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Don't Ask

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Gabe and Morita had just put their sleeping rolls down and were getting ready to strip down for bed, waiting for Dernier to come join them in the tiny shed, when they heard a door inside the house opening.

Gabe's attention was caught by Cap's urgent voice.

"Bucky, if we're caught--"

"There's nobody here," Barnes laughed. "Come on."


"The men are all in a whole other building," said Barnes, and Gabe suppressed a chuckle. He glanced at Morita, who grinned back at him. "We've got this one all to ourselves."

"We could be--"

"It's our only chance. It's been weeks, Steve. Please." Barnes was really a manipulative bastard, thought Gabe. But Cap really needed to relax, and who knew what Barnes was gonna to get him to do - try to find a girl in the village, draw a mural on the wall of the forsaken house they'd taken over, eat some contraband chocolate... who knew. It would surely be good for their CO, though.

And unbeknownst to Cap and Barnes, "the men," having discovered that the chicken barn they were supposed to stay in was filled with debris, had decided to explore alternate arrangements. Gabe and Morita had entered a shed that leaned up against the house and was sturdy enough - and empty enough - to accommodate at least three of their sleeping bags, claimed it, and told Dernier about it. And moved in right in time to overhear their commanding officer and their sniper get up to something that they would be in prime position to hold over them as blackmail material. This oughta be worth a few cigarettes at least. Gabe unashamedly put his ear to the wall, grinning as Morita did the same.

"This ain't the orphanage, Bucky," said Cap seriously, his footsteps getting closer to them, and it was funny how much more Brooklyn he always sounded around Barnes. "We get caught and we're not going to get sent to Mother Superior's office."

"Sure. We could be court-martialled and sent to hard labor, life as we know it could be over." Barnes said scornfully, and Gabe exchanged a glance with Morita. Barnes was probably planning some prank. Probably on a higher-up. Phillips?

"It's not funny, Bucky," said Cap. "It could happen."

Barnes laughed. "Not to you. Court-martial Captain America? They'd protect you, bury it all."

"And you?"

"We're in a war, Steve. We could die tomorrow, and we'd miss this because you're too chicken shit to--"

"Because I don't want to risk you," said Cap, his voice thick, and there was an odd noise. Gabe's grin started to fade.

"The men are all far away, Steve, come on, we haven't been--"

"I can live with that," said Cap.

"Well I can't," said Barnes, his voice sharp. "It's not enough to just be pals. Yeah, it's great that we serve together and sleep across the campfire with all the other fellas all around, but it drives me crazy, having you so fucking near..."

What the hell--

"Bucky," Cap's voice was low, anguished, and suddenly there was another noise.

What the hell was... that sounded like they were...


They were kissing.

A soft moan came from the other side of the wall.

"Bucky..." breathed Cap. "Oh, Jesus."

Gabe gaped at Morita, then back at the wall.

"Can you--"

"Yeah. God, yeah." There was a sound of a zipper. "Jesus, if anybody--"

"Steve, fuck, you drive me so crazy," Barnes growled. They were panting now, clothing rustling, moaning between Barnes's words. "I keep thinking of going down on you, you making that noise--"

Cap groaned, "Jesus, Bucky, you're gonna make me come before we even get our clothes off--"

"Super-soldier serum, you could get it up again in seconds, right?"

"For you, yeah," said Cap, laughing, and it was so bizarre to hear such a free, easy sound from their tightly controlled commanding officer. Not that he was grim or anything, but he was so serious, always concerned about the men, the mission, always planning and strategizing. Barnes was the only one who could be counted on to make him laugh. Make him let go and unbend, even a little.

Jesus, Gabe did not want to think about unbending or bending right now.

"Come on," Barnes was panting. "Please. Fuck, you make me so hard. Oh!" He groaned, and there was a creaking sound and suddenly their voices were even closer to Gabe and Morita. "Jesus, watching you the other day, swimming in that pond, all I wanted was for you to pound me into the ground, screw me six ways to Sunday--"

"Bucky, shit, you tease, I could barely see straight, you right there in your skivvies. Had to think of Phillips or I would've embarrassed myself when I got out."

That creaking - that was bedsprings. "I thought about Dum Dum's muttonchops."

Cap laughed again, cutting himself off suddenly. "Oh - oh my God," he moaned. And Jesus, their voices were closer because they must have lain down on the bed. It had to be right up against the wall next to the shed.

"Christ, it's been so long," Barnes said breathlessly. "God, can you believe we even have a bed?"

Creaking, more clothing rustling, a belt falling to the ground, kissing, gasping.

Gabe glanced at Morita, who was red-faced and horrified, looking away.

Holy hell. Their commander and their sniper, who had always acted like brothers - they were brothers, for God's sake, they'd been raised together in an orphanage and were all the family they had - were screwing. Perverts, getting it on right on the other side of this thin wall.

"I need you, Christ I need you so much," moaned Barnes. "Please, no, come on, I'm ready."

"Slow down," Cap said, and Barnes groaned. "I don't wanna hurt you--"

"Make up your mind, you jerk. We're either not doing this or we're getting on with it, all right? I don't give a shit that you're a lot bigger than before, you're not gonna hurt me--" his protest turned into a long, deep groan, then panting.

"My God, you feel so good," murmured Cap. "I'd almost forgotten."

"Hang on, don't move," said Barnes breathlessly. "Lemme adjust, it's been a while."

"You'd let me prep you right, you wouldn't have to wait now and Jesus don't do that, gonna make me come--"

Barnes snorted. "Nice to not have to be quiet, isn't it?" he asked. "All scared somebody's gonna hear us. Mm." There was a pause. "Move. Move, for the love of God. Yeah. Harder, God, yeah, harder, move--"

And then they stopped talking, silent save for creaking bedsprings and occasional moans and curses. Gabe clenched his eyes shut, mortified, not daring to look at Morita again. They couldn't even get away, either. If they could hear every rustle Cap and Barnes made, for sure Cap and Barnes would hear them if they tried to leave.

"Steve, oh, Christ, I'm close--"

"Me too--"

"No wait, hands off, I don't wanna come like this - can I fuck you, after you come?"

Cap groaned. "Yeah. God, yeah, always, Bucky--"

The creaking sped up, and now Barnes was moaning like a whore and Gabe wanted to disappear. There was a scrape from the bed moving along the floor, and Cap cried out wordlessly, Barnes murmuring encouragement.

The creaking slowed down and stopped, and there was a silence, broken only by Cap panting.

"You good?" said Barnes, chuckling.

"God, I love you," Cap whispered, and there was a brief sound of kissing. Gabe's eyebrows went up.

"Love you too. Come on, get off," said Barnes, and Cap laughed.

"So much for my afterglow."

"Fuck your afterglow."

"Thought you wanted to fuck me."

"You can have your afterglow when I'm inside you. Right now I'm gonna go off like a rocket if I don't--"

"Fine, Jesus, all right," the bed groaned. "Go ahead, soldier," said Cap. There was a pause. "Thought you were in a hurry," he said, laughing.

"Don't wanna hurt you--"

Cap snorted. "I'm gonna die of old age here, you jerk. If a bullet can't stop me, your dick ain't gonna."

"A bullet ain't supposed to feel good," Barnes shot back, and then there were more sounds of creaking bedsprings and rustling and lips, more gasps, Cap encouraging Barnes - all thankfully lasting much shorter this time before Barnes groaned and the noises slowly ceased.

"God, I love you," whispered Barnes. "So fucking much."

Gabe briefly wondered if Cap was lying on his back like a woman, wondered exactly how two men did whatever it was they had just done - and immediately wondered if there was any way he could mange to convince his brain to get rid of every thought that had to do with whatever was going on next door.

"Mm, love you too," said Cap, his voice drowsy and affectionate. "It's been too damn long."

Wondered if the naked emotion in their voices made it worse than if they were just perverts going for a dirty thrill.

There was a silence. "Ever wonder what it would be like if we could do this all the time?" asked Barnes, his voice low.

Cap snorted. "We'd never get anything done."

"I'm serious," said Barnes. "Just go to bed together, any time we wanted. Never have to be scared somebody'd find out."

"Shouldn't have agreed to serve together if you were gonna get upset about that."

"You hate it, too. And I don't just mean here. I mean even back home."

"No point wondering about that."

There was another pause. "I'd'a married you so long ago," said Barnes slowly. "Soon as we turned eighteen, if either one of us was a dame."

"No point thinking that way," said Cap. "Least we've got tonight. And... someday, we'll be back home. We'll be able to do this all the time."

"Sure," said Barnes, and his voice was tight. "Scared somebody'll hear. Scared the neighbours are gonna start to talk. Me pretending to fuck half of Brooklyn so no one'll suspect." Barnes paused. "You could do it too, you know, now. Dames'll be lining up to fuck you."

"Don't want 'em."

There was a long pause. "What about Peggy?"


"She's a classy dame. You could--"

"She is. She's just not you."

"You could have her, though. If you wanted to. You could marry her, have lots of little super-soldier-secret-agent kids..."

Cap sighed. "You convinced me to ignore the nuns who said we were going to hell; you convince me to fuck you in the middle of the war, where we could get caught and God only knows what - Bucky, you'd convince me to cheat on my wife. Tell me we're meant to be together and--"

"Would that be so bad?"

"I won't get married if I know I'm gonna cheat," said Cap, his voice grim. "I wouldn't do that to any woman. Never mind Peggy." He paused. "Not unless you got married, too. To a girl you wouldn't want to cheat on with me."

"That might be a long time coming."

"I'll wait."

"Wait - what the hell is that?"

Gabe turned to Morita, his heart beating quickly. Somebody was crashing around outside - Dernier, apparently he'd gotten a hold of some wine - and Cap and Barnes were apparently scrambling for their clothes. Gabe quickly got up, nodding at Morita, who hastily got up and grabbed his own roll. They exited the shed under cover of the noise Dernier was making.

"What are you doing?" Dernier stopped short, a bottle of wine in one hand and his bedroll in the other, staring at him and Morita coming out of the shed.

"Smells too much like pig shit, we can't sleep there," said Gabe quickly, grabbing Dernier's arm and steering him to the other building, not bothering to translate for Morita.

"What?" Dernier was moving with them, but bewildered. "But there's only room for--"

"We'll find room," said Gabe.

"What the hell," said Dugan as they entered the chicken barn. "I thought you found a shed--"

"Sleeping here instead," said Morita.

"There's not enough hay - or room," said Dugan. "There's barely enough bare space here with all the debris--"

"Too much debris in the shed too," said Morita.

"Right, fine," said Dugan. "Let's see if there's more room in the house with Cap and Barnes."

"No!" Gabe said, panicking slightly. "Don't - don't go in there. Half of it's collapsed anyway--"

"How could it still smell like pigs in the shed?" Dernier suddenly asked. "This place has been abandoned for months."

"Did he say something about pigs?" asked Falsworth, who was diligently trying to learn French. Gabe groaned inwardly. "There were pigs in the shed?"

"No, I said it smelled like pigs," said Gabe.

"Morita said there was too much debris," said Dugan.

"Debris and pig shit," said Morita quickly.

"What the hell is going on here?" asked Falsworth abruptly.

Gabe met Morita's eyes. "Damn it." He slung his bedroll onto the floor and sat down on a piece of broken chicken coop.

"What is it?"

"Jones..." Morita trailed off and set his own bedroll down.

They gazed at each other and Gabe saw the same disgust, same slowly subsiding shock, same confusion on Morita as he himself was feeling. Yeah, all right, even though the rules were pretty clear on this kind of thing, they all knew it went on anyway. But this was their CO they were talking about. Their CO and their sniper, and it hadn't sounded like just a friendly hand job to relieve tension. It had sounded a hell of a lot more serious. And ongoing. And... and if he and Morita kept quiet, and Cap and Barnes were found out later, what would happen if it came out that he and Morita had known and never said anything, and...

"We have to," said Morita, rubbing the space between his eyebrows. "Jesus Christ. We have to tell them."

Gabe put his head in his hands and rubbed his face. They were heading back to the base tomorrow first thing, through enemy territory, they were all exhausted, all he'd wanted was one good night's sleep before a three-hour march...

God damn it.

He raised his head. "Yeah, we do." He looked up at Falsworth, Dernier, and Dugan, and swallowed hard, feeling sick. He waved at the tumbled-over barrels and remnants of walls around them. "You're gonna want to sit down for this," he said heavily.