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Hawke's Snippets

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Chat Noir carefully avoided yet another one of the odd, silvery strands making up the dome he was heading towards. He knew that he would find an akuma inside that dome but he had no idea how he would defeat or purify it, since Ladybug had been absent all day, and it had been hours since the akuma was first spotted.

But he had to try.

As he stepped into the dome, he immediately noticed the huge, human-shaped caccoons suspended in the air, muffled yelling and crying coming from them. And at the very tip of the dome, suspended with strands, stood the akuma. He couldn't see her face, but her black suit stood out against the silver dome— and so did the red hourglass on her back.

Chat was so distracted by watching her that he stopped paying paying attention and walked right into one of the strands.


As he desperately tried to rip his foot off of the sticky strand, the entire dome started shuddering with his movements, and the akuma slowly turned around. He eyes darted across her, noting her red and black mask, her smirking red lips, and her black hair carefully pulled into a crisp bun. And the glossy spider legs unfurling behind her.

"Hello chaton."

Everything dropped out under from him, his veins going cold. "L-Ladybug?"