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The Lion, The Wolf and The Dragon

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Joanna's last pregnancy almost ended up in a disaster. Death was nearing her but then the miracle happened. Joanna survived and lived to see her son, Tyrion Lannister. Her dwarf son, but she loved him. But this time the gods wouldn't be so forgiving. In the year of 282 AC of the fifth day of the eighth moon, she had come to another pregnancy stage and was nearing the delivery phase. Now, she was laying on a comfortable and feathered bed in Maester Creylen's office, which was three level above the Lord and Lady of the Rock's apartments. Her condition worsened overtime, she was very pale all shown around her skin tone, her muscles were too weak to even support her to get up and the intense high fever she had was another addition to her suffering. Her beloved husband Tywin was banished to enter the Maester's office by Joanna and Maester Creylen due to his excessive worrying and his gloomy dark suggestion to remove their baby just to save her. It wasn't going to help her nor she would want to do that anyway. Joanna, my dear, just remove the baby. We already have three children and we don't need for a fourth one. You're killing yourself Joanna, the baby's killing you, said her husband a few days ago. She knew it was already useless and she didn't want to throw their fourth baby either way. They DO need a fourth child. She'd rather give her own life up to let her fourth one to live. And here she was laying on her labor bed. Her death bed.

She knew she wouldn't survive this pregnancy to her fourth child. Luckily, she wasn't carrying twins this time for sure, she could thanked the gods for that. Joanna didn't care whether her fourth baby would come out to be a boy or a girl but what she did fear was her fourth baby's safety and life. Tywin wouldn't be so forgiving when Joanna ended up dead and the baby lived. That was why she banished her husband from entering the Maester's office. She hoped her fourth child would be a boy. As any mother would, Joanna had loved all of her children more than her husband, that was the truth. She knew they both would be having two proper children, who would be Tyrion and her upcoming baby in the days of her last. Cersei and Jaime may had been her children but they had done something together that Joanna couldn't forgive them. Joanna couldn't just do it. She was disgusted with her twins. Her two younger children would be her real children she could really rely on to continue the Lannister bloodline and legacy. She would miss her husband, her siblings and relatives, and most of all, her children. She only wished she could spent a little more time with her fourth one.

Back to the situation, Tyrion was there and so was Genna and Maester Creylen. There are other of her relatives as well. Everyone was there except her husband. All of them was standing and sitting around her bed looking at her with sad smiles and worried faces. It was Tyrion, Genna and Creylen that had much more worries in them. One of her hand was p[lace on her belly, her big belly. The baby was giving waves of kicks. She needed to speak alone with her son, Genna and Maester Creylen.

She cleared her throat internally then start to speak, "I want... all of you to... leave me alone with... my son... Genna and... Maester Creylen," Joanna paused for a moment for air then continued, "I would... like to speak with them... alone. Privately, without any... disturbances under any... circumstances." She managed to get her words out without a weak but trembling voice to her family and relatives. Without any words coming out from their mouths, they nodded and curtsied and withdrew quietly out of the office. Being the Lady of the Rock and the Westerlands benefited her a lot.

Tyrion, Genna and Creylen went to take their seats beside Joanna. They were looking at her with more worries now, especially her son Tyrion. She tried to give them a smile. Creylen was the first one to speak. "Is there anything you want from us, Joanna?" he asked softly and gently, placing a hand of his on hers.

Yes, there was something very important she would like to talk about to them. A promise. Joanna swallowed. "I need you three to listen... carefully, and only... you three." Joanna paused when she received a kick, a painful one. Quite the little lion this one is, thought Joanna with a weak smile. She continued. "I need you to make me... a promise. A promise... for my upcoming baby."

"Anything, mother, any for you and the baby." said her son Tyrion. Joanna smiled weakly to her son as her appreciation.

"I won't be surviving this one and you three know Tywin... He won't be so forgiving... if the baby lives instead of me. You know him... Tyrion, you know your father as well as me, so protect your little brother from him... and treat him good. Make sure no harm comes to him... Raise him properly, train him... and teach him... teach him good." 

Tyrion, Genna and Creylen exchanged worried looks to each other then sat their sorry eyes on hers. They gave her their kind smiles in response. "We will," replied Genna. "We will protect your son from Tywin. We promise you that."

"How do you know it'll be a boy?" asked her son innocently.

"I know he'll be," Joanna had very much confident that her fourth child would be a boy. If it wasn't then how do you explain the power kicks she received? "But listen to me, you three, please... protect him... protect him from Tywin." Joanna had her tears streaming down silently. Her coming words was much more painful to bear, as a mother. "I will not be there to raise him and protect him... Genna, you will have to be his... his mother in my stead... You have to." She meant that, what she said to them. She had raised all of three of her children with her passion but not to her fourth one, this coming baby. The gods only knew what would her husband would do to their fourth one. She wished she could stay longer to protect him but fate had already dictates her life otherwise.

Joanna wouldn't be the mother to her fourth one. She wanted to curse the gods for their cruelty. At least, she would love him with all of her heart and she was willing to gamble her life for her son's safety and life. She had prepare some gifts for her fourth baby as she had always did to her children. But for this fourth one would be a very special one. She was giving him her personal golden lion necklace that she had treasured it while she was of youth, her medallion of the Lady of the Rock and the Westerlands and finally her music box she had when she was still a child. Not only that, before she fall into sickness, she had sew a crimson cape with the golden lion on it for her little babe. Joanna passed her gifts to Genna, telling her that she want her gifts to be given on her little one's first nameday. 

"Promise me?" she asked in the uncomfortable silence around her.

Genna nodded, sadly. "I promise."

That was what Joanna wanted to hear from them. Their reliability and their assurance was something Joanna cherished a lot. She received another unpleasant and painful kick from her belly. Gods, her son was really roaring and she admired that. Joanna already smiled internally of what kind of a lion her little one would be. She had already think of names for her baby, be it boy or girl.

Joanna spoke again, "Raise him properly, you three. Don't make him like Cersei or Jaime." she said hoarsely. All three of them nodded almost instantly. They knew what Joanna meant and she meant it. She loved Cersei and Jaime for sure but they were a complete disgrace and disappointment to Joanna and Tywin. One time, she caught them doing... those activity. She was full of dread and fear when she found out of her twins was doing it. The good thing was that she would have two sons now. Tyrion may be a dwarf but he was very clever, patient, kind and observant. He even inherit his father's cunning. And Joanna loved him. Her hope was place on Tyrion and her fourth babe.

"Anything more or is that it, Joanna?" asked Creylen.

She nodded. "Yes. Leave me alone with my baby. I would love to spend some private time with him while I still have it."

All three of them understood and quietly withdrew out of the office, leaving Joanna alone with her babe. When the door was finally closed, silence struck around the air, a comfortable silence one. Joanna was gently caressing her big belly, receiving kicks after kicks. A mixture of pain and pleasant kicks. A good blend, she thought. Strangely to her, she liked it. She knew her baby would be a fine and strong one as he grew older. All she could do now for her baby before she go was to sing him a hymn. The Mother's Hymn. One of Joanna's favorite. She swallowed to moist her throat and started to sing

Gentle Mother, font of mercy,

Save our sons from war, we pray.

Stay the swords and stay the arrows,

Let them know a better way.


Gentle Mother, Strength of women,

Help our daughters through this fray.

Soothe the wrath and tame the fury,

Teach us all a kinder way.


Gentle Mother, font of mercy,

Save our sons from war, we pray.

Stay the swords and stay the arrows,

Let them know a better day.


Joanna sang that gently with her soft voice and her compassion from her heart to her baby. It eased the kicks to a stop. He listened. That's my baby lion cub, thought Joanna happily inside her. She was a believer of the Seven, no doubts or oppositions to that, but what made Joanna wanted to damned all of the Seven was her baby's life. So she prayed, to Seven and the Old Gods to take her life instead in return for her baby's safety. As she prayed she had her tears streaming down silently again from her eyes. After finishing praying, she caressed her belly gently again. She loved to do that. Her husband didn't know what it felt like to be a mother. How it felt like to feel the life growing inside her belly. She was bringing another life to this world, and she wouldn't be there to raise him, to love him, and to protect him. To be there for him when he cries from wounds and help. All she could only do was to pray and hoped that Tywin would love their fourth baby. If that happened, if her prayers had come to true, then she would rest in peace at least, knowing that her son was raised properly and be loved.

Then, the dark voice of her husband came back. Joanna, my dear, just remove the baby. We already have three and we don't need for a fourth one. You're killing yourself Joanna, the baby's killing you, said her husband's voice came haunting in her mind.

She wanted to slap her husband so hard for saying such thing like that to her. Throwing her baby's life away? Their baby's life? That was completely mad. Instead, Joanna assured her husband that she would be fine, the baby had to live no matter what the result was. Hearing that and as she expected from her husband's reaction, he was angry and disappointed but he couldn't fume against Joanna. Her words were much stronger and much powerful than her husband's own. Tywin loved her so much. Joanna ruled her husband at home and Tywin had always failed his attempts to persuade her in removing their baby's life despite his intelligent and persuasion. He failed miserably. Joanna herself wanted to see the baby being delivered, if she managed to live until that moment. Though she had prepared everything. The gifts to her coming son or daughter, she even wrote a letter for the baby when he could finally read and write.

I will not be there to raise him and protect him... Genna, you will have to be his... his mother in my stead... You have to. Joanna sobbed internally when she recalled those words. Joanna really wanted to be the mother to all of her children, ALL of them. Her fourth one... what would Tywin do to their fourth one once she was gone?

Oh, but Joanna knew what would Tywin do to their fourth baby once he was born well and alive instead of Joanna. She knew him just too well. Again, Joanna prayed to the Old Gods and the New to have mercy on their little one. Tyrion, Genna and Creylen would be there to uphold their promise to her but there was no knowing what Tywin could really do. She hoped it doesn't get to that point. Suddenly, a guard knock on the door from the outside and came in. All clad in his crimson armor and lion crested half-helm and armed to the sharpest of shining blade. He announced.

"My Lady Joanna, my Lord Tywin wants to see you."

Of course he wanted to see her. She waved her hand with a nod of approval. "Bring him in." she commander to her guard. He obeyed and left. After a few moments, Tywin came in.

She would smile every time her husband came in to check in on her in the past few months but the past two weeks she would avert her eyes away from her husband almost instantly to her belly or her favorite books beside her. Joanna didn't smile at her husband or turned her eyes up to meet him. She already knew what Tywin had to say from his mouth, She was very fed up with her husband's constant nagging on removing their baby. In fact, she didn't want to see her husband until the baby was born. She grabbed one of her favorite books on the end table beside her bed. The book cover was black in color of the background with a silver dragon sigil at the center of it. It was the Book of the Dragonborn. Joanna opened the book to the first page. Tywin came nearer with slow steps towards her, she sensed it, and finally sat at a chair beside her. He was observing her and the air was uncomfortable with silence and his presence. She could even felt his gaze. In very rare times, she had some minor arguments with her husband but only at rare times. This time, however, was a major argument and it was their first one. It would also be their last one. Joanna didn't turn her head to face him and instead read the first entry passage of the book.

Many people have heard the term "Dragonborn" - we are of course ruled by the "Dragonborn Emperors" - but the true meaning of the term is not commonly understood. For those of us in the Order of Talos, this is a subject near and dear to our hearts, and in this book I will attempt to illuminate the history and significance of those known as Dragonborn down through the ages.

 "What are you reading?" asked her husband solemnly and interrupted her from reading.

"The Book of the Dragonborn." Joanna simply replied without turning her eyes to her husband. She continued to read the following passage.

Most scholars agree that the term was first used in connection with the Covenant of Akatosh, when the blessed St. Alessia was given the Amulet of Kings and the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One were first lit. "Akatosh, looking with pity upon the plight of men, drew precious blood from his own heart, and blessed St. Alessia with this blood of Dragons, and made a Covenant that so long as Alessia's generations were true to the dragon blood, Akatosh would endeavor to seal tight the Gates of Oblivion, and to deny the armies of daedra and undead to their enemies, the Daedra-loving Ayleids." Those blessed by Akatosh with "the dragon blood" became known more simply as Dragonborn.

Tywin cleared his throat uncomfortably and spoke again to get out of the awkward silence between them. She knew him. "A favorite book of yours and Tyrion. A small book it is but a very good writing one. Prior Emelene Madrine and his other companions tried to make more books related to that story to complete it but he and his companions was coldly murdered at the Citadel before they could even write. All the same, it is a good book."

"It is." she replied. Awkward silence struck between them again but Joanna didn't care nor give any hints of hazes to her husband. She didn't want to see his face with his sincerity and his pleading eyes. They wouldn't work on her. "What do you want, Tywin?" she had to ask eventually.

Tywin sighed internally with his nose. "You know why I'm here. Just to check on you to see if you are... good in everything or anything."

"I'm fine, Tywin. I have all my needs here with me. My favorite books is on the end table beside me, the food is still hot and fresh on the table and the bed I'm laying on is comfortable and soft. Creylen had already prepared the medicine as well. Yes, Tywin, I'm perfectly fine." she response with a cool voice. Everything was fine, that was true except for her health condition. Joanna didn't want to show any signs of weakness in her.

Her husband checked on the small pile of books on the end table. She was right of course, all of her favorite books was brought there. Joanna had the books delivered to her a few weeks ago but she couldn't finish them.

"All of the works by Archmaester Tolkien I see, and the Infernal City by Maester Keyes. What makes you think you can read them all finish in a short time?" asked Tywin, annoyingly.

"I'll just flip through the pages." Joanna had read them all for more than five times throughout her lifetime and she still find it quite interesting, especially the works of Archmaester Tolkien. His works were legendary but his books were reduced to a few copies left in the world overtime. Luckily enough, Casterly Rock's library had two complete sets of Tolkien's works, including the ones on the end table.

"Joanna, you know why I'm here." said her husband.

"And you know why I'm here, my love. You know perfectly well why I'm laying on this bed."

"Because you're dying," he pointed coldly, "why can't you just listen to me and just remove the baby?" he argued cooly.

Joanna had enough of this conversation. She closed the book and look at her husband intently. "Can't you see it, Tywin? I may be dying but in a few more days I'm going to give birth to a new life. You know what Cersei and Jaime had done together. Our twins! You said so yourself we wanted more children, and here I am."

He shook his head slowly with his fingers intertwined. Frustrated. "You mean you wanted more children. You're letting that... creature consumed your life and let it live?"

Did Tywin really just said that? Could she just misunderstood? She didn't like that word at all. The word creature. How dare he. "If my health condition is perfectly well now, I would get up and strangle you myself for saying that to my baby, our baby." Joanna couldn't contain her fury as she looked intensely at her husband with pain and angry expression. How could he said that?

"You might just do it. Letting that creature eating out of you and let it live? I will not allow that to happen."

"If you so don't want our baby to be born then why do you even bother to impregnate me? Even more so, why do I even bother to make love with you if I had known you're this type of a cold and cruel person. Tell me Tywin, my love, have you always been selfish towards others and only care about the house and the Lannister name and legacy?" This caught her husband off the guard.

"It is not a matter of selfishness and that of I only cared for the house and the Lannister name and legacy. You're half wrong on that. It is a matter that we are performing our duties as husband and wife should."

"And you know very well why I'm on this bed then. That is my duty as a mother, as any mother should." she countered. "You don't know what it feels like to bring life to this cruel world. You don't know how it feels like to carry a child in my belly, to know a life is growing inside of me. You don't know how it actually feels like to raise and protect our children from the harshness of this world as a mother. You don't know how painful it is that I won't be here to protect and raise this one when I'm gone. I wanted to live a little longer so I can be a mother to him amd to protect him. To protect him from the cruelty of the world, and to protect him from you, Tywin. You don't know anything of how it feels like to be a mother, You don't know anything." Joanna had her tears streaming down as she said those to her husband. She'd definitely felt like a dagger had plunged deeply into her heart.

For the first time in a long time, Tywin was speechless. He looked away from her, down to the marveled floor with shame and guilt. Perhaps her words was quote powerful than she expected that made her husband think twice about it. She spoke again, gently and passionately this time.

"Tywin, I love you, truly and dearly, but you have to know why. I'm not going to do what you suggested. That is just cruel and cold. If I do what you ask then I am no better than the Mad King." said Joanna. That reminded her, Robert had started his rebellion this very year, all of the course of the abduction of Lady Lyanna Stark.

Tywin sighed. "I still cannot allow you to die, Joanna. I cannot bear it." he said genuinely.

"And I cannot do what you requested, my love. I will never do it. Gods be good."

Tywin shook his head in disbelief, yet he remained silent. He couldn't believe what she just told him. Joanna, being the Lady of the Rock and the Westerlands, her words were much more powerful, more so than her husband. Tywin stood from his chair with a gentle behavior yet hard expression. He sighed deeply, in disappointment,

"I can't watch you do this, but I also cannot force you either. Maester Creylen will see to your every needs. I'll go now." Tywin began walking away from Joanna with his hands on his back. He stopped before the double door and look back on his shoulder to Joanna. "I love you, Joanna. Truly I do."

Joanna could feel her husband was smiling weakly at her, there in front of her. She returned it. Although her husband's smile was weak, it was still a smile all the same. "I love you too, Tywin." With those words, Tywin left the Maester's office and the double door closed.

Genna and Creylen entered the office later with few handmaidens and servants behind them. Genna took her seat where Tywin sat earlier, Creylen went to his desk and resumed his works. Where was Tyrion? The handmaidens were bringing in new lunch food and replaced the old ones. Genna was checking on her health condition, also the baby's condition. They were both fine, for now. Creylen came and he had brought a soup with him from the table, he said it would ease the high fever she had. When the first spoonful of soup came into her mouth, she tasted them and swallowed them. She wanted to spit them all out as it was very bitter. At least it was hot and not cold. She received a painful kick.

"No thank you, Creylen. I don't want it." said Joanna, rejecting the second spoonful that Creylen was about to fed her with. She pursed her lips.

"You'll need it, Joanna. For you and your baby's health. Come on, drink it." he was urging her but Joanna wouldn't want to take a second spoon of it. It was too bitter for her taste.

"It's useless for my health anyways and I can't be saved. The baby is fine, Creylen. I assure you. I'm pretty sure he hates the soup as well." Joanna smiled there, the soup part. Finally, the maester conceded. He placed the soup back on the table. She felt relief.

Joanna turned thirty-five last month. She didn't celebrate with her condition. Though they did wished her well and prayed for her with all their gratitude. This year was a very interesting one. Robert Baratheon rebelled against the Targaryens when the Mad King Aerys burnt Lord Rickard Stark and Brandon Stark. The Mad King Aerys demanded Jon Arryn for the traitors's heads of Lord Robert Baratheon of Storm's End and Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell. They were at the Eyrie under the watch of Lord Jon Arryn, however, Jon Arryn refused to oblige. Instead, he raised his banners in revolt. It resulted with a full scale war around Westeros, except that House Lannister remained neutral. On the royalist side were House Tyrell and House Martell along with their vassals and bannermen. To the rebels' side were House Arryn, House Baratheon, House Tully and House Stark. Indeed it was a full scale war, but Tywin was wise enough not to choose any side and remained out of the conflict, besides, their baby was about to be born in a couple days. Tyrion and Cersei stayed back in Casterly Rock whereas Jaime was needed in King's Landing to protect the Mad King. It was his duty after all. 

Cersei had grown to be a very beautiful lady, or woman. Most said that she even outmatched her own mother in comparison. Jaime was the gallant and glory one. He grew up to be quite handsome. He was supposed to be Tywin's heir but since his ever-disappointing in choosing decisions he had always done, he lost it. More so, Jaime disliked reading books and being a lord. He wasn't smart. Tyrion was quite the special one. He may be a dwarf but he was very smart and kind and not the monster everuone had talked about. Gods damned them. Joanna loved her dwarf son and Tywin made Tyrion his heir to his titles and lands.

Tyrion spent most of his time in the library reading books and doing some exercises his father had given him. Reading was Tyrion's favorite hobby. From time to time, Tywin had Tyrion ruled the Westerlands for a few months and the Westerlands propsered. That was because Tyrion was his heir and Tywin wanted their son to be prepared and had some experience in it. To Tywin and Joanna's amusement, Tyrion managed to thrive the Westerlands and they were proud of him, Joanna was more. Even a dwarf could cast the largest shadow and Tyrion had stood taller than most. Tyrion loved to drink wine as much as he loved his hobby. Sometimes before, Tyrion had always had a drinking contest with his father and some with the bannermen until they all ended up drunk. Tyrion would always have a friendly match of cyvasse with his lord father either in his solar or in the library. He spent most of his time there reading and lectured there by his father.

Night had arrive and Joanna woke up to find herself alone with Genna and Creylen. The handmaidens and servants wasn't with them but they had replaced the food on the table with new ones. Creylen was doing some reading while Genna still sat beside her, also reading while eating some treats. She didn't seemed to notice Joanna's awoke. Her stomach was growling. She was hungry, and the baby too.

"Genna," she called her name out like a whisper and tired voice. Genna turned her attention away from the book and looked at her now. "Can you... can you bring me some food? I'm hungry..."

Her cousin-sister-in-law nodded quickly and brought her a wooden tray with some bowls of delicious food of meats, side dishes and a mug of milk she picked from the table. Genna helped her to get spoon fed since her hands were busy protecting her belly, and her tired muscles. She felt like a little girl when Genna spoon fed her. The food was very delicious. It really seemed that Joanna and the baby was really hungry. Tywin had appointed the best chefs from Westeros and Essos to be the cooks of Casterly Rock, and they served them well. Her main dish was grilled beef meat with black pepper sauce and mashed potatoes with gravy. Another dish was a bowl of fruits and vegetables. Her side dish was mushroom soup, her favorite. As she progressively ate, she was starting to feel a little full. Joanna wanted her baby to be as strong as a lion and roar like a crushing thunder. Genna continued to fed her until she was full. Genna placed the bed tray away from her. 

Genna spoke while she wipe the food stains from her mouth with her napkin. "Joanna, are you really sure what you said earlier to me? You might just survive this pregnancy like you always have. You're a fighter, Joanna. Don't give up so easily."

She wanted to believe in that, really. It was useless already. Creylen had told her that her muscles were not only too weak to move around but she even stated that her muscles were hardened and cramped most of the times, leaving her few options to move around slightly for awhile. She could barely even support herself to get up from bed, let alone walk. And her high fever was only getting worst. Creylen insisted her to drink two mugs of milk to strengthen her bones and only eat red meats for energy. "I would love to believe you, Genna, truly and really. You know why I asked you three to promise me. I fear the worst to come and it is, as it is as inevitable anyway." she said, sadly.

Genna nodded. "And for that you have our full trust and reliability, Joanna. Don't worry, Tywin won't lay a finger on your baby, nor any harm should come to." assured Genna. She gave her a weak smile.

"That's what I like to hear from you. Thank you."

In this dire situation, Joanna could only put her hopes and trusts on Tyrion, Genna, and Creylen. She cannot put it on Cersei. For the past few months of Tywin's constant nagging was really irritating and it got her nerves on. She would not want to hear anything related to about abortion or taking moon tea. She won't permit any, not while she still breathed.

"What are you going to name him, or her?" asked Genna all of the sudden. She didn't know why but Joanna had a smile across her face.

She had already thought of the names for the baby, be it boy or girl. She always came prepared. "If the baby turns out to be a boy, which I'm sure and most likely the baby will be, he will be named Braenden Lannister... or Baldwin Lannister. I don't want to follow the family tradition of starting the name with 'Ty'." When she gave birth to Tyrion, she actually wanted to name him Baldwin but her husband insisted on using Tyrion. "Which... which do you think sounds pleasant?" Joanna, despite being thirty-five years old, loved to talk about baby names.

Genna went thoughtful there for the moment. She was thinking of the two names. She hoped she would like them. Braenden or Baldwin. Joanna preferred the name Braenden more but both sounded nice and pleasant all the same. She never discussed this to anyone, until now. Genna had finally decided and spoke her cast.

"I think Braenden sounds nicer."

Joanna smiled. "And for that, I agree with you. I actually preferred the name Braenden over Baldwin but both are pleasant in their ways. What do you think about the name Baldwin?" asked Joanna to Genna.

Genna just shrugged and shook her head in disapproval. "Well... it sounds... bald don't you think?"

Joanna let a small laughter escaped her throat. "Yes, I agree."

"So it is settled then," declared Genna. "My upcoming nephew will be named Braenden Lannister then?"

Joanna nodded. "Yes, he shall be named Braenden Lannister, of Casterly Rock."

"What if your baby turns out to be a girl instead?"

Joanna sighed internally and hoped that it wouldn't turn out to be that way. A girl of very young age will have a very difficult time facing Tywin's wrath then. "Then she shall be named Jaina, or Mylla, or Alyne. I just want something new for my baby." It was true. Joanna wanted more of a diverse name for her baby. He or she deserved it.

"Whatever you picked, I'm sure we will all like it. After all, it is the mother's duty to name her baby."

She smiled at that, but not for long. She would be the biological mother to her fourth but not a mother physically to her fourth one. The thought wounded her gravely. Genna would be the one of the mother, and Tyrion and Creylen would be tone ones to teach him or her properly, what was good and what was bad. Train him or her too. But not Joanna. She received a kick from her belly. Gods, he is really roaring to get out, said Joanna inside of her heart, admiring. All of her children she conceived them in her belly, Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion, had all been patient and calmed when she entered the delivery phase. Except this one, her fourth one was very eager to get our its shell, its mother's womb. Another kick she received and the baby was moving around. Quite the rebel this one, a rogue little cub. The baby was moving around relentless as if he was looking for a way out. Like a lion trying to get out of its cage. The baby wouldn't stop moving, and Joanna actually liked the feeling. She decided to sing a song to her baby. Another favorite of hers. She started it by humming the tune and the melody, then the words.

Our hero, our hero

Claims a warrior's heart

I tell you, I tell you

The Dragonborn comes.


With a voice wielding power

Of the ancient Nord art

Believe, believe

The Dragonborn comes


It's an end to the evil

Of all Skyrim's foes

Beware, beware

The Dragonborn comes


For the darkness has passed

And the legend yet grows

You'll know, you'll know

The Dragonborn's come.

Joanna sang that song as lowly as her trembling voice. The baby stopped moving. She had to smile and place her hands on her pregnant belly. Slowly, carefully and gently caressing her belly with her protective hands and her love. She loved that song, but sadly, the composer of that song was unknown but it was said to be one of Prior Emelene's companions. The song was often called as 'The Dragonborn Comes'. Joanna loved everything that was related to that fantasy world as much as Tolkien's own imaginations. Her favorite fantasy world was Nirn and Middle-Earth. Tyrion also loved them. Joanna wondered if her fourth child would like or love Archmaester Tolkien's works of masterpiece. She bet her baby would love it. Knowledge was something Joanna and her son Tyrion loved a lot. Sadly, Cersei and Jaime did not. Cersei lusted for power and Jaime was hungry for gallantry. And they were both twins, and lovers. It was a wonder why they both hated to be lectured and read books. Joanna didn't want to think of her twins now. It was madness, wild and taboo... incest. Like the Targaryens. She remembered how the Mad King Aerys II lusted for her during her times in King's Landing as one of the lady-in-waiting to Queen Rhaella Targaryen. The thought disgusted her. She hated the Mad King.

The thought of a newborn life was about to come out to this world brought her joy and sadness. Both a blender. If it was a boy, then he shall be named Braenden Lannister. If it was a girl, then she shall be named Alyne Lannister. No matter the outcome of the sex, she wanted to be there for her baby, at least to breastfeed her before she goes. She prayed one last time to one of the Seven Gods, to the Mother. She prayed to have mercy and love and protection to her fourth one. She prayed until she was done, she was already asleep with her hands rested on her big belly.