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Trying Something

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He saw her laughing
one day as she walked away
to the place she stayed.

She intrigues me, thought
the boy who was champion.
I want what I see.

He ran for his cape,
red, it was, to keep harm out.
He carried his wand.

Something else to woo
this giant of a lady.
Perhaps some dinner.

"We have chops and beets,"
said all the lively house elves,
helpful and so cute.

"I'll be back for you,"
he grunted, eyeing Dobby.
"You can be my snack."

Running through the door,
Madame Maxime on his mind,
he ran into Snape.

"Pardon," he stuttered,
"I wasn't watching the door.
Pardon again, sir."

"Potter, five points off
your house's lot, I'm taking."
The professor glared.

"Fine, you slimy git,"
but Snape was moving away
and never heard him.

Olive-skin prevailed,
sending him for the exit.
Peace. All was quiet.

"I want you," he screamed.
The quiet shattered at once,
heads popping out doors.

"My dearest Madame,"
he cried, "I don't want to go.
Tell me I can stay."

"Mon Petit Harry,
you are a child with much I
wish to possess. Come."

Her voice was like fire,
crackling with heat, roaring hot
against his smooth skin.

The door of the coach
swung wide, her figure looming
against the darkness.

Her great arm beckoned,
drawing him forward to her
sizable portions.

"Have you had dinner?"
He pulled out lamb chops and beets,
enticing her lust.

Thoughts of house elf love,
after this meal and super-
sized love, gave him pain.

"Hurry and eat, love.
I need you to show me how
love can truly be."

"Not love," she murmured
around the t-bone of meat.
"What we do is more."

Her lips demanded
what her body desired most,
his manhood inside.

They petted and kissed,
each exploring body parts
normally covered.

His name on her lips
rocked the carriage as she came,
her skin glistening.

"This time," she grunted,
"I want you to scream with me.
Move heaven and earth."

A candle sputtered.
She leaned over and blew air,
dousing smoky flame.

Next, she moved to him,
blowing on his skin so moist.
In response, he moaned.

"Madame," he stuttered,
his body tightened, ready.
"Tell me you want me."

"I want you. No. Need."
Her loud voice deepened as he
slid himself in her.

For one so large, she
was a tight fit. His breath hissed
as heaven did move.

She bucked up, tossing
him high against the ceiling.
"Hold on tight" she growled.

He let go, afraid
she would pull him down to her.
"Gently," he whined, scared.

"You are champion.
Act like one. I want to hurt."
He knew he was lost.

It all went downhill
when she decided to change
and spend time on top.

His cries went unheard,
his mouth covered. All was lost
until she moved off.

Gulping breaths of air,
he discovered her snoring,
lying on her side.

His body sated
for the present, he got dressed.
The beets were stone cold.

Exiting the room,
Harry pulled on his red cape.
Now, for the house elf.