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Green stares at the calendar, hesitant as he palms over the printed numbers. They stare back at him crudely, as if daring him in whatever in endeavor he had in mind right now.

And that endeavor is his heat.


It’s been years since he’s been exposed as an omega.

It led to a new sense of freedom, the ability to actually relax and take a break without worrying about taking his suppressants.

However, along with the freedom, came controversies as well. The act of masking his scent wasn't taken too kindly by the omegas, seeing it as him shaming his secondary gender. Numerous forums online criticized his shallow view of omegas and how he was too 'repulsed' with the stereotypes of the dynamics.

There was a mix of negative emotions in every comment, whisper and gossip he heard; and only a few managed to pass smoothly through his ears.

Though, despite the general consensus being rather harsh to him, there was still acceptance. Some stood up for him, proud that he decided to accept himself, even if it was quite late. A good few were even inspired to do the same and rectified their secondary genders. 

It was mixed reactions from the media, all in all. 

But Green couldn't care less at this point, he's too tired and emotionally drained from everything that has happened so far. 

Right now, it was too noisy and he needed a fucking break. 

It didn’t help that Red continued to stay up the goddamn mountain. He's still worried sick over the guy -- not that he'd ever tell him -- and he'd feel a little better if the man would just call to say he's still alive. 

But with Red being Red, his Pokegear stays silent. And Green's too stubborn to call him up himself. 

What a pair they were. 

With the time he had on his hands, he spent the next few years helping out his grandfather despite their lingering issues. He just felt the urge to redeem himself; he was an ass to him when he was a kid. The professor appreciated the gesture, happy to have his grandson within arm’s reach.

The old man tries his hardest not to give him anything too heavy to handle, even if Green says he can take it. He's worried that Green would push himself too hard, like he usually would. He's still an omega, and even if Green denies it, he's weaker than usual. 

Green responds to his Grandfather's concern nonchalantly, as if he wasn't already stressed from all the shit he has to deal with the media. 

In the time he spent with his Grandfather's company and their colleagues, Green grew to be a bit mellower. His personality evolving from a dick to a somewhat tolerable prick, a change the general public seems to accept with open arms. 

Daisy was the first to notice. She'd smile at him like a doting mother and said, 'a smile suits your face more than a scowl'. 

He also noticed how she'd been giving him more omegan beauty products, expecting him to groom himself for any potential mates. Green wanted to explain how he wasn't really planning on dating for a while, but she seemed happy to spoil him so he doesn't stop her. 

Leaf, who occasionally drops by to see him, was thrilled at the thought of Green acting omegan and submissive. She would frequently visit with a bouquet of flowers just to tease him, saying that his looks could break more hearts than any alpha ever could.

All in all, everything started off a little badly but he’s been able to tolerate everything life has given him so far. 

But then there was the topic of heats. 


“Green.” Leaf says, her gaze piercing but not intimidating. “Are you still drinking your heat suppressants?” 

Green blows at his drink, averting his eyes to the window.

They're in their usual spot, a small cafe tucked away from the bustling city life in an alleyway. It's the place they meet up for secret 'girl talks', as Leaf would call it. Green doesn't like the name but can't deny the fact that he's spilled almost his entire autobiography to Leaf within these walls. 

The staff probably knows him more than himself. 

Green sighs and sinks into the chair he's on. It's warm. “Yeah, I try my best not to forget.” He says in a mutter, reaching to his mug to take a sip. “It’s important.” 

More like it's explicitly essential for him to keep drinking it. 

For an omega like him who has been blocking his heat and scent out for years, it's a health hazard to stop taking them now. 

Omegas were supposed to spend heats with Alphas, that's just how the biology goes. Unfortunately for biology, Green was stubborn and walked around pretending he was an alpha for years. 

So now, in return, he's basically a ticking time bomb who's going to go into heat as soon as he misses even a single tablet to drink. 

Worst part is, he's terrified of heats. He's never had one and the only references he's got to base on are accounts from the internet and smutty fanfictions.

Needless to say, he's not fond of losing all inhibitions and basically being a sex doll for an alpha. 

“Well, at least you’re not blocking your scent anymore…” She mutters, shrugging to herself. 

Green frowns, it's an attempt, he supposes. “I guess.” 

Leaf hums, sipping her iced tea, “When do you plan to stop it?” 

Oh no. Here it comes. 

Green sits up straighter, staring at his half empty mug, looking for any ounce of courage to approach this topic. “Stop what?” 

There’s a croak in his voice but Leaf chooses to ignore it. 

“Medication. For your heat.” Leaf says, “You’re going to have to, someday. Even just once.” She sounds worried and yeah, Green pretty fucking worried too. 

“Leaf.” Green starts, voice wavering as he tries to laugh casually. “That would kill me.” 

She acknowledges the fear in his voice but doesn’t say anything more, opting to shut up and drink her tea. 


The only alpha who’s managed to get close to him, apart from Leaf, was Red. 

Red treated him with so much patience when they first met that it had been insulting, he was an asshole but Red managed to take it all in stride. He figured that Red knew from the start that he was an omega, but Red was just naturally tolerant with everybody. 

Back then, his body would act against the suppressants frequently, since you weren't supposed to take them so young. He'd hang back and take a break in his journey, pretending to wait for Red or pretending to admire the scenery. 

Despite the exhaustion he'd feel from the medication, he always made sure he arrived before Red. He didn't want to be seen catching his breath or slumped tired against a chair. 

He didn't like being vulnerable. 


Green feels a vague feeling of dread running down his spine seconds before he hears the sound of the front door being thrown wide open. Leaf's voice rings through the empty house, high-pitched and excited, saying 'PACK YOUR FUCKING BAGS' and 'LOOK WHO I FUCKING FOUND'. 

He doesn't have the chance to get up and figure out what the fuck was happening as he hears hurried footsteps running up to his room. 

The door is kicked open violently - that's two doors broken so far - causing him to scream in fright. Leaf stands proudly before him, wearing shades and summer attire. Tagged along with her was a distressed Red who was clutching his Pikachu in fear. 

Green, confused and overwhelmed, throws a pokeball at Leaf’s face. The pokeball comes in contact with her forehead and pops open to release an equally confused Umbreon who tumbles to the floor. 

“Rude.” Leaf mumbles out, rubbing her forehead before picking a whining Umbreon off the ground. “Have you no shame? Throwing adorable pokemon at me?” 

“Have you no fucking shame?!” Green counters, glaring at her as she sets the pokemon back down. “Barging into my house like that and you—“ He gestures to Red, who flinches at Green’s volume. “—what do you think you’re doing here?! I thought you were too busy freezing your ass in a mountain?!” 

Red frowns, “I wasn’t freezing.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I worded that wrong.” He mocks, “You were busy hanging out in a mountain, probably fucking dying—“ 

“I lived fine, Green.” He says, his tone shifting into annoyance. “You know that.” 

“Yeah.” Leaf interrupts. “You come up and check for like, five days a month.” 

Green makes a weird noise in a mix of anger and exasperation, "Only once a month!" He exclaims, "He never calls!" 

Red opens his mouth to reply but Leaf stops him with a click of her tongue, "Okay, save that lovers spat for later." 

Green splutters, "Excuse me?!" He's about to launch into a tirade when Umbreon comes to nuzzle between his legs, calming him down. He heaves a sigh. “Okay, sure, whatever.” He mutters, reaching down to pet her. “Just—what brings the both of you here?” 

Leaf grins. 



Red is very uncomfortable under the sun and Green laughs at him while he keeps sweating bullets.

“Hah. Look at you. That's probably the most you've sweat in years.” He mocks, holding up the umbrella over them both. Red grumbles, tugging the umbrella higher when Green holds it too low and his head ends up hitting the umbrella's ribs. 

Green snorts, tugging the umbrella down to mess with him, earning him an exasperated glare. 

He’s a little envious at how much Red’s grown these past years, and it gets annoying when he realizes just how tall he is. 

“You regretting this already?” Green teases. 

Red doesn’t reply. He keeps quiet as he fans himself with the freebie flyer from the dock, glaring up ahead at the bright scenery. Green yawns, feeling a bit jet-lagged from the trip.

Leaf trots up to them, carrying her luggage with a big grin. “Welcome to Alola, boys!”

“Yeah sure, Alola, you fucker.” Green mutters, struggling to balance the umbrella in his hands. Red helps him, enveloping Green’s grip with his own. "You couldn't have chosen somewhere colder?" 

"Yes well, I thought you've had enough of Red spending time on Mt. Snowville, so here we are." 

"How thoughtful."

Leaf punches his on the shoulder, laughing. "Come on, where's your spirit? You came here before Daisy and her boyfriend ya know. It's something to brag about." 

Green snorts, "As if I'd stoop so low to brag to my own sister."

His Pokegear pings, and Leaf raises a brow at him.

"Whatever." She says, "Come on, it's time to explore lovebirds!" She leads the way, beckoning them over.

Green feels his cheeks heat up, but tries to play it off with a scoff. "It's a vacation, not a honeymoon, Leaf."

"Too bad." Leaf says, grinning devilishly. "Alola is for lovers."

Green laughs as monotone as he can. “That’s nice to know Leaf.”

Red nods in reply to her, seeming to genuinely appreciate the information.

"Come on, let's go!" She shouts after them, "The city of love awaits!"

"The city of love is in Kalos!" Green exclaims back, tugging a sluggish Red along as they try to catch up with her.