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All the Small Things

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They've been sharing the bed ever since he came to Winterfell with Lannister army in tow. Nothing ever happens; they just sleep in the same bed, in desperate need of warmth.  

He waits for Brienne to fall asleep first. Then he turns around in her embrace, positions himself to better see her face in the darkness. Jaime is always surprised by just how ugly she really is. The ugliness is more prominent now that her eyes are closed and he can't see the blue luring him in it's depths. And yet...

Brienne's skin is as pale as alabaster and naturally so. He remembers how his sister and all the ladies he'd ever met tried hard to reach that kind of creamy white, never letting the sun touch their skin - all in the name of beauty. The freckles that adorn every part of her, look like a constellation of stars and have this strange glow, easily seen against the darkness of their chamber. Her twice broken nose attest to the stubbornness of her character, her will and strong moral. Her left cheek is a proof of Brienne's survival skills and her warrior nature...

Then, there are her lips. Full, chapped by the cold of North and her constant biting. Her lips are begging to be kissed... But he has yet to tell her of his true feelings. So, instead, Jaime kisses the tip of her nose, ever so slightly, and forces himself to sleep.