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Wild Magics

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Chapter 11: Working Girl

A few years later…

Sookie’s POV

“Don’t you dare,” I state upon being hit with dual, mischievous stares from my wolf and tiger respectively from my spot on the living room couch where I’m slipping on my pumps for work. “Ames is gonna be here any minute and I literally just got finished doing my hair,” I all but whine, seeing neither of my loves seem even remotely concerned by this as they stalk further into the living room together.

“We won’t mess up your hair…much,” Quinn enlightens me with an amused smirk as he and Alcide draw closer still, the both of them eyeing me hungrily to make me feel very much like the helpless prey to their aptly branded predator.

“Speak for yourself,” Alcide remarks with a low growl that instantly succeeds in sending anticipatory shivers along my spine as I see his eyes flash wolf amber. And now the ultimate question, to run, or not to run, just how should this particular prey proceed?

“Ah! Quinn! Alcide!” I’m left squealing out upon being abruptly pounced upon by both wolf and tiger alike. “Stop! Stop! Mercy!” I cry out through peeling laughter upon being attacked with feather light kisses and unrelenting tickling from my ever playful loves.

“Yo, Sook! You home!?” I soon hear Amelia’s voice call out as I’m left desperately trying to wiggle my way free of my Weres’ playful attack.

“In here, Ames! Help!” I cry out, squealing under Alcide and Quinn’s continued onslaught.

“Alright, you two, let her up,” I hear Calvin’s booming voice sound, just before my panther is peeling the younger Weres away with an amused headshake.

“My hero!” I cry out, jumping to my feet before throwing my arms around Calvin and pressing a loving kiss upon his lips. “Thank you,” I add, seeing those bright blue eyes of his alight with affection.

“Anytime, Princess, someone has to keep these two in line after all,” he adds whilst shaking his head once more at the completely unaffected Weres who only send him matching, easygoing smiles. It’s a loud throat clearing that finds the four of us turning towards the front door together to see Amelia sending us an amused smirk.

“Seriously, Sook, I don’t know how you manage to get anything done, living with all this living, breathing eye candy,” my witchy partner remarks to earn low chuckles from my men who, by now, are quite accustomed to Amelia’s blunt nature.

“That makes two of us,” I answer back, leaning up to place another soft kiss upon Calvin’s lips before turning to kiss both Quinn and Alcide in turn. “Now, what have you got for us?” I question rather eagerly, having fallen quickly in love with our jobs as consultants for the Bon Temps Police Department as there never seems to be a dull moment in our backwoods town.

“This particular case is strictly off the books,” Amelia enlightens us, plopping down to a nearby recliner with an easy smile. “Actually, Eric’s child is the one who called it in,” she informs us, leaving the four of us exchanging curious gazes.

“Pam?” I question, having heard Eric and Godric speak of their Vampire kin over the years. I’ve never actually met her yet and I must say, the idea of finally coming face to face with the Viking’s progeny is quite intriguing, really.

Actually, it’s a bit odd that I’ve yet to meet Pam as I’ve met the entirety of Calvin’s Leap by now and have actually made several friends amongst the Werepanthers of Hotshot. I’ve also spoken to Quinn’s mother and sister on several occasions via Skype and have come to look forward to speaking with Mama Quinn and Frannie as the two of them are just an absolute riot, what with their constant teasing and prying into Quinn’s life here with ‘that kooky prince’s granddaughter’ (their words, not mine).

“You mean Eric didn’t tell you?” Amelia questions to bring me from my meandering thoughts, earning her mirroring headshakes from the lot of us.

“No, I did not,” I hear Eric answer just before he, Rasul and Godric step through the living room’s entryway together. “I had hoped to solve this dilemma personally, though it would appear as though my child has other plans in mind,” he sighs out, shaking his golden head as I step closer to properly greet my Vampire loves.

“Well, perhaps she finally wants to meet the woman who takes up all your time,” I suggest before rising up on tiptoe to kiss my Viking. I kiss each Godric and Rasul before seeing the three of them exchanging rather wary looks amongst themselves.

“And this, Lover, is exactly why I’d hoped to solve this problem personally,” Eric admits to earn an instant frown from me. I really don’t see what his problem is, I mean, how bad can this Pam person really be?

“We cannot put this off forever, My Child,” Godric chimes in softly, sending Eric imploring eyes to earn him a soft sigh just as Rasul slings his arm around the Viking’s broad shoulders.

“Besides, who knows? Pam and Sookie might just hit it off,” Rasul reasons to bring an approving grin from me. Rasul sends me a knowing wink before Eric lets out a defeated sigh, apparently realizing none of us are about to let this go.

“Oh, fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Eric finally concedes to earn a megawatt smile from me before I rise up to kiss him once more. “Just…don’t take anything she says personally,” he asks before glancing up to trail his gaze over the room. “Any of you,” he adds to earn curious eyes all around.

“Um, alright,” I answer back, quite sure he’s just blowing things out of proportion before I turn a curious gaze towards Amelia. “What’s the nature of the case anyhow?” I question.

“Apparently, a bit of money has come up missing at Pam’s bar. She’s narrowed the suspect down to one of her employees, she just needs our help in discovering the guilty party,” she enlightens us. I send Eric a quirked brow, having felt him stiffen at the mention of his child’s bar. Strange. I can only shrug, guessing our visit should be an immensely interesting one.

Eric’s POV

Fucking Pam. I told her I would handle this. Leave it to her to go and contact Amelia and Sookie. I guess I should have seen that one coming in all honesty. Pam has been more than a little curious to know just what Godric and I have been up to these last years and as much shit as she likes to give us about our Were housemates and ‘glittery-snatched’ mate, I know she’s felt a bit put out about being kept out of the loop as it were.

This is all running through my mind as we speed through the night together, soon coming to the unassuming warehouse that once held my beloved Vampire bar. It nearly killed me to see what Pam turned my once thriving underground bar into, but I can honestly say I don’t regret my choice to walk away, not in the least as leaving my old life behind meant I was granted an even better one; a life with my Sookie, my love, my mate.

“This is it?” Quinn questions whilst cocking a brow at the admittedly decrepit exterior of what’s now Pam’s bar.

“Yes, well, just as I once did, my child caters only to Vampire patrons,” I explain with a shrug. “Most humans wouldn’t even consider approaching this place,” I state as we crawl from the vehicle, seeing Amelia step out of her own car beside us.

“You ready for this?” Amelia questions Sookie with an excited grin. I have to bite back an unnecessary sigh upon seeing the two women exchanging excited smiles as we approach the back door. Dearest Odin, please don’t let this turn out to be a giant fucking disaster.

“Ah, you’re here,” Pam purrs out, throwing open the door before us with a smirk. Her blue eyes are positively sparkling as she gazes over the collected group and I send her a warning glare, one that tells her I’m far from amused by her antics. “And I see you brought the entire gang as well…how quaint,” she adds, earning a second warning glare from Godric as Rasul lets out a soft snort of amusement.

“Pam, I believe you called us here for a reason,” I remind her, watching her smirk suddenly disappear before she sends us a firm nod. She steps from the bar then, closing the door shut firmly behind her before giving Sookie a calculating gaze.

“You must be the telepath,” Pam reasons before glancing to Amelia. “And you’re the witch, I take it?”

“That’s right. It’s certainly a pleasure to finally meet you, Pam. I’ve heard so much about you,” Sookie offers with a genuine smile that my child is quick to return, her calculating gaze wracking over my Fae love.

“Hmm, and I you, Sweetness,” my child all but purrs in return, stepping minutely closer to Sookie as her hungry gaze continues to trek over our princess’s gracious curves. “How very selfish of my Maker, Grandsire and even Rasul to have kept a tasty little morsel like you to themselves for so long,” she adds lowly, drawing her face just before Sookie’s own to instantly put myself, right along with the rest of Sookie’s guards, on edge.

“Pfft, I’d say they’re far from selfish; they do willingly share me with three other men after all,” Sookie quips, utterly undeterred by Pam’s childish antics.

“Of course, how could I forget the furballs,” Pam retorts, sending a quirked brow and a sneer towards the now growling Weres whose collective, scowling faces are hanging just above Sookie’s narrow shoulders.

“Boys,” Sookie remarks warningly, holding up a hand before Quinn, Alcide and Calvin with a firm headshake before hitting Pam with a steady glare. “Look, we’re all here to help you discover which of your employees is stealing from you, but I have no qualms whatsoever about leaving you to your own devices if you insist on insulting my men…any of them,” Sookie warns, the gleam shining behind her sapphire eyes insisting she’s nowhere close to fucking around.

I have to hide a smirk upon seeing Pam’s eyes go wide, obviously having greatly underestimated the tenacity of our fiery little Fae. Godric and Rasul each send me knowing grins as the two blondes before us proceed to stare one another down, neither willing to back down from their silent showdown and each carefully assessing the other until Pam is left finally nodding her head.

“Right, back to business then,” Pam remarks, suddenly seeming to look at Sookie through different eyes. “I’ve gathered all my employees here tonight. They all know money is missing, but each maintains their innocence. I suppose that’s where your unique talents will come in handy. I’m looking forward to seeing you in action, Princess.”

“Of course,” Sookie answers back with a slight smirk before Pam opens the door wide before us all. I’m practically bursting with pride for my love, right along with the rest of my fellow guards, as we watch her step confidently forward.  She turns back to send us a playful wink as we’re left trailing along after her, likely appearing just as utterly smitten as we truly are.

“Listen up!” Pam barks out, sending a hard glare over the employees now under her rule. I just stand back, leaning casually against the far wall with Godric and Rasul propped up at either of my sides. Power looks good on my child I realize, watching as she lines up her underlings, and as much of a pain in my ass as she can be, I can’t help but feel rather proud of the way she’s running things despite the recent thievery.

Pam soon sends Sookie and Amelia a firm nod and I’m left studying Sookie closely as she begins to do her thing, her face falling in utter concentration as her witch partner begins to question each of the employees in turn. It’s not long before a telling smirk pulls at the corner of Sookie’s mouth and I’m left exchanging knowing gazes between the rest of the guards as she slowly begins backing her way towards us.

“You’ve figured it out already, Lover?” I lean down to breathe softly against her ear to earn a slight nod. “I think that might be a new record,” I add, trailing my hands along her sides, the two of us outwardly appearing as two distracted lovers as she leans up to press her lips against my ear.

“The bartender,” she whispers, instantly making me tense as I glance up towards my old employee. Longshadow? Seriously? I’d personally vouched for his loyalty, having assured Pam she could trust him just as I had for years. Fucking asshole, stealing from my child; I don’t fucking think so.

“Eric?” Godric whispers beside me, his form stiffening as the Vampire in question shoots the lot of us a death glare. Fuck. Apparently, I let my anger give us away. In a flash, the six of us have Sookie tucked safely behind us just in time for Longshadow to pounce with a vicious hiss, his descended fangs on full display.

I brace myself for impact just before seeing a black and orange blur launching from the corner of my vision as Quinn’s massive tiger form plows Longshadow headlong into a nearby booth. It’s with a deafening roar that I see sharpened claws all but decapitate Sookie’s would-be attacker and the room falls into stunned silence upon watching Longshadow reduced to so much blood and thicker things, now showering down upon the still snarling Weretiger.

“Holy shit,” Amelia whispers to my left before turning stunned eyes towards my utterly stoic princess. “Um, I would ask if you’re alright, but it seems like your guys don’t fuck around when it comes to your safety,” the witch remarks to earn mirroring grins all around.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Sookie answers back, sending the lot of us a grateful smile before turning her attention towards our tiger, clear concern flashing across her features. “How we doin’, Quinn?” she questions just in time for Quinn to take human form once more, a cocky grin etched over his blood coated face.

“I could use a shower, but other than that, just fuckin’ peachy, Princess,” he answers back, motioning towards his blood coated physique to earn low chuckles from the lot of us before a couple of the waitresses rush forward to show him to the employee wash rooms.

“You sure you’re alright, Princess? I don’t think any of us expected Longshadow to react so recklessly,” Rasul admits, earning solemn nods all around as I, too, had not expected such rash actions from the now disposed Vampire.

“I’m fine, really, thanks to you guys,” she answers back with an indulgent grin before holding out her arms. The five of us are quick to wrap her into our collective embrace, our mirroring relief washing over us as we hold our cherished princess closely between us.

“Well, isn’t this just precious?” I hear my child’s voice purr, glancing up to see her stalking closer with her characteristic smirk firmly in place. I open my mouth to bite back a rather cutting response before taking note of her feelings flooding the bond.

I fully expected to feel the usual waves of condescension and disapproval rolling off her in waves, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as her current mood is one of soft awe and more than just a tinge of esteem and I can only assume the latter is in respect to my Fae love. Well, well, how the tables have turned, and more than just for the recently departed bartender it would seem.

“Pamela?” Godric questions, tilting his head at his grandchild as he, too, must feel these same unexpected emotions emanating from her.

“Don’t,” Pam answers, pointing an accusing finger towards both Godric and myself as we can’t help but send her mirroring grins.

“Why do I feel like I’m missing something here?” Sookie whispers softly then, earning soft kisses from both my Maker and myself as Pam sends the three of us an approving smile.

“It’s nothing, Lover, nothing at all,” I assure her, sending my child a sly wink before seeing her looking over the lot of us with new eyes. And here I’d thought we may never win my stubborn child to our cause. But it would seem she’s coming to see the truth of our rather unprecedented relationship for herself. Maybe, just maybe, Niall and my Grandsire knew what they were talking about in asking the seven of us to act as living, breathing proof of what we were meant to be after all.