never shared anything like this before now. I’ll admit, the thought has briefly crossed my mind, especially after having felt the immense pleasure shared between our Vampire counterparts, but I suppose the three of us just needed a little extra push to finally drive us over the edge.

“Oh, God, yes,” Quinn breathes out, raising his face just before my own. The heat shining back at me from behind those familiar lilac eyes has me eagerly licking my lips just before I close the miniscule distance between us, pressing my mouth firmly against his own and fuck if kissing him doesn’t feel a-fucking-mazing.

Calvin’s mouth latching onto my throat brings a throaty growl of approval from me as the three of us continue to drive one another ever closer to our impending release and once more, I’m amazed to note that none of this feels even remotely strange or awkward between us; it’s almost as if this was the way we were meant to be, as crazy as that very well may sound. Far be it from me to question the Fae magics binding us all though, besides, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already immensely enjoying this newly found pleasure between us all.

Calvin’s POV

My teeth sink a touch deeper into the meat of Alcide’s throat and I’m utterly amazed at just how fucking good this feels; how right in fact. Damn, and this thought coming from me of all people; one of the most uptight individuals I know as far as sexuality is concerned.

Initially, I tried to fight against what my body so desperately yearned for, I really did; before quickly realizing I was only causing unnecessary pain for myself. Well, there was that, and the fact that I could feel my wolf’s welling pain coursing through me. It felt as if he were silently calling to me, begging me to help him ease his pain. I could never intentionally leave one of my own hurting and upon breathing in a deep air of resolution; I was quick to move into action.

Now, as I willingly run my palm along another man’s arousal in time with his own keen strokes upon me, my mouth firmly attached to his throat, I can’t seem to recall why I previously held such an aversion to any of this. God, if only I’d known just what I was missing out on for so long now. It feels as though a final piece of a nearly completed puzzle is finally clicking firmly into place. I finally feel complete, which is a bit odd, actually, considering I never realized I was incomplete, yet the feeling is undeniably there all the same.

It’s the sight of amber wolf eyes hovering somewhat hesitantly before my own that succeeds in bringing me back to the here and now. My wolf’s eyes are shining almost apologetically at me and I instinctually lean closer, intent on chasing any of his lingering tentativeness away with lips and tongue. Low groans rise from both Alcide and myself as our kiss deepens, our mirroring actions becoming more urgent as our impending release draws ever closer.

“Oh, fuck, Calvin, I’m-,” Alcide breathes warmly against my lips, earning a nod from me as I, too, can feel myself teetering just on the edge. My teeth sink lightly into Alcide’s bottom lip just in time for our shared climax to crash over the three of us, leaving us panting and shuddering lightly against one another upon the living room floor.

“Wow,” Quinn soon sighs out, lazily rolling lilac eyes my way with a sated smile stretched over his face. “So was it good for you?” he questions, earning mirroring chuckles from Alcide and myself.

“It was…unexpected,” I admit, peeling off my shirt before cleaning up the mess left over my palm and lap. I toss the material to Alcide next, seeing him shooting me a shit-eating grin. “What?” I question, seeing him shake his dark head as he dabs at his lap.

“Nothing, it’s just, well, I never expected you of all people to, well, ya know, with another guy, let alone two,” he explains to earn a light shrug from me.

“Well, I’d say the circumstances were just a bit on the extreme side, wouldn’t you?” I throw back, seeing the two of them firmly nodding their agreement.

“God, no shit; I’ve never felt anything like that in my entire fucking life,” Quinn admits as he absently cleans his palm on my assuredly ruined t-shirt. “Do you think it has something to do with that Hunger thing Niall and the A.P. were talking about?”

“You know, you might actually be onto something there,” I reason, refastening my jeans with a thoughtful frown. “I guess it’d make sense, I mean, Sook is basically in heat right now; it’d only make sense that the rest of us would be affected as well.”

“You’re probably right,” Alcide concedes, rising to his feet between us before offering both Quinn and I a helping hand. “Which means this is only gonna get worse, I mean, she’s only just starting to be affected by The Hunger.”

“I’m certainly not complaining,” Quinn snorts out once the three of us are ascending the stairs together. “I mean, sure, it was fucking intense as hell, but damn if that wasn’t fun.”

Fun, huh?” Alcide questions whilst shaking his head at our tiger. “Not much of a sweet talker there, are you, Tiger?” he teases, eliciting low laughter from the three of us.

“You know I’ve never been the hearts and flowers type, Wolfy, but you can bet I’ll be sure to call you in the morning,” he quips just before darting towards our adjoined bath with a shit-eating grin.

“Ass,” Alcide chuckles out as he drops down to our shared bed with a sigh. I sink down beside him as I can’t help but wonder what this will mean for the three of us, I mean, things were just fine during, but will they become awkward now? God, I fucking hope not. “You alright there, Panther?” Alcide questions, sending me concerned, brown eyes.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, I think so,” I answer with a headshake. “You?”

“Yeah, man, I mean, I guess I expected things to feel, you know, weird or whatever, but it wasn’t, like, at all,” he admits to earn an agreeing nod from me. “You’re not gonna go acting all aloof on us again now, are you?” he questions, cocking a brow at me to bring a small grin to my face.

“Nah,” I answer back, my head tilting thoughtfully. “I mean, I don’t think I probably ever would have actually crossed that line under different circumstances, but now that I have…I don’t know, it just doesn’t really seem like a big deal I guess, if that makes sense.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” he answers back with a smile, reaching over to grant a light pat to my knee. The bathroom door opens then, our tiger now readied for bed and Alcide and I both take our own turns in prepping for sleep before the three of us are left crawling under the covers of our shared bed together.

“’Night,” Quinn chirps from his place nestled between Alcide and myself before leaning forward to kiss Alcide softly. He turns his head over his shoulder then, his lilac eyes hovering before my face for but a moment before he grants me the same endearment.

“Goodnight,” I answer back with an easy smile before seeing Alcide leaning up over our tiger to shoot me an affectionate grin.

“’Night, Calvin,” my wolf offers before pressing his lips gently against my own. I smile against those lips, once more relishing in the rightness I swear I can feel physically wrapping around me before I pull away to send him a mirroring smile.

“Goodnight, Alcide,” I answer back, seeing his brown eyes momentarily alight before he settles himself at the opposite side of our tiger. My arms wrap automatically around the both of them and as I breathe deeply of the comingling scents of tiger and wolf, I’m soon falling asleep with a contented smile etched over my face.