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The Lion, The Wolf and The Dragon

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Jaime had listened to him laughing and japing at his royal bedchamber whenever he was on guard duty. It somewhat reminded him when he was on guard duty to King Aerys II when the Mad King took his sister Queen Rhaella to his bed. He wanted to go inside and save the queen from his lust but his Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower would always be there to stop him. Jaime insisted that their duty was to protect the royal family, but Ser Gerold countered him that they swore their vows to the king regardless.

And this time it happens again, only that he was alone without his former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard with him, and a different king. There he was standing in front of the bedchamber’s double-door listening to their cry of pleasure and laugh. All cladded in suit of white enamelled scales, his fastening for his breastplate and other pieces made of silver. Although some of the Kingsguard members bear the right to carry the white unemblazoned shield, Jaime had no used for it. His white armour had little decoration. With his white sword sheathed in its scabbard and strapped to his belt. All glorified and chivalrous, only to be rewarded with pleasure moaning sounds from the whores King Robert brought with him.

Although, he found it rather amusing at times he also found it irritating and annoying. King Robert would sometimes do that to his sister Cersei during their night as a mock to him. He didn’t like it. He never liked it. Jaime would just breathe deeply and his thoughts changed to him and Cersei alone and in bed.

Cersei and Jaime had argued about their topic of the North relating to her son Joffrey. Their son. It wasn’t really an argue but Cersei was furious about it that Jaime had to make a jape that made her even redder, all to his amusements.

Cersei opened the door quickly, unlocking the locks as fast as she could from what Jaime could hear. As soon as the door opened and her head peeking out of the edge Jaime entered. She closed the door not too abruptly and locking everything. “How can you be so stupid?”

“Calm down.” He looked to her.

“He’s a child… Ten years old.” Cersei’s blond curls covered her chest and wearing light blue nightgown with loosely laces. “What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking of us. You’re a bit late to start complaining about it now. What has the boy told them?”

“Nothing. He’s said nothing. He remembers nothing.”

“Then what are you raving about?” Jaime asked. If the Stark boy remembers nothing then what was there to be afraid of?

“What if it comes back to him? If he tells his father what he saw…”

He got closer to her as he was talking, “We’ll say he was lying. We’ll say he was dreaming. We’ll say whatever we like. I think we can outfox a ten year old.”

She looked at him, eyes fixed on his. Jaime loved her eyes. “And my husband?”

“I’ll go to war with him if I have to.” Jaime then thought about something amusing that might spark anger in Cersei. “They can write a ballad about us: The War for Cersei’s cunt.”

Jaime did spark her anger, the slap was fast he couldn’t react yet he anticipated it. It was strong that the sound echoed in the bedchamber they were in. Jaime merely mused at her with a smile. She tried to give another slap again with her left hand but Jaime quickly grabbed a hold of her and turned her back to meet him. They were facing the same direction now.

Cersei tried to free herself but she wasn’t strong enough to free herself from Jaime’s arms. And he knew that Cersei liked it in some ways. “Let me go.”

“Never.” he whispered back.

“Let me go.”

“The boy won’t talk. And if he does, I’ll kill him. Him, Ned Stark, the King… the whole bloody lot of them, until you and I are the only people left in this world.”

Jaime didn’t really mean that, of course. He meant that he would kill all those who had suspicions on their secret and complicated relationship that was viewed as a sin and abomination. To Jaime, it just two closely related individuals feeling one another. He loved Cersei and Cersei loved him. Their relationship remained discreet. Except for Bran Stark the boy whom he pushed from the tower and Tyrion. Maybe his youngest brother as well as Tyrion was the closest to him in all their siblings. Jaime wondered if the both of them had gotten back from their trip north or not. He wanted to join them but other duty calls for an important person like a member of the Kingsguard. And that conversation took place a while ago.

He was interrupted when the King’s Hand assistant. The captain of the household guard at Winterfell. Ser Jory Cassel was his name, Jaime remembered. Short, curly brown hair and wry smile, along with wearing clothes that befits an assistant or a page.

“This is for the King from Lord Stark.” he began, holding out a scroll to him.

Jaimed stopped him. “Listen,” he hushed, “Do you hear them? How many do you think are in there with him? Guess.”

Ser Jory took his time to guess, and it was random though from what he could perceive. “Three? Four?”

“He likes to do this when I’m on duty… He makes me listen as he insults my sister.”

The door opened and one of the brothel whores looked at them awkwardly, she closed the door and quickly left between them.

“Forgive me, my lord…”

“Why do I have to forgive you? Have you wronged me?” He rested his left hand on the pommel of his sword.

“We’ve met before, you know.” Ser Jory said.

When? “Have we? Strange, I’ve forgotten.”

“The Siege of Pyke. We fought side by side one afternoon.”

It was coming back to him. He blurrily remembered it now. “That’s where you got your scar?”

He nodded lowly. “Aye. One of the Greyjoys nearly took my eye.”

“Vicious sons of whores.” Jaime commented.

“They like their bloodshed.”

“They stopped liking it at the end. That was a proper battle. D’you remember Thoros of Myr charging through the breach?”

“With his burning sword? I’ll remember that till the day I die.” Jaime would remember that, too. It was a sight to see and a proper battle. Revenge more like for burning the Lannister fleet at Lannisport. One of Lord Balon’s brothers, Euron Greyjoy, set afire to them.

“I saw the youngest of the Greyjoys lads at Winterfell. It was like seeing a shark on a mountaintop.” He had forgotten his name but he was the youngest brother of Rodrik Greyjoy and Maron Greyjoy.

“Theon? He’s a good lad.” Ser Jory implied.

“I doubt it.” Jaime had scorned the Greyjoys for burning House Lannister’s fleet from then on.

A loud laughter came from the royal bedchamber. It was King Robert’s. The door then opened and two fine looking women came out and slip past between him and Ser Jory. He heard King Robert saying, “I’ll bet you smell of blackberry jam! Let me smell it. Come here!” Gods, is there no end to his whoring? He closed the door back abruptly.

Ser Jory lifted up the scroll with his right hand. “Can I leave this with you? The message from Lord Stark.”

“I don’t serve Lord Stark.” As much as Cersei’s son tried to assassinate the crippled Stark boy. Slowly, Ser Jory back off and walked up the stairs with his scroll with him. Jaime guessed that he scurried off to Lord Stark in the Tower of the Hand. Yet, he had to endure here and listen to Robert’s disgusting comments.

But the good thing was that King Robert would soon go off to another hunting of his sport. That would mean more time for him and Cersei alone.

He was relieved of his duty to stand guard by Robert’s bedchamber. Jaime was glad that he wouldn’t have to listen to his laughter and jokes anymore. He preferred Tyrion’s anyway. It was Ser Mandon Moore and Ser Preston Greenfield to take over his watch.

“Lord Commander Barristan would like to a have a word with you, Ser Jaime.” said Ser Preston, a short knight.

“What does he want with me?”

“Don’t know but he said he’s got a letter for you,” replied Ser Mandon Moore, the most dangerous of the Kingsguard, after Jaime of course.  “He says it’s urgent.”

Jaime had to make his way towards the White Sword Tower. The tower where the Kingsguard members resides. A slender structure of four stories built into an angle of the castle wall overlooking the Blackwater Bay. Jaime walk up passed the Round Room, then the undercroft, third the sleeping cells and finally the Lord Commander’s apartments. Ser Barristan was there, sitting behind his desk almost filled with volumes, papers, and letters. His rooms were sparse but spacious enough to move around.

“Lord Commander,” Jaime bowed his head to the old knight respectfully.

“Ah, Ser Jaime,” he looked up to him, “please, take a seat.”

Jaime took a seat in front of him. The old knight was holding a paper that was already opened from the wax seal. It must be Jaime’s letter. Why was he reading it? Though he knew better than to question Ser Barristan the Bold. “It appears we have bad news, at least to you,” he began, passing the letter to him. “I was talking to Grandmaester Pycelle. I don’t mean to read this but your allegiance is to the King now, not to House Lannister.”

“No, I come from House Lannister of Casterly Rock. That makes me a Lannister, Lord Commander.” Jaime was still a Lannister despite swearing his allegiance to two Kings. After all he had two little brothers to look after. “What’s this about?”

“Read it, Jaime.”

To my son Jaime,

Words will reach you in time about the incident that took place in the Crossroads’ Inn. Your two younger brothers were arrested there recently by the Hand of the King’s wife, Lady Catelyn Stark. They’re taking them to Winterfell.

I have consult with the lords and knights here to do what we can to response to this treasonous act. You do what you can to convince the King Robert and his Hand Lord Eddard Stark to release them by any means necessary. I’ll provide whatever it is they sought to request.

Your father, Lord Tywin Lannister

Jaime wanted to crumple the paper and light it on fire. Instead he put the letter down, controlling his anger. Ser Barristan said, “What will you do? Will you tell the king?”

Jaime simply shrugged. “Does Grandmaester Pycelle know this, or anyone?”

“Only you and me, Ser Jaime. It’s best that you send word about this to King Robert. He’ll know what to do about it.”

I’m afraid, Lord Commander, he’s busy fucking whores. “Consulting him and listen to his words? What can he do about it when my two little brothers are going to the cells of Winterfell?”

“The King’s words are law, Jaime. They can’t do anything but to comply or they’ll risk war.”

Something Jaime looked up to. “I will send word to my father about this. I will deal with it myself even if I have to.” He got up from his seat, and bowed to his Lord Commander. “Thank you, Lord Commander, for not telling anyone else but me.”

“At one point, I will have to tell King Robert. I trust that you’ll do the right thing and not something foolish that would have negative scars on the name of the Kingsguard. I will soon depart with His Grace to hunt. Don’t soil the reputation of the Kingsguard.”

Jaime left the Lord Commander’s apartments rather abruptly, ignoring his last advice. Why should he? The Starks had captured his two little brothers. Partly it was his fault. He either had forgotten that Tyrion and Braenden had gone off to the Wall for sightseeing, or that he was busy with guarding the fat king. Jaime had to take actions now.

Down the stairs of the White Sword Tower, he found his way towards Cersei’s personal bedchamber. He entered. Most of the time she would spend her time with her children, their children, somewhere within the Red Keep. But she was there donning in her glorious red and gold attire. Her locks streamed down curly like a goddess. “Brother, what are you doing here?” she asked, obviously confused.

“Have you heard?” Jaime asked. It was most probably by now that his sister had heard of the news. Cersei always had her ways.

“Heard what? Jaime, I hope this isn’t about the boy again.” she put down her glass and filled it up with again from the decanter. “And for you to be here is rather odd, especially someone who looks distressed. Jaime?”

“Our little brothers have been arrested,” he broke the news to her. Cersei frowned.

“What?!” Her expression was calm, but the anxious and surprised were very palpable to read on her face.

“Yes, you heard me unless you’re deaf. They’ve been arrested in the Crossroads’ Inn recently.” he said. “I’m afraid we have a part in this.”

She looked at him, frowning more than ever. “What do you mean?”

“If we haven’t been fucking in that tower none of these would’ve happen.”

“Don’t blame me, Jaime. How do you come by this news?”

“Letter from Casterly Rock, from father himself.” replied Jaime. “They have our little brothers.”

The both of them pondered on about what to do. It was also their situation in anyway. Lady Catelyn had both of their little brothers and the part where he pushed the Stark boy from the tower in attempt to kill him. What would he do now? Cersei broke the silence. “What are we going to do?”

He thought of a plan. He scratched his head trying to think one, frustrated. Jaime thought of one, finally after some time. “We have Lord Stark here, and his daughters.”

Cersei quickly dismissed such ideas of his. “You must be stupid to think like that. Sansa is to marry Joffrey, and maybe Arya is to marry Tommen even though I hate that idea of that little wolf runt marrying my son.”

“They have our brothers, Cersei.”

“And you think holding the Hand of the King and his daughters’ hostage would bring them to heel? You would raise a war, Jaime! Let me speak to Robert about this, he’ll know what to do.”

Cersei’s thinking was just like Ser Barristan’s. They had to do something. “Where is Captain Vylarr?”

“In the Royal Barracks with yjr household guards, why?”

Jaime shook his head. “Nothing. Ser Jory wanted to send a letter to your husband earlier. I don’t know what it contains but it’s from Lord Stark. Do you know what it is?”

“No.” she replied, anxious. “Though he has rather been busy with the people in King’s Landing. Especially in the Street of Silk and the Street of Steel. Don’t you think that’s rather odd? Which reminds me of someone…”

“What or who is he looking about?”

It was his sister time to shrug. “I don’t know but he is in one of Littlefinger’s brothels now in the Silk Street.”

One of his brothels? What was he doing there? Sullying himself? No. Lord Eddard Stark was far more honourable than that. Even though he brought his bastard from the south back to his home during Robert’s Rebellion. Why would he go there? Unless he had appointments with the Master of Coin, which they could just do it in the Red Keep; Jaime saw no reason for him to go there. At least he knew where he was at now.

“You’re here, drinking and doing nothing while your husband invites whores to his bedchamber, while our little brothers are arrested?”

“What do you want me to do, Jaime? Call the banners? Or go hire sellsword companies to do the job to save them? Father is still the Lord of Casterly Rock and he will think about a plan, he always does. I can’t do anything in here.”

Yes, you can. Talk to your husband about it and tell him to release their little brothers from captivity instead of drinking wine. But that wasn’t the case. “Then talk to Robert about it, or his Hand.”

“Or we could,” she said provocatively, got up from her seat, untying the laces of her gown and it dropped to the floor. Cersei was now standing naked. Her golden bushy hair between her thighs and her breasts… The blood was now surging to his manhood.

“Cersei, s-stop it.”

She smiled at him, more of a smirking. “Why?” She asked, walking closer to him. “The door’s shut behind you. I’m sorry that I slapped you that day, I was wrong. We were wrong. Jaime, I want to feel you inside of me.” Cersei’s hands found themselves undoing Jaime’s white armour while her mouth and lips were working on his. Their tongue meets one another. It was going to happen again. She broke the kiss and her head closed in on his ear. “Fuck me, Jaime.”

They had to make sure that the bedchamber was locked and that no one was around, not even their children. It was very risky especially when the King was still here before his next hunt.

Cersei rolled her body to face the bed, with her hands and knees supporting her up. Jaime’s manhood was pumping in and out of her while they both gasps of pleasure. It wasn’t their first anyway and why not now? Love was a natural thing for everyone, even close blood.

“Yes, Jaime!” Cersei breathed, pleasure was filling the both of them. Jaime loved her tight cunt. “Faster! Faster! Harder!”

Jaime brought her up with his hands playing with her breasts, her back meets Jaime’s chest. Then, quickly, Jaime placed right hand to between Cersei’s thighs, stimulating her wet cunt. Oh, he loved the feeling of her golden bush there.

He pumped harder and harder, and their mouths and lips working together in union. As one. Like twins. “Do you want to drink them or feel them inside?” Jaime asked, slowing the heat down for a moment.

“Inside, Jaime! Inside!”

Time to get her pregnant again. Jaime thought, but with delight. He just wanted this feeling inside his sister’s cunt. He loved it. They both loved it. Cersei would take and drink moontea anyway.

Jaime exploded inside of her and they both pant for breath. It was heaven. They both knew that they love it the feeling of the last explosion.

“Robert can fuck his whores,” said Jaime, still panting. “I have you, and you have me.”

Her hand work its ways to his manhood, stroking it. “Don’t go for them, brother. Father will find a way to get them back. Stay with me. Be with me. Be in me.” Cersei kissed him tenderly with both of her hands now cupping his face. She was very beautiful. The most beautiful person he had known.

“No.” Jaime broke the kiss. I’m no less like King Robert, fucking my sister while my little brothers’ lives hanging on threads? “I have to go, Cersei. I’m sorry.”

“And just like that, I’m just a product to be used for entertainment and pleasure,” Cersei said. “Isn’t that right, Jaime?” He ignored her comments and left her personal bedchamber.

Captain Vylarr was honing his longsword’s edges with a grindstone in the Royal Barracks within the Red Keep. He and his hundred Lannister household guards slept in here for god knows how long. He was employed in here during Cersei’s betrothal to King Robert by their father Lord Tywin. Now, Jaime would need him.

He rounded up about fifteen red cloaks armed fully with spears and swords. Sad thing was that Captain Vylarr wouldn’t be joining him as his task was to protect the Lannisters in King’s Landing within the Red Keep. Even though Jaime was a Lannister, him being a Kingsguard distinguished his family name.

“I follow what my lord orders me to do.” Captain Vylarr said to him just now. “You can take as much as fifteen or twenty men if you want but I’d have to send word to your lord father and King Robert himself later on. By the way, what do you need them for?”

“There’s a riot near the Street of Silk,” Jaime lied.

The Captain of the Lannister household guards looked at him queerly. “I thought Lord Eddard Stark had employed Ser Jacelyn Bywater to handle in this matter? Or that Lord Janos Slynt would be handling it.”

“It’s gotten dire,” Jaime added, “they’re trying to incite it more. Dire it is that it requires a knight of the Kingsguard to handle it.”

“Whatever it is,” said Captain Vylarr. “Killing the people won’t solve it. Take as many men with you if you want but I won’t take part of it.”

“No, it won’t.”

He and his fifteen companions made their way from the Red Keep and into the Street of Silk. Where many of Lord Baelish’s brothels stood, though there were many prominent ones. Jaime knew which his office was when he was administrating his brothels from time to time. It was near an inn which made both place swell with patrons. Jaime waited outside, dismounting his horse.

As he had suspected, two horses were tied to the fence outside of the brothel. One black one white, with a person tending to the horses. The men he brought with him made their way to form a half circle, holding their spears and swords.

Great timing, Lord Stark, Ser Jory and two of his bodyguards came out just in time. When the Stark saw Jaime and his companions he mustered from Captain Vylarr, they made no attempt but instead remained on their ground.

“Such a small pack of wolves.” Jaime commented, musing. He thought there would be more of his bodyguards to the grinder.

Ser Jory stepped in. “Stay back, ser. This is the Hand of the King.”

“Was the Hand of the King,” he corrected him. Jaime’s left hand holding the pommel of his sword. “Now I’m not sure what he is… Lord of something very far away.”

That was when Littlefinger came out of the brothel. “What’s the meaning of this, Lannister?”

“Get back inside where it’s safe.” He said to Littlefinger, then turned his gaze to the former Hand of the King. “I’m looking for my brothers. You remember my brothers, don’t you, Lord Stark? Blond hairs, one of them with sharp tongue and short, the other taller and prettier.”

“I remember them well.”

Of course you do. “It seems they had some trouble on the road. You wouldn’t know what happened to them now, would you?”

Ned was staring back at him, keeping his stern expression. “They were taken at my command to answer for their crimes.”

Jaime drew his sword out from its scabbard; his men pointed their spears at the little wolf pack and start to move forward slowly. They were stopped when Littlefinger stepped up.

“My lords, I’ll bring the City Watch!” Littlefinger left them.

Bring them here, and let them witness the pelts from wolves. Jaime ignored Littlefinger, and cocked his head to Ned, sword in hand. “Come, Stark.” Jaime urged. “I’d rather you die sword in hand.”

“If you threaten my lord again-” Ser Jory had his sword sheathed as well.

“Threaten?” Jaime was surprised, not really but he did. “As in, ‘I’m going to open your lord from balls to brains and see what Starks are made of?’” He gestured it with his sword.

“You kill me,” Lord Stark said, “your two brothers’ will be dead.”

He made a point there and to Jaime’s advantage, he said, “You’re right.” Jaime gave a signal of attack. “Take him alive! Kill his men!”

Two Lannister men threw their spears, aiming at the two Stark bodyguards and penetrated their stomach, skewered. His men charged in. Ned sheathed his sword in a blink and slew one of Jaime’s men down. Ser Jory was holding near the end of a spear from one of the Lannister’s hands with his left while his sword hand fought off the others. To his surprised, he slew two down, next was the spearmen he was keeping at bay.

Then Ser Jory chose his next target. Ser Jaime Lannister.

Ser Jory gripped his two hands on his sword hilt. He took his steps carefully first then strike head on with his sword arcing up to strike Jaime down. Jaime deflected it easily his with sword with one hand, holding him at cross-guard of Ser Jory’s sword, Jaime took out a dagger from his golden boiled leather jerkin and shove the sharp end to Ser Jory’s left eye. He was breathing hardly at first, then slowly… Jaime pushed him away to the ground. It wasn’t a good fight, but a fight all the same. He was hoping something more challenging from the Northerners, especially from wolves. He turned to Lord Eddard Stark.

Lord Stark was surrounded by four of Jaime’s men; the remainders remained behind to take in line. “Don’t kill the Old Wolf.” Jaime reminded them.

One of the guards then shoved his spear to the back of Lord Stark’s leg, bringing him to his knees. Jaime then mounts his horse back up. “I’d rather see you dead than be crippled, truth be told.” he said to him. “My brothers, Lord Stark. We want them back.” His men trailed him from behind, leaving Lord Stark and his dead wolves with him.

Jaime had a plan of returning to the Red Keep, but instead took his followers to the Lion Gate, where the road leads west to the Goldroad, to Casterly Rock. There he would reunite with his father and help him take his brothers back. By any means necessary.