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the heiress, the girl of steel, and the man who fell to earth

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Mon El stumbles a few steps away from the Daxamites, back towards Lena and Kara. Lena catches him by the sleeve once he is in her radius, pulling him back the rest of the way. She spins him around and the three of them huddle together, heads pressed against each other’s.

“Who is that?” Lena whispers, popping her head out to eye the strange, ethereal looking woman warily before ducking her head back down.

That would be my mother. Queen Rhea.”

Kara’a eyes narrow suspiciously. “Your cousin said the whole royal family was dead.”

“She must have forced her to lie,” Mon El hisses. His face is pale and washed out, like he’s just seen a ghost—which, in a way, he has. “She’s conniving like that.”

“I know a thing or two about bad mothers,” Lena says, striving for calm, maybe even optimism. “Is she really that bad, Mon El?”

“Oh you have no idea, Lena,” Mon El says, scrunching his nose up. “You know how your mother had that whole evil overlord, taking over the world thing going on? You know, before you turned her in and she went to prison?”

“How could I forget?”

“Yeah. Well. Same here. Except my mother actually was the overlord of Daxam.” He glances over his shoulder to where his mother stands. She has picked a wildflower, and is staring at in disgust as she crushes the petals between her fingertips. “I don’t think she’ll adjust too well to the whole ‘democracy’ thing the free world has going on,” he says, swallowing at a lump at his throat.

“What’s she going to do?” Kara snaps. “Subdue us with her tacky tiara? This is our home. There’s nothing she can do that will take that away, not if I have anything to say about it. I’m Supergirl, for goodness’ sake,” Kara grumbles, eyes flashing with that dangerous determination that made her so incredibly alluring to Lena as Supergirl, even before she figured out her true identity.

“We still don’t know what she really wants,” Lena says hurriedly, sensing Kara’s agitation. “Sure, she lied about being alive which is pretty suspicious, but you’re her son, Mon El. You can talk to her, right?”

“I suppose we don’t have a choice.”

A chilled breeze hitting her cheek alerts Lena to the fact that one side of their huddled triangle is missing.

“Kara? Kara!”

Lena pops her head up to see Kara striding towards Rhea, hands firmly on her hips, cape snapping in the wind. Heaving an enduring sigh, she catches Mon El’s hand and pulls him along with her to catch up with Kara as she faces up against the imposing Daxamite queen. They hang back slightly, watching cautiously to see what Kara will do.

“Queen Rhea,” Kara booms, her voice exuding command and authority. “You and your people have come to Earth to seek refuge after suffering a terrible tragedy. We are more than prepared to welcome you; however, be warned. If you intend to bring violence to this planet, it will not be tolerated. If you choose to fight us, you will lose.”

Kara’s words hang suspended in the air between them, her eyes steely blue as she squares her jaw with its challenge. Rhea’s eyes trace over Kara, lingering on every edge and curve to her person, wearing a smirk that makes Lena’s skin crawl.

“Well,” Rhea laughs haughtily, “I knew Kryptonians weren’t exactly famous for their hospitality, but this certainly is a frosty welcome. How unfortunate for your race, that you should be the one to represent them. You wear that sigil like it means something…” Rhea zeros in on the crest emblazoned on Kara’s chest, tuts her tongue behind her teeth. “The ‘great House of El’…how the mighty fall.” she drawls, voice thick with ice.

“You watch how you speak to her.”

The words are hissed from Lena’s mouth before she even realises she has spoken—before she even realises she’s spoken to an alien who could probably snap her like a twig if she wanted to—an alien who is now looking at her like she is gum on her stiletto. But Lena doesn’t care. She tips her stubborn jaw forwards, shuffling to stand beside Kara while Rhea fixes Mon El with an incredulous look.

“Is this really the company you’ve been keeping since the destruction of our glorious planet?” she scoffs, incredulous. “An unmannered Kryptonian and a…who are you supposed to be, exactly?”

Lena falters only slightly under her pointed stare, clearing her throat as she stands tall. “Lena. Lena Luthor.”

And Rhea wouldn't know what the Luthor name means, so for once Lena can pretend it’s not associated with hatred and evil. Maybe it can be what it once was, what she is striving to bring it back to: something to be respected, maybe even revered. That’s what she’s going for, anyway

“She built the portal, Mother,” Mon El says. “She’s the reason you’re here.”

Rhea’s icy expression melts instantly at that piece of information, and she eyes Lena in a way that’s not dissimilar to the way Kara eyes Chinese food.

You are the brilliant mind that made this portal a reality?” she asks, eyebrow steadily arching upwards.

Lena shifts from one foot to another, gripping her tablet in front of her chest. “Oh, well, I wouldn’t say brilliant, I mean all it took was a bit of advanced physics the likes of which this planet has never seen before so maybe the term ‘genius’ is more fitting, but sure, let’s go with brilliant—” Lena says, stopping abruptly when Kara nudges her side.

“Focus, Lena,” Kara mutters out of the corner of her mouth.

Rhea, meanwhile, nods in approval as a smile curls her lips, and her voice is suddenly warmer, dripping honeyed words.

“Well, Lena Luthor. If your genius is what brought us here, surely you must be the best of Earth. Rest assured, you will be rewarded handsomely in the dawn of this new era. ‘New Daxam’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think Mon El?” she asks, white teeth flashing. “It’s settled then,” she announces happily, clapping her hands together. “Lena Luthor, you shall marry my son, and the union between earth’s people and Daxam’s prince will usher in an era of prosperity and glory on New Daxam.”

Mon El reels back, mortification twisting his features. Lena’s eyes bulge incredulously and her jaw drops open and Kara…Kara’s fury rises like a red tide, fists clenching at her sides as a crimson flush gradually spreads up her neck and face.

“Um. I think the hell not!” Kara barks, nostrils flaring. (Lena makes a mental note to both tease and reward Kara for her fierce protectiveness later).

“There’s absolutely no way that is happening,” Mon El adds, but Rhea only chuckles, stepping towards them.

“Oh, my sweet son,” she hums, amused. “Did I say you had a choice?” Rhea calmly draws closer, and Lena’s breath stills in her throat as the woman enters her personal space. Lena takes a good look at her now that she’s right in front of her. Queen Rhea’s lithe frame is infused with regality, from her straight-backed posture to her scrutinising eyes and thin-lipped smile, and she’s looking at her with this twisted sort of desire Lena knows all too well. It’s the same look Lillian gave her, when she knew she had something she wanted.

“My my,” Rhea murmurs, and Lena flinches at the feeling of Rhea’s fingertips tracing up her arm. “You certainly are a fine specimen. I am positive that you will produce a worthy heir.”

Lena feels Kara move beside her as Rhea’s nails scratch a path up to her neck, but for once, Lena is faster, and before she knows it she has pulled her fist back and it has connected with Rhea’s jaw. The impact sends the Queen stumbling back a few steps as well as shooting pain through Lena’s fingers and up to her elbow, and she shakes her arm out gingerly while Rhea recovers and glares filthily back at her.

(Somewhere behind them, Alex murmurs ‘atta girl’ under her breath, as she stares through the scope of a rifle at the confrontation.)

Lena hears Kara suck in a sharp breath. When she glances over, she sees Kara has her bottom lip firmly trapped between her teeth, eyes bulging stupidly out of her head as she stares at Lena with this intense sort of desire that makes Lena preen just a bit as she glares back at Rhea.

“Please don’t touch me,” Lena says cooly, and her calm voice masks the rush of nerves and adrenaline coursing through her system. "And if you think this human will be producing any sort of heir for you, you are sorely mistaken."

Rhea rubs a hand over her chin, looking more amused than anything, a smirk spreading as the guards raise their weapons, the ends of their staffs buzzing with electricity.

“You have made a grave mistake, human. What was that you said about violence being met with violence, Kryptonian?”

Kara steps forwards, placing herself between Lena and Rhea, while the DEO agents behind them aim their weapons accordingly.

“I was willing to talk things out with you, but you lost your chance as soon as you threatened her,” Kara growls.

The air is tense, eerily quiet, the only sounds the crackling sparks from the Daxamites’ weapons, and Lena grips her tablet bracingly, expecting the worst until—

“Stop!” Mon El bellows, and steps in front of Kara with his hands up. “Stop, all of you! Put your weapons down. As your prince, I command you!” When the guards remain motionless, he turns to his mother instead, a pleading look in his eyes. “As your son, I beg you. Please. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll be your prince, just—just don’t hurt them.”

Rhea fixes Mon El with a long look, which he meets resolutely, before she sighs and nods her head, and the guards stand down.

“As you wish, my son.” She places her hands on his shoulders, thumbs rubbing back and forth as a sad smile pulls at her lips. “I have scoured the galaxy searching for you, Mon El” she murmurs quietly. “I thought I had lost you, like I lost your father, like I lost everything we had. Our home. Our people. All of it…burning in the wake of Krypton’s destruction.”

“Mother…” Mon El chokes, swallowing hard.

Rhea sighs heavily and shakes away the brief moment of vulnerability.

“We won’t live in the past, Mon El. We must think of our future now. Our destiny. We can have everything we once had, but better. The entire first fleet of the Daxamite armada survived the destruction. They are only waiting for my signal to take this planet. Once Earth is ours, we can rebuild, and restore our people to greatness once again,” she proclaims, her eyes shining bright with the vision she paints.

“I’ll destroy the portal before that happens,” Kara says firmly, ready to take off and do her laser vision thing, probably.

Or,” Lena interjects quickly, holding up her tablet demonstratively, “I could just shut it off, instead of destroying my life’s most important scientific work.”

Kara looks sceptical, then shrugs, resigned.

“There has to be another way, Mother,” Mon El insists, balling his fists up.

Rhea looks down at him, nose wrinkled like she’s just stepped in something disgusting. “Why do you want to protect these humans?” She asks. “We’ve been watching from above, ever since we made contact.” She paces slowly back and forth, hands clasped in a prism in front of her as she speaks.

“The people of earth are selfish, and cruel. They wage wars, and kill each other in cold blood, they ravage the planet for its resources, and the rich sit on their golden thrones while the poor are crushed beneath their over-large feet. Don’t you see, Mon El? They’re not so different from us. In fact, we’d be doing them a favour by conquering them. They certainly would benefit from a little structure, a little benevolent dictating, don’t you think?” She finishes her speech with a twisted smile, but Mon El just shakes his head.

“You’re wrong,” he says. “You don’t see them like I do. Humans are…they’re complicated, and difficult, and confusing, and they hurt each other, but…” He turns towards Kara and Lena, flicking them both quick smiles as he takes their hands and joins them together.

Lena glances down at their conjoined hands as Kara twines their fingers together and gives her hand a squeeze, and when she looks up at her face, Kara is looking back with such warmth, such adoration, such love that Lena can’t help but smile back and forget, if only for a moment, the potential alien invasion they are currently dealing with.

Mon El turns back to his mother, stands by Lena’s side and takes her other hand. “But they also love so fiercely and that—that is their salvation.”

Rhea tuts her tongue, looking at Mon El with distaste. “You always were far too soft and sentimental, Mon El.”

Kara speaks up now, not letting go of Lena’s hand. “Following your heart isn’t weakness—it’s strength.”

“She’s right, mother,” Mon El nods. “I’ve had to travel across the galaxy and lose everything I know to learn that, but…I know it now. And I want to lead our people to be better.” He drops Lena’s hand and addresses the guards directly now, standing in front of them with their buzzing staffs.

“Everything we ever knew and loved was taken from us, but that doesn’t mean we have to do the same thing to someone else. We have to learn what it means to be Daxamites again. Right now, we can be whatever we want to be—whoever we want to be. And we have to choose right.”

Rhea laughs haughtily, crossing her arms. “The people of Daxam will never follow you, Mon El, if that’s your pathetic excuse for a strategy.”

But that doesn’t seem to be true, because the Daxamites are lowering their weapons, something changing in their postures as they to do so.

“She’s wrong,” Lena whispers, and Kara nods beside her.

Mon El’s cousin steps forward. “I will follow you. You are my prince, Mon El. The people of Daxam—we are ready for a new way, if you will show it to us,” she says, a soft smile at her lips, which Mon El returns gratefully.

“Traitor,” Rhea hisses.

“I am tired, Aunt Rhea. We are all tired. Please, let us leave this place and let Mon El lead us down a new path,” she implores, reaching out to touch Rhea’s shoulder.

Rhea’s eyes dart wildly, from the resigned and weary faces of the Daxamites, to Mon El standing tall among them, to Kara and Lena, stone-faced and cautious before her. Seeing she has lost the support of her guards, she glares filthily and lets out an animalistic cry.

“If you won’t listen to reason, perhaps violence is the only language you will understand."

Rhea unsheathes a knife from a belt around her waist and charges, with alarming speed, straight towards Lena.

And Lena is only human, so her reflexes barely register the fact that Kara has disappeared from her side until Kara has collided with Rhea and taken her up, high in to the air. Kara and Rhea are two dots spinning above the earth. There’s a short struggle, and then Kara seems to get the upper hand as she rockets back down towards the ground, sending shockwaves through the earth as she slams Rhea down into it.

Lena’s stomach bottoms out and she races across the field towards them, crying out Kara’s name. Mon El gets there first, drops to his knees beside his mother, where her own knife protrudes from her gut as she gasps for air.

Rao Kara. What did you do?” Mon El gasps. He hurriedly shucks his jacket and presses it against the wound.

Lena stops abruptly next to Kara, touches a hand to her arm hesitantly. Kara flinches slightly, but doesn’t pull away.

“The knife didn’t hit any vital organs. She’ll live,” Kara reports, only a slight tremor in her otherwise dispassionate voice.

“You Kryptonian brat!” Rhea spits furiously, voice distorted by pain. “It still hurts like a—” what follows is a string of expletives in an alien tongue that Lena doesn’t understand, but has both Mon El and Kara grimacing.

Damara crouches at Rhea’s other side, her face pale. “We have to get her back to the ship. She needs medical attention, my Prince.”

Mon El nods, decisive. “Get the transporters ready.”

Lena’s mind is spinning with the commotion around her, yet she slowly comes to the realisation that—

“Mon El? You’re—you’re leaving?” her voice is small, yet cuts through the chaos as she drops to her knees beside him. He instructs for Damara to take over holding his jacket against Rhea’s abdomen, and shifts on his knees to face Lena, taking her hands in his.

“My people need me, Lena. Rao, even my mother is…what’s the phrase you have here? Koo-koo bananas? Batshit? Yeah. She’s that. But she’s still family, and she needs me too.”

Lena shakes her head, swallows, holding back tears. She understands, she really does, but this is all going much too fast, she thinks as she grips on to the sleeves of his shirt. “What about us? What about me? Aren’t we family too?”

“Yes, Lena,” Mon El says, a faint smile on his lips as he nods. “You’ve made me a part of your family, this family you’ve built for yourself even after your own real family abandoned you—and I’ll never forget that. But I’m not Lex. I won’t leave you, ever.”

Lena frowns a bit. “You literally are though. Leaving.”

Mon El gives a small, sad laugh. “Maybe geographically. But…I’ll always be here.” He places a hand over her heart, or, at least, he tries to.

“Mon El…human hearts are on the left.”

“Oh. Right. Here,” he shifts his hand over and looks up at Lena with a gentle smile, a smile Lena has come to rely on more than she knows.

“Mon El,” Damara urges from behind him. “We must go, quickly.”

“Right. Okay.” He turns back to Lena, clenching and unclenching his fists as he draws in a nervous breath. “Lena I just want to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me, ever since I got here, you’ve helped me become this person I never thought I could be—” Mon El is cut off as Lena launches herself forwards, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her head into his shoulder.

“You’ve always been that person. You’re going to do great things for your people. I believe in you,” she whispers, smiling despite the tears she can feel threatening to spill over. She clutches tightly onto him, fingers digging into his shoulders, until she feels Kara place an insistent hand on her back and she lets go, albeit reluctantly. Mon El stands, helps Lena to her feet, and faces Kara.

Kara fixes him with a long look, shoulders square, before she exhales, deflating slightly, looking more Kara Danvers than Supergirl if only for a moment.

“I know we didn’t get along at the start—”

“An understatement,” Mon El grins, and Kara laughs a bit.

“But…damnit, you grew on me. Helped me see that I don’t have to be so alone in this home I didn’t choose for myself. And, in a way, you helped me see that—that the best thing in my life was standing right in front of me.” Kara lets her eyes flick across to Lena, where her features take on a brief warm glow.

Mon El tilts his head to the side with a wry smirk. “I’m so glad the very idea of being with me repulsed you enough to discover your feelings for Lena,” he teases, and Kara shoves him.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know.”

Mon El grins and pulls Kara to him in a crushing hug. And Kara holds onto him with everything she has. Lena can see it in the flex of her forearm, in the grip of her fingers. She grips Mon El, and Mon El doesn’t break. And Lena can’t help but think that Kara needs this—to be able to hold someone like this--and she suddenly feels so fragile in comparison.

“Take care of her, okay?” Mon El says to Kara when they eventually part, then glances over at Lena and chuckles a bit. “Heck, take care of each other. Rao knows, you both need it,” he teases lightly.

“As touching as this whole display is, Mon El, please don’t forget your mother is slowly dying here,” Rhea rasps, managing to pull off biting melodrama despite the flowing wound in her abdomen.

“We’ll see each other again soon,” Mon El promises, a sad smile pulling at his features. “You basically discovered teleportation on earth, Lena. This infinite universe may have gotten a whole lot smaller for humanity, thanks to you.”

“I suppose I did,” Lena laughs, shakes her head a little with disbelief. “Of course, really only half the work has been done. Building the portal was one thing, but developing the technology to execute the teleportation could take years to perfect theoretically, perhaps even longer to execute—” Lena’s rambling is cut off by a dramatic wail of pain from Rhea, and Mon El grimaces.

“You should probably go,” Kara says, a slight look of concern affecting her features.

Mon El draws in a steeling breath, squares his shoulders with a nod. He crouches down by his mother, looking up at Lena with a sad smile as they prepare to be transported up to the ship. “I’ll be back soon,” he promises.

Lena swallows thickly and nods, heat prickling behind her eyes. She feels Kara step beside her, her arm slipping around her back, and Lena curls into her side, hand gripping loosely onto the lapel of her cape.

They stand there, together, as Mon El shimmers before their eyes and disappears into thin air. Lena sucks in a breath, the feeling of loss instantaneous and shattering in her chest.

And she holds onto Kara like a lifeline as the Daxamite ship’s thrusters whip the winds around them, propelling it back into the portal where it disappears. She holds onto Kara, and onto the promise that they will see Mon El again.


7 months later…


One of Lena’s favourite things about cooking, is cooking with wine. Not necessarily in the food, just in her hand is fine.

A large stock pot sits on the centre burner of her stove, sizzling with seasoned pieces of lamb, browning off in some oil. Music plays in the background and Lena hums to herself as she roughly chops up some onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, sporadically sipping from her glass of Shiraz.

The stew is bubbling happily on the stove by the time Kara bursts into the apartment carrying far too many grocery bags on for a human on each arm (“I refuse to make more than one trip”), a half-eaten pretzel dangling from her mouth as she kicks the door shut with a heel.

“That, smells so good, Lena,” she moans as she sets the bags down on the counter in a heap. She appears by Lena’s side, one hand on her hip, and takes the pretzel out of her mouth to press a quick kiss to her cheek. Lena melts a little, but focuses her attention on stirring the pot.

“Did you get the cheese? The brand with the creepy smiling cow on it that Winn likes?” she asks as Kara sorts through the grocery bags, putting things away in cupboards and the fridge..

“Yes, I got one of each type, and about six different types of crackers to go with it,” Kara responds with a dutiful nod.

“And that bottle of scotch? The one Alex tried at my office the other week and won’t stop asking about?”

“The ridiculously expensive one? Yep.”

“And what about ice cream?”

“I got chocolate chip, cookie dough, an extra pint just for me, and soy ice cream for Maggie,” Kara says into the freezer as she puts the ice cream away.

“Did you remember—” Lena begins, but she’s cut off by Kara putting the rest of the groceries away with a burst of superspeed before she appears at her back, arms snaking around her waist.

“Relax, would you?” she hums, the words tickling against the shell of her ear.

“This is a big deal, Kara,” Lena pouts, squirming a little, but doesn’t really get anywhere. In fact, it just makes Kara hold her tighter, pressing her front flush against Lena’s back. “It’s our first gathering at our new place. Tonight sets a precedent for all future entertainment endeavours, it needs to go perfectly,” she insists as she gives the stew a final stir.

Kara chuckles and presses her lips to the top of Lena’s shoulder. Lena can feel her smiling into the skin.

“It will,” Kara says, and she’s so confident and assured that Lena can’t help but believe her. “Especially if this tastes as good as it smells,” she adds, and sneakily plucks a piece of carrot from the stew.

“Kara! It’s not ready yet,” Lena chides as Kara munches triumphantly.

“Still tastes pretty good to me,” she grins, and Lena shoots her a playful glare over her shoulder as she lids the pot.

“It needs to go in the oven now. Would you?”

Kara lifts the heavy pot off of the stove as easily as if it were filled with feathers and slides it into the awaiting oven, where Lena shuts it with a contented sigh.

“Teamwork!” Kara cheers, and Lena bites down the urge to point out the fact that she really did all the work. “How long until we get to eat?” Kara asks, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet as she tips forwards to stare into the oven eagerly.

Lena smiles, leaning into her hip and takes a moment to appreciate the way Kara’s wide-eyed grin is illuminated by the golden glow of the oven light. Her life has been filled with small moments like this over the past months. Small moments to pause and consider the small, unspoken features that constitute Kara Danvers, the woman she loves.

“Two hours,” she responds after a beat, “and there’s plenty to do between now and then to get everything ready,” she adds, moving to put dishes in the sink. She turns back around, but finds herself faced with Kara’s person and a quiet smirk instead.

“Or…I can think of a few other things we could do to pass the time,” Kara says, and the way her eyes spark and her hands find their way to her hips, lightly twisting the material of her blouse into her fingers, give a pretty good indication as to exactly what Kara has on her mind.

“Kara…” Lena protests, but there isn’t much fight in her voice, and her own hand toys with one of the buttons on Kara’s shirt, completely of its own accord. “We have so many things to do.”

Kara scoffs with a light shake of her head. “You’re forgetting I have super speed.”

Lena laughs, and that’s all the go-ahead Kara needs to tip her head down and meet Lena’s lips with a grin. Lena kisses her back, and it’s light, and it’s easy, until Kara backs her up against the counter, and Lena knows she’s in the best kind of trouble now.

The girl of steel’s mouth pushes against the Luthor heiress’ uninhibited. Lena winds her arms around Kara’s neck, letting Kara draw kisses from her as she pleases.

“I missed you,” Kara hums in one of the brief moments their lips aren’t together when she repositions her head slightly.

“You were only gone an hour,” Lena replies, and it comes out a little breathless as Kara’s mouth finds her neck.

“May as well have been an eternity in the phantom zone,” Kara murmurs, and the way the words tickle against Lena’s skin makes her breath hitch in her throat and she subconsciously rolls her hips against Kara’s. The motion makes Kara bring her mouth back up to Lena’s, and Lena’s hands work with the buttons of Kara’s shirt, dextrous yet shaking and eager with each button she slips free.

Kara’s skin is warm against Lena’s hands, palms pressed flat against the smooth skin of her back. She loses concentration and kisses Kara clumsily when she becomes aware that Kara has undone the button of her jeans, and her hand is dipping low to where her pulse throbs insistently. Lena gasps, hands fisting in Kara’s hair as Kara’s hand finds her wet and wanting and—





Learning to love a super-strong Kryptonian has certainly been an exercise in patience, for the both of them.

Finding out each other’s limits, how much Kara can handle, discovering where the line between fun pain and actual pain is for Lena, is an ongoing process that takes work.

And while Kara is very good at keeping Lena safe, the same can’t be said for bed frames, counter tops, couches, tables, and half of Lena’s wardrobe. Most of the time, Lena takes it as a compliment. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. She sees the way Kara reacts: frustrated, disappointed, even a little ashamed, no matter how well Lena coaxes her back into herself on the occasion that she slips up.

They both stare down at the marble counter top, specifically at the deep crack running a jagged line down its centre.

“Well,” Lena says after a moment, “I suppose that’s one way to break in the new kitchen.”

Kara chokes out a laugh, and it’s a hollow, one-note thing, but it manages to ease the flex in her fist anyway as she sighs and drops her forehead onto Lena’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Lena,” she says, lifting a heavy sigh.

Lena smiles a bit and runs one hand through Kara’s hair. The other traces over the grooves of the new crack in the marble, and she’s still a little awestruck by both Kara’s power and the strength it must take to control it.

“It’s okay, Kara,” she murmurs, nudges a kiss to Kara’s forehead. She lets out a sigh, slightly shuddering, and the apex of her legs throbs irritatingly, demanding. She ignores it best as she can, but the way Kara’s fingers absently trace feather-light patterns on the small of her back make that an increasingly difficult task. She clears her throat, pressing her legs together a bit. “Do you think we could…” she lets her sentence hang, arching her eyebrows as Kara looks up at her questioningly.

“You sure?” Her eyes flick back to the crack in the counter, and she looks worried, but Lena tips her chin back to look at her and kisses her in assurance.

“I’m sure if you are. Don’t worry about the counter, I hear the distressed look is in these days,” she says with a kind smile, and Kara laughs as Lena brushes some loose strands of blonde hair away from her face. “Besides, I think I might break something if we don’t finish what we started,” Lena admits casually, grinning to herself as Kara seems to choke on nothing.

Lena takes Kara’s hands and places them back on her hips, her own hands lacing behind Kara’s neck as she pulls her in for a kiss. “Let me…just follow my lead, okay?” she asks, and Kara nods.

Lena draws Kara close, kissing her with intention. She guides Kara’s hands where she wants them, swiping a thumb over the knuckles and running steadying hands down Kara’s arms when she feels Kara tense up.

Eventually, carefully, slowly, they work their way back to where they were and Kara is doing so incredibly well, and Lena tells her as much, gasped words brushed against her ear, and Lena is so incredibly close, she can feel the buildup, the promise of release fast approaching, and Lena’s really only expecting one thing to happen in the following few seconds—she’s counting on it, really.

But what she really isn’t expecting is for an alien to land on their balcony which such force that the whole apartment shakes, followed by said alien striding into the apartment, happily bellowing “the owl has landed! Wait a second, that sounds wrong—the eagle has landed! Mon El is back on earth—AAAH!”

Mon El’s scream fades in volume as Kara zooms over to him and catches him by the collar, dragging him back out to the balcony with a burst of speed.

Lena sighs, legs weak as she leans back against the counter and grinds her teeth together. She takes a sip of her wine, takes a moment to savour the rich and slightly peppery undertones before swallowing. Once she feels she has regained some semblance of composure, she smoothes down her blouse, re-buttons her jeans and takes herself and her wine glass out to the balcony.

Here, she finds Kara standing at the edge with her arm outstretched, and Mon El dangles over the city upside-down as she holds him up by the ankle. Her expression is livid. Her shirt is still unbuttoned, offering Lena glimpses of Kara’s toned torso and a grey sports bra when the wind occasionally flutters it open. It does little to quell the tight coil of frustration that has taken up residence in her belly. She takes a deep sip of her wine.

“Kara! Kara, please! I thought you'd be happy to see me!” Mon El lets out a strangled cry as he tries to twist in Kara’s grip to look up at her with pleading eyes. He’s holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and watches with terror as a single flower slips out of the arrangement and floats down to earth, incredibly slowly. “Did I—did I come at a bad time?”

“The worst,” Kara growls, the sound low and dangerous in her throat. She loosens her grip ever so slightly, and Mon El drops a few centimetres with a yelp, but she tightens her hand again before he falls.

Lena has half a mind to leave him dangling there for a little while longer, but decides against it and lays a hand on Kara’s shoulder.

“Let him go, Kara,” she says with a weary sigh.

Kara quirks an eyebrow at her, confused and a little intrigued. “Let him go? All right, if you say so…”

“No!” Lena quickly shouts and pinches at the bridge of her nose with a huff. “I didn’t mean—I meant put him down, on solid ground,” she specifies irritably.

Kara pouts a bit then shrugs with a reluctant “fine.” She drops Mon El in a heap on the floor, and Lena struts back inside. She needs more wine.

Mon El follows them in, sheepish and shaken, and he straightens out his jacket and attempts to neaten up the bouquet of flowers.

“I see everything went fine with the portal,” Lena notes as she fills her glass. She speaks calmly, like she’s discussing stock prices in a board meeting, not at all like an alien has just interrupted her and her alien girlfriend during sex and wasn’t just dangling from their top-floor balcony.

“He would have lived, you know,” Kara mutters. She takes a bottle of Coke from the fridge, which she drinks from with a straw.

Mon El’s face lights up when he sees the drink. “Oh Rao, you have no idea how much I’ve missed that stuff! Can I have some?”

In response, Kara drains the entire bottle with alarming speed, and a high-pitched vacuous slurping noise echoes around the empty glass. She doesn’t break eye contact with Mon El the whole time.

“Sorry,” she gulps, “that was the last one.” Her words are punctuated by a small burp, and it would be gross if she wasn’t so annoyingly attractive. Mon El makes a face like a kid being told Santa isn’t real, and Kara just smirks, vindicated, as she drops the bottle in the recycling bin.

Lena can’t help but laugh at the two of them, the frustrated knot in her stomach gradually being replaced by a happy sort of warmth at the three of them being together again, like no time at all has passed.

“Kara,” she tuts, chiding, but she’s smiling nonetheless. She approaches her grumpy alien and carefully buttons her shirt, straightening out her collar as she fixes the top one. “Why don’t you go back to the store for more drinks and Mon El can help me get things ready here?”

Kara sighs, the tension in her brow easing somewhat. “Fine. I’ll do a sweep of the city while I’m out.” She gives Lena a light kiss and stops in front of Mon El as she passes, rolling her eyes a bit as she pulls him into a quick hug before heading out.

Mon El turns to Lena, looking happy and bewildered and altogether confused as they share a laugh and Lena crosses over to him, folding herself into his arms.

“Your timing could have been better, Mon El, but I am glad to see you. And so is Kara, despite what her face may tell you.”

Mon El is grinning broadly when Lena pulls back to look up at him. “It’s good to see you’re both doing well. I’ve missed you so much, Lena, and I have so many stories!” he says, bouncing a little in excitement.

Lena laughs and pats his chest. “Save it for the party,” she insists, “I’m sure everyone will want to hear what you’ve been up to out in space. Here, let me get a vase for those. Help me set the table.”

The flowers end up in the centre of the table, a bit crumpled and disheveled from Kara’s little outburst, but beautiful nonetheless.

“What even are these?” Lena wonders, lightly smoothing out one of the petals of an exquisitely bright yellow and orange flower. “I’ve never seen anything like them before.”

“You wouldn’t have,” Mon El says proudly, “they’re from a tiny planet in the Pylos system. It’s beautiful, only some of the plants will eat you if you get too close,” he says, and Lena retracts her hand. “Not those ones,” he adds quickly, “I think.”

Lena sighs and wraps her arms around herself, smiling contentedly. “I can’t believe all the wild adventures you’re having. All the things you get to see. Which reminds me…did you manage to find that, ah, thing I asked you about?”

Mon El tilts his head to the side. “Thing? What thing?”

Lena frowns, a little irritated. “You know, Mon El. The thing,” she says through grit teeth, glancing over her shoulder.

Oh, you mean that thing you haven’t been bugging me about non-stop for the past few months?” he asks, a cheeky grin that makes Lena give him a shove spreading across his lips. “Yeah, I got it. You wouldn’t believe what I had to do for it by the way. You owe me.”

“Hm, yes, I owe you,” Lena says, pursing her lips as she taps her chin thoughtfully. “Let’s see, I released you from your pod, protected you from Kara’s wrath multiple times, clothed and fed you for several months, gave you a job, taught you how to make pasta and built a portal that brought you back together with your people, so…what exactly is it that I owe you?” She asks, a single perfectly sculpted brow arched in a challenge.

“Let’s just consider it a gift between friends,” Mon El amends, flashing a sheepish grin.

“That’s what I thought. You think it will work?”

Mon El shrugs. “I don’t know, you’re the science person. I’m just the go-get-the-things-for-the-science person. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, though. I really hope it does.”

Lena sighs, biting at the pad of her thumb. “Me too. Don’t tell anyone about it, by the way.” Mon El grimaces, and Lena levels him with a look. “Who have you told?”

“Alex,” Mon El says, guilty as he scrubs the back of his neck. “It just slipped out.”

Lena sighs, rubbing a hand over her face as her cheeks flush. “So that’s why she’s been looking at me weird lately,” she mutters, shaking her head. “Well, make sure you don’t tell anyone else. Especially not Kara.”

“Of course! I want it to be a surprise as much as you,” Mon El insists, and falters when Lena quirks her eyebrow at him. “Well, not exactly as much as you, of course. I’m just excited. For the both of you. Not me, I won’t be there, I’ll be, ah, somewhere else. Far away, very far away—”

Lena raises a hand, shaking her head. “Mon El, just stop. Please, before you hurt yourself. Just bring it by tomorrow afternoon while Kara is at work, okay?”

“Yes, boss,” Mon El says.


Family has always been a vague concept to Lena.

There’s the family that exists only in the faintest of her memories—her mother—who smelled of lemongrass and citrus and hummed Etta James while making pancakes on a Sunday morning. Sometimes, like when Lena is cooking or listening to music or standing outside on her balcony just as the sun rises, those memories become stronger, like she could reach out and touch them if she only tried hard enough. But they’re still abstract at best, like they happened in a dream, or to someone else entirely.

Then there are the Luthors. Lionel, who only occasionally directed a smile her way and died when she was far too young. Lillian, who would never be proud of her, no matter how many achievements she had or trophies she won, not when she compared everything she did to Lex—the golden boy. Lillian, who avoided touching her like she carried the plague. And Lex. Lex, who was her guardian and protector in the cold, empty hallways of the Luthor mansion. Who taught her that her greatest weapon was her mind, and she could use it to outthink any opponent, to design incredible things, to come up with impossible solutions when everyone else saw only problems. And then, of course, he lost his mind and destroyed both the Luthor name and Lena’s life in one fell swoop.

So no, family has never meant much to Lena. At least, not in the way people say they would do anything for their family, not in the way people say they would die for their family, not in the way people say family is the most important thing on earth.

That is, at least, until she met Kara Danvers.

Kara Danvers, who brought a warm smile and donuts and a shoulder to lean on in her darkest times. Who brought comforting words and an unwavering belief in Lena’s goodness and strength, even when she couldn’t see it herself, and a heart that was weighed down with even greater pain and loss than Lena could imagine, yet still managed to beat freely despite the shackles of grief and anger that could so easily corrupt it. Kara Danvers, who means absolutely everything.

And with her, Kara brought Alex, who Lena now spars with once a week, followed by drinks at the bar down the street from the DEO. Kara has had to fly both of them home on more than one occasion after these excursions, despite Lena’s protests.

With Alex came Maggie, who taught Lena how to shoot, and who actually enjoys venturing out to interesting little cafes and restaurants to try the newest organic kale-based dish or ancient grain bowl. Enticed by the promise of Korean bibimbap, James had even joined them, and now they make up somewhat of a food club of National City. Sometimes Kara joins them on their lunch outings, but usually leaves halfway through and comes back with a pizza or a hotdog (or three).

Kara brought Eliza, who is more of a mother to Lena than Lillian ever was. Who Lena was incredibly nervous to meet for the first time, but wrapped her up in a hug she definitely wasn’t expecting as soon as she walked in the door, telling her it was so good to finally meet the woman Kara just would not stop talking about.

Kara brought Winn, who Lena could spend hours with talking science and computers and inventions. They’d feed off of each other’s energy, spouting off ideas and theories, and some of L-Corp’s most successful projects started off as the product of the pair of them talking animatedly over board games and beers.

And then the Universe brought Mon El, who literally fell out of the stars, to be Lena’s brother but in a way Lex could never be. Who is goofy, and warm, and needs Lena as much as she needs him.

And now, sitting with everyone around the dinner table Lena and Kara picked out together, Lena can safely say she would do anything for these people. She would die for these people. This family she has haphazardly fallen into is the most important thing on Earth.

This thought hits her as everyone tucks into the stew, all moaning and singing her praises endlessly. Kara sits by her side, catching her eye every now and then to share a private grin, her hand resting in its place on her thigh once the meal is finished.

It hits her when she curls up into Kara’s side as they all sit on the couch around Mon El, who gesticulates wildly as he tells them all about what he’s been doing since he left Earth. Since their displacement, the Daxamites have become somewhat of a nomadic people. They traverse the galaxy, establishing portals to facilitate trade and migration between planets. Mon El, himself, has stumbled into becoming a “diplomat slash explorer guy”, as he calls it, and helps set up better relations between the Daxamites and these ‘portal planets’.

As for Rhea, she opted to settle on a planet that is just one huge beach, where she spends her days being fanned by the former general of the Daxamite army, whining about a certain blonde Kryptonian and a nonexistent pain in her gut.

It hits her again as she fixes a drink for herself in the kitchen, and she looks over to see the group crowded around the TV, where Kara and Alex are yelling and half out of their seats as they race each other down Rainbow Road. Maggie makes her way over, holding up her own empty glass, and Lena smiles as she fills it with the scotch she bought for Alex.

“Great party, Luthor,” Maggie says, nodding her head in approval as she looks around the apartment. “This is a nice life you and Little Danvers have got going for yourselves. I knew you could do it, once you managed to get your heads out of your asses, that is,” she teases, and Lena rolls her eyes with a small smile.

“I should be the one saying that to you. Congratulations on the engagement, by the way,” Lena says, and Maggie beams into her glass, cheeks turning a little pink.

“I mean, a proposal wasn’t exactly what I was expecting as we were skydiving over the Hawaiian islands, but I suppose, it’s Alex Danvers, so maybe I should have been expecting it, shouldn’t I?”

“You kind of have been trying to outdo each other with the romantic gestures ever since the whole Valentines Day thing,” Lena points out.

Maggie chuckles a bit, her eyes resting fondly on Alex who is yelling “NO POWERS, THAT’S CHEATING” as Kara blows a gust of ice breath over her hands, making them lock up and Alex's Luigi falls right off the track.

“Yeah, well…she’s worth it,” Maggie murmurs, complete adoration in her voice.

Lena watches with a similar sort of expression as Kara cackles triumphantly when she crosses the finish line in first place. “Definitely,” she hums in agreement and sips her drink.

“Just look at us,” Maggie laughs, shaking her head. “We’re helpless, aren’t we? To loving a Danvers sister?” She tilts her head to the side, dimples prominent as she grins and lifts her glass.

“I’ll drink to that,” Lena chuckles and clinks their glasses together.

“Are we drinking?” Alex asks, kissing Maggie on the cheek as she trots over. She slides her hand over the small of Maggie’s back, making the detective yelp and jump away.

Babe, your hands are freezing!”

“Blame the cheater over there,” Alex mutters, shooting Kara a glare as she pours a drink for herself. “Lena, tell your girlfriend we do not condone such behaviour in this house.”

“Who am I to disparage a woman for going after what she wants?” Lena shrugs, smiling as Kara wraps her arms around her from behind, and she can feel her grinning impishly against her cheek.

“It’s working out pretty well for me so far” Kara says, pressing a kiss to the spot just below Lena’s ear, and Alex just wrinkles her nose.

Mon El sighs wistfully. “So I guess you guys just got way cuter while I’ve been gone, huh?”

“More like way grosser,” Alex grimaces, and Kara pulls a face at her. “I need a drink. What are we drinking to?” she asks, looking at Lena and Maggie. 

They both exchange a glance, cheeks turning a bit pink, and Lena quickly clears her throat and thinks of something else that won’t inflate Kara’s ego or disgust Alex quite as much.

“To family,” Lena says, looking at Maggie, Alex, Winn, James, Mon El, and finally at Kara, who looks back at her like she put the stars in the sky. “To the family we choose.”




Lena eyes the object Mon El has pulled from his bag critically. It’s a sleek, onyx black cylinder, and it sits upright on the table at the end of her and Kara’s bed.

“You’re sure this is the right thing?” Lena asks, arching an eyebrow at Mon El.

Mon El shrugs as he shuts the blackout blinds Lena had installed in their room. Lena blinks in the sudden darkness, taking a moment to let her eyes adjust.

“I got it from a very reputable merchant, but there's only one way to find out for sure,” Mon El says. “I’ll let you do the honours. Just open it.”

Lena draws in a breath and approaches the cylinder, rolling it in her hands before she pulls one end out. The clear glass tube slides out, and inside is a floating bright red light. Once the tube is fully extended, the room is cast in a deep red glow that makes Mon El let out a low whistle.

“Is it working?” Lena asks, looking around in wonder.

“I…I’m not sure.”

“Do you feel different?”

“Kind of? I can’t tell. Wait! I know.” Mon El drops to the floor and attempts to do pushups, and he is spent and exhausted after five. “Yep, it’s working,” he says from the ground.

Lena frowns at the device. “Does this thing make you even weaker than normal?” she asks, and Mon El shakes his head as he pushes himself up.

“No, I’m actually just really weak. What? I spent most of my life as a prince, I didn’t exactly ‘lift’ things.”

Lena rolls her eyes and crouches down, examining the glowing red orb that floats suspended in the cylinder. “A piece of a red sun,” she murmurs softly. “This will make Kara feel like she’s at home again…thank you, Mon El. You don’t know what this means.”

Mon El waves a dismissive hand and grins. “Anything to help you guys and your sex lives.”

Lena stands abruptly, blushing furiously. “We’re not—I don’t—that’s not what it’s for!” She protests, indignant until Mon El gives her a knowing look and she sighs. “That’s not all it’s for,” she mutters. “I just…want to be able to give Kara a little piece of home, whenever she needs it. I bet Alex will want to try too. Kara’s never been able to hug her properly, unless she’s affected by Kryptonite, which makes her sick, or she’s solar flared, which is pretty traumatic for her.”

“You’re so…good, Lena,” Mon El says. He steps forward and wraps her up in his arms, and Lena can feel him squeezing tighter than he ever could as he lets out a contented sound. “Yep, that’s the stuff,” he says and Lena laughs as she hugs him back. “Kara’s going to love it.”




“What’s going on?” Kara laughs, a little confused, when Lena wordlessly pulls her by the hand towards their bedroom as soon as she walks in the door.

Lena stops once they’re in the room, positioning Kara in the middle and giving her a quick, slightly nervous smile. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” Kara quirks an eyebrow as Lena shuts the blinds, completely blocking out the late afternoon sun. Lena feels her way back over, bumping a bit into the bed, and when she finds Kara’s hand reaching out for her in the dark, she grips onto it and draws herself in close.

“What is it?” Kara asks, voice soft and intrigued. Lena can just imagine the curious smile on her face, and her heart swells. “Is this the part where it turns out this whole relationship was a trap to catch Supergirl in your clutches? I knew you couldn’t fight your Luthor ways,” she teases and Lena rolls her eyes, giving her a shove.

“You’re ridiculous,” Lena says, shaking her hand. Kara chuckles but it dissipates quickly into an anticipatory silence that falls over them. Lena holds onto Kara’s hands, thumbs tracing across the backs of her palms before she presses up on her toes and kisses her. Kara kisses back, and it’s in that measured, controlled way she has pretty much perfected.

Kara hovers close when Lena pulls back, quiet for a moment. “Is…that the surprise?” she asks softly, the breath of her words skimming over Lena’s lips.

“No,” Lena says. She reaches back and picks up the black cylinder, then presses it into Kara’s hands. “Here. This is…this is a little piece of home. It’s not much, but…just open it.”

Lena can just make out the quizzical expression Kara wears—the way her brows pull together a bit, the slight tilt of her head, the upwards curve to one side of her mouth. And then her face is bathed in red light as she slides the tube open and she looks up at Lena with her lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Lena, is this…”

“It’s a piece of a red sun,” Lena supplies when Kara trails off. “It’s not Rao,” she continues, easing the tube from her hands, “but it should have the same radiation signature. Mon El found it for me, in a system that also has a red sun.”

Kara draws in a shaky breath, settling into her body as she flexes her hands and rolls her shoulders experimentally. “It feels the same,” she says, voice only just keeping from breaking.

“Is it—is it good?” Lena asks cautiously.

Kara swallows and nods, rubbing her face with her hands. Her glasses come askew as she rubs her eyes, and Lena gently slips them off, folding them carefully on the end table. Kara’s eyes are wet and shining when she brings her hands down, but she smiles nonetheless.

“It’s good. I haven’t felt like this in a very long time,” she says, and shakes her hands out like she’s not quite sure what to do with them. Lena smiles and folds her arms across herself, giving Kara time to acclimate and to process.

Kara closes her eyes, breathing in deep. “It’s almost like I’m there, Lena,” she murmurs, completely filled with awe and wonder and grief. Lena picks up on it and takes Kara’s hands in her own. Kara opens her eyes and drops her forehead down to Lena’s.

Lena smiles. She smiles, and notices that Kara is still so, so delicate with her. It’s more noticeable just how careful she is, now that she doesn’t have her strength to counteract. How she doesn’t trust her own hands not to crush Lena’s in her grasp, how she cricks her neck to keep her head from pressing down too hard.

“It’s okay, Kara,” Lena whispers, “I won’t break.”

She slides her hands up to lace behind Kara’s neck, and stays there, waiting for Kara to move. Slowly, Kara slips her arms around Lena’s waist and pulls her close, bodies pressing flush together. And there’s pressure, real pressure, as Kara tightens her arms and squeezes. A wet laugh bubbles out past Kara’s lips and she buries her head into the crook of Lena’s neck, and Lena can feel warm moisture on her skin.

“This feels so good, Lena,” Kara whispers. “I don’t want to move.”

Lena laughs, and it’s equal parts soft and sad and happy as Kara holds her tight. “We don’t have to.”

Kara spends a few minutes testing out sensation in the red room. She hugs Lena around her waist, squeezing and releasing before she runs her hands down Lena’s arms, interlocking their fingers together, squeezing and releasing again. It’s cautious, scientific even, like Kara still doesn’t trust her own body. But every time she pulls back with wonder that Lena isn’t hurt, isn’t in pain, is in fact still there, Kara becomes a little more assured.

Eventually she even admits that she’s always wanted to have a thumb war, but never could for fear of breaking her opponent’s thumb. So they do. Lena wins.

And Lena watches as Kara’s smile spreads across her face, stretching almost comically wide when Lena traps her thumb beneath hers, and their eyes lock while they’re wearing matching grins, and Kara pulls her forward, crashing their lips together in a way that is completely uncalculated for the first time.

Kara laughs a little, saying something along the lines of “ow, my nose!”, but Lena quickly brings them back together again, delighting in the satisfying press of Kara’s lips against hers, strong and solid and there.

And when they collapse into bed together, Lena delights in the way the press of her hands and the light scratch of her nails leave marks that don’t fade away instantly, in the way Kara actually has to pause for breath between kisses, in the way she falls asleep pressed up against Kara’s front, wrapped up so tight in her arms.



Lena settles back against Kara as she sits in between her legs, head tipped up towards the sky. They’re both on one of the deck chairs of their balcony while Mon El takes up the other one. Lena’s head buzzes pleasantly with the few glasses of wine she’s had over the course of the night, and she’s tucked up in a warm blanket Kara brought out from inside, so she is perfectly content.

“So, Mon El,” Kara says, “had any adventures of the romantic sort out there across the galaxy?”

Mon El chuckles, scratching at the back of his head. “I’ve been so busy handling everything with my people that I haven’t really had time to think about it. Why? You jealous?” he asks, with a wry smirk.

Kara scoffs, rolling her eyes. “You wish, Mon El.” She gives Lena a light squeeze, tucking her chin against her shoulder. “You wish,” she murmurs again, and Lena turns her head to the side to glance a kiss off Kara’s cheek.

They settle into a comfortable silence, gazing up at the dizzying array of stars above them. Kara’s fingers trace lightly across the skin of Lena’s abdomen under her shirt, making her wriggle a little against her and they share a soft private laugh. Lena stills Kara’s hands with her own, interlacing their fingers together with a happy sigh.

“Hey Kara?” Mon El asks after a little while.


“I think…I think I’m ready to see Rao now.”

Kara turns her head to the side, studying him curiously for a moment. “You sure?” Mon El nods. “Okay then.”

Lena feels Kara draw in a steadying breath, her chest expanding and contracting at her back, and she gives her hand a squeeze. Kara spends a few moments searching the sky until she finds it, and points up towards the heavens. It takes a little while for Lena to find the exact star Kara is pointing out, but when she does, she feels even closer to Kara than she was before.

“It’s beautiful,” Mon El whispers into the night.

“It really is,” Lena agrees quietly.

Lena feels Kara smiling against her cheek, and while she and Mon El are looking up at Rao, Kara is looking at her, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“It is,” Kara murmurs. “I may have lost Krypton, but…I’ve built my home here now, with my family, with you, and that won’t change. You know that, right?”

Lena shifts slightly, twisting around so she can look at Kara, see the infinite skies reflected in her eyes. “I know.” She feels Kara smile into her kiss, and she certainly does the same.

Lena rests her head back on Kara’s shoulder, looking up at Rao and all the stars in the galaxy above.

Lena doesn’t believe in luck. Or fate. Or destiny.

But she does believe in statistics, in probability.

And the odds that an heiress, a girl of steel, and a man who fell to earth would somehow find each other in this infinite universe and make each other better is just beyond calculation—seemingly all but impossible.

But the way Kara holds her close, like an anchor in an ocean of stars, makes Lena believe in impossible things.