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Illusions of a Promise

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Yuuri laid on his side, body turned towards the door with the covers just passed his hips. Long eyelashes casted shadows on soft cheeks that were no longer quite as rounded as Viktor remembered. The moonlight illuminated the younger man’s face –beautiful, so beautiful- and Viktor would never mistake that face for anyone else’s, could never mistake those cheekbones, those lips for another’s.

Viktor couldn’t breathe.

Yuuri was alive. Yuuri was alive. Yuuri was alive and yet… he was here. Why was he here? Here and and not in the palace? Why in this small bed, in another's territory, and not laying in Viktor’s sheets? How can he be alive and not return to Viktor’s arms? The thoughts tormented the silverette as he stood there, unmoving, his eyes locked on the oblivious figure of his mate – because that’s what Yuuri was, is and will always be, his hishis-

Viktor’s grip on the door handle tightened and all at once, he could feel everything else around him become muted as his vision tunnelled on the way Yuuri’s chest rose and fell in a gentle, steady rhythm. Sudden anguish and sorrow struck him, his knees nearly giving out as the memories of the last time he held the omega flashed in his mind.

“No, no! Don’t close your eyes! Look at me, Yuuri, look at me!”

Yuuri had always been so warm, always the one constant in his life that he knew he could run to when everything became too much to carry alone. Yuuri had always been the one to hold him, his arms always open for Viktor. His smile, his voice and his eyes were always so warm, just like his embrace. Viktor remembered, with a stuttering breath, how that embrace had been so much tighter, that much warmer, the night Viktor’s parents died.

When Viktor lost Yuuri, everything had been so cold.

“Please… please don’t go. Yuuri, I can’t-without you I can’t-”

Viktor could never forget the blood that seeped onto his clothes, staining the cold ground and his hands. He would never forget the cries of the others around him as they watched the scene unfold, just as powerless as he was in helping the younger boy dying in his arms. Viktor had always loved Yuuri’s eyes, so brown and bright, filled with such warmth. He could never forget the love in those eyes, just as he could never forget the way they dimmed that night Yuuri was torn from him.

“No, no…please, please… you promised to stay by my side, you promised! Don’t go, Yuuri, please… please don’t leave me-”

Slow, burning rage crept up on him as the omega continued to sleep. Why did Yuuri not return to him? How could he not come back to Viktor, after everything they've been through? Was this how insignificant he was to the younger man? Viktor’s hands shook as he continued to grip the handle. Taking a deep breath, he stepped fully into the small room, quietly closing the door behind him and locking it.

He walked to the bed, feeling numb as he stared at Yuuri’s face, the boy still so oblivious to the presence of the looming alpha. The anger seeped into him, almost suffocating as he remembered the pangs of his grief. Yet here was the one responsible for his turmoil, sleeping so peacefully as if Viktor didn’t matter.

The alpha reached out a trembling hand, wanting to grip the dark locks of the omega and wake him to demand answers. Instead, the back of his fingers stroked the soft cheeks, brushing away the black hair on his forehead. Viktor, unsurprisingly, could not smell Yuuri’s scent, the omega always being so steadfast about using scent-blockers since he became of age. But Viktor had known the scent to be like everything else about Yuuri: warm and home and his.

He knelt down, blue eyes absorbing everything he missed in the past four years. Yuuri had let his hair grow a little longer, his cheekbones a little more prominent to reveal a face Viktor knew will become even more devastatingly beautiful in the years to come. Taller and a little more toned, Viktor noted, but still far smaller than him. The alpha let his fingers trail down the cheeks once more before softly caressing the pink lips with his thumb.

They should have been wed by now.

A growl ripped through him and Viktor immediately realised his mistake at Yuuri’s sudden intake of breath. Viktor held his own breath as the omega’s face scrunched up and his eyelids fluttered. Slowly, brown orbs opened, hazy from sleep. Viktor watched Yuuri blink, eyes finally locking on to his own and focusing. The omega let out a choked gasp as he shot up, scrambling away from Viktor and gripping the sheets as his back hit the wall.

Several heartbeats passed as the two stared at each other before Viktor slowly stood up, eyes never leaving the other man’s. The alpha bowed his head, silver strands casting a shadow across his face.

“…why?” He whispered. He watched Yuuri visibly swallow, brown eyes wide. The omega sank closer to the wall, still on the bed and still wrapped in the sheets.

“I-… How d-did you-,” Yuuri took a shaky breath, “How did you find me?”

Viktor snarled as he darted forward, grabbing the omega by the shoulders and slamming him onto his back on the small bed.



“I- Viktor let-let go!” Yuuri began to struggle, holding onto Viktor’s wrist and trying to push him away. The alpha let out a low growl, blue eyes glinting dangerously and Yuuri froze.

“Tell me. I deserve at least that much from you. “

The younger male’s eyes became glassy as he looked away, unintentionally baring his neck to man above him. Another growl erupted from Viktor and Yuuri bit his lip, looking at the wall.

“It… it was for the best. After everything that happened… it was for the best.”

“Pretending to die in my arms was for the best? Leaving me alone soaked in your blood while I cried for you was for the be-“

“I didn’t pretend to die!” The omega snapped back, now looking at him, face suddenly scrunching up as if he was trying not to cry. Yuuri had no right to be the one hurt in this. “I didn’t… I don’t remember much of what happened that night. Just-that it hurt a-and it was cold. ”

‘Cold. Just like how you felt in my arms. You died for me,’ Viktor thought. He waited for the omega to continue, his grip on the boy’s shoulders slightly weakening.

“When I woke up, you weren’t there and I… I was given a choice.”

“…a choice.” Yuuri’s eyes became distant. 

“We were children when we made those promises Viktor, what did we know? You don’t-you don’t owe me anything. Going back… going back meant you chaining yourself to me. What could I possibly offer you Viktor?”

Viktor stared at Yuuri, unmoving, his lips slightly parted. Silence filled the room as the alpha processed the words.

“You think I didn’t want to be with you?” Viktor finally whispered. “How could you think...” he breathed in, leaning down until their foreheads touched, the anger once again coiling inside him. “…I could never want anyone else. Never. I promised you just as much didn’t I?”

Yuuri's lower lip trembled as he shook his head. “We were children, just children. You’re not obligated to a promise you made as a child. They were right, marrying someone else would –”

Viktor silenced the omega with his lips. How dare he? How dare he think that Viktor would want to be with someone else? Had he not showered Yuuri with his affection, given him gifts, held and kissed his hand? Since they had met as children 15 years ago, when Viktor was seven and Yuuri only four, the omega had been the centre of his world. Viktor made sure everyone, especially Yuuri, knew this. How could Yuuri ever think otherwise?

Yuuri mewled underneath him, shoving at his shoulders to push him off while he turned his head, tearing his lips away from the older man’s. He and Yuuri had not even had their first kiss before they were separated.

“Viktor! Let go!” The silver-head gripped the omega’s wrist with one hand, shoving them above his head as he gripped the younger male’s jaw, forcibly kissing him again, harder this time, and not relenting as his other hand trailed under the blue shirt Yuuri wore. Yuuri let out a hitched gasp as the shirt was lifted up, Viktor’s tongue slipping into his mouth, the kiss bruising and dominant.

The alpha eventually pulled away, staring at the boy underneath him with clouded eyes as arousal crept in. Yuuri stared back, wide eyes showing just a hint of fear. Good. He took off Yuuri’s shirt, the boy remaining paralysed at what just transpired, followed by his own clothes. He began a slow trail of wet kisses down the omega’s neck.

‘You think I could ever want to do this with anyone else? It’s always been you I see under me, just like this, wearing my mark, writhing, moaning, begging me. How could you leave me like that, how could you-’ 

Yuuri attempted to bolt up once more, arms shoving at Viktor’s chest and the alpha had enough. Viktor snarled, pheromones permeating the air and forcing the boy to submit. Yuuri whimpered, understanding where this was headed.

“V-Viktor don’t. Please, no. N-not like this.”

“Hush Любимый,” Viktor whispered, “you won't deny me anymore. But I agree, not here. Back at home then, just as it’s supposed to be. Though for now…”

Viktor kissed him once again before flipping him over to his front, kissing, licking and marking at his shoulders before setting his teeth at the back of the omega’s neck. Yuuri began to tremble at the clear warning, his body betraying him and beginning to submit fully to the alpha above.

‘Not like this, not like this, I love you, please don’t do this to me-‘ Yuuri gasped as a hand trailed down the loose shorts he wore to bed, the other hand brushing his nipples. The scent of the aroused alpha was heavy now, making his head hazy.

“Sto-!” The raven-head let out a cry as strong hands gripped his cock, sliding up to tease the tip before slowly gliding back down, repeating the motion several times. Viktor let out a pleased rumble as Yuuri began to harden. He licked a strip down the omega’s neck, the soft cries of the younger male filling the room.

The shorts were discarded and the alpha could feel his own arousal throb as the younger man was fully bared before him. ‘Beautiful, always so beautiful.’ 

His free hand gripped the back of the omega’s neck, squeezing slightly in warning when he felt Yuuri tense once more. His other hand continued to stroke Yuuri’s cock until it was fully hard and leaking pre-come, the younger man biting at his own hand to contain any noise.

The alpha’s lips and tongue travelled down further, leaving wet kisses and red marks before stopping just at the base of the omega's spine. Viktor pulled back, drinking in the sight of Yuuri as his inner beast purred. He gripped one of the rounded cheeks, squeezing and nipping at it before kneading it aside.

“V-Viktor!” Yuuri cried, scrambling forward. Viktor’s hand left his cock, moving immediately to tightly grip his hips with a low growl. Yuuri will not deny him.

One hand travelled across Yuuri’s chest, pausing briefly at the faint scar he traced before moving back up and settling onto dark locks. He leaned down, letting his growls of warning vibrate against the omega’s back.

“Please, please d-don’t.”


Viktor trailed kisses down his back once more as Yuuri continued to cry, the fear and the instincts to submit too strong to resist. The alpha spread the plump cheeks, a thumb tracing the puckered hole as he leaned down, slowly running his tongue across the twitching entrance. His hand began to pump the younger male’s cock again as Yuuri let out a stifled sob, trying to fight the way his body responded.

Viktor continued to lick at his hole, wet and obscene noises filling the room as Viktor drowned himself in Yuuri’s scent, lapping at the place where Yuuri can’t ever cover it. He pushed the tip of his tongue inside, pleasure and bliss coursing through him at the pure taste of Yuuri. Viktor pulled back, saliva and slick dripping from his lips, a finger tracing the now slightly swollen entrance.

“Relax now, open for me,” he whispered to the trembling form under him.

He eased a finger in to the first knuckle, his other hand still stroking the younger male who gave a muffled cry. Tight, so tight. Fuck, just imagining this velvet heat around his cock made him feel ready to come. Viktor panted, slowly pushing the rest of his finger in and watching Yuuri’s body give way for him. He slid it out slowly, pausing as the velvet walls twitched invitingly, before pushing back in.

He continued to finger the omega, his grip on Yuuri’s cock tightening as he picked up his pace. Another finger began to press in.

“N-no! Stop! Viktor I can’t!” Yuuri’s voice hitched, ending in a hiccup as the older male’s hands sped up, the forced pleasure laced with the slightest of pain racing through Yuuri and sparking something deep inside. He tightened around Viktor’s fingers, heat coiling in his belly. In, out, in out, again and again.

“Let go Любимый, let go. Come for me.”

Viktor’s fingers curled slightly inside him and with a strangled cry, Yuuri came, come shooting from his cock and onto Viktor’s still pumping hand. The omega whimpered as he became overstimulated and eventually, the alpha relented, releasing Yuuri and sliding his fingers out.

Yuuri panted, trembling and dazed. Viktor drank in the sight, breathing heavily as he leaned forward to nip at the back of the younger male’s neck. He gripped his own length, so hard and swollen, slicking it with Yuuri’s release. He hissed at the scorching pleasure as he began to stroke himself. He rubbed the engorged head against Yuuri’s entrance, teasing it before settling the head against the slightly loosened hole. He grunted, immediately pumping himself faster, already so close having not touched himself at all since they began.

Viktor panted heavily, unable to hold himself back any longer. With a guttural groan, he was coming, pushing forward slightly just so that the tip of his cock slid inside Yuuri’s heat, painting the tight walls with his release. Yuuri whimpered under him, still shaking.

The shock of their orgasms eventually faded and Viktor pulled away, wiping his hands onto a discarded shirt before turning Yuuri on his back. He kissed the omega’s forehead softly as Yuuri stared at the ceiling with tears running down his cheeks, eyes unfocused and distant. Viktor brushed the tears away, kissing Yuuri’s lips gently.

He manoeuvred the both of them so that Yuuri laid on his chest, settling them on the small bed before throwing the thin covers over their bodies. He stroked the dark locks, blue eyes closing in content.

“Rest, Yuuri. Tomorrow, we’re going home.”