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When she closed her eyes, when she existed in pure thought between this world and the next, she could see it bright as day. She had been in nothing like her current form, of course, but in her mind's eye that was what she saw, blinking in the sunlight on the world's first morning. Around her the savannah stretched off in all directions, unspoilt by the touch of mortal hands.

Unspoilt? No - unimproved.

There was a dimming on the horizon, a darker green against the green, and she drew the picture from her mind's eye, saw the branches of the tree in which the creature sat. That way. Joyful in the sunlight, warmth and brightness and purpose, striding across the plains to do the will of the Gods.



She looks up, hopeful that the interruption will be productive.

"No, you're not my sister."

But, alas, it is another one of those complicated matters, and she exchanges only a few words before heading about her duties.

Later, she falls briefly into the pocket on her way through and surveys the scene. Angel, angel, demon. Table covered in papers. No-one she wants to see.

"Why don't you take a seat for a moment, sister?"

I am not your sister, she thinks, but she takes a seat in any case. Not for long, though. Out in the world, time is passing, and there are things to do.


"I don't suppose that you would know where Detail is?"

Part of me wonders what game it is that you are playing, for I have been in the world too much and too long to believe that there are truly good men and women in it. In Flambard I would have had to rely on my title to have such ready help and such competent hands to carry that which I cannot. But I am sure that you have thought of that, too, and I hope that your prayers will see your service rewarded.


"This is the one who introduced himself to you as Horus."

I recognise you, brother, the way that you wear your different forms and your different names. I do not think you like me very much, but that has never mattered, has it? Out of all of those of our brethren to whom I have been reintroduced - I respect you. When I say, under my breath, "This is why I have not spoken to my brethren for the past five thousand years," it is not you to whom I am referring.

There is never a moment when you are idle, when you are found talking to no end, when you are lacking in focus.

(Perhaps you, also, fear what would happen if you stopped?)