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Every time he made a new discovery about Saiga, Kazahaya was astounded at the sheer variety of skills the other man had cultivated in his time. Upon discovering that not only could Saiga cook, not only could Saiga sew, but he was also an accomplished artist, he grinned and immediately made the mistake of asking, "Is there anything you can't do, Saiga-san?"

An awkward silence fell around those words. Rikuo's fists clenched, and he muttered something about restocking the perfumes - a job Kazahaya knew for a fact that he hated, because the strong scents made the both of them sneeze - and stormed off out the back. Kakei tapped his clipboard twice with a pen, absently, his brows drawn into a delicate frown, and Kazahaya felt a little bit as though he should just take a seat, open his mouth, and insert his foot right there.

Saiga clapped a big hand on his shoulder, not draping all over him the way he usually did, and although his mouth grinned, the rest of his face was unusually serious. "Not much, boy," he claimed modestly. "But when I can't, it's a doozy."