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Keeping the Faith

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It had been a little over twenty years since Vaako had any true feelings, emotional or otherwise. Now, he was feeling everything all at once and twice as quickly. There was something about his connection with Riddick that was undoing everything his purification had accomplished; his years of practiced numbness his perfect surly attitude was slowly unraveling around him. A Furyan's mate was to be their equal in every regard and the bond allowed for no seperation. If Vaako was in danger Riddick would be able to feel it now that Vaako understood fear again.

            At the moment he was hot, boiling in his flesh and sweating through the sheets of the bed. Vaako woke, throwing the covers off of his naked body and trudging toward the bathroom stepping angrily over the hellhounds. Riddick was already sitting on the edge of the tub, polishing his shiv by candlelight and waiting.

            "You're up?"

             Riddick shrugged. "You were kicking and rolling; half this sweat isn't mine. I figured we'd end up here sooner than later."

             "Forgive me. The transition back to a fully functioning body is proving more difficult than I imagined it would be," Vaako sighed.

             Riddick leaned forward and kissed Vaako just above the navel. He dipped his left hand in the tub of cool water and ran it slowly up Vaako's searing right thigh. Vaako sighed and jumped in the massive iron tub leaving Riddick's mouth and hand suspended in the air. Vaako dunked his face in the water--he was too uncomfortable to be dignified--then the unbraided ends of his hair. Slowly, he began to feel like himself again.

            "I would have you join me,"Vaako said pushing to the other side of the tub to make room though he didnt really have to. He knew how desirable he must look flushed with color from toe to forehead and silky wet in the candlelight. Riddick didnt even comment, he put his shiv down and got in.

            Riddick waded over to his mate, licked a path from Vaako's chest to his purification scars and bit down. They were puckered and red from Riddick's constant attention, but now the bite hurt in equal measure that it brought pleasure. Vaako spread his legs, but gingerly pulled away from Riddick's mouth. Riddick took some of the cool water in his mouth and moved--slowly--back toward Vaako's neck. He let the water spill over his lips and onto the scars and grounds his hips into the man beneath him.

            Vaako moaned, "Yeah," and turned his head to steal a chilled kiss. Riddick gave Vaako his icy tongue and chuckled darkly when it was nearly sucked dry. Riddick reached between them and stroked their erections together until they were both sighing in release. He pulled the plug from the drain and stood them up.


            Riddick pulled back. He'd felt a wave of pure contentment wash over them, and from the look on Vaako's face so had he.

            "Was that me?"

            "Yes. But you'll have to learn to control it or every Furyan on this ship will feel it. Dogs included. We wouldn't want anyone finding out their favorite Lord Marshal has a heart."

            "Other Furyans?"

            "We all began as something else," Riddick said kissing Vaako once more and stepping out of the tub.


             Riddick and Vaako spent the rest of the day in meetings planning the trip to Furya, deciding if they had enough supplies to make it or if they should land and restock. If Riddick was being honest with himself, Vaako did most of the work. The soldiers and Commanders who served under Zhylaw readily followed Vaako's will and those who were not loyal by choice feared his wrath just as much as his words. Riddick still remembered Vaako's fisrt day as the ship's second Lord Marshal. He stalked about like the war lords of old; men who answered only to the King of the land. Vaako and Nikta walked the halls striking down anyone who so much as took what couldve been an idle breath against them. Riddick watched from the throne, thoroughly entertained and completely enthralled. They fucked violently that night just the way Vaako liked it. From the look Vaako was giving the ships Chief of Supplies, they were in for an encore tonight.

            They were in the strategy room, the very same room where Vaako himself attempted to sneak up on Zhylaw and failed. Vaako was standing at the head of the table in Zhylaw's stead staring at the up raised model of Furya with Gracchus at the other end telling him there was no hope for their journey without making a stop on Vahlei a nearly deserted planet left only for refugees—many of which lost their homes to Necromonger attacks—and missionaries. If there was any planet Vaako did not want to raid it was Vahlei. Riddick watched from the door, goggles in hand and eerie eyes staring down all in attendance.

            "You stood before us not two days ago and said 'we can make it. Our supplies are well in tact and our battalion is ready'. What changed Gracchus?" Vaako asked.

            Gracchus was not a soldier. He was thinker, no better than a Purifier really, and he spluttered at the displeasure of his Lord Marshalls.

            "Speak, you great waste of blood and air!" Vaako spit between his teeth. All of the minor movements of the men assembled had coalesced to make a steady metal thrum. When Vaako spoke they stilled. The room fell silent and Gracchus fell to his knees.

            "In the night, My Lord, twelve of our largest supply ships were flown out of the ranks of the armada. I was threatened, My Lord. I feared for my life and the life of my companion."

            Vaako laughed and he could hear Riddick's deep chuckle behind him. Surely they were thinking the same thing even though they werent connected in that way as of yet.

            "Do you think your Lord Marshals are fools? Did you think we would not notice!?" Vaako released his pulse gun and shot Gracchus into the far wall grin still in tact. Riddick stepped to his side.

            "Who could our people possibly fear more than us?"Riddick asked though he already knew.

            Vaako looked to his men, they stood at attention. "I want my former Dame found. She will be headed back toward Helion Prime; it’s the closest in this system that she can reach with one Frigate and supply cargo. I want the conspirators dead, all of them."

            The men began to move but Riddick held up his hand. "Wait. Bring the woman to me."

            The men filed out with their orders. Vaako slammed his fist down against the table, the model of Furya stuttered in its place. Riddick chuckled again leaning against the table carelessly.

            "Why didn’t I kill her when I had the chance?" Vaako asked more annoyed now than furious. It was like an irritating tickle beneathe Riddick's skin and he wanted it to stop. He reached out and gripped Vaako's forearm.

            "Come here," Riddick pulled Vaako until Vaako was leaning fully against Riddick's body, “When she's back, we'll have our fun together."

            Vaako sighed but relaxed in the circle of Riddick's arms. He nodded once and kissed the waiting lips.

            “Take me back to bed before I kill our entire armada."

            Riddick growled low in his chest. "That's my boy."