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Winchester.... Darcy Winchester

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It was late in the evening when John Winchester knocked on Bobby Singer’s door. It was a light knock, being that his hands were full with the twin’s car seats, and he’d allowed his oldest to do the honors. Dean did so hesitantly, unsure of the door to the strange house. John had nodded encouragingly, so Dean puffed up his cheeks before knocking as hard as his five-year-old fist allowed. Which, in the end wasn’t that loud. Luckily Bobby was already in the living room, so he heard it none-the-less.

“That you John?” A gruff voice called through the door.

“It’s me Bobby.”

A series of locks could be heard clicking, and Dean looked questioningly up at John who gave a small shrug in response. Finally, the last lock clicked and the door swung open.

Bobby stepped aside letting the group inside his aging home.

“Well what do we have here?” Bobby questioned, closing the door behind him, before squatting down in front of the five-year-old.

Dean looked to John, but he was turned around setting the car seats on the desktop in a corner.

“Um...” Dean murmured unsure.

“Go on introduce yourself.” John urged, still situating the twins.

“I’m Dean, Dean Winchester.” He said, offering his tiny hand hesitantly.

“Bobby Singer, it’s a pleasure to meet you Dean.” Bobby greeted with a smile.

Dean returned it hesitantly before a yawn stretched across his face.

“How long ya’ll been travelin?” Bobby asked.

“Forever!” Dean huffed, making Bobby chuckle.

Bobby walked towards John finally getting a clear look at the one-year-old sleeping twins. One was a boy with brown hair, and the other to Bobby’s surprise was a girl, with soft baby blonde hair.

Bobby looked to John with a puzzled look.

He only shrugged in response. “Doctors said it happens sometimes with fraternal twins.”

“That’s baby Sammy, and baby Darcy, they’re my little brother and sister.” Dean interjected.

“Can you keep an eye on them while I talk to Bobby in the kitchen?” John questioned.

Bobby observed the two, watching Dean nod.

“Here, you can see if you can find some cartoons to watch.” Bobby offered, pointing to the T.V in the corner.

Dean watched them leave before turning to his brother and sister. Sam was still asleep, but Darcy’s eyes had popped open as soon as the adults had left, like she’d been waiting for it. Dean quickly climbed into the chair beside the desk propping himself up in front of Darcy, Blue eyes met green ones. Another oddity of the twins, Sammy’s eyes were the same color as Dean’s a trait they shared with John. Whilst Darcy’s eyes were a stormy blue, like Mary’s.  Dean didn’t mind though, he loved them both the same.

The hushed voices from the kitchen stopped and John along with Bobby emerged. The latter looking a little lost for words, whilst John had a determined look set to his face. He crouched down in front of Dean’s chair.

“Uncle Bobby here is going to look over you three for the night. I’ll be back in a little while.”

Dean stayed quiet, tucking his chin into his chest as a few sniffles escaped.

“Hey, hey soldier. No tears alright? You’ve got to be strong. I promise I’ll be back, and you can watch over Sammy and Darcy while I’m gone Alright?”

Dean nodded, and John ruffled his hair. “There’s my tough soldier, you be good for Uncle Bobby, stay out of his way. Okay?”

Dean nodded again his eyes watery but no tears falling as he watched John walk out the door.

He watched Bobby turn all the locks before he turned to him with a huff.

“It’s pretty late, you must be tired.” Bobby tried, unsure of what to do with his new charges.

Dean shook his head, even as another yawn stretched across his face.

Bobby didn’t push it, instead choosing to look over the things John had left with them. Two diaper bags, and a back pack for Dean. Hell, Bobby had never changed a diaper before, what was John thinking. The man had been looking for answers, and Bobby had offered all he knew, best defenses and all. Where ever they’d been staying John said he couldn’t stay there anymore, the place being so close to their destroyed home. And the people he’d been staying with were getting wary, insisting he go see a shrink, instead of staying away from his kids for so long. But John needed more answers, and he was finding them, but he needed someone to watch the kids while he did. Someone who understood what he was actually doing. So Bobby settled on to the couch for the night as the two watched TV.

As promised John returned the next day, before taking off again two days later. Days turning into weeks. Fed up Bobby called him one night to voice his opinion, and the next day John packed up the kids and left. It wasn’t what he’d intended. He just hated seeing what it was doing to Dean. Bobby hated to admit it but he’d grown attached to them, and now he’d probably never see them again. He was never sure if he’d wanted kids, not with his abusive father tainting his genetic code; and after his wife had passed it just wasn’t an option anymore. He threw himself into hunting, regrouping with his friends for six years. Six years before things went wrong. He’d been reckless. And it had cost them. Bobby easily slipped back into himself, the towns drunken recluse, having more knowledge then he knew what to do with.

 Somewhere along the way he’d become the man that hunters called when they needed information. So he threw himself into that. Reinforced his home, occasionally hunting alone. Until one-day John showed up on his door step again. He was taken aback prepared to throw him out on his ass, until he looked behind him, finally noticing the kids sat in the car. Two of them with noses pushed up against the glass and the other in the front seat playing indifferent. Bobby huffed before nodding his head, and John brought the group in.

“You remember Uncle Bobby, don’t you Dean?” John questioned, looking worse for wear.

Sam and Darcy looked to him, and Dean shrugged.

“Good okay. I’ll be back soon, alright you three be good for Uncle Bobby okay.” And then he was off.

Bobby and the kids seemed to have a stare off, no one really knowing what to say, fortunately Darcy broke the silence.

“Are you really our uncle?” She questioned, blue eyes bright and inquiring.

Bobby grimaced. “I’m an old friend of you fathers. I’ve known you lot since you were in diapers.”

She nodded as she began to tour the room.

“Don’t touch nothin Darce.” Dean warned.

“I won’t.” she returned, tucking a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear.

“Are you kids hungry?” Bobby questioned.

“Starving!” Darcy said with a grin.

“Darce!” Dean hissed.

“What?! You gave me and Sammy most of your food from breakfast. So I know you’re hungry!” she challenged.

Before he could protest a rumble echoed, and a blush crossed his face.

“See! S’ides he offered!” Darcy said with a smirk.

“It’s alright, I can whip something up.” Bobby said before things could escalate.

Bobby strode into the kitchen searching his meager cabinets for anything to cook. Finding a few cans of soup he grabbed a pot before putting it on the stove, when he turned around Sam and Darcy were behind him in the kitchen.

“umm, so how old are you guys now?” Bobby questioned.

“We’re seven, Deans twelve.” Sam supplied, the first words he’d spoken since they’d step through the door.

“Seven? Has it been that long?” Bobby questioned.

The two shrugged, before taking seats at the kitchen table. Eventually Dean joined them, and the group struck up conversation, the kids regaling the last few years to him.

“So what do you like to do for fun?” Bobby asked.

The three looked up at him thoughtfully.

“Mostly we watch TV, Dad sometimes teaches us things but...” Sam trailed off with a shrug.

“Oh like how to ride a bike?” Bobby offered, hoping to keep the conversation up.

“How to shoot.” Dean corrected.

Bobby nearly spit out his water. “What?”

The three looked up at him with a puzzled look.

“You know bottles and stuff.” Dean supplied, with a shrug.

Bobby looked skyward, “Well I’ve got a few bikes in the house I’m sure you three can ride around in the yard.”

“Um they don’t know how to ride a bike.” Dean explained.

“Neither can you!” Darcy reminded him.

“So what!” Dean shot back.

“Well it seems we’ve got work to do!” Bobby cut in. “That is if you want to learn.”

“I’d like to!” Sam said happily.

Darcy and Dean seemed to be waiting for the other to agree, before Dean stood. “Fine.”

Darcy quickly bounced after them.

“Aren’t you kids supposed to be in school?” Bobby questioned, later in the day.

“Dad enrolls us whenever he gets the chance. But never for more than a week.” Sam explained.

When John called the next day Bobby broached the subject.

“Well, enroll them in the nearest school.” He returned.

“Wait what?” Bobby gaped.

“Look Bobby, you’re right, they do need to go to school, I just don’t have the time to keep them there. So if its ok with you, put them in school.” John said simply.

So, he did. They’d built up somewhat of a routine. It wasn’t easy, but Bobby found he didn’t mind. Waking the kids up in the morning, dropping them off at school, picking them up. For six months.

Of course, John showed up to shatter that.

“Don’t do this John!” Bobby hissed.

“They were never meant to stay this long in the first place Bobby.” John returned. “All right boys get your things!” he called. And minutes later three footsteps sounded down the stairs.

One a bit slower than the others.

“Dean help your brother get his stuff in the car.” John ordered.

With a nod, Dean and Sam trudged out the door.

Darcy made to follow, but John stepped out in front of her.

“Darce we need to talk” he announced, picking her up and sitting her on the couch

“What’s up?” She asked, bouncing in the seat.

“I need you to stay here, with Uncle bobby.” John said quickly.

“Very funny Daddy.” She said with a chuckle moving to stand up.

“I’m serious Darcy.” John returned.

Darcy froze. “What? What do you mean?”

“Just what I said, you’re going to stay here with Uncle Bobby. Now be good alright.” He warned before walking away.

“Dad?” Darcy murmured, following him to the door.

He continued his stride.

“Daddy?!” she cried out. “Wait please! I’ll be good! I promise” She called out running after him.

She watched him climb into the car in a slight daze, the sound of the door shutting drawing her back out.

“Daddy!” She looked to Dean and Sam who were already sitting in the car.

Sam looking confused and Dean looked stricken.

Seeing them a new wave of tears came on. “Dean! Sammy! Please don’t leave me!” She wailed.

“Dad? Why isn’t Darcy getting in the car?” Sam questioned.

“Put your seat belt on.” John said instead.

“Dean!” She sobbed as the car pulled away.

Sam turned around as the car pulled off. Darcy reached out as if she could grab him. “Sammy!!” She cried out one last time, before the Impala reached the end of the junk yard, disappearing around the bend.

She stayed outside crying in the drive way until Bobby carried her inside. He held her until she fell asleep that night, cursing John for leaving her like this.