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Shikon no Suzaku

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~~"Sit Boy!" A very enraged Miko called out as she pointed her finger down to the ground. "Don't you dare follow me!" Kagome glared at the half demon as she steamed and walked away from the old hut, where a now punished Inuyasha laid.

Sango, miroku and Shippo sat down on the bench enjoying their lunch as they shook their heads.

"You will never learn will you Inuyasha?" Miroku sighed as he shook his head.

"What a idiot, he's never going to change is he." Shippo spoke up as he sighed.

"Shut up all of you, I don't need your pathetic voices around me, it's her fault all this happened, if anything else that wench should be saying thank you and apologizing to me Keh, I didn't do a thing, Woman are just moody and quite a annoyance."

With that being said Inuyasha felt a cold chill as he noticed a very enraged Sango at the moment. "What was that you said Inuyasha." He watched as she lifted her Boomerang like weapon.

"N-Nothing." He gulped as he decided to pipe up.

"W-What is she even mad about this time, I didn't do anything." Inuyasha stuck his nose in the air and turned around as he pouted like a little kid that did not get his way.

"Inuyasha your so Dence, I wonder why Kagome even hangs around you." Shippo said as he jumped down standing next to him, Which in this case was a bad thing because Inuyasha ended up pounding his fist right square in the head.

"Shut up would you, your just a pipsqueak , what would you know." He glared at the Child fox demon.

"Oww.. you didn't have to hit me, Inuyasha your such a meanie, I'm telling Kagome when she gets back WAHHH."

Inuyasha looked at him with Irritation. "I dare you to try it, take one more move and I'll feed you too the demons for a midnight snack."

"Inuyasha Enough, Sit boy!" Sango yelled out only to see the half demon flinch for a moment. Only to see that the chant did not work.

"Nice try demon slayer but your out of luck, so much for the sit command so nehh." He stuck his tongue out in a taunting manner.

Sango stood up, as she grabbed Hirikotsu her large weapon, and whacked the Hanyou in the head causing him to land down to the ground, leaving a indent among the dirt. "Hphh serves you right."

The Demon slayer walked off to find Kagome, as she was tired of hearing the half demons slandering words, The fool has no clue what's even going on.

"Poor, poor Inuyasha, I told you not to say what you think around women like that, when will you ever learn." The monk spoke up as he closed his eyes and decided to sample another one of the delicious dango's that were on the plate next to him.

"That's what you get for being a meanie." Shippo spoke up as he scampered over to Sango's direction to find Kagome.


*Meanwhile far way from the feudal era.*


Looking in a certain mirror a Old lady watches as the group argues, She grins as she looks at the others next to her. "I have found a way to please Suzaku and save the priestess from her demise."

"But hmm how shall we do this... Nyan nyan, Bring the Celestial guests here, I have a idea."

The little figure nodded her head and rushed away.


*In the Palace of Konan*


There in the mits of morning a bit of chaotic voices could be heard.

"Miaka come on, your seriously not thinking about sleeping all day, do you?" A tall purple haired figure stood at the door way as the female was snug tight sleeping in bed.

"Nuriko five more minutes please, I don't want to get up right now." The girl grumbled in her sleep as she pulled the blanket up to her.

"No..! His highness wants you, and you must get up so get up, or I will make you."

"Alright alright fine I'm up, I'm up." Miaka yawned as she stretched and looked over at the other. "See I'm up, I'll be out in a minute." Nuriko sighed as the door was now closed.

"I swear that girl is more trouble then the bandits lately."

It was then another voice could be heard at this time. "Well well, it looks like your having a lovely time Nuriko."

"Tamahome, what a pleasure to see you this morning and how have you been Tamakins." The warrior felt like he was going to hurl, as hearing that name gave him the creeps. "I'm doing just fine, I see your back to your normal antics."

"Oh whatever do you mean Tamakins, I'm just waking up the priestess, and enjoying The company now that your here." Suddenly Miaka walked out as the first thing that happened was her stomach began to growl.

"Mm where do I find some food." Miaka smiled as she waved over at Tamahome.

"Oh Good morning Tamahome."

Both males Blinked and gave a sigh though with that Miaka grins and notices the Emperor Hotohori. "Oh and good morning to you, Hotohori."

Just as always the Emperor looked over at the Priestess with a smile upon his face and greeted her. "And good morning to you miss Miaka."

Suddenly the rest of the Suzaku seven showed up, greeting everyone in return. It was at that moment, a bright yellow light appeared before them. At first everyone was shocked and shielded their eyes as the light illuminated the area.

Suddenly a cry from a certain Priestess came about as she opened her eyes. "Nyan Nyan!"

All the warriors opened their eyes now, and smiled Greeting the Spirit as well.

"Nyan Nyan what can we do for you today?" Nuriko called out as he smiled.

"Taiitsukun , Needs you. " The little figure giggled. "I'm supposed to bring you to her."

"She need us?" Chichiri spoke up and nodded his head. "We will do anything we can ya know." The Sprite nodded her head as she looked at everyone. "Hang on tight, I'll take you to her."

With that Nyan Nyan closed her eyes and Engulfed each warrior and the priestess upon a golden light as if by magic. It took a few seconds but, Each figure was now upon the land where the old Goddess lived.

"Well Well, Welcome back." A gruff voice spoke up as she appeared before the 7.

Hotohori, Chichiri,Mitsukake, Tatsuki, Tamahome, Nuriko, Miaka and Chiriko, All looked at the woman as they bowed their heads.

"What can we do for you today miss Taiitsukun." Chiriko spoke up as he smiled.

"I am kinda curious myself you know, why was it we were called here." Chichiri looked at the lady with a confused look.

"Please Miss Taiitsukun , why are we here?" Miaka spoke up as she stepped forward.

"Calm down all of you!, Give me a moment to show you." The Old hag blurted out as she lifted her hand up.

There on the side of her was a picture of a dark purple jewel that was illuminated into a pink glow. "Young Priestess, and celestial warriors, I have found a way to keep Suzaku from taking over your body, but with that being said there comes a price."

Miaka blinked a few times and then piped up. "What..! , What do we have to do?"

"Calm down, I'm getting there." The woman spoke up irritatedly.

"If you want to free Suzaku's priestess from her curse, you will need to take a different journey that is far more dangerous then this one. Though if you choose to take this path, you will not be working alone."

Taiitsukun lifted up her hand again as the image changed to a new looking world.

"Shall you take this path, you will be working with 5 other companions, I shall not show you who they are but know this, the people you will work with, Is a Half demon, a priestess, a demon slayer, a monk, and a fox demon."

Each of the males looked confused. "A-A half demon?" Nuriko choked back as a sweat drop dripped from his forehead from nervousness.

"Another priestess really?" Miaka pipped up as she looked excited. "Who is she , and what does she do?"

Taiitsukun sighed, as she was tired of all the question she was receiving. "Well if you shut your yap and let me continue you would know!"

At this, everyone quiet down as the woman continued to speak.

"As I was saying, The jewel that you saw is known as the Shikon jewel, upon this comes a legend, and these new companion,are in search of it, ugghh You know what.. just watch."

Taiitsukun was getting tired of trying to explain things, so instead she opened up a mirror, where 5 figures could be seen.

There sat . a white haired male, with ears on the top of his head and dressed upon a red cloak of some sort, and it was addressed with a large blade at his side.

Now next him was a male, a monk, dressed in a purple attire of sorts, in his hand was a staff and his head was addressed with a small pony tail in the back.

Next to him was a small cat like demon , bright yellow and sleeping away as her two tails flicked side to side, at this Nuriko gave a small 'Aww' in the background.

Taiitsukun lifted her hand once more as she caused the mirror to move away from it's spot. from there it began showing two females and a fluffy tailed .. boy?"

"Who is that?" Miaka piped up as she watched.

There stood two girls

One was sitting down upon a hill, Sitting there her looks showed that she was dressed in a green school girl like outfit that was adorned with a bow and arrow upon her back. Now Raven colored like haired draped down upon her shoulders as she sat there, looking quiet perturbed.

The other female that was sitting right next to her, was also gifted with a raven like colored haired in which at the end of the tips of her hair was a ribbon, She wore a kimono like outfit that consist of the colors pink, green and white, and upon her back was a large boomerang like weapon that she carried at all times. and the last detail that could now be seen was that she also wore sandals upon her feet.

Last character to be shown in the picture was a small kid like, fox demon he had a huge puffy tail, and point ears on the side of his head, he wore a weird oriental like outfit and upon his head laid a blue bow with orange colored hair as well.

"There now you see these will be the companions you shall journey with, if you shall choose too."

Everyone watched in amazement and curiosity. Until Tamahome spoke up. "Should we?"

The warriors looked at the priestess.

"This is Miaka's life we are talking about ya know." Chichiri spoke.

"It looks kinda dangerous, but nothing we haven't handled I think." Chiriko spoke up as he wasn't sure.

"I say we do it, I mean we are the Suzaku warriors after all." Nuriko piped in.

"If it is for the priestess of Suzaku then say we everything in our power to help her." Hotohori spoke up as he nodded his head.

"Yeah let's do it!" Tasuki spoke up as he grinned.

Miaka blinked a few times as she turned to her head to look at Taiitsukun . "But wait, what about Hotohori's kingdom and the war." The warriors paused as they thought about that now, what exactly will happened if they leave?

The hag of a woman smiled and shook her head. "Fear not, for time will not move from where it is at, until you come back, Or if you come back."

Hotohori wasn't sure if he liked the sound of that, but knowing ether way there was a risk, he nodded his head. "Are we all on agreement then."

They all nodded their heads and smiled.

Taiitsukun smiled as well as she crossed her arms, "Very well then, I wish you luck on your choice, Find these 5 companions and travel as you wish, all will be revealed soon enough. Oh and Miaka." She flew over by the female and handed her a object.

"Hand this to the other priestess that you meet, for she will know what to do with it."

From there the old hang handed the girl a scroll, After that Miaka backed up as she nodded her head.

"Good luck to you all, and have fun." Taiitsukun grinned. "Bye bye." The Nyan's chanted back as well.

A portal soon appeared before the group as it glowed bright purple. At first they were all hesitant. but looking at one another they walked through the strange rift, praying that they would reach their destination.

The portal made a slurp like noise, as they were all now gone. Taiitsukun chuckled in her own amusement when Nyan Nyan spoke up. "You know you can make a wish on the jewel too, that way your ugliness melts away. "