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Wild Magics

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Chapter 3: Meet the Ancients

Godric’s POV

I glance over to my child, feeling his obvious annoyance through the bond as we work to pack up our things, but even my beloved Eric’s vexation cannot wipe the elated smile from my face. Tonight, we’re to meet our destined mate, a woman who will most assuredly change our lives for the better. I shake my head, realizing just how close I was to missing out on this opportunity as my mind wanders back to that fateful morning that would prove to shape our futures.

I gaze across the bed to my slumbering child with a sigh. How I love him…how I’ll miss him. If only I could muster the will to carry on with my undead existence. But alas, all attempts on both mine and my beloved child’s behalf to help me rediscover some sense of purpose, a sense of peace even, have all proven futile. I’ll hate to leave him, but I just can’t continue on this way; it’s time for me to leave this earthly plane.

I place a tender kiss upon my child’s lips, thankful our arduous bouts of lovemaking proved to provide him with deep, tranquil slumber. I hope this is how he remembers me always; as his Maker, his brother, his father, and his greatest love. With a last, lingering stare at my eternally beautiful child, I finally make my way from his bedroom, fully intent on burning at the first light of dawn.

I make my way to the upper floor before trailing towards the terrace doors, a sense of peace wafting over me, helping to confirm I’m indeed making the right decision; it is time. I slide the doors open with determination before assuredly marching across the softly creaking, wooden planks. The sky is only just starting to lighten; it won’t be much longer now. It’s a sudden, resounding pop that suddenly finds me turning back towards familiar, milky white eyes.

“You came,” I remark, having half expected my Maker’s arrival at this crucial juncture.  

“Of course,” she answers back, a small frown formed over her ethereal features.

“Tell me, Master; are you here to offer me your farewells or to plead for me to stay?” I question, knowing my rather cryptically inclined Maker is just as likely to offer one as the other.

“Neither,” she answers back, earning widened eyes from me. “With or without my send off, you’ll surely make your own choice just as you always have, My Child, and you know me well enough by now to know I’d never succumb to pleading.”

“So why are you here?” I can’t help but question, earning the slightest of smirks from my ever enigmatic Maker.

“To offer you a choice,” she states, earning a quirked brow from me. “If you truly wish to end your existence, I will not hinder your endeavors, but…if it’s purpose you seek, I suggest following me inside directly, My Child; you’re starting to simmer.” 

I have but a split second to make my choice, feeling the harsh sting of the sun’s rays beginning to heat my vulnerable flesh before I’m vamping after my Maker into the protective solace of the house once more. A knowing smile alights the Ancient Pythoness’ face and I tilt my head, momentarily wondering if I truly had any choice to begin with, or it was all merely an illusion.

“A truly wise decision, My Godric,” she offers. “Now, as I was saying, I know you feel as though your life has lost all meaning, but I assure you, you couldn’t be more wrong in thinking this way,” she explains, earning the whole of my attentions as a long lost spark of hope softly ignites within me.

“Of what purpose do you speak, Master?” I question, watching the one who made me step closer before placing a gentle hand upon my shoulder.

“A chance at redeeming Vampirekind, My Child, and not just Vampires, but the entire world of Supernaturals; would such an opportunity interest you?” she questions to leave me staring back at her in unabashed awe.

“Such a future lies before me, Master?” I question incredulously whilst seeing a truly magnanimous smile stretch over her delicate, Fae features.

“And our Eric…along with a handful of others,” she answers rather cryptically with a secret smile I know all too well. I can only shake my head, hardly believing this unprecedented turn of events. “I’ve foreseen the one who holds the all our fates within her tiny, human hands. She is my own, mortal kin, My Child, and now I’d ask of you and our Eric to aide her in her endeavors. I'd ask you to guide her, to love her, to offer your combined wisdom as she will most assuredly need it.”

“You speak of a mate?” I question, finding my Maker’s answers to be even more mysterious than I’ve come to expect of her as I see her sending me a firm nod. 

“I see I’ve managed to spark your curiosity,” she answers back with an indulgent smile that I find myself instantly returning. “Can I assume you’re interested then?”

“Of course, though I suppose you already knew this, didn’t you?” I can’t help but point out, seeing a mischievous glint shine behind snowy white eyes before my Maker pulls me into the familiar comfort of her embrace.

“Of course not, My Child,” she answers indulgently before pulling away with a soft smile. “I’ll be contacting you soon. And when you enlighten our stubborn Viking, do be sure to break the news lightly,” she beseeches before abruptly popping from sight.

I glance out over the sunlit landscape beyond, a wistful smile finding its way across my face as I no longer hold even an inkling of desire to greet my true end. I’ve finally found my purpose and have every intention of taking not a moment of my second lease on life for granted.

Eric’s POV

“Your face is gonna get stuck like that if you keep that goofy grinning up much longer, Master,” I enlighten Godric with a resigned sigh, seeing said smile stretch impossibly wide as we proceed to gather up our shared belongings.

“I could say the same about your frown, My Child,” he answers back with a playful wink that leaves me shaking my head at him. I suppose I should be elated, really, knowing he’s managed to rise above his previous malaise. I’m just not so sure I share in his excitement about this whole guardianship business.

I was perfectly content with my life here in Shreveport and now to find out we’re to be mated with a Fae Princess along with four others? Yeah, definitely not my first choice as far as fated futures go. My Grandsire seems to think otherwise though and if she truly deems our involvement necessary, this situation is likely even more important than either Godric or I have yet to realize.

I glance back over to my grinning Maker once more, images of the fateful morning that would prove to alter both our futures playing through my mind once more.

“Master?” I mumble out, my fumbling hands finding only cool sheets where Godric should still be in the bed beside me. What the fuck? Dawn is already upon us, where on earth could he be? Instant panic shoots through me as I jump from the bed, frantically checking the bond between us to feel my Maker’s apparent…elation?

I race to my bedroom door, flinging it open only to come face to face with a smiling Godric. I freeze in place, able only to stare back at him in disbelief, not having seen or felt him this joyous in spanning centuries. I have to shake my head, not having expected this scenario at all. With the mounting despair I’d been feeling from him, I’d actually expected to find him intent on meeting the sun; thank Odin this is not the case.

“Godric,” I sigh out in relief, pulling my Maker into my embrace to elicit actual, genuine laughter from him. Sweet Odin, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more satisfying sound in all my thousand plus years upon this earth.

“I’m fine, My Child,” Godric reassures me, lifting his sparkling, emerald gaze towards my own. “In fact, I have some rather exciting news to share with you,” he enlightens me whilst slipping his hand into my own. “Come, we have much to discuss,” he says, leading me back towards the bed once more.

“This must be some news,” I remark, sinking down to the bed beside him to see his dark head bobbing in agreement.

“Your Grandsire appeared before me this morning,” he starts, instantly gaining the whole of my attentions as I well know the A.P. only ever appears under the most crucial of circumstances. “She’s enlightened me to an important purpose, one the two of us will share in together, My Child.”

“A purpose?” I question, knowing it must be literally life changing to have made such a drastic change in my Maker’s demeanor.

“We’ve been tasked in helping to guard my Maker’s own mortal kin, to aide her as she will play a vital part in saving the Supernatural world,” he enlightens me to make my brows shoot up in surprise.

“We’re to play bodyguards to a mortal woman? And this pleases you?” I can’t help but question, my words managing to elicit more joyous laughter from my Maker.

“Not just any woman, My Child,” he enlightens me, gently squeezing my hands between his own. “She’s to be our shared mate.”

“Mate!?” I exclaim, shaking my head as I’m left digesting this unexpected bit of news. “A shared mate for the two of us,” I muse aloud rather absently. I can’t say I’m really excited about the idea of a mate, but if such a fate can bring such obvious joy to Godric, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Along with a few others,” Godric adds, earning a quirked brow from me. So there is a catch, fucking fantastic.

“And you’d truly be alright with this? Sharing this female with others beside myself?” I question as sharing is certainly not in any Vampire’s nature. My Maker only nods once more, another glowing smile alighting his previously morose face and I find I just can’t find it in me to argue. I’m still not exactly elated at the idea of being mated, but if this is what it will take to make Godric happy, as well as keeping him at my side, I’ll of course accept my Grandsire’s offer.

Rasul’s POV

I reach up to knock upon the Northman’s door, the whole of my belongings gathered around my feet. I’m soon greeted by the familiar faces of the Viking and his Maker.

“Rasul,” they greet in unison, the two of them nodding their greeting to earn a mirroring response from me.

“I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear you’d be joining us,” Eric informs me with a wide grin. “Maybe this won’t be so bad after all; at least something can be said about good company, am I right?” he remarks to earn an agreeing nod from me as my sentiments mirror his own perfectly.

“Most definitely,” I concede before my faithful allies are working to help me load my things into the waiting SUV. “I’m ready whenever you are,” I inform them, slamming the hatchback shut with a satisfied smile.

“I suppose we really should be on our way; my Maker never did appreciate tardiness,” Godric informs us, earning knowing smiles from both Eric and myself before the three of us are piling into the vehicle together.

“And we’re off,” Eric remarks, somewhat reservedly before Godric proceeds in traversing the three of us through the star studded night. The two of them are soon speaking lowly between one another and I find myself staring out at the passing darkness, my mind replaying the night the A.P. paid me a very important visit.

“Fucking child queen,” I mutter irritably beneath my breath, making my way towards the palace’s sleep quarters. Just why the hell did I ever accept this fucking job anyhow? Because guarding the throne is closest I’ll ever get to actually ruling, that’s why. Though, if I’d known what a fucking headache the Vampire Queen of Louisiana actually was, I’d like to think I’d have scoffed at the opportunity to stand as her loyal guard.

I open the door to my day quarters with a resigned sigh. I almost sat upon the throne myself back in my human life, so many centuries ago. Unfortunately, the same palace coup that succeeded in stealing my mortal life from me, also stole away any chance I’d ever have at ruling. I’ve no idea just what kind of king I might have made had things played out differently, but I at least know I’d easily put my current queen’s rule to shame.

“Oh, you’re quite right about that, Rasul,” a vaguely familiar voice sounds to find me spinning towards blind, all seeing eyes. The A.P. Instantly, I’m on my knees before the revered Vampire seer, my face prostrate to the floor before her flowing robes.

“Your Eminence, please forgive my selfish thoughts,” I beseech, earning me rather amused laughter that finds me sending inquisitive eyes up to the chuckling Vampire above me.

“Oh, Rasul, there’s no need for such formalities and our thoughts on Sophie Anne are quite similar. Now, stand before me once more so that I might gaze upon your eternal beauty…so to speak,” she insists, earning low laughter from me before I rise to stand before her once more.

“So, to what do I owe the honor of this unexpected visit?” I question once the seer’s hands are gently tracing over the lines of my face, an airy smile having fallen over her face.

“You are a natural born leader, Rasul, with royal blood pumping through your veins. I know you think the chance to rule has long passed you by, but in thinking this, you’d be sorely mistaken,” she enlightens me, earning raised brows from me.

“I cannot betray my queen, Your Eminence,” I inform her. “I may not agree with the way she runs her kingdom, but I’ve vowed my loyalties to her all the same. I will not betray her trust.”

“Ah, but it is not this kingdom of which I speak,” she informs me, making my brows pinch in confusion before her hands finally fall back to her sides once more. “I’d offer you a chance to rule a kingdom much more profound than Sophie Anne’s own. Know that if you’d accept such a position, it would mean aiding in saving the world of Supernaturals, in bringing a long lost peace to us all. Is this something that might interest you?”

“I-,” I start, utterly flabbergasted by this unexpected offer. “What of your own child and grandchild? Would you not offer such a prestigious position to them before me?”

“Ah, but they are both to rule at your side, along with a few others,” she informs me. “For you see, it is my mortal kin, a Fae Princess in her own right, who holds all our fates in her unassuming hands. I’d ask that you accept a position as one of her future kings, Rasul. Your influence would surely prove most beneficial to her.”

“I’d be honored to accept your offer,” I assure her, bowing my head respectfully before her. “But what of the queen?” I question as I’ve vowed to spend the rest of Sophie Anne’s rule faithfully at her side.

“Let me take care of the spoiled child queen, Rasul,” the A.P. answers with a rather mischievous smirk. “And know that I shall be contacting you soon with further instructions,” she enlightens me before abruptly popping from sight once more.

I fall to the nearby bed, dazed by this unprecedented visit. Me? A king? After all this time, I truly thought such a fate was beyond me, but to be offered such a prestigious position, right alongside the A.P.’s own child and grandchild? Simply incredible. That the three of us, along with a few others, will also share a royal mate is a future I’d never have dared hope for. Somehow, I know from this night forward, my undead life is to be forever changed.