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Black Velvet

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Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell

Jimmy Rodgers on the Victrola up high

Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder "

  He felt so cold lying in this dank alleyway. His hand was shaking, trying to hold the gaping wound in his stomach closed. It wouldn't be long now. August Park would call this dead end his grave. 19 years of relative peace, minor racism, and a guaranteed job of taking over the family apothecary thrown right out the Goddamn window. All he wanted was a nice night out with his so called friends. Instead he's gunned down and robbed by them. Story of his life.

  His mother and father immigrated over to the US in 1903 and had him in 04. They settled in a small house situated on a nice patch of land outside San Francisco. His father grew different herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to sell and his mother offer helped when he didn't require her full attention as a baby. They named him August to fit in and sent him to school. He learned English, but also his parent’s native tongue. By the time he was 14 his parents made a respectable business of selling home remedies and teas from their gardens and orchards. They expanded their home and even had a modest conservatory built for him to grow his own things. His life was great up until this night. Jealousy was an ugly thing.

  The sound of clicking heels on pavement shocked August out of his thoughts. He glanced towards the entrance of the alley to see a silhouette of a woman approaching him. He squinted to try and get a better look at her but was failing miserably. His vision was already blurring. The blood loss was getting to him now.

"My you are a pretty one, for a boy that is." A husky and alluring voice said from above him. "I guess you're at least a little bit worth testing out this whole maker thing."

August finally gave in to the growing drowsiness and closed his eyes. He just wanted this to be over.

"The sun is settin' like molasses in the sky"

  August's eyes snapped open to only see darkness. His breath hitched as fear started to set in. He was alone, in the dark, and everything around him was shifting. The smell of wet earth surrounded him. He was buried in the ground. He started to panic, desperately clawing his way through dirt and forcing himself up through the shifting earth. He could feel tears starting to roll down his cheeks as his panic attack fully set it. He clawed through dirt faster and faster until he grasped air. He felt hope blossom in his chest as he pulled himself up higher. Then with a final push He broke free of his supposed grave. He looked around him to see he was in a graveyard near the small church he attended with his parents. His nerves continue to skyrocket as he tried to remember how he got buried in the first place. Had those bastards buried him?  Did some passerby take pity and bury his supposed dead body? What the fuck was happening to him?

  At that moment he realized something and paused in his mind ramblings. He shakily placed his hand upon his chest and froze. He had no heartbeat. HE HAD NO FUCKING HEARTBEAT! Something was very wrong with him. All this time he has been taking unnecessary breaths. What was he? Was he a monster like in his books or a spirit walking the earth? So many possibilities started to trickle into his mind that he didn't notice a figure walking up to him.

"Well, you certainly don't waste time." A voice said causing him to yelp in surprise.

In front of him there stood a tall and beautiful blonde woman. She practically radiated wealth and prosperity in an almost sinful way. She smirked at him before crouching before him. Her glittering beaded gown catching the light with every move she made.

"I am your maker." She told him with a wide grin. "And you are my childe."

  August continued to watch her in silence. He honestly did not know what to say. This woman knew where he was and how he got in the ground. He needed to know everything before He would act out irrationally.

"Tell me your name little lamb, so I know who it is I have turned." She demanded of him.

  August shifted as he grew uncomfortable under her piercing stare. She patiently waited until he finally found his words.

"August." He mumbled out. "August Park, and what do you mean maker?"

  She let out a breathy chuckle and grabbed his chin tilting his face up to meet her gaze.

"You're a vampire now sweet stuff."

August nearly choked on his tongue in disbelief.

"Are you serious, like in the Bram Stoker novel?" August asked in disbelief.

The woman scoffed at him.

She pulled him to his feet and stared at his dirt covered form in disgust.

"Before I explain anything you are getting cleaned up." She said.

  August continued to look at her in wonder. She said he was a vampire and that in itself was amazing. Creatures he only knew from books were real, and now he was one of them. What about his parents? Fuck his so called friends, but his parents were his world. He had to know what would happen to them. He looked to his maker with curious and determined eyes.

"What is your name and what about my parents?" He asked.

She gave him a wicked smile and started pulling him toward the town.

"I am Pam, and starting tonight I am your parent little boy." She chuckled.

"The boy could sing, knew how to move ev'rything"


Pam scoffed as her maker appeared from the sky startling August from his spot on a stone bench. He hastily picked himself up and sat back down trying to appear as if he didn't just fall over in fright. The man towered over him with a heated glare on his face.

"Pam, what did you do?" He asked her without taking his eyes off of the other male.

"I made him; I wanted to know what it was like to be a maker." She said stubbornly.

"So you just went out and turned the first human you came across?!" He growled.

Pam scoffed and turned to August to give him a thoughtful look. He broke eye contact with her as his nerves got the best of him.

"Oh course not, look at him." She said tilting the baby vamp's chin up. "He's got the face of an angel, besides his little friends shot him and left him for dead I had to turn him."

"That is no excuse Pamela." Eric said still glaring at his new grandchilde. "What of his relatives, surely he couldn't be out of his teens.”

"Its fine, I took him back to his little house and he told them he wanted to explore and discover new things, they bought it and now no one will get suspicious for a while." Pam said.

"Except for my so called friends."August muttered.

Eric stared him down before getting right in his face. He smirked at the nervous look in his eyes. The older vampire reached out caressing the long brunette hair on August's head. The little progeny peered up at him with wide curious eyes. He was cute in a "put in your pocket" sort of way. Pam must have seen something in this child in order to have turned him. Hopefully he could prove his worth to Eric. Soon.

"If you want to join my nest you have to lose a few things." Eric started with a smirk.

"Like what?" August questioned nervously.

The sound of feet hitting the pavement attracted all three's attention. A youthful looking male, with a small amused smile on his lips, approached them as if he hadn't just flown out of the sky. August watched with a look of shock. How the hell did they do that? The guy chuckled before he spoke with a very soothing, in August's opinion, voice.

"Now Eric that's no way to treat Pamela's new childe." He smiled. "You cannot judge him before you know anything about him."

Eric was amused by his maker's declaration. This would be a perfect opportunity to screw with the baby vamp. A little impromptu recreation was in order

"Godric you’re just in time." Eric grinned "I think we should have a little family bonding experience."

August felt the sudden need to run far away when all three grinned viciously down at him.

"Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for"


  The war brought about a new prosperity. The money August put in his first savings account back in 1916 had grown over the years it sat there and he had yet to touch it beyond adding something to it every month. Of course he moved banks to fit the times and not gain suspicion, but overall he found himself a very wealthy individual. It also helped that Eric taught him about stocks and investing. He took it upon himself to invest in several markets pertaining to books, entertainment, and even fashion.

  He took a particular liking to the work of Christian Dior. The glamorous style was aesthetically pleasing to him, specifically the evening dresses. He often dragged Pam out to play dress up. He praised his maker for her full hourglass figure. She put Veronica Lake to shame in the blonde bombshell department. Pam in turn did the same to him. She dressed August to the nines and even, on the occasions when he was coerced, got him to wear a dress or two if it flattered his figure enough, usually a tent or slip. Heels, however, became his go to shoe to wear anywhere, regardless of social norms. The whole experience brought out a new person in him.

  Of course he did have his dark period years prior. He mourned his parent's deaths and saw to their estate. He sold the family orchard to a struggling family for next to nothing in an act of goodwill. He buried them in the cemetery, but kept a lock of each of their hair in his mother's locket. He worked through his grief and eventually came to terms with it. Pam told him to suck it up and move on. He resented her for that until he finally did move on. She witnessed a lot of bloody tears during that time including one failed attempt to meet the sun. She was not, and made it extremely clear to him, going to take that shit from him again. So with a few well placed silver chain and basement threats, and some weird therapy sessions with Godric, August grew out of his 13 year depression and gave into his new life completely. He adopted a vigilante feeding pattern and brutally fed off and stole from those humans that preyed on the weak or committed despicable crimes. He then gave what he stole to the victims. He laughed when he learned that his actions got him the name "The Robin Hood Killer". He eventually had to stop killing them when he almost led the police to their nest. Eric had not been pleased by the close call. Pam found it amusing.

"Black velvet and that little boy smile"


  August laughed as he continued to dance to the music playing throughout the club. His dance partner for the night smiled as he watched the young vampire move freely around him. The chorus started August started to sing along.

"You are an obsession, You're my obsession, Who do you want me to be,
To make you sleep with me

  Godric chuckled at his grandchilde's progeny. He seemed to flourish in the Los Angeles nightlife. He had taken a particular liking to the fashion of this era, makeup and all, and dressed as if he was one of the pop stars he loved so much. He was currently moving his body in a pair of tight leopard print vinyl pants that seemed painted on. A loose black tank top that appeared to have gone through the shredder hung off his pale shoulders. A knee high pair of black, platform, thick heeled boots adorned his feet. August had bleached his long hair to a fair shade of blonde with lavender highlights. He looked like he lived for the club scene. It was moments like this that he saw the teenager that August appeared to be. His thoughts were cut short by arms wrapping around his neck. He glanced up into mischievous brown eyes.

"Thanks for hanging out with me Godric, Pam and Eric would never go clubbing with me." He said happily. "Pam complains about my clothes and Eric would have ditched me for a coke head to screw."

"It is of no inconvenience to me, I rather enjoy these moments with you." Godric replied wrapping an arm around the younger's waist.

"How come?" August asked with curiosity.

"I feel like an actual teenager and not a 2,000 year old beast."Godric answered swaying the two of them to the fast paced music.

  August was surprised by his answer but shook it off as a new song came on. He gasped at the familiar sax of careless whisper and quickly grabbed Godic's other hand forcing it around his waist. Godric gave him a questioning look, but shrugged it off as one of his quirky moments. August propped his chin upon Godric's shoulder as they continued to sway.

"I love George Michael so much, but never as much as Billy or David." August mumbled.

  Godric just smiled as August rambled on and on about his celebrity crushes. He just adored how innocent the near 100 year old vampire always seemed. If it wasn't for the vicious way he went about feeding, he always insisted on humans with cruel intentions, He would never have believed August was a vampire.

"Hey we should go see a movie tomorrow." August said excitedly.

"Of course what would you like to see little one." Godric chuckled.

"The Goonies definitely, it looks so exciting." August grinned down at him.

"The Goonies it is then.” Godric replied.

"It's a date." August chirped snuggling into the elder’s embrace.

  August truly did enjoy time with Godric. He was perfect in August's eyes and nothing could reach him on the pedestal the young vampire placed him on. He was an apex predator with eyes like Bambi; he was everything August wanted to be as a vampire. Pam already adored and doted on him. Eric had warmed up to him immensely over the past 40 years. Of course it also helped that they fucked a few times. Now Godric seemed to have taken to him as well. After his parents died he found closure with this family. His vampire family.

"Black velvet with that slow southern style"


  The cat was literally out of the bag.  Vampires came out and adapted to being in the open. August had a large greenhouse built on as an addition to Eric's mansion just outside Shreveport. It was practically a swamp themed herpetarium since he had basically adopted a congregation of alligators. He denied this to his maker, of course, claiming that there were other areas in the greenhouse filled with other types of flora not native to the south. Pam continues to call it the gator exhibit.

  Eric, being the successful sheriff he was, immediately seized opportunity and started a club in Shreveport some time after the great revelation. He called it Fangtasia.  August laughed so hard he had the bleeds. He even went as far as watching Fantasia every time Eric came to his sitting room. He developed a fondness for the pastoral symphony segment and ended up painting his suite to mimic it. August made sure every single centaur from the segment graced the walls and then added his family to it. Pam and He were visible right when you enter the door in all their perfect glory. Godric was placed a little off from them basking in the sun that would have come through the french doors leading to a modest balcony, had he not put up blackout curtains. Eric was painted next to the archway leading to his bedroom on a golden throne with a flower crown atop his head. The actual Eric was not amused. Pam liked the rosy pink and blonde portrayal of herself.

  Godric visited on occasion when he could break from sheriff business. They often spent days at a time holed up in August's bedroom watching old vhs movies and playing games. It was something they decided as a way to reconnect with Godric's lost youth. It was not surprising to find the two coiled around one another in their sleep, or cuddled up with Godric reading aloud to his young companion. Eric grew curious of their closeness and even questioned their intentions for one another. The answer he received from both was simple. "It just feels natural."

  Pam was in four words his, "Ride or Die Bitch", since he refused to call her mom. They shopped, gossiped, and snarked together. If anything she was that aunt a mom would always tell their child not to embody. They continued their decade’s long tradition of dress up games well into coming out of the closet. Pam even got them into The Victoria's Secret fashion show every year since its conception after she learned of August's weird obsession with expensive lingerie. He practically had a fetish for it much to her amusement. August had become her protégé and learned quickly what was and wasn't acceptable to vampire culture. He was the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing and she played off of that every chance she got with their dress up sessions. August made her proud; she guessed that is what Godric felt for Eric, and in turn, Eric for her. She didn't feel any regret for turning him. He no longer felt upset for being turned.

Everything was working out fine in their little family, until Sookie Stackhouse came to their bar. 

"A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please "

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  It was early in August's opinion. He had just finished showering and needed to feed his babies. He walked through the quiet house, if you could actually call it that, in his robe absentmindedly humming as he approached the kitchen. It was spotless and remained so since it was barely used. He opened a large walk in freezer and set about grabbing large haunches of meat from the hooks inside. He then started to prep them to defrost in the oven until they were warm and rare. August sighed as he went back to his room to dress for the night, but before he could reach his door Satan in heels blocked his path. She wore a black corset with a floor length fitted skirt. Her heels kept the hem from dragging across the floor. Her hair was pulled up into an artful bun with her loose curls and her make-up was flawless as usual. August groaned knowing exactly what she was about to ask.

"We need you to work the bar with Longshadow tonight angel face." Pam stated.

August grimaced pushing past her and entering his room heading for his closet. She followed at a more subdued pace.

"No, I don't wanna dress like a god damn dominatrix tonight." August groaned carding through his many oversized sweaters.

"And you think I do." She scowled moving past him as she went through his clothes to put an outfit together. "Also Eric told me to tell you that if you don't come we are having another family bonding session."

August flinched at her words as she shoved clothes into his arms. He glanced down and scowled. Stripping off his robe he pulled on the death trap outfit she gave him with practiced ease. He now wore a black halter latex crop top that ended just below his ribs showing off his jiggly puff naval ring. A matching pair of low riding skinny pants went with it. He felt constricted. August grumbled passing his smirking maker to grab a pair of black platform pumps. He slipped them on and stalked back to the kitchen.

He pulled the rare meat from the oven and made his way to his greenhouse. He approached a man-made swamp at the center of the greenhouse and was greeted to the sight of four waiting gators. He smiled in genuine affection before cooing at the beasts.

"Hello babies how are you tonight?"

A collection of hisses and growls was heard from the four gators as they started to slink towards his form. He fawned over them as they held their mouths open for food.

"Here you go Jang-mi, Sigrid, Victor, Hyun-soo." He grinned tossing each gator a haunch of meat as he called their name.

Pam appeared at the large French doors leading back into the main house. She watched her child go about petting and coddling his pets before finally calling for his attention.

"Come on sweet stuff let's do your hair before we go entertain the blood bags." She said turning to go back inside.

August sighed before tossing his gators the last of the meat. He walked back inside and washed his hands before approaching his maker. She gestured for him to turn around and proceeded to give him two fishtail braids. She then pinned them to his head in two buns. Pam turned him around to face her and lined his eyes in a black coal liner.

"There, now come on were running behind." She said in a bored drawl.

"Yes mam." August grinned.


August swayed his hips to the dance remix of Don't Fear the Reaper. He poured drinks and fetched tru bloods all with a fake smile on his lips. He walked the floor distributing drinks all while cursing the grabby hands. He glanced over to the door to see his maker speaking with Bill Compton and some unknown girl. He smirked and continued his rounds. Shit was getting interesting.  He focused on their conversation to get an idea of why they were here.

"This feels a little bit like what a vampire bar would look like if it were a ride at Disney World." He heard the girl say.

August grinned in amusement. She had absolutely no fucking clue what she just walked into. As he headed back toward the bar he passed a male dancer. The dancer grabbed his shoulder to stall him. August looked up at the other vampire with curious eyes. The other male leaned down and licked August's upturned lips. In a quick motion August caught said tongue with his teeth giving the other vampire a dominate stare. He leaned in closer to the dancer and pressed his lips the others in a forceful kiss. He smirked pulling away from the male and gave him a wink before continuing on his way to the bar. Long shadow was smirking at him and nodded back towards the dancer.

"Don't you even fucking start asshole." August growled. "He knows he means nothing, he just wants more tips, the fucker."

"Oh, but you seemed to enjoy it?" Longshadow grinned.

"Whatever, now what goes to bill and his doll?" August grunted with mischievous eyes.

"The O negative and gin and tonic." Longshadow chuckled.

August picks up the glasses and walks over to the couples table. He sets the drinks down and gives the two a smile so bright a Disney princess would be jealous.

"Hi Bill, long time no see." He said in a sugary voice. "Who's your cupcake?"

Bill hesitated before replying.

"Sookie this is August he works with Pam." He said.

"It's real nice to meet you." She said with a nervous smile.

August simply smiled looking her over before leaving the two alone.

"What is with vampires and not returning a greeting?" He heard her say as he made his way up to the main stage.

He sat himself on the arm of Eric's throne and turned to whisper in the Viking’s ear.

"You look so bored up here boss, what's up I figured you would have a snack by now?" August smiled as he lit a cigarette and inhaled before blowing it up to the ceiling.

Eric ignored him, not looking at the bald man with a mustache who is kneeling in front of him. The man touches Eric's knee, and as if by reflex is kicked away. The bald man flies halfway across the club, and lands on the floor, bleeding from a cut above his right temple. As he tries to get up, he is approached by a young-looking female vampire with her short hair and a black leather dress. August smirks as she takes advantage of the dazed man and leads him away. Eric tilts his head towards the smiling male beside him.

"Nothing has been particularly interesting to me." Eric told him.

Pam made her way onstage with a devious smirk. August returned it as he leaned against the back of Eric's throne.

"Bill Compton's here and his pet is asking an awful lot of questions." Pam stated.

Eric turned to the couple with a slight frown.

"The little cupcake is too curious for her own good." August pouted. "It's rude to not ask the actual owner for permission to question the staff."

Eric, Pam, and August all stare at the couple with neutral faces. Eric raises his right hand and motions to Bill to come on stage. Bill takes Sookie's hand and they leave their table. Pam leans on the opposite side of Eric's throne as they step forward.  August tilted his head onto the Viking’s shoulder.

"Bill Compton, It has been a while." Eric said

"Yes, well...I've been... "Bill started hesitantly before he was cut off by Eric.

"Mainstreaming, I heard. I see that is..." He started. "...going well for you. "

"Yes, of course." Bill said anxiously. "Eric, this is my friend..."

"Sookie Stackhouse." Eric cut him off.

"How do you know my name?" She asked nervously.

Pam smiled sharply before answering her question for Eric.

"I never forget a pretty face, you're in my vault."

"And who could forget such an innocent speck in a sea of sin." August said cryptically earning a snort from his maker.

"Great, that's just great." Sookie replied giving August a cautious glance before turning to Eric. "It's nice to meet you."

"Well, aren't you sweet." He said to her with an intense stare.

"Not really." Sookie fires back in faux confidence.

  August stares her down in contemplation making the girl shift uncomfortably. What is it about her that is so off? He had noticed that Eric was getting more interested. He took another drag of his cancer stick and blew the smoke out of his nose in an intimidating gesture.

"Miss Stackhouse, I understand you've been asking questions about some of my customers." Eric said.

"Yes, I have." She said in a rushed tone.

"If you have anything to ask, you should ask it of me." Eric says with a demanding look in his eyes.

"All rightie." She replied.

Sookie pulls out two photos and hands them over to Eric. August and Pam look over his shoulders to see.  August smirked seeing a familiar pretty face.

"You recognize either one of these girls?" She asked expectantly watching them look over the pictures.

"This one offered herself to me, but I found her too pathetic for my attentions." Eric said after viewing the older woman's photo and moving on to the younger. "Now, this one, however I have tasted."

"I remember 'em both." Pam smirked.

"On account of the vault?" Sookie sneered, causing Bill to tighten his grip on her.

"On account of the pretty dark haired one can ride dick like a champ." August grinned crassly putting his cigarette out on his heel as Sookie’s face scrunched up at his words.

"I never had either of them, though." Pam said grinning at her childe's lewd statement. "They weren't really my type."

"Well thank you very much and that is all your time I need to take." Sookie said taking back the photos hoping to rush out of the club.

"I'm not finished with you yet." Eric smiles in a misleading way which is mirrored by Pam and August. "Please sit."

Sookie sits in the chair beside the three vampires. Bill remains standing in front of Eric as the Viking keeps watching Sookie with interest.

"So Bill, are you quite attached to your friend?" Eric asked.

"She is mine!" Bill growled out.

"Yes. I am his." Sookie quickly followed making August chuckle at her attempt to sound calm.

Eric stares at Sookie intently. August started to absently twirl bits of the Viking's hair as he silently laughed at Bill's growing discomfort.

"What a pity ....for me." Eric said as he turned to look at Bill. "Sit with us, we have catching up to do. It has been too long."

"Yes." Bill hesitantly replies as he sits down opposite Sookie.

August notices the human girl making odd faces. He turns to his maker to see her taking enjoyment in Bill's misery. Eric was still showing off his inner cat by staring down Sookie without even blinking. She broke the amusing silence with an out of the ordinary statement.

"We have to get out of here.” She says glancing around the bar nervously.

"Sookie... “Bill says putting all the vampires on edge.

“Eric, the cops are coming there's gonna be a raid." Sookie said alarmed.

"You're not an undercover cop, are... “Eric started with a weary voice before Sookie cut him off.

"I'm not, but that man in the hat is."

"Even if you're right, we do nothing illegal here." Eric said.

Sookie looks as If she's concentrating really hard.

"There's a vampire named Taryn in the ladies' room with that man you kicked before. She's feeding on him."

Pam, Eric, and August all looked at her with apprehension.

"How do you know this?" Pam asked.

"FREEZE!" A loud voice cut through the sound of the club causing all heads to turn their way.

"POLICE, FREEZE DON'T MOVE!" The cop yells as the crowd starts running to get out.

"Follow me." Eric says as he leads them to an exit door at the back of the club. Bill picks up Sookie in his arms as Eric, August and Pam start to move away.

"I enjoyed meeting you, Miss Stackhouse. You will come again." Eric smirked at them and August blew the couple a kiss and waved before the three vampires took off for their home.



August moaned in relief as he stripped off the offending black monstrosity. The eternal teen wanted to burn it so badly, but feared his maker’s wrath since he had a nasty habit of destroying his work clothes. He pulled on a fluffy beige sweater along with a comfortable pair of mint leggings. August emerged from his closet only to come face to chest with Eric's shirt. He peered up at the tall Viking wondering what he wanted. Eric cupped the back of his neck drawing the shorter male's face up to look in his eyes.

"I saw your little kiss with the entertainment." Eric said casually. "Do you enjoy toying with my employees that much?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." August grinned draping his arms around his elder's neck. "But I'd much rather toy with you Seo-bang."

Eric smirked as he backed August into his bedroom. They needed to let off some steam after all of the chaos that just happened. August couldn't complain. He never would. He knew he was being used, but he can't help it. He is stupidly in love with Eric Northman, a man who probably would never feel the same way. August couldn't explain the deep seeded attraction to the blonde and probably never would.

Chapter Text

 The sun had barely set when August snapped awake.  His mind drifted to the meeting of the Stackhouse girl.  It was eating him up inside to think of how much attention Eric gave her.  August released an unnecessary sigh in frustration.  Maybe he should assert himself to make Eric think of nothing but him.  A soft chuckle escaped his lips at the ridiculous idea.

  The loud blaring of his ringtone attracted his attention.  He crawled across the bed to reach his nightstand.  He picked up the phone and grinned upon seeing who it was.  He quickly answered.

“Hi, Godric.”

“Hello, little one.”

  The older vampire’s voice was always so calming.  August would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy hearing it often.  It was as if the man’s every word was a soothing lullaby trying to put his nerves at ease.

“When should I expect you back in Shreveport? August smiled cheerfully. “You know I hate not seeing that gorgeous face of yours every day.”

  Godric chuckled at the brunette’s words before answering.

“I’m afraid I will not be making a trip there anytime soon August.”

“Aw, but I wanted to flaunt our love in front of Eric so that he knows I am the favorite.”

“You shouldn’t tease him, he does bite back.”

  August could practically feel the smirk through the phone.  He wanted to laugh at the joke but was yet again hit with thoughts of the Stackhouse girl.

“What has made you so quiet Solsken?”  Godric asked worriedly.

  A frown marred his usually angelic face.  He bit his lip anxiously before answering.

“Someone caught Eric’s attention.” He started. “I think he might forget about me if he pursues her.”

  A sigh escapes the elder.  He had known for quite some time about the affections young August held for his progeny.  Eric, while passionate, would never devote it all to a single person.  He loves his childe and he loved August.  When he first learned of their more intimate encounters Godric brushed it off.  It wasn’t uncommon to sleep with your nest mates.  However, as the years went on he started to feel envious of his childe.  After spending so much time with August, Godric started harboring a lot more than affection for the eternal teen.  His smile lit up any room he walked into. That teasing voice always made it seem as if he was up to no good.  Those big brown eyes always expressing his emotions.  Godric never lied to August about his feelings toward him.  He did truly love him.  It was just that the kind of love had changed. 

“Worry not little one, no one could ever compare to you.”

  August smiled at the elder’s words.  Godric was a saint. 

“I think I might do a bit of detective work.”  He grinned. “Find out where she works and scare her a bit.”

“I suppose, but you must be careful,”  Godric said worriedly.

“Of course I know you would worry otherwise.”  August grinned. “Love you, Godric.”

“And I you, Solsken.”


“Maybe I’ll come visit you since your so busy.”  August said after a few seconds of silence.

“There is no need, I am sure Eric and Pamela would not appreciate another of you last minute excursions.”  Godric chuckled.

“That was one time and I had to go.”  August whined. “It was the 90’s and I was in love with Gackt don’t you judge me.  I don’t regret going to that concert either.”

  Godric started to truly laugh bringing a smile to August’s face.

“I do really love you Godric, no one has ever done as much for me as you have and I would never give up the time I’ve spent with you for anything.”  He said honestly. “So promise me that If you ever feel like I did in my darkest hour you will let me know.”

Godric frowned lost in thought before answering.

“I Promise, I shall speak with you later little one.”

“Ok, bye.”


  August ended the call not truly understanding how deep his words impacted the older vamp.  He rushed to his closet until he found the ONLY flannel he owned.  He threw it on over one of Eric’s discarded black wife beaters.  One pair of loose jeans, doc martins, and a saints snapback later he was out the door to the garage. He gravitated toward his jeep wrangler and smirked.  If there was one important thing He learned from  Eric it was how to act.  He knew he could play the New Orleans-born college kid as if he was born to be it.  He hopped in his jeep and headed for a place called Bon Temps.  Pam casually lets the girl’s town name slip the night of the raid.  He was going to have fun.   


  Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.  This seemed like a good place to start his search for the Stackhouse cupcake.  August strolled into the restaurant giving off the impression of a tired youth.  A red head approached him with a cautious smile. 

“Table for one?”  She asked.

“Yes mam.” He grinned at her trying to appear as innocent as possible.

  She relaxed a bit and led me to a table next to a group of three men.  She handed him a menu and then seemed to tense up even more.

“Can I get you anything to drink?”

  August glanced down at the menu as if to ponder his choices before smiling up at the scared waitress.

“I’ll have a blue moon if you have any.”

  She immediately relaxed as if the world was lifted from her shoulders.  She gave him a wide friendly smile before nodding.  He held out his fake id to the woman.  She looked it over before handing it back.

“Of course hun, I’ll run and get that for you while you look over the menu.”

  He politely smiled back before looking back at the menu.  He had no idea what a lot of the things on the menu were so he decided on something he knew he could fake his way through eating. Fries.  He heard a throat clear beside him and turned to find three pairs of curious eyes.  He gave the men one of his “I –am-the-epitome-of-innocence-so-love-me” smiles. 

“Can I help you?.”

“Hey, you new to Bon Temps?” A handsome sandy blonde grinned at him, he was sweaty and very easy on the eyes.

“Sort of.”  August replied as the red head returned with his beer.  He ordered a basket of fries before turning back to the men. “I’m just passing through on my way back to school.”

“That’s pretty neat what are you studying?”  The adorable brunette asked.

 August wanted to coo at him as if he were a baby.  He bet the man was a momma’s boy.

“Well I’m double majoring in history and foreign languages.”

  The men looked shocked.

“Damn.” The blonde said.

“That there a lot ta take on.”  The man with the goatee added.

“I’m ambitious.” August grinned. “So who are you?”

“Well I’m Jason Stackhouse, that’s Hoyt Fortenberry and lastly Rene Lenier.”  Jason said pointing at each of then when he said their name.

  August frowned up at Jason’s surname.  Could he be related to her? 

“I’m August Park.”

  Just then August heard a commotion from the kitchen and smirked as a built man in a headscarf walked from the back carrying a burger towards a booth full of rednecks.

“Oh, fudge.”  He heard the red-haired waitress say from the ticket window.

  Shit was about to go down and the vamp had a front row seat. 

”Scue me...Who ordered the hamburger... “He started placing the burger on the table in front of the three.  “...with AIDS?”

 The rednecks start to laugh.  August tilted his head curious to see what would happen next.

“I ordered the hamburger deluxe.” The scruffy one said with an attitude.

“In this restaurant, a hamburger deluxe come with fren' fries, lettuce, tomato and mayo...and AIDS!” The dark skinned cook replied yelling the last word for good measure.  “Do anybody got a problem with that?”

“Yeah! I'm an American. And I got a say in who makes my food.”  The rude man continued on digging himself into an early grave.

“Well baby, it's too late for that. been breedin' your cows, raising your chickens, even brewin' your beer long before I walked my sexy ass up in this . Everything on your damn table got AIDS.”  The cook replied in a sassy tone.

“You still ain't makin' me eat no AIDS burger.”  The scruffy redneck argued back.

The man leaned over closer to the redneck.

“Well, all you gotta do is say "hold the AIDS." Here... “He said taking the bun off the burger and licking it before shoving it into the rude man’s face.

 “ it!”  The cook yelled.

 The other two men get up to hit the cook, but he punches each of them. The scruffy one tries to hit him, but gets gut-punched and a mean uppercut to the jaw. The cook then picks up the plate and looks at the three groaning men.

“Bitch, you come in my house, you gonna eat my food the way I make it! Do you understand me?”  He yells at them.

 He then drops the plate onto scruffy’s lap, Who glares and knocks the plate off his lap.

“Tip your waitress!”  He yells at them.  

  August clapped his hands and cheered for the cook.  That was the most beautiful thing he had seen in ages.  The man turns around, walks past Jason who gives him a high five.  August catches the cooks eye and crooks his finger at the man.  He walked over cautiously since August had yet to stop smiling.  When He got close enough to the table August reached up and tugged his tank collar down so that the cook was on eye level with him.

“I think you deserve a reward for that brilliant show you just gave me.”  August said sliding his hand up to the others cheek.  He pulled the cook into a slow soft peck before letting him go with a satisfied grin.

“Shit baby,  I wish all my customers thought to complement me like you.”  He smirked down at the vampire.

“Can’t nobody think like me.”  August said.  “What’s your name babe ?”

“Lafayette, sweetness.”

  August stood from his chair slipping a large tip onto the table along with what he owed and looked up into Lafayette’s eyes.

“Well, Lafayette you certainly turned this failed trip into an exciting evening.”  He smiled walking toward the exit.  “I will definitely be returning in the future.”

  The eternal teen blew him a kiss before leaving out the door.  The whole exchange gained the attention of the whole restraint. 

  Lafayette shook his head before heading back to the kitchen.  Arlene made her way over to the table he had vacated and gasped.

“What’s wrong cher?” Rene asked worriedly.

Arlene turned to face him and held up a crisp $100 dollar bill.  The men stared in shock at the tip not even noticing that the teen didn’t touch anything he ordered. 



  August returned home still chuckling over the ass kicking Lafayette gave the three men.  He barely made it to the stairs before Pam was in his face.  He groaned as a smirk rose on her face.

“And just where have you been?”  She stated looking down at his attire with a scowl.

“Out and about.”  He replied moving around her and heading upstairs humming as he went. 

  Pam scoffed following him as he made it to his closet.  He stripped and grabbed some lounge clothes before leaving back out.  He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  He placed his things on the pink marble counter top before hopping in.  He saw the outline of his maker through the glass door and sighed.

“What Pam?”   

“One of your overgrown lizards got in the house again.”  She drawled.  I threw it back in its pond, but you’re cleaning up the mud it tracked onto the floor.”

  August groaned and continued to wash his hair.  He heard the click of heels leaving his room and sighed.  She just had to kill his happy time.   He frowned at the thought of his gator babies.  He knew they were close to adulthood and needed to be put back in the wild.  He would miss them and Pam just had to keep reminding him that they were getting bigger.  It won’t be long till their out on their own and he’s crying bloody tears over it.  Maybe a call to Godric will ease his sad thoughts.

  His bathroom door is opened yet again as Eric strides in with a smirk on his face.

“I need you to work tomorrow.”  He said leaning against the wall watching August rinse off. 

“Fuck that I had plans to go buy a couple of new pairs of pumps.”   August scoffed.

  The shower door was snatched open and water turned off as Eric dragged the wet younger vamp out of the shower. 

“You are working.”  Eric stated glaring at the teen. “You can order you shoes online while you’re there.”   

“Can I use your card?”  August grinned pressing his body up against Eric’s.

“Fine.”  Eric scowled pushing him away to reveal the wet spots on his clothes from August pressing against him.  “You did that on purpose didn’t you?” 

“Yep.”  August laughed leaving behind an angry wet Viking.

Chapter Text

The club was packed that night. August did not feel up to working the bar again so he resigned himself to sit at Eric’s feet.  Pam would be pissed about him sitting on the stage floor, possibly getting the specially designed white, mid-thigh length, high collar, and sleeveless ruffle blouse dirty.  He laid his head against the blonde’s knee as he played resident evil on his cell phone.  Leon was a sexy fucker even in pixilated form. He had just shot two flight attendant zombies in the head when a message popped up on his screen.  He paused his game to open it and smiled.  It was Godric. 

GodricISlife:  Good evening little one I have a surprise for you.

  He sat up and immediately started to text him back asking what it was.  He let out a very unmanly squeal upon Godric’s answer, startling the group of young girls fawning over him from the front of the stage.  Eric, curious over the noise, also glanced down at the brunette.  He snatched the phone from the cheerful vampire’s hands earning a whine of despair from the teen.  He looked at the phone to see a picture of his maker holding up two tickets.  He tried to read what they were for, but was prevented from doing so by the eternal teen jumping into his lap and snatching it back.  He typed a reply to Godric before stuffing his phone back into his black leather shorts.

“You want to tell me what you and Godric are up to?”  Eric questioned as he adjusted himself on his throne to accommodate the new weight in his lap.

“Godric got us tickets to the Amanda Blank concert in Dallas!”  August grinned up at the elder vamp.  “I told him about it months ago and completely forgot about it.”

  Eric gave August a blank stare before rolling his eyes at the boy.

“You two are far too childish about these things.”  Eric snorted.

  August whipped his phone back out and hit the speed dial for Godric.  His smile grew as he heard the other line pick up.

“Hello August.” 

“GODRIC DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!” August squealed causing Eric to wince and shove the smaller male off his lap roughly.

  August laughed landing on his feet on the floor below the stage.  He turned back blowing a kiss to Eric before making his way to the office.

“I thought you said you were busy.”  August said.

 “I am, but I figured I deserve a break.”  Godric replied.  “I want to spend that break with you.”

  August smiled at his words.  He plopped himself on Eric’s desk and sighed. 

“So when am I coming?”

“Take a flight out tomorrow night; the concert is in three days so we can spend some time together before.”  Godric replied.

“It sounds an awful lot like your using me to get out of sheriff duties.”  August laughed.

“I have no clue what you mean little one.”  Godric smiled.

  August laughed but agreed to the arrangement.  They spoke for a little longer before August hung up.  He was incredibly excited. The brunette rushed back into the club and up to Eric.  Eric gave him an amused smile as he waited for August to speak. 

  “So I need to go to Dallas for the next three days.”  August grinned.

“Do you?” Eric replied. “What do I get in return for letting you off work?”

  August snorted.

“Technically I do not work here I just help out, and you have plenty of pole sluts that can take a break from dancing to carry a tray or two.”

  Eric smirked before standing up from his throne.  The human patrons stared on with bated breath.  He leaned down to Augusts’ height and planted a kiss to his forehead and patted him on the cheek.

“Have fun then, I expect you to come every day next week to make up for it.”

August scowled at the Vikings retreating form.


    After making sure that his babies were all set for meat while he was away August set about packing his small mint suitcase with both comfortable and club appropriate attire.  He was bubbling over with excitement.  Spending time with Godric was a rare occurrence now that vampires were out of the closet.  He took on his sheriff duties more and never had time for one of their movie nights or impromptu dates.  This was a chance August was not going to pass up. 

  The flight out was peaceful.  He wasn’t smashed into one of those uncomfortable travel coffins he hated.  Godric said that he would pick him up from the airport and then head to his home. This trip was a blessing in disguise.  August knew he needed to work on the unhealthy crush he had on Eric.  He didn’t want to be hurt and he knew with that blonde waitress around that there was a whole world of it waiting for him.  Godric would hopefully give him some insight. 

  An hour of flying later, the plane landed and August was making his way to the terminal gate with his bag.  Godric was waiting for him with a smile on his angelic features.  August grinned back rushing forward and jumping dramatically into the older vampire’s arms.


“I missed you so much.”  August said softly as he put his feet on the ground.


“And I you little one.”  Godric replied holding the other by his waist.


  The two left the airport and entered a waiting black SUV.  August scowled at the driver.


“Hey there chinamen back to give our sheriff trouble again?”  Stan smirked at him. 

“First of all, I’m Korean motherfucker, and second if anyone gives Godric problems it’s your bitchy wannabe cowboy ass.”  August growled back.

  Stan opened his mouth to retort but stopped short upon seeing the look of pure malice on Godric's face.


“Please do not insult my guests especially not one of my own blood.”  Godric said coldly.  “Now take us to my home Stan.”    


He nodded stiffly before turning his attention onto the road.  August smirked before leaning into Godric’s side.  Stan just painted a target on his back for August to fuck with him forever.  As if Godric sensed his train of thought the older vamp draped an arm over his shoulder pulling him close and smirking down at him.  They stayed that way until they pulled up to the gorgeous house Godric claimed as his nest. 

  The two got out of the car, Godric dismissing Stan as he grabbed August’s bag, and headed inside. August smiled taking in the familiar open floor plan of the house.  The clean modern furniture and architecture had a classical spin that made it seem homey.  Godric chuckled at the younger teen as he gazed around the main room.  It was adorable, like a kitten familiarizing themselves with new surroundings.

“Come Min Solsken we have a few hours before sunrise and I thought you might like to watch a few movies before we retire.”  Godric said as he walked upstairs to the master bedroom. 

  August grinned rushing after him. 

  The two settled in the ridiculously plush bed as Godric set up the first movie.  August whined when Godric refused to tell him what he picked.  The opening trailers only showed that it was going to be a Disney film, which got him even more excited.  August cuddled up to Godric and practically vibrated with excitement.  Then the menu popped up and showed that it was The Lion King.  August squealed in happiness squeezing Godric in a tight hug.


“I haven’t watched this in years!”  August cheered.  “Eric called a ban on it after I first saw it  and wouldn’t stop singing the songs for a month.”


  Godric gave him a disbelieving look before shaking his head and hitting play.  August was completely absorbed in the movie.  He gave the older vampire a scare when he started crying over Mufasa but otherwise all was going well. Then the jungle scene with Nala and Simba started.  August sighed and nuzzled into Godric’s shoulder.  Godric immediately focused in on the younger.  ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ started to play and August softly sang along.  Godric felt that this was the perfect time to start his plan.  The tickets for the concert were just to draw August to Dallas and get him alone.  Now that he was here in Godric’s bed and unassuming it was time for step 2.    

  Godric gently tapped the younger’s shoulder and got his attention, then he gave him a small smile and grasped August by his chin.  He pressed his lips to the younger vampire’s in a soft peck. He pulled back to see August with a glazed over look in his eyes.  The younger vamp bit his bottom lip as he stared down at his lap.  His mind was going 400 miles a minute and he was pretty much sure he was having a mental breakdown.  Godric kissed him.  He actually kissed him.  August could feel that warmth building in his chest at the thought.  Compared to Eric the kiss was super sweet like a fairy tale dipped in sugar and then covered in milk chocolate.  It was a saturated mess of bliss.  The kiss brought forth an epiphany.  He loved Godric far more than he had previously believed.  He thought back on every conversation, caress, and smile they had ever shared together.  The comfort they took in their puppy piles and childish sleepovers.  He was such an idiot.

  He looked up to meet the elder’s gaze and gave him a large smile.  He wrapped his arms around Godric’s neck drawing the shorter male back to his lips.  Godric leaned into the teen forcing him to lean back onto the bed.  A sudden feeling of possessive greed flared up within Godric.  He leaned down and sunk his teeth into the underside of Augusts Jaw.  The younger let out a choked moan and shivered as the elder rained loved bites across his neck and shoulders.  They never broke contact as August wrapped his legs around the elder’s waist and flipping them over.  He licked Godric’s lips silently asking for entrance.  Godric opened his mouth while trailing his hands down August’s spine.  A soft moan escaped the younger’s mouth as he gave himself over to the warmth and passion Godric was intent on drowning him in. 

  Clothes were carelessly cast aside as the ancient vampire lifted the smaller male’s hips to align his pelvis with August’s causing the taller to let out a gasp at the friction.

“Are you ready Min Solsken?”  He asked softly as his eyes stared into the warm chocolate orbs of his companion.

“For you, Always.”  August smiled.


Godric carded his fingers through the younger male’s hair as he slept.  It was early morning and Godric decided to indulge in the sight of Augusts’ sleeping face.  Last night was more than just sex.  It was the two of them joining in every sense of the word.  Godric smiled and settled down until he could tuck Augusts’ head under his chin.  He knew that their relationship had changed drastically.  Hopefully, it would be alright in the end.  August wasn’t the type to up and leave without stating every reason as to why he was going to.  Godric planted one final kiss to August’s temple before drifting into a dead sleep.

   The sun had just set when August awoke.  He tilted his head up to see the soft smiling face of his best friend.  He leaned up and pressed a soft slow kiss to the elder’s lips.  Godric returned it eagerly and pulled the other closer.  They pulled away and continued to gaze at one another. 

“Did you have a good rest little one, how are you feeling?”  Godric asked softly.

“Definitely.”  August grinned as he sat up in bed.  “But I am thirsty now thanks to that bleed fest I had over a cartoon lion.”


  Godric chuckled at the other teen as he watched August stand and move toward the bathroom.  He paused in the doorway to look back at Godric over his Shoulder.  He bit his bottom lip in anticipation before voicing his thoughts.

“Care to join me in the shower?”

  Godric’s fangs descended instantly as his eyes darkened with want.  In a flash, he was at the younger’s side taking in the sight of his smooth skin, long shapely legs, and soft pouty lips.  August smirked as he watched Godric checking him out.  He grabbed the others hand tugging him into the bathroom.  He couldn’t wait to have Godric inside him again.



  The concert was wild and the reminder of his time in Dallas was just as wild.  It seemed like he and Godric had barely left the house.  They had sex in every room of the house like a pair of newlyweds.  It was amazing.  Now they stood at the terminal gate as August was about to board.  He smiled down at Godric as they stood wrapped in one another’s arms. 

“I’ll miss you Godric.”  August said pecking his lips for the umpteenth time since they got to the airport. 

“And I you my Sunshine.”  Godric replied with a bright smile on his face.

  August stared in shock at the other.  It was the first time Godric called him that in anything but Swedish.  It made him grin stupidly back at the other teen.

“I promise I will give my decision in one week.  This was sudden but not unwelcome.  I kept you on this untouchable pedestal where I admired and loved you from a distance.  It never crossed my mind that my feelings would have been returned in the same way.  You make me happy Godric and I don’t think I could live without you regardless of our relationship status.  So give me this time to think over everything and figure out those feelings I have for Eric as well.  I don’t want to hurt you if what I feel is not just a crush I developed after my first time with him.” August confessed missing the flash of guilt in Godric’s eyes.   

  “Take however long you need I do not wish to rush your mind dear one.  You have told me of your feelings for Eric and I trust your decision.  I would be a hypocrite If I told you not to lay with him anymore considering my child and I often explored one another, even to this day.”  Godric replied in understanding.

“You and Eric fuck?”  August asked with wide glazed over eyes.

  His mind short-circuited at the idea as mental images of the two started playing out.  An involuntary moan escaped him causing Godric to smirk at him.

“What may I ask are you thinking about stygg räv?”  

August snapped out of his daydreams and grinned at the shorter vampire. 

”You and Eric screwing in my bed while I watch.”  

Godric snickered before outright laughing.  August smiled pulling out his phone to record the other laughing happily.  Godric calmed down enough to kiss August one last time.

”You are the most delightful creature I have ever had the pleasure of knowing my August.” 

”You bet I am.” August laughed. ”Love you Godric, i’ll miss you.”  

August waved blowing the other a kiss before rushing off to his plane.  Godric watched him with a soft smile until he could no longer see the other then it fell slowly. 

Chapter Text

If there was one thing August hated above all else when it came to working a night at Fangtasia, it was door duty. He fucking hated door duty. Nothing ever happened beyond a few underage kids trying to get by with shitty id. August was bored and Pam was not helping.

"Lighten up will you." Pam sighed. "You're scaring away potential clientele."

August scoffed looking over a guy's id before letting him inside.

"Look who's talking you and me both know that you would rather be tongue deep in some bar skank's snatch right now." He growled at his maker.

"Ooh someone is feisty this evening." She chuckled nodding a couple through. "What has gotten your panties in a twist?"

"Eric forced me to work all this week and then kicks me outside to be a fucking bouncer." August seethed.

"Well, at least I didn't have to force you to dress for the role." She snarked back.

August was dressed in a short black sleeveless leather romper unzipped to his collar bone. A pair of Christian Louboutin over the knee suede boots adorned his feet. His hair was haphazardly thrown up in a messy top knot and his makeup was done minimal and dark. He was killing it without even trying.

"Love the boots, New?" Pam asked waving a desperate looking fang banger through.

"Yes, courtesy of Eric's credit card." August smirked. "Best $2,195 he will ever spend."

"I trained you well." Pam chuckled patting his head like a puppy.

August turns his attention back to the parking lot when a familiar face approaches. He could smell the sweat and v wafting on him as if it were cologne. Jason walks up quickly to the front of the line. He stops at the red velvet rope separating him from Pam and August. He is dressed in a dark blue short-sleeved shirt, unbuttoned halfway, and looks around nervously before speaking.

"Hey." Jason said.

"Hi, Jason." August grinned.

Jason gave him a confused look. He looked the teen vamp over trying to recollect where he may have seen the other. August snorted at his helpless expression. Jason must have been craving V something fierce to show up here. It pissed him off that his little human pet project was so stupid and was taking V, but he didn't want to see him get maimed for that stupidity.

"August, from Merlotte's dear."

Recognition dawned on the blonde and he grinned pulling the brunette into a tight hug.

"Hey man good to see ya. Did you do something with your hair? You look great!" Jason grinned before turning to Pam not seeing the highly amused look on August's face.

"Your momma know you're out in the big city?" Pam asked.

"Well, my momma's dead." He replied back with a shrug.

"So am I. Let me see some ID." Pam replied bored.

Jason pulls out his ID and hands it to Pam. She looks at it and looks somewhat surprised at Jason.

"Jason Stackhouse, from Bon Temps?" She asked side eyeing August as the younger vamp grinned.

"Uh, huh." He nodded cutely. August couldn't help but imagine Jason as a wet puppy.

"You related to Sookie by any chance?" Pam asked cutting off August's daydreams of petting a dog-eared Jason.

"Uh, yeah. She's my sister. Well, how do you know her?" He asked a bit confused.

"She stands out. Do you?" Pam replied.

"Uh, no." Jason started nervously before giving a shy grin. "Maybe. In other...ways."

Pam gives the ID back to Jason.

"Why are you here?" August asked curiously reaching out to wipe a bit of sweat from Jason's forehead.

"Why? Well, you know, I was...I heard it was cool. I wanted to...check it out, see what's up. I'm one of those open-minded kinds of guys. Yeah." He replies stumbling over his words as he smiles awkwardly at the two vamps.

Pam gives August a pat on his shoulder pushing him back before staring into Jason's eyes. He stilled and stared back caught in her glamor.

"Tell me why you came here." She said firmly.

"I want some vampire blood." He said in a daze.

August snickered as Pam's eyebrow rose.

"What time do you get off work?" He asked causing August to lean against the wall quivering in amusement. Jason was officially his favorite human.

"You came for my blood?" Pam chuckles lightly. "Yeah, you're right. You're nothin' like your sister."

Pam stops the glamor leaving a confused looking Jason. August composed himself before looping his arm around Jason's waist. Pam exposes her fangs to him before nodding to the entrance.

"Go on in." She says. "August go pester Eric for a while."

August grinned at his maker as he led Jason around her.

"Good luck gettin' out." Pam said to Jason as he passed her.

August smiled at Jason and pinched his side to gain the blonde's attention. Jason looked over at the other with a wary grin.

"I like you Jason, but you're fucking with the wrong people right now. I don't know who got you hooked and I don't want you getting hurt because of your ignorance about what you are hooked on. So please do me a favor and stay out of trouble puppy I would miss you if you turned up drained in a ditch somewhere." August said softly pulling away from the other.

He pecked Jason's cheek before making his way toward Eric almost missing the "Did he call me puppy" from his favorite human.

August scowled at the Viking as he made his way up onto the dais. The older vampire pays him no mind as he continues to sit on his throne looking at his Blackberry. August plopped onto the small chair beside the throne and looked over the man's shoulder. Eric was watching an episode of Xena. August smirked.

"Got a thing for Lucy Lawless?" He asked.

"Fuck off." Eric replied without a glance in the younger's direction.

A blonde woman in a black shirt slowly made her way up to the base of the stage with a hopeful look in her eye. August tilted his head in her direction in curiosity.

"Excuse me?" She calls out causing Eric looks up from his Blackberry. "May I take a picture of you?"

Long shadow stands just behind her with a smirk on his face. Eric sits the phone in August's lap and faces the blond woman. He poses in a stereotypical vampire pose and exposes his fangs.

"You may." He says causing August to snort.

The blonde woman takes a camera phone from her purse, opens it, and points it at Eric to take his picture. As soon as the shutter sounds Long Shadow grabs the phone and smashes it to pieces against a nearby table.

"No pictures!" He growls

"He said I could take it." She claims.

"I did not say you could keep it." Eric replied.

Eric smirked and Long Shadow laugh at the blonde woman and she walks away in a huff.

"Y'all are so wrong for that." August snickered. "Getting her hopes up and then shattering her phone, such sadists."

"You know you loved it." Long Shadow grinned.

"I did." August sighed smiling down at the long haired vamp.

Long Shadow made his way back to the bar as August handed Eric's phone back. He leaned back scanning the club before eying the form of Jason speaking at the bar. An unknown woman started to drag him off causing August to frown in confusion. Eric poked his cheek to gain his attention.

"You never told me what you and Godric did on your trip."

"We watched the Lion King movies and had sex to Elton John songs." August told him with a straight face.

Eric gave him a small grin.

"You don't sugar coat it do you?"

"Nope, and he also told me that you have sex with each other."

"Of course we do." Eric replied with a purr to his voice. "It was our family bonding time after all."

August's jaw dropped before an adorable pout appeared on his face.

"That's not fair our bonding is nowhere near as fun as that."

"That is because we know you would enjoy it too much." Eric grinned.

August huffed turning away from the Viking's smirking face.


August sang as he swayed to the beat. Godric smiled softly at the scene through the computer's webcam. The sight of the young vampire rolling his hips in nothing but his She-Ra underoos and round unneeded glasses was cute and tempting.

"If you move any closer boy there is no guarantee

What I will do to you I fear it and it's scaring me

Like I've become some kind of demon in the night

You look so tasty I could eat you up alive."

August's hands roamed his body as he made eye contact with the elder. He gave a cute wink as he continued to sing.

"You always know how to lighten the mood little one." Godric chuckled leaning back to watch the last of the teen's dance.

"I aim to please." August smiled in return as he sat in his desk chair.

"Have you decided?" Godric asked.

"Yes, I have." August replied.

The past week that August worked the club's door gave him time to think. He weighed his feelings for Eric to see just how far they went. They were purely sexual and a bit platonic. It was like Eric was the hot step-brother in a porn and August the willing teen in tiny panties. Godric was the poster vamp of the boy next door, the Marius to his Armand, the ultimate wet dream husband for August. Godric was too good for this world and for August, but the teen wanted to be selfish. He wanted Godric all for himself. The happiness they share is addictive. From their nights spent in clubs surrounded by intoxicated humans, to their warm evenings in wrapped up together while they watched animated movies and crappy teen dramas. August was such a fuck.

August looked at his screen smiling softly. Godric gazed back at him in slight anticipation.

"I adore you Godric." He started with a grin. "I practically worship the ground you walk on anytime we are in the same room and I don't regret it. You are literally my everything.

Godric gave the other a warm smile before speaking.

"You are my very being Solsken and your words bring me so much joy, but that does not answer my question."

"YES!" August squealed loudly causing the ancient vampire to grin at the sound.

August leaned forward and kissed the screen where Godric's mouth was. He leaned back only to grin as Godric repeated the action on his end. They continued to gaze at one another before a thought suddenly made the younger to snort. Godric tilted his head in a questioning gaze.

"I just had a thought." August started as he stood from his chair. "We should give each other sickly cute nicknames and annoy the shit out of Eric."

He leaned against his desk unintentionally giving the older vampire a look down his top.

"It would piss him off and give us laugh material for weeks."

Godric stared down the teen with lustful eyes as a smirk appeared on his youthful face."

"I don't know Solsken, it might irritate him enough to never sleep with you again."

August paused. "What?"

"You didn't honestly think I would object to your escapades with Eric did you?" He grinned.

"Well yeah." August replied.

Godric laughed before shaking his head.

"I have no issue with my two most precious people sharing a bed because I know your heart is mine and mine is yours."

August faced away from the other contemplating Godric's words. He was ok with he and Eric fucking because he knows its only physical? Is that what he meant? August looked back over his shoulder to see Godric staring blatantly at his ass. He grinned swaying his hips a bit.

"I consider it more as a form of bonding than just screwing." August grinned. "How about we make this vid-chat more interesting?"

August scrolled through his iTunes to find a song before hitting play. As the song started August swayed to the beat and trailed his hands across his clothed chest.

Drop your glasses, shake your asses
Face screwed up like you having hot flashes
Which one, pick one, this one, classic
Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic

August smirked tugging at the bottom of his top. He slowly dragged it up revealing the new belly ring that read "Fang Me" in bright red letters. He winked at Godric who was leaning closer to his screen.

Why this, why that, lips stop askin'
Listen to me baby, relax and start passin'
Expressway, hair back, weavin' through the traffic
This one strong should be labeled as a hazard

The top was slowly tugged up over the teens head and cast aside leaving the vampire rolling his hips to the beat in nothing but his white undies.

Some of y'all niggas hot, sike I'm gassin'
Clowns I spot 'em and I can't stop laughin
Easy come, easy go, E-V gon' be lastin'
Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic

August started caressing himself again loving that Godric's full attention was on him. He grinned as he decided it was time to show the older vamp exactly what he would be getting.

Some of y'all ain't writin' well, too concerned with fashion
None of you ain't gizell, cat walk and imagine
Alotta why'all Hollywood, drama, passed it
Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it

August started rolling his stomach muscles in time with the beat. His hips swayed and bounced as the chorus started.

If I had to give you more

It's only been a year

Now I got my foot through the door

And I aint goin' nowhere


He hooked a finger through each side of his underwear and tugged them down bit by bit exposing sharp hipbones and hairless skin.


It took awhile to get me here

And I'm gonna take my time

Don't fight that good shit in your ear

Now let me blow ya mind


With a swift downward tug, the underwear was off and kicked aside. August smiled blowing a kiss to Godric. The older vampire sat speechless still processing the show. The song continued to play and August continued to dance giggling at the uncharacteristic feral look on the other's face.

Clapping startled August out of his teasing to face his door. Eric stood there gazing over the teen with an appreciative stare.

"I must say that was a spectacular show." He said making his way to August's desk chair and sitting in front of the webcam.

"Eric you shit, get out this is for Godric, not you." August growled dropping his fangs.

Eric smirked turning to his makers face with amused eyes. Godric smiled at his child a bit put out.

"Hello, Eric."

"Godric." He nodded turning back to the fuming teen. "Maybe we should put on a different show for him."

August looked puzzled as his fangs retracted.


Eric was quickly up and across the room in seconds. His hands rested firmly on the younger's waist. August eyes lit up in recognition before smirking. He looked over at the screen to see Godric's intense gaze on the two.

"Maybe we should." August said tilting his head up to place a kiss on Eric's uncovered neck as he looped his arms around the Viking's shoulders.

Eric dipped down planting an aggressive kiss onto the eternal teen's lips. August moaned before pushing the Viking onto his bed. He tuned picking up the laptop and bringing it over with him. He placed it by the headboard before crawling over to Eric.

"Hope you like seeing your most precious people fuck for you." August said straddling Eric's hips and winking at the camera. "Don't take your eyes of your prize baby."


Chapter Text

“YOU GONNA PAY FOR THIS YOU FAGGOT PIECE OF SHIT!”  The man screamed as four large gators followed his crawling form snapping at the man’s feet. 

  August sat in his wooden lounge chair filing his nails.  He was completely ignoring the man’s cries of fear.  When he was satisfied with his nail’s shape he grabbed the pistachio colored polish beside him and got ready to paint them.  A series of loud hisses and snapping followed by a wail of pure agony made the teen vamp turn to see what was happening.  A vicious grin started to stretch across his face as his babies tore into the man’s torn off leg.  Bits and pieces of bloody gore were splattered over the various rocks and plants surrounding them.  The man’s bloody stump was gushing blood and caused August to drop fang.  He slowly stood and made his way over to the crying excuse for a man.

“What was it you were telling me earlier?”  August chirped giving the scared man a faux thoughtful look.  “I’ll have you on your knees with tears in those pretty eyes when I fuck that tight little boy pussy of yours.”

  The man trembled in fear when August squatted down before him with a hard look in his eyes.  He remembered seeing the teen downtown earlier.  He was tempting in a cropped black hoodie and dark jean shorts.  When the boy bent over he nearly lost his mind.  He wanted the little twink.  He regretted his pursuit the moment those brown eyes stared him down.  How was he supposed to know the kid was a vamp?

 “You approached me, because you thought I was a child, with the intent to rape me.  I don’t take kindly to pedophiles.”  He started.  “So I am going to give you everything you deserve and more.”

  August smiled sweetly before turning to plant kisses on the gators heads.

“My precious babies are all in their early teens and they are just anxious to get a taste.”  August said before leaning into the man’s paling face.  “So I’m going to let them eat you all up.”    

“NO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS I SWEAR I WON’T DO IT AGAIN! I SWEAR!”  The man screamed as August walked back to his chair.

  The eternal teen smirked pulling out his iPod and putting on his headphones to drown out the sound of the man’s screams.  He resumed his nail painting as his gators ate their fill.  Seven songs and four full bellies later August felt a hand slide over his bare leg.  He looked up to see an amused Eric standing above him.  He pulled off his headphones and smiled up at his grand-maker.

“Can I help you?”  August said batting his eyelashes at the taller vampire.

“I can see that you have been having fun in my absence.”  He said looking over to one gator gnawing on a femur. 

“Of course, you know I get bored easy.”  August grinned.

  Eric smirked and sat by the younger vampire’s feet. 

“How would you feel about paying our dear Mr. Compton a visit?”

  August grinned sitting up on his knees in excitement.

“Can we fuck with him?”

“Absolutely.”  Eric replied




  August curled into Eric as they relaxed into the bath.  Eric shifted in order to play the next song on his iPod.  The lit candles and sounds of Swedish set up a peaceful atmosphere.  August tilted his chin up to look at the older male with a huge grin on his face.  Eric glanced down at him with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk.

“So, how much you wanna bet Bill will flip his shit when he finds out we fucked on his couch?”  August grinned.

“Oh I’m sure he will.”  Eric chuckled pulling some loose strands of August’s hair behind his pierced ear.  “I’m counting on it.”

  August laughed as he pressed his face into Eric’s neck and draped his arm over the edge of the tub behind the elder’s head.  He felt Eric curve an arm around his hips holding him in place.  It was times like this that August wished Godric was with him.  The need to touch the ancient vampire was near constant since the two teens got together.  Godric was very forward with his intentions, and now that August had accepted him it was like a weight off of his mind and his crush seemed to have disappeared.  The kiss and the otherworldly sex pretty much cemented it.  Sleeping with Eric was like a novelty.  He knew Godric didn’t mind the meaningless sex between them.  August still gets upset about their multiple escapades in the past with their hyperactive sexathons.  He would have jumped at the chance to join.  Godric even said that if Eric asked he would still bend over for his child.  If anything there would be a sure chance of threesomes in their future.  However, Eric’s new fascination with the Stackhouse girl was something that needed to be dealt with.    

  The front door of the house opening alerted the two to Bill’s return.  Neither of the two moved as they heard the other cautiously approach their position in his master bathroom.  The door opened and Bill crept in, but as soon as he saw who was in the room he scowled. 

“I texted you three times.” Eric said. “Why didn't you reply?”

“I hate usin' the number keys to type.”  Bill replied in disdain leaning on the door frame. “What are you listenin' to?”

  August snickered opening his eyes to glance up at the disgruntled vamp.  He received a glare for his amusement.  Eric released an unnecessary sigh before answering. 

“From my younger days, it’s really quite beautiful if you know Old Swedish.” He said. “I have a favor to ask of you.”

“A favor or an order?”  Bill asked.

  He crossed his arms defiantly as Eric turned to look at him.

“Depends on how you look at it. Honestly, did you think you could keep her to yourself?”  Eric replied.

  August frowned at those words.  He really needed to find a way to drag Eric’s attention away from that girl before something bad happened.

“I’ll bring her, now could you please get out of my bathtub?”  Bill bit out.

  August pouted but stood up in the tub allowing the two older vampires to see every bit of his naked body.  Water dripped off of his pale skin giving off a visage of sin incarnate.  Bill covered his eyes not wanting to see everything the eternal teen had to offer.  Eric blatantly stared as the brunette stepped out of the tub and walked around the southern vamp not bothering with a towel.

“See you later Bill hope your cupcake isn’t too useless.”  August said cheerily making his way downstairs to his clothes.

  Bill glared at Eric as the Viking stood up to follow the teen.

“Don’t disappoint me Bill.”




  August leaned onto his makers pink clad shoulder with boredom in his eyes.  He was happy to be in his comfortable clothing for once inside the club.  The solid white leggings and butter yellow poets blouse contrasted greatly against the red and black of the interior.  He didn’t want to be anywhere near the weird Stackhouse girl, but he also didn’t want to take his eyes off of her.  She could be some kind of witch for all he knew.

  August contemplated the pros and cons of draining one of the suspects when Eric finally decided to waltz in with all his giant Viking glory.

 “Pam, August, Longshadow and I are partners in this club.” Eric starts as he circles Sookie. Bill stares him down as he leans against the bar opposite of Pam and August.

“And we recently noticed that $60,000 has gone missing from our books. And Bruce…”  Eric stops behind the sweaty human and places a hand on his shoulder. “…is our accountant. Perhaps you can start by listening to him.”

“He's not saying anything.” Sookie snarked.

“Don't be coy.”  Eric said.  “It's humbling enough to turn to a human for assistance. We know what you can do.”

  August scoffed glancing down at his maker’s nails.  He grimaced at the shade of pink that resembled pig’s blood.  He really wanted to bitch slap the girl that did Pam’s nails.  Melody? Margo? Melinda?  Whatever the bitch’s name was, she had an ass whooping coming to her for her poor color skills.  Pam deserved better.

“And I know what you can do too. Why don't you just glamour him?”  Sookie replied with a no it all tone.

“Now, don't you think we might have tried everything before summoning you?”  Eric asked smoothly only to receive a blank stare from the blonde human.  “ would be a great favor to me and to Mr. Compton if you help us.”   

  The teen vamp dug through his bag and pulled out a bottle of nail polish remover, a file, cotton balls, and a bottle of baby pink polish.  He nudged his maker to get her attention.  She turned to him and rolled her eyes at the items before her.

“If I find out who did it, then what?”  Sookie asked demandingly.   

“We'll turn that person over to police and let the authorities handle it from there.”  Longshadow stated.

  Sookie turned to the dark haired vamp with a sour look on her face.

“Hundreds of years old and you’re still a terrible liar. Come on.”  She said turning back to Eric. “I'll make you a deal: If you promise to hand over the person who did this to the police, I'll agree to help you any time you want.”

“All right. Why not?”  Eric replied.

  He glanced over to Pam and August to see the younger vampire furiously scrubbing off his childe’s nail polish.  His eyebrow rose in question before turning back to sookie as she grabbed Bruce’s hands.

“Bruce, it's okay. Take a deep breath. Did you steal their money?”  Sookie asked in a calming voice.

“ No, no. You gotta believe me. I didn't do it. I swear to...”  Bruce pleaded.

“Shhhh. Do you know who did?”  Sookie asked.

“No.”  He replied.

  Sookie looks up to Eric with a frown.

“He's tellin' the truth.”  She said.

“You trust the skinny human to clear the fat one?”  Londgshadow questioned Eric.

  August paused in his polish removing to answer him before Eric could.

“It’s not like any of us are walking lie detectors.  We rip out vocal cords first ask sweetly later.”  August started.  “The cupcake has to be good for something other than trying to pass off as anything but a cavity waiting to happen.”

  Eric and Pam smirked at the teen.  Sookie looked put out at his harsh words.  Bill looked ready to pounce on August for the insult.

“Bring the next one in.”  Eric said to the teen prompting August to groan and leave his work.



  15 humans later Pam leads Ginger in to Sookie.  August grins at his finished work on her hands and swears to do her feet when they get home.   

“This is the last of our humans.”  Pam drawled.

“Hmm. Yummy.”  Ginger said trying to intimidate Sookie with a smoldering gaze.

  Pam pushes Ginger into the chair opposite sookie and puts out the scantily dressed woman’s cigarette.

“Ginger. This woman has some questions for you. Now, be a good girl and answer them, will you?”  Eric tells her as if he is speaking to a child.

“Aye, aye, master.”  Ginger grins.

  August drapes himself over one of the nearby couches as Sookie reaches out for Ginger's hand.  Ginger snatches it back with a scowl on her face.  August chuckles at the action and pulls out his phone to text Godric a selfie with a cute pout.

GodricTheSexGod- is something bothering my little one?

  August sent a long series of texts about what was going on and of how much he missed his ancient, but still very sexy, ass.

 “Don't you touch me!”  Ginger snapped.

“Hold her still.”  Eric sighed in annoyance.   

  Pam walks up behind Ginger and places her hands on Ginger's shoulders. Sookie takes Ginger's hand and concentrates.  August giggles as Godric sends him a rather tame pictue of the older vampires toned chest and abs.  He quickly replies with how much he wants to lick them.

“Ginger, someone's been stealin' money from the bar.”  Sookie said.

“Really? Huhn.”  Ginger huffed.

Sookie looks up to Eric with a confused frown.

“She didn't do it... but she knows who did.”  Sookie says.

  August glances up curiously from his phone.  He didn’t think Ginger would have it in her to lie to Eric and Pam about something.  He quickly tells Godric he will call him before sunrise and puts his phone away.

“ What? you.”  Ginger sputtered out.

 “Who? Who's gonna kill you? Ginger honey, what's his name?”  Sookie questions.

  August sits up in anticipation of the thief.  He may not have had as much money in the business as his maker and grand-maker, but he did not appreciate theft.  His death was caused because of jealousy from people he believed were his friends.  They stole everything of value on his person before leaving him to die.  He may not have done anything about those who wronged him, but he sure as hell would do something if his undead family was fucked over.

 “It's blank, like her memory's been erased.”  Sookie said shocked.

   Ginger looks up toward Eric and Pam in fear of what was to come.

“I don't know anything, I swear.”  Ginger frantically cried.

“She's been glamoured.”  Pam said in irritation.

 “It's a vampire.”  Sookie said.

   Longshadow jumps over the bar toward rushing toward Sookie and drops his fangs.  August groaned knowing shit was about to be blown all out of proportion and that Longshadow just painted a large target on his back.

Chapter Text

 Ginger’s shouting was getting incredibly annoying.  August scowled at her fearful shrieks as he watched Long shadow strangle the Stackhouse girl.  Good riddance to shit starting trash.

“Ginger, enough.”  Pam sighed in a clipped tone.


 Ginger stopped but continued to quiver in fear.


“Thank you.”  Eric said to Pam as he continued watching the strangulation.

Before Long shadow could tear out Sookie’s neck, Bill drops his fangs rips the tap from the bar and stakes him.  The long haired vampire exploded into a shower of blood and fleshy bits.  Ginger starts screaming again and then proceeds to vomit all over the floor.  August wrinkled his nose in disgust at the gruesome act.  He turned to Bill with anger painting his pretty face.


“Compton what the fuck?!  I don't come to you house and rip out a $5,000 keg system!”  August growls loudly over Ginger’s wails.  “You're paying for that you ass!”

“Humans. Honestly, Bill, I don't know what you see in them.”  Eric said to the surly vamp with an unimpressed look on his face. “Ginger clean up this mess please.”


 Pam pointed Sookie in the direction of the restroom before standing at her maker’s side.  August sits himself at a table on the tall vamps other side to watch the traumatized Humans. Ginger walked off unsteadily to get a bucket and the mop.  She got to her knees and started gathering large globs of bloody viscera and dropping them into the bucket.

“How did I end up with you people? Jesus. Mother Mary in heaven. I'm so sorry, Mama. I'm so sorry.”  Ginger started sobbing with every clump of vampire she picked up.

“When Ginger is finished, glamour her for me.”  Eric told Pam as they watched the woman work.

“Are you sure? She's been glamoured one too many times already. Who knows how much of her is left.”  Pam drawled crossing her arms across her chest.

“It's either that or turn her.”  Eric replied before looking between his nest mates.  “You want her?”

“Fuck that noise.”  August snorted typing away on his phone.

“Please, I'm not that desperate. Glamour it is.”  Pam scoffed.

“And she already has me so don’t put ideas in her head.”  August added standing to assess the damage Bill caused to the bar.

“Excellent.”  Eric said before turning to a still angry Bill. “Come. I'll buy you a Blood.”


 Eric leads Bill away as Pam quickly glamours Ginger before she walks off toward the staff room.  August groans as he runs a hand across the completely demolished tap.  None of it would be salvageable which meant that the entire keg system would have to be replaced. August really wanted to bash Compton’s face into a vat of liquid silver.

“What’s the damage?”  He heard his maker ask as she re-entered with a bundle of latex in her arms.  


 August turns to her with a look of obvious discontent.


“We have to replace it all and repair a small portion of the bar.”  He told her.


 Pam did not look at all pleased as she made her way toward the restrooms.  August followed with a light of mischief in his eyes.  Fucking with the Stackhouse girl would definitely make him feel better.  The two entered the bathroom to see the human still cleaning long shadow’s remains from her skin.  Pam holds the Latex uniform out to Sookie with a neutral look on her face.

“Put these on.”  She says in a commanding tone.

“Oh, thank you, but I'm fine, really. I'm just gonna dry out my hair and be on my way.”  Sookie replied attempting to sound confident.

“You are not leaving anytime soon cupcake. Eric and Compton haven’t finished their little chat.”  August smirked walking to the girls other side making her shift away from him uneasily.

“Oh, is Bill in some kind of trouble?”  Sookie asked looking at Pam in apprehension.

“That's for the boys to figure out. Right now, what you need to do is change out of your clothes.”  Pam told her once again holding out the clothes while glancing down at the girl’s chest. “There's vampire in your cleavage.”


 August chuckled as the blood covered girl looked down and made a startled noise of disgust.

“Okay eww.”

“Allow me.” Pam said reaching out and removing the peace of flesh from between the girl’s breasts.


 Sookie stared at Pam’s unflinching gaze as the woman casually flicked the gore away in slight fear.


“Thank you.”  She said uneasily.

“I'm beginning to understand the fuss everyone's making over you.”  Pam said in an enlightened tone.


 August glared at his maker’s words.  First Eric and now the little cavity was pushing in on his maker.  NO. FUCKING. WAY.


“I don’t see it at all.”  August starts looking the human over as he circled to stand in front of her with his maker. “What could possibly be so special about this girl other than her little mind reading parlor trick.  If she didn’t have that she would be nothing more than another walking stereotype of a southern peach with a rotten pit”


 The amount of venom in his statement had Sookie flinching back and Pam raising an eyebrow in curiosity.  He was not amused by this situation at all.  The sound of Ginger’s clicking heels cut through the tension as the scantily dressed woman entered the room.  

“Oh, hey there, Pam, Auggie.”  Ginger greets upon entering before seeing sookie. “Oh, who's your new friend?”

“Ginger, Sookie. Sookie, Ginger.”  Pam says quickly as she rolls her eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Sookie.”  Ginger smiles at the girl.


 Sookie looks put out but eventually nods at the woman’s greeting.

“Right. Nice to meet you too.”  She replies as if she doesn’t know how to answer.


 Ginger can see Sookie’s cautious attitude toward the two vamps and gives her a reassuring smile.

“Oh, you don't have to be so scared. They're really very nice here.”  She says warmly.


 August rolled his eyes before leaving the restroom.  He made his way across the club moving toward Eric’s office.  He sticks his head in giving a sweet smile to the Viking.


“I’m going home to have video sex with Godric.”  He chirps hiding his simmering fury before glancing Bill’s way.  “See you around Compton.”


 August left the office and made his way toward the front door.  He instantly dialed Godric in an effort to calm his anger.  The older vampire picked up after a few rings.


“Yes Min Solsken?”  


“Godric I want to rip the beating heart from her chest.” August growled as he exited the club.


“I must ask that you refrain from doing so.”  Godric chuckled.


 August smiled softly upon hearing the noise.  Godric had been laughing a lot more ever since they decided to become partners.  August could remember the older vampire smiling softly on plenty of occasions, but never laughing.  He felt so happy that he was the one to make Godric act so carefree.


“No promises.” August grinned.


“At least hide the body somewhere inconspicuous.”  Godric replied.


 The two chatted about random things until August made it into the house.  He poked his head into the greenhouse and smiled sadly at his gators.


“I think it’s time to set the kids free.”  He told Godric.


“Are you sure you are ready for that you sound very reluctant kära hjärta?”  Was the cautious reply.


 August sighed and made his way up to his room. He knew Godric would catch the apprehension in his voice and worry.


“It feels like something big is about to happen and I don’t want my babies to be caught up in whatever it is.”  August started as he fell back into his bed.  “I didn’t want to tell Eric or Pam but….I’m scared Godric.”


 There was silence on the line and August heard shuffling before Godric spoke again.


“Get on the web cam August.”  


 August’s brow furrowed in confusion before he obliged the ancient vamps request.  He pulled his laptop onto the bed and turned on his skype.  He immediately received a video request from his lover.  Godric’s face pops up with a worried frown.


“Why are you afraid my sunshine?  Do you need me to come there?”  He asked.


 August shook his head before answering.


“Don’t trouble yourself Godric; I just have a bad feeling no need to jump states.”  August smiled.  

 Godric didn’t look convinced, but August had to take the elder’s mind off of it.


“Why don’t you let me try on a few of the Chantal Thomass sets Pam got me?  It will help me relax and I’m sure you could use a bit of stress release yourself.”  August grinned.


 Godric smirked at the younger’s obvious distraction attempt, but played along anyway.

“Did she buy anything in pink?  I like how it looks on your skin.”


 August giggled rushing off to grab the lingerie boxes.



“When we finish with all of this Bill bullshit I demand a rematch.”  August growled at the newest investor in Fangtasia.


 Chow simply looked down at the teen with an amused smirk angering him further.


“The results will be the same.”  Chow said following Eric and Pam up to Bill’s old colonial home.


“Fuck that I am not accepting a loss at Mario Kart.”  August huffed straightening his baby blue high waisted shorts and retucking his cream peasant blouse as he walked behind the group.


 Eric eyed the gaudy Dolce and Gabbana tapestry heels on his feet with mild curiosity.


“Did I pay for those?”  He asked casually as they walked up Bill’s front stairs.


“Yup, I also got 4 pairs of these lovely Valentino stilettos, 2 pairs of Louboutin boots, and an absolutely amazing pair of purple suede Yves Saint Laurent mary janes.”  August gushed excitedly as Pam grinned at her maker’s wide eyes.


“Exactly how much did you spend?”  Eric questioned.  


“Enough.”  August replied moving past him to ring the doorbell.    


  A few moments later an unamused Bill opened the door.  August smirked at the put out expression on his face. Eric moved forward and entered the house.

“Bill, Chow. Chow, Bill.”  He said offhandedly as August, Pam and Chow entered the house and lined up beside the Viking.

“Nice to meet you.”  Chow said casually.

“Chow is Long shadow's replacement.”  Pam smirked.


“I take it by your being here, there was no way around it, then?”  Bill snarked.

“I can't really say. Didn't exactly look into it.”  Eric replied boredly.


 Bill scowled looking over toward Pam and August.

“Tell me, do you two enjoy living halfway up his backside the way you do?”

“Yes, it's nice. You should try it.”  Pam grinned cheekily.   

“And what a backside it is.”  August grinned smacking his lips to Eric’s cheek.


 Eric smirked at the shorter vampire before looking amusedly at Bill.

“We're gonna have to stop by the bar where Sookie works first. She needs to know that I'll be gone. Don't forget how this started. She came to Fangtasia to help you.”  Bill stressed at Eric.

“Fine. Go to the bar.”  Eric agreed.

“Might be smart to check out the competition.”  Pam hummed.


“Or lack thereof.”  August added thinking of his incognito trip to Merlotte’s.   

“Yes, indeed.”  Eric said amused.

“What's your game?”  Chow suddenly asks.

“Excuse me?”  Bill questioned as everyone turned to look at Chow.

“You were playing Wii. What's your game?”  Chow asked again.


 August groaned in annoyance but was ignored.  

“Golf.”  Bill answered in a curious tone.

“What's your best score on Pebble Beach?”  Chow asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“7 under.”  Bill said proudly.

“Mine's 11 under.”  Chow said in slight Joy as he watched Bill’s face fall in irritation.

“I liked Long shadow better.”  Bill told Eric with a frown.


“I know right, at least that bitch didn’t cheat at Wii.”  August pouted agreeing with Bill just to be petty.


Pam rolled her eyes at his words before gripping his high ponytail and tugging the childish teen out the door.


Entering Merlotte’s caused a rush of mischief and glee to flood through August’s body.  He glanced around noticing the lack of his previous waitress.  He looked toward the bar and a cruel smirk appeared on his face.  He remembered the brunette from fangtasia.  She dragged of August’s puppy and now August was itching to see if she had given him V or not.  August glanced once more at the bar before moving next to his maker behind Bill.

“Bill, what's going on?”  Sookie asked as the surly vamp approached her.


 Eric and Pam glanced around with amused looks on their faces.

“This place is even more depressing than I thought it'd be.”  Eric said causing laughs from both Pam and August.

“What are they doing here?”  Sookie tried to whisper to Bill.

“Give me a minute, then we'll talk. Where's Sam?”  Bill said pacing a hand on her shoulder.

“I don't know. Why?”  Sookie replied confused and panicky.

“He's in his office.”  A dark skinned woman behind the bar stuttered out.


 August looked her over with a small grin.  She seemed like a great way to kill time and to find his second favorite human.

“Try to behave yourself.”  Bill said to Eric before moving toward the back hallway.

“Don't I always?”  Eric answered looking around the bar.


 August grinned making his way over to the bar ignoring the wary looks he received.  He smiled sweetly eyeing the brunette behind it.  He could smell the fear and V coming off of her.  He leaned on his arms to get closer to her.


“You dragged my puppy into your bullshit little girl.”  He whispered sweetly.  “There is very little stopping me from shoving my 6 inch heels into your windpipe for enabling Jason.”


 The girl looked shaken as Jude continued to smile at her.  He then turned to the other woman behind the bar.  She too was weary, but August could see fire in those eyes.  He grinned at her appearing the picture of innocence.  She reminded him of a certain sassy cook.  


“Are you by chance related to the lovely Lafayette?”  He asked.


 She looked shocked before replying.


“How do you know him?”  She demanded defensively.


 August beamed squealing a little no doubt drawing some attention to him.


“I absolutely adore him!  He owned these redneck assholes here the other day and I was lucky enough to see it.”


 The woman looked shocked and confused at his statement before her eyes widened in recognition.


“You're the guy that kissed him.”


 August nodded in reply before giggling.


“Of course he wasn't aware that I was a vampire at the time.”  He said.  “So what should I call you?  I'm August FYI.”


 She looked a little apprehensive about giving up her name to him.


“I don't bite people who don't deserve to be hurt.”  August said in a calming voice.


“Tara.”  She finally replied after looking him over for any sign of betrayal.


 August started to say more about Lafayette’s one sided fight when he noticed Tara looking over his shoulder in fear.  August then felt a large hand curve around his waist drawing him up from his seat.  Eric smirked and shoves a stack of cards in his hands.  


“Make yourself useful and work.”  The Viking said with an amused look in his eyes.  “After the apparent fortune you spent using my card I better see all of those gone.”


 August groaned pouting at his grand-maker.  He looked back over his shoulder at the brunette and mouthed the word ‘soon’.  She flinched and avoided his eyes.  The eternal teen then turned back to Tara with a cheerful grin.


“Duty calls, lovely meeting you Tara.”  


 August started moving around the room opposite of his maker handing fear riddled humans the discount card.


“I'm sure even simple people like you have to escape you dreary little lives every now and again.  My club Fangtasia can offer such an escape.”  Eric started moving around the room.

“So simply present this card at the door when you get to Fangtasia and the first round is on me.


“Also, Thursdays are ladies nights, so be sure to bring a date.”  Pam smirked.

“That is, if you can get one.”  August beamed innocently at one of the red necks at the table Pam stood beside.  

“He got you.”  One of the men chuckled at his friend as Pam started to hand him a card.

“Not him. He doesn't get one.”  Eric said pointing at the man reaching for the card.

“What gives, bro?”  The man called in confusion.


August and Pam smirked as Eric rushed right into the guy’s face causing a few patrons to scream in shock.

“What'd you do to your arm there... bro?” Eric asked coldly “Hm?”


 Eric glances up when he hears footsteps approaching to see Bill and Chow have returned.


“I take it your business here is done?” Eric asks standing up straight as Bill walks past him.

“I came to talk to Sookie.”  Bill says aggressively as he glares up at Eric.

“I'll give you three minutes. We have a tribunal to get to.”  Eric replied glancing between Bill and Sookie’s confused form.

“What?”  Sookie asks.

“Come with me.”  Bill says tugging her outside.


 Pam and Chow follow Bill outside leaving August and Eric behind.  August smiles at Tara moving to the woman once more with a periwinkle card in hand.


“Here, tell Lafayette to call me sometime, I rather enjoy his company.”  August chirps.  “Don’t you be afraid to call either I can already tell we would get along like siblings.”


 Tara shakily took the card making the eternal teen to wink at her.

“Oh, before I go, a word of advice: We know when a human has wronged us. We can smell it.” Eric said looking all around the room as he did so causing August to smirk in the Brunette’s direction as he walked toward Eric. “So do not make the mistake of letting the pretty vampire lady on television make you feel too comfortable. We may not have retaliated... yet... but we know who you are. Have a nice night.”


 August wrapped his arms around Eric’s t-shirt clad bicep grinning at the older vampire.


“Nice speech.”  August laughed.


“Well, they needed to know their place.”  Eric replied leading him out of the bar.

 They made their way over to the couple in time to hear Bill’s frustrated voice.

“Because I killed a vampire.”  He told her.

“I know that, I was there, remember? He was gonna kill me. You were defending me.”  Sookie said as if it was nothing.

“If one of you killed another one of you defending one of us, there would be a tribunal.”  Bill tried to explain to her.

“I'll come with you then.”  Sookie said determinedly.   


 August snickered with a malicious gleam in his eyes, leaning on Eric’s side.  THAT would be hilarious to see.

“No.”  Bill said with an air of finality.   

“I can and I'm going to. I wanna testify for you.”  The human replied as if her words made all the sense in the world.

“Damn it, you can't. You can't come. And you can't testify. You will not be welcomed there.”  Bill growled.

“You lied to me.”  Sookie breathed. “You said everything was gonna be okay but it's not, is it?”

“I honestly don't know.”  He said looking away.


 Eric sighed in annoyance as August scrolled through his phone in boredom against him.

“Tick tock, Bill.”  Eric called out to the couple.

“Bill…”  Sookie pleaded pitifully.   

“Just look after yourself, all right? I've asked Sam to watch over you.”  Bill sighed grasping her shoulders.

“Wish you hadn't have done that.”  Sookie said shakily.


 August scowled at the sight.  He was not about this soap opera shit.

“Be smart, Sookie, and just let him. There's still somebody out there who wants to kill you.”  Bill cautioned.  

“Fine. I will.”  She said teary eyed.

“Thank you.”  He said with a relieved look.

“And time.”  Eric called attempting to interrupt their sappy moment.

 The couple ignores him and instead proceeds to kiss one another vigorously.  August sees Tara arrive out of the corner of his eye and smiles at the fearful looking woman.  However when he turns back to the kissing couple and he frowns deeply.


“This is too damn vanilla for me.” August sighed slipping a hand into Eric’s back pocket.  “You should see the way Godric and I go at it.”


“Funny I was going to say the same to you.” Eric replied smirking.


 August’s head snapped up to look at him in shock and obvious jealousy, but he only continued to smirk gloating about Godric and his past encounters.  August pouts moving to stand on the other side of his maker.


“If I had any feelings, I'd have the chills right about now.”  Pam drawled in distaste at the sight of the two.

“Not me.”  Eric replies to her statement before calling out. “Bill.”


 When it seemed like the two were going to ignore him again Eric snapped out.

“Now.”  He demanded.

They stop kissing, and Bill caresses Sookie’s face before backing toward the other Vampires.  The group starts to leave the parking lot with August giving an air kiss to Tara as they went.

Chapter Text

“So Bill…”  August started casually as they reached the tribunal grounds. “On a scale from one to ten how fucked do you think your going to be?”  


 Bill scowled and continued to ignore him.


“I think you are ‘bent over spelling run’ at the moment.”  The teen vamp grinned.  


 Eric smirked tugging the smaller male to his side.


“Now now August, no need to rile him up before his trial.”  He said patting the brunette on the head.


 August grinned up at Eric before skipping ahead to Pam.  He started to rattle off various designers who had recently released new shoe lines and begging Pam to come with him.  He quieted down once they reached the edge of the tribunal grounds and smirked at the sight of another vampire having its fang ripped out.


“You fed on a human that belonged to another. Three months of starving till your fangs grow back will teach you better manners. Brothers and sisters of the tribunal, is this fair? Is this just?”  The Magister Drawled looking through his phone as he spoke to the crowd.


The vampires cheered and Bill looked around in unease.  


“Now, Luisa, the other one, please. From the root.”  He said casually.


Luisa gripped the vampire’s fang with a pair of pliers before ripping the fang out and dramatically casting it aside.  August laughed at the scene promising himself to actually hang out with the short haired vampiress in the future.


“Sentence passed and executed. The trial is concluded. Best of luck. Moving on. This looks interesting. Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 5.”  The magister called causing Eric to move forward.


“Magister.”  Eric answered.


“Well, then. Bring me your murderer.”  The magister requested.


 Bill walked forward after a harsh shove from August.  He cautiously walked into the open for all to see him.


“You are here on charges of murdering one of our own for a human.  Explain yourself Mr.Compton.” The Magister drawled giving Bill a dead eyed stare.  


“Longshadow was choking the girl and would have killed her.”  Bill immediately tried to defend.


“So you murdered a higher life form for the sake of your pet. You broke an ancient and fundamental law. You decreased our numbers at a critical time on our history. Very bad. Very, very bad.”  The Magister Chastised.  


“Magister, Long Shadow broke the law first. She was mine and he knew it. He would have killed her and fed from her.”  Bill said desperately.  


“Hello, human. Irrelevant. Happens every day.”  The Magister snarked drawing laughter from the crowd of vampires.


“He was stealing from Eric.”  Bill said with certainty.


 August smile dropped.  Well shit Bill managed to save his ass.  August gave a dejected sigh drawing a look of confusion from Chow.  August glanced at the other vampire before sticking out his tongue in a mocking gesture.


“Sheriff?”  The magister turned to Eric to confirm the statement


“Yes, Magister, it's true. Longshadow was a thief and a liar. He was hurting my business.”  Eric admitted reluctantly, probably just as upset as August but hiding it better.  


“The business part, that is a serious offense.”  The magister said gravely.


“And it was the human who exposed Longshadow.”  Bill said with a bit more confidence before turning to the viking. “Would you tell him, Eric?”  


“The only reason the girl was there was because I called her.”  Eric said with a defeated sigh.


“To protect your wealth.” Bill said continuing to stare Eric down.


“To protect my wealth, yes. Magister, she is... valuable.”  Eric said explaining his actions.


 August frowned shifting in his spot.  He wasn’t sure what would be happening next.  


“Humans exist to serve us. That is their only value.”  The magister said matter of factly.


“There are those among us who think differently.” Bill replied defiantly.  


“Do you question my authority? I am the Magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America. As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind: Back your shit down.”  The magister said Angrily.  


 The tribunal ground watched in shock at Bills defiant words.  August was both elated and afraid about the Magister’s wrath.  Bill starts to open his mouth again and August just knows whatever he says is going to get him killed.


“Bill.”  Eric says warningly.  


“Well, you haven't bored me. That works in your favor. And you seem to be obedient to your sheriff.”  The Magister says slowly looking a scowling Bill in the eye.


“For the most part.”  Eric says coldly making Bill whip his head around in disbelief. “When it matters, yes, he is.”


The Magester looked contemplative before voicing his thoughts.


“The usual sentence is five years in a coffin chained with silver. During which time your body will waste to leather and sticks. You'll probably go insane.”  


August grinned at the man’s words but it faltered at the slight smirk the Magister adopted.


“However... I'm feeling a bit... creative.”


“You have no nest. You prefer to consort with humans. You seem to have lost all sense of our priorities. William Compton, you owe us a life.”  The Magister stated.


With a nod of his head Luisa let a young red haired girl from the trunk of one of the surrounding cars.  She scrambled out of the car moving around to avoid the surrounding vamps.  She was crying and damn near hyperventilating.  August frowned at the girls presence.  She had no idea what was about to happen to her.  August could only pity her.  She should not be here. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  


“No.”  Bill said in disbelief as the girl was thrown at his feet.   


“Oh, precious Jesus, God, save me, save me. Make it all a dream.”  The girl cried closing her eyes to wish everything away.


“Put me on the coffin, Magister. I will go willingly.”  Bill begged.


“Please, it's the first time I ever snuck out. I just wanted to go to Ashley's party. I only ever get to go to youth choir and prayer group. You take me home, I won't say a word to Mama and Daddy or anybody. Please, please, just help me.”  The girl begged the Magister in fear.


“There's no help for you, child.”  The magister chided her before gesturing to Bill.   “Meet your Maker.”


“Please. Please don't let them kill me. Please. I don't want to die.”  She begged Bill as he looked at her in fear.

“If you want to torture anyone, torture me.”  Bill said to the Magister.


“Torture? This? I don't think so. I could show you torture, if you like.”  The Magister drawls.  


“No. no, I was wrong to speak.”  Bill says in submission.


“You can quit stalling. What you see in this cow, Mr. Compton is merely a response to stimuli. Humans are quite... primitive... incapable of feeling pain as we do. But you know that.  The Magister explained.  “Luisa.”


 August frowned he knew it was coming.The girl continued to chant her prayers curled up on her side before Luisa pulled her screaming to Bill.


“According to our records, you have never been a Maker, is that right?”  The Magister asks.


“Yes.”  Bill replies.


“But you know the procedure?”  The Magister adds.


“Yes.” Bill replies.


“Then proceed.”  The Magister gestures.


 August turns away from the crowd and starts to make his way toward the entrance of the grounds.  Pam watches him go with a disappointed frown.  Chow was about to question the teen, but he held back.  The unusual look on the teen’s face was off putting.  Chow noticed the grimace on Pam’s face as Eric returned to them.


“Did he run?”The Viking asked.


“Yes, and I'm getting awfully tired of his particular brand of dramatic bullshit.”Pam sighed.


 She turned and rushed up behind her childe with an impatient scowl on her features.  She grasped his arm forcing the brunette to face her.


“You’ve gotta be shitting me.”  She scoffed upon seeing his bloody tear streaked face.  “Over some little blood cow.”


 August scowled at her.


“She's just a fucking kid Pam,  she doesn't deserve to die that way or be forced away from her family.”  


Pam gave the teen a hard stare before unexpectedly backhanding him.  August grunted as his body flew back away from her crashing into a nearby junker.  He hissed at her dropping fang at his maker’s sudden violence.  She rushed forward and gripped his neck in a tight hold.  August struggled in her grasp as he continued to growl at her.


“Cut this whiny child bullshit out.”  Pam sneered.  “You are a part of Eric fucking Northman’s nest,  you were made by me,  you are far greater than any of those miserable sheep and you had better start acting like it.”


 August continued to glare at her with frustrated tears rolling down his face and staining her skin pink.


“I never thought I would have to do this again.”  She started with a huff.  “As your maker I command you to return home and stay there for the remainder the evening do not leave the nest.”


 August’s eyes widened in shock before he scowled rushing off as soon as her hand left his neck.  Pam stared after him in disappointment.  She turned and made her way back to the tribunal grounds far more irritated than when she left.

 Eric gave her a once over and a questioning gaze once she appeared back at his side.


“I sent him home, he was too emotionally compromised.”  Pam sighed watching Bill pick up the girl's limp body.


 Eric nodded before speaking.


“I'll take care of him.”  Eric said as Bill approached.  “You go bury Bill and the girl.”  


 Pam scowled before nodding in acceptance.


“Only because I'd rather not deal with his temper tantrum.”  


 Eric smirked and finished up proceedings with the magister before taking off into the air.  It took about an hour to land at his home and upon arrival Eric could tell something was wrong.  He made his way toward the greenhouse following the sound of choked sobbing.  He pushed the door open to find August kneeling in the man made pond.  He could see the remains of the man August set his alligators on floating lazily around him.  Eric glanced around the room and noticed that said reptiles were missing.  The Viking slowly approached the younger vampire, taking in his blood smeared cheeks and soaked appearance.  August did not move or acknowledge Eric’s presence as the blonde knelt down beside him.  The teen twitched when Eric pushed a lock of his soaked hair behind the ear.


“You should be used to this life by now.”  Eric whispered in his ear as he pulled the smaller male into his side.  “I can't say I understand why you have digressed from your usual blood lust.”


 August didn't reply.


“What has one human done to have you wound so tight?”  Eric asked.


 August finally turned to Eric with more bloody tears leaking from his eyes.


“She's pure.”  


 Eric stared at the other in slight disbelief.


“Pure.” Eric stated.


“When I was human….I was her.  I did everything to keep my parents happy and tried my hardest to make people like me.  It ended in a lot of heartache on my end.”  August said softly shifting in the water away from Eric.  “I lost a lot of myself to please them.  I was well aware that they were using me.”


 Eric watched the younger vampire’s stone like expression with an intense focus.  August had never spoken about much of his home life before his turning.  He only knew August's parents names and what his home was like.  Eric was not even sure if Pam knew anything about her own childe's previous life.


“I gave those assholes my money, my happiness, my fucking virginity.”  August seethed.  “They repaid me by cutting me open and leaving me to bleed out in a filthy alley.”



 “You think just because your family is well off that you actually belonged with us?”  one sneered delivering a series of harsh kicks to the teens stomach.


 August groaned in pain as he coughed up  blood staining his teeth and dripping down his chin in thick rivulets of rust red.  His left eye was swollen shut and his cheek bruised over from previous punches.  He gazed blearily up at the three figures standing over him in fear and devastation.  These were who he had called his friends for over 10 years?  What did he do wrong?  Why are they doing this to him?


“No way in hell are we gonna let some foreign piece of shit be above us, especially a faggot like you.”  A second voiced taking out a switchblade.


 The first and third held August's arms back as they laughed at his attempted struggle.  The second sneered and grasped August's chin to force the teen to look at him.


“I want you to see what happens to those who don't know their place.”  


 August barely had time to register the vicious grin when he felt the immense pain of the blade entering his belly.  It was twisted harshly before it was pulled out and forced in again.  August screamed in pain but his mouth was covered by the gloved hand of the third.  No one would hear him scream.

 They eventually dumped him further down the alley out of immediate view.  Alone and dying.


*-Flashback End-*


 Eric remained silent as August let out a shaky stressed sigh.  He glared into space and grinned making Eric’s brow raise in question.


“I sucked the first one dry.”


  August gripped the man by the hair at the base of his skull tugging it back harshly as he viciously drained him.  All while the first one screamed for help that would not come.


“The third one I made stab himself.”


  The third gazed at August with glazed over eyes as the young vampire grinned.  He whispered sweetly in the thirds ear and handed him a rusty cleaver.  The third dazedly took the large blade before quickly bringing the knife into his face lodging it deep into his skull before he dropped at August's feet.


“The second one……..I ripped his throat out while he lay in bed…..with his pregnant wife.”


  The second was startled awake by a slender hand covering his mouth and another pinning his body to the bed.  He looked over to see his wife still sleeping soundly as she cradled he round belly.  He looked up and squinted to try and see his assailant in the dark.  The figure shifted into the moonlight revealing the soft features of August's pale face.  The second’s eyes widened in shock as he started to struggle.  The pressure of the hands on him increased as August smiled down at him serenely.


“I remember you telling me once that I had a neck that begged to be nibbled on.”


 August leaned down into the second's face slowly.


“I also remember you saying something about knowing one's place.”  August hummed offhandedly.  “Well things don't always end up they way they are meant to.  I mean you left me to die.  Hell I expected to die, but I was picked to become more.  I am a predator and you are prey.  So I think you should take your place on the food chain and sustain me by offering up your neck.”


 August jolted forward taking a large bite out of the second's neck ripping the flesh and vocal chords out in one go. He spit it back out onto the bed and watched the man struggle. The second started flailing as he gurgled on his own blood.  He wife woken by the convulsing movements started screaming.  She saw the bloody vision of August staring down at her and cried even harder.  August placed a finger to his red lips shushing her until she was in tearful whimpers.  


“He brought this on to himself dear,  you married a murdering, lying, waste of life and you could do far better.”  He told her gently.  “He killed me so I had to return the favor.”


 He left her in the blood soaked bed and never looked back.


 August turned to Eric with a blank stare.


“Do you see now?”  He asked solemnly.


 Eric gazed at him before finally standing.  He pulled August up and lifted the smaller vampire into his arms.  He walked them upstairs into Eric's bathroom and placed the teen on the tub.  He started running water into the tub before pulling his dirty clothes off of him.  He pushed August into the shower and told him to scrub all of the dirt off of his skin.  By the time the tub filled August had finished.

 Eric settled August in the bath before finally speaking.


“Where did your ‘babies' go?”  He asked.


 August shrugged and pulled his knees to his chest.


“I let them go.”  


 Eric nodded before pulling out his phone.  He quickly dialed Godric’s number and then placed it on speaker.  The phone rang a bit before the elder answered.


“Hello Eric.”  Godric answered.


“Godric it seems that your little sunshine has hit a cloud bank.”  Eric said stroking August’s hair.


“What happened?”  Godric asked coldly.


“He was apparently triggered by a young girl being turned at the tribunal tonight.”  Eric answered cautious of his maker's tone.


“Is he there with you?”  Godric asked.


“Yes.”  Eric answered.


 There was shuffling on Godric’s end before he spoke again softly.


“Min Solsken, I understand that you did not agree with the punishment the magister gave but you must understand that that is how the vampire law works.  I do not agree either but I am not the authority.  My word only holds so much weight.  Your empathy for the girl shows just how much of your humanity remains and I admire that in you.  You are my sunshine and even though he might try to deny it Eric holds you in the same level that I do.  We love you August and we do not expect you to ever change your morals for any reason.  I wish I could come to comfort you myself, but important matters have come up here that require my attention.  Will you promise to video call me tomorrow?”


“Yes.” August replied softly.


“I love you my sunshine.”  Godric said.


“I love you too.”  The teen replied.


“Take care of him Eric, Sov Gott.”  Godric said before hanging up.


 Eric gazed down at August still form noting the more relaxed posture.


“Come, you're sleeping with me today and I do not want you out of my sight tomorrow night either.”


 The teen nodded his head in reply to the elders words.



 August shifted a bit causing his borrowed black tank to ride up exposing his belly.  He was feeling marginally better and had returned to his usual bubbly self.  He even apologized to Pam for lashing out at her.  

 August laid sprawled out over Eric’s desk tamping on his phone at rapid speed.  The older vampire had laid numerous paper stacks on top of the younger and was casually sorting through the club’s documents to make sure nothing else was taken after the Long Shadow fiasco. Eric had glanced at the revealed skin and reached out to flick the tiny red gem dangling from August’s belly.


“Rude.”  August said not looking away from his game.


 Eric smirked continuing his work.  A knock on the door interrupted the calm silence.  Pam opened the door with an annoyed look on her face.


“Bill and his infant are here.”  She drawled as Bill rudely stalked into the room with little Jessica behind him grinning.


 Pam scoffed heading back to the front with Jessica watching her in awe.


“I need you to take Jessica off my hands for a while.” Bill pressed as he approached Eric.


“This is your punishment, not mine. What am I supposed to do with her?”  Eric replied settling back against the desk.


 August set his phone down and took the paper stacks off of his body.  He turned on his side to face Eric’s back and started running his fingers up the back of the vikings leather jacket.  He eyed Bill with irritation and was about to make a smart ass comment about leaving his new child covered in the dirt he pulled her from when the little red head started to fuss.  


“Excuse me. I can hear you, Mr. Rude.” She snarked at Eric. “I wanna go to the bar. I wanna be one of those dancers. Oh, I'm hungry.” She whined.  


 Eric smirked at her childish words.  August snickered sitting on the edge of the desk propping his sock clad feet on the arm of one of the gaudy red vinyl chairs.


“She won't listen to me. It'll take more time than I have to teach her obedience.”  Bill growled in frustration as he dropped into the other chair positioned in front of the desk.


“I don't obey anybody. Those days are over.” She said haughtily.  


“You can't handle one little girl, Bill? Newborns can be like this. Man up, my friend. She's not even one night old.” Eric said pulling off his jack, lifting August’s legs in order to sit in the chair, and grasping the youngers ankles to hold him in place.


“That is not the issue.”  Bill sighed in frustration.


“You want to stay with your maker, don't you?”  Eric asked turning to Jessica causing August to shoot Bill a mocking grin.


 Jessica turns with a defiant scowl aimed at Bill.


“No, he's a dick. dick, dick, dick.”  She mocked causing Eric to laugh. She turned to Eric with a piss poor attempt at being sexy.  “You're cute. Can I sit in your lap?”


“No.”  Eric shut her down as his thumb rubbed circles on August’s ankle.


“Fuck no little girl.”  August laughed.  “You're far too young and way too dirty to sit in anyone’s lap let alone his.”


“But you don't look that much older than me.”  Jessica said confused.


“Sweetheart I was legal when I was turned and I am old enough to be your grandfather.”  August smiled at the pouting girl as if she was a cute toddler.  “Do not compare me to you, do not ever ask to sit in Eric’s lap again, and do not expect to get your way now just because your heart no longer beats.”


“Why? Nobody lets me have any fun. Fuckers!”  Jessica hissed.


“Sit down and shut up.”  Eric told her in a firm voice.


 Jessica froze in shock before making her way over to a chair by the door.


“Close the door.”  Eric says before she can sit.


 She does as he says before dropping into the chair with a pout and a glare.  August snickers before sliding down onto the arm of Eric’s chair.


“You have to be tough with them or they'll walk all over you.”  Eric tells Bill in a wise tone as he places a hand onto August's hip.


“I am well aware of that, but you can see how she is. And there are urgent matters to which I must attend.”  Bill says desperately.  


“Sookie Stackhouse?”  Eric starts curiously.  “Haven't you done enough for her?”


“If any harm were to come to her because of my absence, you would be…”  Bill started threateningly before drifting at the end when Eric gazed at  him with a challenging gleam in his cold eyes. August dropped fang at his threatening posture and Jessica watched the older teen in awe.


“What?”  Eric asked calmly as he continued to stare Bill into submission.


“ ... without her helpful skills.”  Bill finished nervously.


 The tense atmosphere was interrupted by the whining of the baby vampire as she jumped up and smacked at the closed door.  August retracts his fangs and rolls his eyes before leaving Eric’s grip.  He stands up and wanders over to the nearby couch to stretch across it.


“Let me out. I wanna do something bad.”  She screeched making a number of frustrated grunts and whines.


“I would be in your debt. I would return the favor.”  Bill says with a reluctant look.


“Oh, yes, you will. You most definitely will.”  Eric says staring at the baby vampire blankly before calling out to her in a firm voice. “Jessica.”


“You don't have to yell at me.”  She snaps back.


“How would you like to learn how a real vampire feeds?”  He asks her.


 Jessica turns with a look of excitement in her eyes.


“Oh, yes, sir. Please, sir.”  She answers him.


“See? It's really quite easy.”  Eric tells Bill who huffs.


“In that case I leave her to you.”  Bill says making his way to the door.


“Don’t get to cozy without you new kid around Compton.”  August purrs.  “She’ll be back before you know it.”


 Bill grimaced at the smirking vamp before leaving the club.  There was silence before Eric turned to his lounging grand-childe.


“August get her cleaned up and then take her to Pam so she can feed.”  Eric says turning back to his paperwork.


 The eternal teen rolls his eyes and sits up.


“The only clothes I can spare her without feeling bad are a pair of my shorts and a bar t-shirt.” August sighed.


“Then give them to her.”  Eric states not even looking up at the other vampire.


 August grunts in annoyance before he  tugs the girl away from the door shocking the teen into silence.  He frowns at her dirt covered face before pushing her to sit on the couch.  He turns his attention back to the duffle bag next to her.  He dug through it until he found a pack of make up removal wipes. He turns back to her with a determined gaze.  He grips her chin and starts to furiously scrub the dirt from her face.  She starts to struggle a bit but freezes at the sound of his growl.


“Hold still.  I need your face to be somewhat clean before you feed so you don’t get dirt all over the human’s neck.”  August tells her.  “When im done im going to give you a change of clothes to put on until we leave for the night.”  


 She nods in understanding as August continues his work.  He is aware of her awe filled eyes on him as he works.


“Your really pretty.”  Jessica tells him.


 August stops and laughs a bit before smiling at her.


“Thank you darling,  I appreciate the compliment.”  He replied.  “Don't sell yourself short; I find you adorable.”


 He finished whipping her her skin before sending her off to get dressed and fed.  He turned to look at Eric with a small smile.


“Do you love me Eric?”  He asked causing the tall blonde to pause.  “In any way.”


“I suppose so, not Godric’s level of love of course.”  He answers not turning around.


“No one loves the way he does.”  August grinned.


 Eric turned with a smirk and winked at the younger.  August groaned.  He really needed to get the Viking and Godric into a threesome or at least give him a sex tape as proof of their intimacy.


“I totally set myself up for that.”


“Yes, you did.”


 Jessica returned later looking much happier and cleaner than before.  She plopped herself into the couch and watched quietly as the two older vampires interacted.  The smaller brunette was playful and constantly tried to tease Eric.  The more intimidating vamp didn't seemed phased and even played along.  The teen would casually run his hands along the blonde's biceps and shoulders, plant kisses on the back of his neck, and even nuzzle into his long hair.  Eric just smirked and proceeded to talk to the other in a language she couldn't identify.  These interactions went back and forth for quite some time. Her observations were soon interrupted by August turning to her.


“You ready to go Jessica?”  He asks her with a beaming smile.


“Yeah.”  She answers still a little awestruck by the older teens bright grin.

Chapter Text


“You’re really in your 100’s?”  The ginger teen asks curiously as she sat on a plush footstool within August’s closet.

“I am.”  August replied as he focused on sifting through his closet to find something suitable to wear.

  Jessica took his distracted reply as an excuse to look though the rest of the room.  She was sure that the closet was easily bigger than her room at home.  August had everything organized by color and clothing type.  She wandered to the far wall that opened up into a small alcove where the walls were lined with shoes of all kinds.  Jessica’s jaw dropped as she entered the space.  She had only pictured places like this in her dreams.  She ran her finger tips across the toes of several heels before pausing on a pair that drew her in. 

  A beautiful combination of teal and gold, the mules were more simplistic than the other heels surrounding it, but they were no less gorgeous.  She gently took them from the shelf before settling on the floor.  She slid her foot into the large teal satin bow that would hold her foot in place and simply stared. There was a mature elegance to them that made her feel like the grown up she always tried to be.  Jessica wondered if she was still human would she ever have been able to have worn anything as beautiful as these.

“Those are Oscar De La Renta Sophia satin mules.”  August’s voice called softly startling the baby vamp from her thoughts.

  Jessica looked up to see him leaning on the arched entrance way with a soft smile and a bundle of clothes in his grasp.  She scrambled to take them off with apologies flowing from her stuttering lips when a hand on her shoulder forced her to stop.

“It’s okay.”  He said softly.  “God knows how many times I’ve sat here doing the same thing.”

  He held out his hand for her to take before drawing her up onto her feet.  She wobbled trying to find her balance before nearly falling onto August.  He chuckled before steadying her. 

“These were a gift from my lover from before we got together.”  August smiled fondly.  “At the time I didn’t think he realized that these were primarily meant for weddings, but now I think he knew exactly what they were.”

Jessica stood up straight finally with an occasional wobble.

“Do you like them?”  August asked her.

“They are beautiful; I’ve never had anything this pretty or expensive in my life.”  Jessica said breathlessly.  “My Daddy would never have bought me anything like these, let alone approve of them.  He would probably say something about them not being proper for a church going woman.”

  August smiled holding her hands in order for her to balance out.

“You take them then, as a gift to celebrate your new life.”  He grinned.

  Jessica was shocked at his words before hurriedly shaking her head in denial. 

“No I couldn’t take these!”  She cried.  “You just said they were a gift and you barely know me!  I absolutely can’t take these shoes!”

“You can and you will Jessica.”  August laughed.  “But first we have to teach you to walk in heels over an inch high.”

  Jessica was speechless as she slipped out of the shoes.  She picked them up and held them to her chest as blood stared to streak down her cheeks.  August brushed the bloody tears way with his thumbs before leading her back into the main portion of his closet.  He held out the bundle of clothes to her before nodding at a door behind her.

“That leads to my bathroom, get cleaned up and changed.  You are free to stay the day in my room so get some rest.”  He said ushering her into the other room.  “I’ll see you tonight.”

  He took the mules with a soft smile and wandered back to his shoe alcove.  He opened up a small cupboard beneath the heels to reveal a multitude of boxes.  He quickly finds the one for the mules and places them inside.  He leaves the closet and sets the box on the bed.  He could never bring himself to wear the shoes after the first time he wore them for the elder vampire.  The subtle smile and indulgent gleam in Godric’s eye sticking out in his memory more now than it did back then. 

  Godric was a creature of subtle possessiveness.  He staked his claim in far more interesting ways than a claiming bite to the neck.  A majority of the shoes in his closet were from Godric.  He claimed that August need not worry over the money he spent since he had accumulated enough to last many lifetimes.  It took August a good 50 years to get use to his gifts and pampering.  The most memorable was the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella look alike heels that the 2000 year old had somehow gotten his hands on.  They were made with pink and blue diamonds vs the normal white.    August did not ask how or why. 

   He sighed leaving his bedroom for Eric’s.  The elder vampire was not present yet so he took the chance to call Godric.  The phone rang a few times before the soothing accented voice of his lover drifted through the receiver.  


“Hello August it is wonderful to hear from you.”  He said.


“Hi Godric.”  August grinned.  “How are things in Dallas?  Running smoothly I hope.  Stan is not giving you any trouble is he?”


  There was a slight pause in the elder’s words before a soft chuckling was heard.


“It is nothing that I cannot handle my sunshine.”  He finally answered.


  August’s brow furrowed at the delayed response.  It was just a random occurrence and not a cause for alarm, but it was odd coming from someone who was the most calm and level headed out of their little vampire family.  Godric was always sure with his words so his pause in reply seemed otherworldly.


“If you say so.”  August replied.  “I'm looking after a baby vamp at the moment.  Not sure how long I will be watching her though.”


“I'm sure they will be fine under your tutelage.”  Godric replied amused.  


  The two talked for a little over an hour before Eric arrived in the room.  His brow rose in curiosity before walking into his closet.  


“I was thinking of coming over to see you soon, it's been a while since I last saw you and I can feel myself going through withdrawal.”August said dramatically.


“Maybe so.”  Godric replied simply.


  August could see the metaphorical red flags shooting up.


“It's getting early and I still need to clean up.  I'll talk to you tomorrow night okay.”  August said hopefully.


“It's a promise.” Godric smiled.  “Have a good rest August.”


“You too Godric.”  August replied before ending the call.


  He frowned at his phone in contemplation.  What the hell was happening in Texas to have Godric sound so withdrawn?  The sound of Eric clearing his throat drew his attention.


“Are you comfortable?”  He snarked leaning against the bedpost.


“Very.”  August sassed back as he deliberately rolled around on top of Eric's sheets.


“Is there a reason you have graced my bed this close to morning?”  Eric asked.


“Jessica is using my bed so I'm sleeping with you.”  August answered standing up and heading for the bathroom.


  He turned on Eric’s shower before shedding his clothes.  Eric followed and watched every second of the younger’s process of hopping into the stream of water.  If the eternal teen was giving a free show he was not going to turn it down.  His gaze hungrily trailing the pale blemish free skin now covered in rivets of hot water.  This went on for quite some time before Eric finally spoke again.


 “How much longer are you going to play mother bird to the little newborn?”  Eric asked watching August through the foggy glass of his shower.


“I have no idea what you are talking about.”  August replied dipping his head under the spray of water.


  Eric just smirked at the nonchalant reply.  


“Then why are you crawling into my bed this morning instead of sleeping in your own?”  He presses.


  August turns off the water before opening the shower door.  His wet feet padded over to the linen closet to get a towel before answering.


“I didn't think you would ever protest my presence in your bed Eric.”  August smirks drying off his body.


“I don't, but you do understand that she is Compton’s childe and not yours.”  Eric said moving into the room to loom over the younger vampire.


  August scoffs pushing his damp hair behind his ears.


“Of course I know that.”  He replied.  “I just wanted her to feel as if her maker hadn't just shoved her aside in favor of fucking a walking cavity.”


  Eric looked down at him in amusement before pulling a second towel from the shelf and drying the eternal teen’s hair.


“Pam didn't cast me aside the night I dug myself up and I'm positive you didn't leave her side either after she turned.  Jessica is a young teenage girl Eric, everything you say and do will affect them mentally.  Now she will stay young forever.  She was crying earlier because I gave her a pair of shoes.  She said her parents wouldn't approve so I know she must have grown up in a strict household that she constantly sought approval from.  Bill cast her aside without a backwards glance tonight and my hate for that prick has skyrocketed.”  August ranted.


Eric tilted August's head up to look in his eyes before giving him a solemn nod.  


“Unfortunately Compton isn't the first nor will he be the last to abandon their responsibilities as a maker. Our blood is unique.”  Eric started leading the younger into the bedroom.  “Godric instilled the importance of bonding in his line because it makes us stronger.  We are more aware of our strengths if we have our weaknesses close at hand.”


  August stared at Eric in wonder as the elder sat him on the bed.  He understood what the other meant and smiled softly.


“Lucky for me that my weaknesses are far better at this vampire thing than I am.”  August said.  “I don't have to worry about you, Pam, or Godric getting hurt since you all are so strong.”


  Eric gave a sharp laugh as he tugged the towel from August before pulling him down into the bed.


“That's enough heavy thought for one evening, sleep.”  Eric said tugging the other into his side.


  August didn't fight his grasp or the pull to succumb to the day.  He drifted to a dead sleep with the thought of what it would be like to become a maker.


    The next day August made plans to take Jessica shopping.


 “Jessi you ready to go?”  August asks as he pulls his hair up into a messy bun.


“I’m ready!”  She calls rushing from the bathroom.


  August looked her over noting her simplistic neutral makeup, lightly curled hair, bell sleeved white baby doll top, emerald mini skirt, and white espadrille wedges.  She managed to put together a rather cute outfit from his closet considering how she was dressed when he first saw her.  He nods in acceptance of her outfit before making his way to the garage with an eager teen vamp behind her.  He made his way to his purple 1994 Pontiac Firebird with a wicked grin.  Once Jessica was settled into the passenger seat he takes off toward downtown Shreveport.


“Where are we going first?”  Jessica asked curiously.


“The mall, I figured since you’re his progeny now Bill ought to supply you with anything you might want or need.”  August said innocently holding out a credit card to the younger girl.


  Jessica looks at the card in confusion before taking it.  She sees William Compton’s name on it and frowns.


“You took someone’s credit card?”  She asked.


“I took Bill’s credit card.  August smugly replies.  


“How?”  She stutters out.  “When were you even close enough to take it?”  


“Never you mind the how and when, the point is I got it so he can provide for his new daughter properly.”  August replies dodging her questions.


  After a while they finally arrived at the mall and August immediately pulls her toward Express.  Jessica tried to run off to a store with more reasonable prices, but August’s grip and strength showed just how young and weak she was compared to him.  Once inside the store he looked her over before grabbing various items and shoving Jessica into the changing rooms.


“Let me know how those fit so I can start picking some other things out.”  August told her.


  They spent well over 3 hours going to various stores.  Their arms were now full of bags as they made their way back to the car.  Jessica had the biggest smile on her face.  A small group of teenagers passed them and the boys gave Jessica more than a few looks.  August smirked at Jessica’s shy smile at  the attention.


“Look at you reeling in the boys without even batting a lash.”  He said.  “I’m impressed you could do some serious damage with that power.”


“What power?”  She asked confused.


“The power to manipulate without a glamor.  It helps in certain areas, especially if its against your own kind.  Eric and my lover can do it flawlessly, but my maker doesn’t care to have loose ends so she just goes full on glamor.”  August told her.


“Can you do it?”  She asks.


“Yes, but i only do it to people who hold ill will towards me.  If they were vile enough to approach me with the intent to harm me then I want them to know and remember exactly why they are going to die.”  August finished solemnly.  


  Jessica didn’t know what to say to that.  She spent the entire car ride in silence and remained quiet as August started to put his new clothes away and then changed for work.  He finished and then joined Jessica.  She sat with a frown on her face before she finally spoke.


 “What were your Momma and Daddy like?”  Jessica asked as they lounged in August’s sitting room.


  August glanced at her before sighing.


“They were everything parents should be.”  He replied.  “They did everything in their power to provide me with a life they desperately wanted me to have.”


“They sound great.”  Jessica smiled shyly.


“They were great.  I never wanted for anything and I watched them work hard to make sure of it.”  August added.


  He curled up in his plush armchair with a nostalgic look in his eyes.


“I remember when I was 14,  my parents built me a conservatory. It was similar to the one I had built here, but smaller in size.  The first thing I planted there were Hibiscus flowers for my parents.  I wanted to show them how much I appreciated them by cultivating the flower my mother loved most.  I still grow them now.  Over 80 years and I still honor their memory with those flowers.”  


“Are they your favorite flower too?”  Jessica asked curiously.


“Surprisingly, no.”  He laughed.  “I find myself more fond of calla lilies.”


  August stood giving Jessica a cheerful grin.  


“Enough talk, I have a date with the bar at Fangtasia and unfortunately Eric doesn’t trust you enough to leave you here on your own little red.”  He said.  “So you are going to stay in my sight at all times.  I do not want to end up putting you in the office with Eric while he broods over paperwork.”


  Jessica nodded enthusiastically remembering how patronizing and brutal he was about putting her in her place.  She quickly followed the faux leather clad form of August as they made their way to his car.  She hopped in just as he started the car and shrieked a bit as he zoomed off ignoring all forms of traffic laws.  Once they made it into the city August started to drive the speed limit and took his time getting to the club.  


“I wish I knew you as a human.”  Jessica said softly as she watched the city lights go by out the window.


“Why is that?”  August replied questioningly.


“It would have been nice to have a friend like you growing up.”  She answered.  “You’re like a breath of fresh air compared to everyone I’m use to being around at church.”  


August beamed at her words.


“Oppa you're so awesome!  I wish every guy I knew was as pretty, smart, and talented as you!”  August chuckled as he pitched his voice higher to sound feminine.  


  If Jessica could blush she would definitely be doing it right now.  


“Stop it!”  She squeaked.  “What does oppa even mean?”  


“Big brother.”  August replied pulling into a spot in the club’s parking lot.


“Oh.”  She replied thoughtfully before a look of appreciation crossed her face.  “Thanks for doing all of this for me oppa.”


  August nodded with an amused grin on his face as he led her into the club.  He told her to sit at the bar as he rounded it and nodded to the human currently working it.  August washed his hands before he started taking drink orders from the surrounding patrons.  After filling a few he noticed that Jessica was eyeing up one of the poles a female dancer was wrapped around.


“You are not touching that pole young lady.  I don’t care if you are a vampire now; you are still 16 years old.”  August chastised as he pushed a martini toward a waitress with a loaded tray.


“I was just looking.”  Jessica defended with an eye roll.


  Pam sneered at the interaction before making her way to Eric.  The Viking was watching the teens as well with a look of disdain.


 “She needs to leave.  Now.”  Pam told Eric as she crossed her arms over her chest.  “She is turning my almost perfect childe into a mother hen and I hate it.”


  Eric nodded in agreement.  


“Yes I do believe Bill is overdue for his responsibility.”  Eric said watching August swat away Jessica’s hand as it reached for one of the drinks the elder had made.  “Tell Chow he’s in charge tomorrow night.  We are paying our friend mister Compton a visit.”



  August smirked at his handy work.  Jessica was dressed as what could only be described as a goth school girl, pig tails and all.  Eric had basically demanded that Jessica be sent back to Bill tonight so August felt the need to send her off in style.  When they approached the house piano music could be heard coming from within.  Eric opened Bill’s door without knocking.  Jessica grinned mischievously as she entered.

“Hi, Daddy.”  Jessica mocks as she walks into Bill’s parlor.   

Eric, August, and Pam follow the baby vamp into the house at a relaxed pace.  August almost laughed at the look on Bill’s face.

“What is this?”  Bill questioned as he turned to face Eric.   

“There are favors and there are favors.”  Eric said with a stressed tone as he stopped in the doorway.

“She is extremely annoying.”  Pam said bluntly as she side eyed August’s cheerful expression.

  Jessica pouted before propping her feet up on the table.  August twitched wanting to knock them down, but he wanted to see Bill’s suffering more.   

“You can't do this. We had a deal.” Bill accused. 

“Yeah, well now the terms have changed. She's yours.”  Eric started as he moved closer to Bill before smiling. “Unless you wanna give me Sookie.

  Bill jumed up dropping his fangs.  Eric’s dropped just as quickly.  August huffed in irritation and frustration.  Pam simply rolled her eyes.  Eric laughed at Bill’s anger.

 “It's just a suggestion. Though a few nights with this one may change your mind.”  He said gesturing to Jessica.

  Jessica’s brows went up in disbelief over his words.  August chuckled walking over to her side as Eric turned to leave.   

“Good luck.”  Pam said moving out the door behind him.

“Åh, du ljuva frihet!”  Eric calls out causing Pam and August to laugh.

  August placed a big dramatic kiss to the side of Jessica’s head before setting the bags he was carrying down beside her.  The shoe box was placed in her lap gently.

“Don’t forget to call unnie.”  August smiled.

  He turned to face Bill with a smirk and pulled the others credit card from his pocket.  He handed it to Bill who looked as if he was about to rip off the teen’s head.

“You picked out such nice things for your little girl; you’re such a good father.”  August cooed before leaving the house with a cackle.


 “Hi chagiya, is everything ok?”  August chirped as he stretched out in front of the webcam.  


“All is well.”  Godric smiles softly.


  August grins back, but it slowly recedes as he notices that Godric only continues to stare at his face.  He had seen the look before.  His mother and father wore it the day he told them he was leaving on a long trip that they most definitely knew he would never return from.  It was a look of longing and acceptance.  Godric was memorizing his face.  


“What’s wrong?”  August asks softly.


  Godric tenses for a few seconds before finally speaking.


“I am sorry my Sunshine.”  Godric started with a defeated look in his eyes.  “You may never forgive me, but I must do this for all our sakes.”


“What are you talking about Godric, what are you doing?”  August asks frantically as the torturous burn of panic starts to set in.


“Jag älskar dig, min Solsken.”  He says softly before ending the call abruptly.


“No.”  August whispers.  “No. No. No. No! NO!”


  Bloody tears stream down the eternal teens face as he tried calling Godric again and again.  No one answers and August gets more and more frustrated.  He jumps from his bed and rushes of to Fangtasia.  In his desperation he doesn’t notice that he was actually flying there at breakneck speed. He rushes through the main club and into Eric’s office with blood painted cheeks and a feral look in his eyes that neither Eric nor his maker had seen in him since the days of his suicide attempts.  August stumbles over to the Viking with heart breaking sobs rattling his body.  Eric was confused and Pam, who came to see what was going on, was no better.


“Vad är fel?” Eric asked pulling the younger down onto his lap.


  August breathes shakily before finally speaking.


“Godric.” He whimpers. “Something has happened.”


  Eric’s eyes narrow before looking up to Pam.  Whatever was happening they were damn sure going to figure it out.  Eric knew exactly where to start looking and asking when it came to disappearing vampires.

Chapter Text


            I am doing everything in my power to locate Godric as soon as possible.  His disappearance was so sudden and there was no indication of a struggle.  He seemed quieter in the weeks leading up his vanishing, but it was not concerning since he tended to close himself off every couple of months.  I should have pushed him to speak with me. I should have told you or Eric about it as well. I am sorry. If you would like to you are more than welcome to come to Dallas at anytime.  Godric adored you and it was clear to see why. You brought out a part of him that none of us has ever seen. He laughed and smiled with you in a way that made many envy the relationship you shared.  That bright happiness that surrounded you both was a sign that we could find light in our lives. A plethora of things were delivered to Godric’s nest a day or so ago so I shipped them to you in a large box.  He must have ordered these things for you before he disappeared. There is also a thick envelope and box addressed to you that I found on his desk. I didn’t open them since I believe it to be something personal.  Stay strong August. I do not wish to see you fall into depression again. Give my regards to Eric. I will be contacting him in the coming week.

                                                                                                                                            Sincerely, Isabelle


 August read through the letter with red rimmed eyes.  He glanced at the large box set on the floor before him.  The thick white envelope beside him was adorned with Godric’s unique fluid script.  August didn’t want to see what it said so he pushed it aside in favor of opening the box.

 From within August pulled 9 shoe boxes, a large wrapped picture frame, 3 garment bags, and a plain wooden box the size of his palm.  He pulled the frame from the box first removing the brown paper concealing it. It was revealed to be a photo of his home before he was turned.  In all his years he had yet to go back to the place he grew up. The photo showed that it had not changed since the day he sold it. The stone masonry was covered in ivy and honeysuckle.  His little greenhouse sat off to the side in pristine condition. You could just make out the beginnings of the small orchard that bordered the property. August eyes welled up with blood as his fingers traced the stepping stone path that led to the front door.  He gently leaned the painting against his chaise as he pulled out the garment bags next. Inside each were large knitted sweaters. The first was a pale pink with a high-low style. The sleeves were made with thumbholes and the neckline dipped off of one shoulder. The second was a white distressed cardigan with numerous holes and runs.  The hem would barely brush his ankles. The last was a mint crop top that came just beneath his breastbone. Solsken was stitched across it in elegant yellow script. He smiled setting them aside before pulling out the shoes. There were 5 custom converse sneakers. The custom made heeled high-tops were gorgeous. One pair was Labyrinth themed with Jareth and Sarah at the masquerade.  The next were pastel purple with holographic angel wings on the sides and a white lace overlay. Then there was a Gackt vanilla pair styled like low tops. Another pair had the Fangtasia logo along its side. The final pair was a knee-high wedge in all white. He pushed them all aside with a sniffle as Eric entered the room.


“What’s all this?  Go on another shopping spree?”


 August picked up Isabelle’s letter and passed it to him before pulling the last 4 shoe boxes out.  Each one was a different designer. The first was a pair of Christan Louboutin and Dan Francois-Lesage blue Marie-antoinette pumps,  the second were betsey Johnson pink layla anniversary heels, the 4th was Manolo classic polka dot pumps, and last was a pair of red Alexander McQueen slippers.  Godric knew him so well.

 Eric set the letter on top of the shoe boxes and watched the eternal teen clutch at his red shoes with shaking hands.  He understood how torn up and afraid August was, but Eric felt it on higher levels. His maker, the man who made him who he was today, was in danger and no one seemed to have any clue where he could be.  August was very obviously on the verge of a mental collapse if something did not come up soon. Eric saw the fresh bloody tears stream down his face and placed a hand on the youngers knee.

“He knows me so well and does things like this.”  August said softly. “Why would he leave me? Why would he leave us?”

“You think he left?”

“I think he knew this was going to happen.”

 Eric sighed leaning back on the chaise.  He eyed the tall stack of shoes and then the room as a whole.  It annoyed him to no end to walk into the younger’s suite and see the gaudy pastel mural of colorful centaurs.  The room looked fit for a child rather than a man August’s age. The fact that the teen only did it to make fun of him only upped the irritation.  Eric eyed the sunbathing centaur that was meant to represent Godric. The halo of glittering light surrounding the figure showed just how much August cherished his relationship with his maker.

“If you and Godric did not enter a relationship would you still be here?”  

 August looked down at his slumped form in confusion.  

“What do you mean?”

“Would you still live here?  Would you try to meet the sun again? If Godric did not initiate a relationship would you still be how you are now?” Eric asked staring the younger vampire down before standing.

 August stilled.  He didn’t know what he would do.  He looked at Eric with the lost eyes of a child.

“I don’t know.”

 Eric leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.  

“Put away your things August,  I want you to spend some time at the club tonight.”  He said making his way to the door. “It may take your mind off things for a little while.”

 August watched the viking leave with a detached stare.  He turned back to the box to remove the smaller wooden one within it.  He unlocked the metal clasp holding it closed and gently lifted the lid.  Settled within were several photos of Godric and he going all the way back to the 30s.  Two in particular caught his eye. One was obviously from the 80s since his hair was bleached.  He was smiling and clinging to Godric’s waist as they sat on a carousel horse together. Godric looked at him as if he had hung the moon and grinned back at him with a glow of pure joy.  They looked so good together. The other photo was a polaroid taken around the same time. In it August was perched on Godric’s lap with a bright red lollipop in hand and a bright smile on his face.  Godric had an arm around his waist and appeared to be nuzzling the other’s jaw with a small smile.

“Godric you colossal dick.”  August sniffled. “I love you.”

 He placed the box beside him and proceeded to take the shoes and sweaters to his closet.  He spent an hour showering and making sure any evidence of his tears were thoroughly washed away.  His makeup was dark and minimal and his hair hung loose. He eyed it in the mirror with critical eyes before an idea popped into his head.  He was going shopping soon.

 As August exited his firebird he took note of the appreciative stares of the club patrons in the parking lot.  A black shiny black corset sat over a boat neck long sleeved shredded red tee. His legs were adorned in skinny pants made in the same material as his corset.  August’s 6in black platform stiletto mary janes clicked against the pavement as he moved past the crowd of envious and lustful stares. Upon entering he received a nod of acknowledgement from Pam before she jerked her head in the direction of Eric’s throne.  August nods and approaches the older male.

 The teen sat beside Eric and watched as the humans vying for the viking’s attention glared at him.  He pulled out his phone and started up another game of Resident Evil. After a few hours of fawning patrons and cheesy pop covers Eric leaned over to to see what he was doing.  

“You and your games.”  


“I don’t hear your complaints.”


“Your point?”

“They keep me sane.”

“I was under the impression that you never were.”



“Idiots.”  Pam cut in with a smirk.  “Eric you have a call in the office.”

 He frowned a bit before leaving his chair.  August looked up at his maker as she stared at him with a calculating stare.

“Do NOT make me chain you in a coffin again sweet stuff,  I warned you then and I am warning you now because you are falling back into old habits,  I am not taking that shit again. Do you understand? I do not want to use the maker’s command, but I will if you force my hand August.”

“Yes Pam.”  He nodded solemnly.


 Pam watched her progeny leave the club with a frown on her rose tinted lips.  She knew he was dipping into depression as soon as he rushed into fangtasia that night he discovered Godric’s disappearance.  His dependency on the older vampire was concerning. Godric was a tether for August. He kept the young vampire from any reckless acts that could get him killed.  

 Pam made her way into the office just as Eric slammed the phone onto the receiver.  Eric looked up as she entered with a glare.


“That was Isabelle, Godric’s second in command, she doesn't have any new leads and plans to have her human look into that church.”

“I don’t know which is worse, the V dealers or a fanatical vampire hate cult.”

“Both are not in our favor.”

 Eric kicked his desk harshly.  Pam crossed her arms waiting for Eric to finish.

“I'm closing the club tomorrow.  I’ll question the rats downstairs  to see if they know of any movements in Dallas.”

 Pam nods in acceptance.

“While we are at it I may as well touch up your roots they are looking a bit dull.”

 Eric flipped off his childe as he went to sit behind his desk.  




 August exited his bathroom draped in a silk robe.  He plucked the thick envelope from where he had set it aside.  He traced Godric’s fluid script with a peach colored nail and a small sad smile.  He carefully opened the enveloped and pulled out it’s contents. The first thing he saw was a deed for property in Loggy Bayou. 60 acres of woods and swamp that godric had a house built on.  August’s breath hitched in shocked. Godric had a home built for them less than an hour from where he lived now. He sat the deed and map papers aside and pulled several pictures of a beautiful contemporary home built in a clearing surrounded by tall trees. A set of keys and a letter were also inside.  August had blood streaming down his cheeks as he scowled at the letter. He refused to read anything his lover had written him. He picked his phone up from the side table and called his maker. She answered after a few rings.

“I’m busy sweet stuff what do you need?”

“Pam.”  August said with a shuddering breath.  “I need you to come with me somewhere.”

 Pam sighed on the other end before replying.

“I’ll be there in 20.”

 August leaned back against his chaise with a heavy unneeded sigh.  He didn’t know what Godric was thinking doing all of this and then just disappearing.  When August finds him he is going to hug him, kiss him, and then punch the self sacrificing fuck in his gorgeous face.

 The eternal teen stood and got dressed quickly in a pair of black skinny jeans, dark violet v-neck, and heavy black boots.  He tugged his hair in a messy ponytail and sat waiting for Pam. When she did arrive he stood handing her the papers and photos before grabbing his keys.

“It won’t take long.”  He told her as he left the room for his car.


 The car ride was silent with only the shuffling of the papers in Pam’s hands breaking it.  August kept his full attention on the road as he spotted the dirt road turn off. A few miles into the dense woods and they finally made it to the house in the sunlit pictures.  Maker and progeny exited the car and approached the sleek modern home. As August opened the front door he had a deep seeded hope that Godric would somehow be there. He wasn’t. In fact after turning on the lights they found that the house was empty of furniture and decor.  It was clean but had the potential to become the home Godric and he could have made.

“A little empty for my tastes,but it has potential.”  Pam drawled gazing around the open floorplan of the house.  

 August glanced out the large pane of glass that made up the back wall.  A barely noticeable path led out into the trees and probably toward the docks he had seen in one of the photos.  The house was amazing, but August could not feel any joy in being there.

“I am going to kick his ass.”  August stated calmly.

 Pam smirked at him taking in his puffy red stained eyes.  Her smirk slowly turned into a disbelieving scowl.

“When was the last time you fed little boy?”

“I don’t know,  I have had other things on my mind.”

“Obviously.”  She snorted.

 Pam grabbed him by the arm and marched him out of the house.  She shoved him out in the open and gave him a stern look.

“Go feed,  I’m taking your car.”  She said. “Do not set foot in the house or club unless you have.”

 August gave her a reluctant nod taking a few steps back.  Pam raised a brow as August crouched and proceed to jump into the air and fly off toward the city.  Pam’s brow rose in both shock and amusement. Apparently her child figured out flying since Godric went missing and had not bothered to tell anyone.  His anger and worry must be fueling him to the point that his gifts were emerging. She really hoped that wherever Godric was, he understood what kind of beast he unleashed.  




 It did not take August long to find a meal that evening.  A few minutes walking through downtown Shreveport and the muted cries of a young woman reached his ears.  The teen vampire scaled the abandoned building he had perched himself on until he reached the alley below.  August crouched in the shadows as he approached the altercation with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

  Just within the shadows of the alley way two men could be seen harassing a woman no older than 20.  One man held back her arms and had a knife resting against her neck. The other rooted through the woman’s bag.  She shook in fear with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Please let me go.”  She sobbed.

“I don’t think so little girl.”  The man holding he purse mocked. “I think you have a lot more to give us than what’s in your little pocket book.”


 The man with the knife laughed walking her forward so that she was sandwiched between her two assailants.  August dropped fang when the scent of blood hit the air. The knife ad dug into the girls skin causing a thin rivet of blood to trickle down the column of her throat.  He slowly eased forward as the men continued their disgusting taunts. The woman started to struggle even more.


“Just a little taste sweetheart.”


“Hold still!”  


 At that moment August crouched in anticipation.  The eternal teen sprung pulling the man away from his accomplice and victim before jumping onto the shoulders of the man easily wrapping his legs around the man’s head in a chokehold.  The man didn’t get a chance to scream. August viciously sank his fangs in near the man’s jaw severing his carotid artery in the process. The woman and the knife wielding assailant froze in shock at the sudden attack.  August drained him before unraveling himself for the corpse. He watched the body drop without a hint of remorse. August turned to face the alley’s other occupants giving them a moonlit view of the young vampire’s serene and bloody face.  The man holding the woman dropped his knife taking off in a sprint. August lips twitched in amusement before rushing in front of the man cutting off his only exit. A feral blood coated grin stretched across the vampires face as he struck out.  His perfectly manicured nails sunk into the human’s throat as he lifted the criminal into the air. August slammed him into the brick wall head first putting him in a daze. The eternal teen took advantage of his vulnerable state and latched onto his throat.

 The young girl shook in fear as she fell to her knees.  She backed herself into the opposite wall and watch on in fear that she would be next.

 Once the man was drained August went through all of his pockets and his shoes pulling money from them as he went.  He tossed the body aside carelessly before doing the same to the first man he drank dry. He picked up the woman's purse, dumping all the money he collected inside, and approached her shivering form.  He tossed the bag to her making her flinch.


“Get home safe,  these men are no longer a bother to you.”  


 The girl stared up at him with wide teary eyes.  She had not expected his voice to be so soft. He gave he a soft smile hoping to ease her suspicion of him.  She slowly reached forward and grabbed her bag.


“Thank you for saving me.”  She said shakily. “I don’t know what would have happened to me.”


 August nodded and started to leave the alley, however he paused just before he reached the street.


“Hey.”  He called out to her softly.


 The girl cautiously approached the vampire that saved her.



“What’s your favorite color?”


 She was startled by his question.  It was such an odd request, but she answered it nonetheless.




 August laughed at her answer giving her a bright, but still bloody, smile.


“Like the cat in Blue’s Clues?”


 The girl snorted and averted her eyes from the gory  bits in his teeth. This vampire was odd.



“Good, then I’ll dye my hair periwinkle.”



 The girl snapped her head up to look at him, but the vamp had disappeared.  She looked around frantically but saw no sign of him. She quickly left the alley and made her way home thinking of her strange and life saving encounter.  She needed a drink.


 August made sure to shower and change before he made his way into one of the late night pharmacies.  He quickly found and bought the hair dye and bleach. Fangtasia was closed that night and Pam was going to touch up Eric’s hair.  August figured that she would do his as well since he went out and fed like he was suppose to. He felt as if this change would be the first of many.