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Black Velvet

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 Ginger’s shouting was getting incredibly annoying.  August scowled at her fearful shrieks as he watched Long shadow strangle the Stackhouse girl.  Good riddance to shit starting trash.

“Ginger, enough.”  Pam sighed in a clipped tone.


 Ginger stopped but continued to quiver in fear.


“Thank you.”  Eric said to Pam as he continued watching the strangulation.

Before Long shadow could tear out Sookie’s neck, Bill drops his fangs rips the tap from the bar and stakes him.  The long haired vampire exploded into a shower of blood and fleshy bits.  Ginger starts screaming again and then proceeds to vomit all over the floor.  August wrinkled his nose in disgust at the gruesome act.  He turned to Bill with anger painting his pretty face.


“Compton what the fuck?!  I don't come to you house and rip out a $5,000 keg system!”  August growls loudly over Ginger’s wails.  “You're paying for that you ass!”

“Humans. Honestly, Bill, I don't know what you see in them.”  Eric said to the surly vamp with an unimpressed look on his face. “Ginger clean up this mess please.”


 Pam pointed Sookie in the direction of the restroom before standing at her maker’s side.  August sits himself at a table on the tall vamps other side to watch the traumatized Humans. Ginger walked off unsteadily to get a bucket and the mop.  She got to her knees and started gathering large globs of bloody viscera and dropping them into the bucket.

“How did I end up with you people? Jesus. Mother Mary in heaven. I'm so sorry, Mama. I'm so sorry.”  Ginger started sobbing with every clump of vampire she picked up.

“When Ginger is finished, glamour her for me.”  Eric told Pam as they watched the woman work.

“Are you sure? She's been glamoured one too many times already. Who knows how much of her is left.”  Pam drawled crossing her arms across her chest.

“It's either that or turn her.”  Eric replied before looking between his nest mates.  “You want her?”

“Fuck that noise.”  August snorted typing away on his phone.

“Please, I'm not that desperate. Glamour it is.”  Pam scoffed.

“And she already has me so don’t put ideas in her head.”  August added standing to assess the damage Bill caused to the bar.

“Excellent.”  Eric said before turning to a still angry Bill. “Come. I'll buy you a Blood.”


 Eric leads Bill away as Pam quickly glamours Ginger before she walks off toward the staff room.  August groans as he runs a hand across the completely demolished tap.  None of it would be salvageable which meant that the entire keg system would have to be replaced. August really wanted to bash Compton’s face into a vat of liquid silver.

“What’s the damage?”  He heard his maker ask as she re-entered with a bundle of latex in her arms.  


 August turns to her with a look of obvious discontent.


“We have to replace it all and repair a small portion of the bar.”  He told her.


 Pam did not look at all pleased as she made her way toward the restrooms.  August followed with a light of mischief in his eyes.  Fucking with the Stackhouse girl would definitely make him feel better.  The two entered the bathroom to see the human still cleaning long shadow’s remains from her skin.  Pam holds the Latex uniform out to Sookie with a neutral look on her face.

“Put these on.”  She says in a commanding tone.

“Oh, thank you, but I'm fine, really. I'm just gonna dry out my hair and be on my way.”  Sookie replied attempting to sound confident.

“You are not leaving anytime soon cupcake. Eric and Compton haven’t finished their little chat.”  August smirked walking to the girls other side making her shift away from him uneasily.

“Oh, is Bill in some kind of trouble?”  Sookie asked looking at Pam in apprehension.

“That's for the boys to figure out. Right now, what you need to do is change out of your clothes.”  Pam told her once again holding out the clothes while glancing down at the girl’s chest. “There's vampire in your cleavage.”


 August chuckled as the blood covered girl looked down and made a startled noise of disgust.

“Okay eww.”

“Allow me.” Pam said reaching out and removing the peace of flesh from between the girl’s breasts.


 Sookie stared at Pam’s unflinching gaze as the woman casually flicked the gore away in slight fear.


“Thank you.”  She said uneasily.

“I'm beginning to understand the fuss everyone's making over you.”  Pam said in an enlightened tone.


 August glared at his maker’s words.  First Eric and now the little cavity was pushing in on his maker.  NO. FUCKING. WAY.


“I don’t see it at all.”  August starts looking the human over as he circled to stand in front of her with his maker. “What could possibly be so special about this girl other than her little mind reading parlor trick.  If she didn’t have that she would be nothing more than another walking stereotype of a southern peach with a rotten pit”


 The amount of venom in his statement had Sookie flinching back and Pam raising an eyebrow in curiosity.  He was not amused by this situation at all.  The sound of Ginger’s clicking heels cut through the tension as the scantily dressed woman entered the room.  

“Oh, hey there, Pam, Auggie.”  Ginger greets upon entering before seeing sookie. “Oh, who's your new friend?”

“Ginger, Sookie. Sookie, Ginger.”  Pam says quickly as she rolls her eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Sookie.”  Ginger smiles at the girl.


 Sookie looks put out but eventually nods at the woman’s greeting.

“Right. Nice to meet you too.”  She replies as if she doesn’t know how to answer.


 Ginger can see Sookie’s cautious attitude toward the two vamps and gives her a reassuring smile.

“Oh, you don't have to be so scared. They're really very nice here.”  She says warmly.


 August rolled his eyes before leaving the restroom.  He made his way across the club moving toward Eric’s office.  He sticks his head in giving a sweet smile to the Viking.


“I’m going home to have video sex with Godric.”  He chirps hiding his simmering fury before glancing Bill’s way.  “See you around Compton.”


 August left the office and made his way toward the front door.  He instantly dialed Godric in an effort to calm his anger.  The older vampire picked up after a few rings.


“Yes Min Solsken?”  


“Godric I want to rip the beating heart from her chest.” August growled as he exited the club.


“I must ask that you refrain from doing so.”  Godric chuckled.


 August smiled softly upon hearing the noise.  Godric had been laughing a lot more ever since they decided to become partners.  August could remember the older vampire smiling softly on plenty of occasions, but never laughing.  He felt so happy that he was the one to make Godric act so carefree.


“No promises.” August grinned.


“At least hide the body somewhere inconspicuous.”  Godric replied.


 The two chatted about random things until August made it into the house.  He poked his head into the greenhouse and smiled sadly at his gators.


“I think it’s time to set the kids free.”  He told Godric.


“Are you sure you are ready for that you sound very reluctant kära hjärta?”  Was the cautious reply.


 August sighed and made his way up to his room. He knew Godric would catch the apprehension in his voice and worry.


“It feels like something big is about to happen and I don’t want my babies to be caught up in whatever it is.”  August started as he fell back into his bed.  “I didn’t want to tell Eric or Pam but….I’m scared Godric.”


 There was silence on the line and August heard shuffling before Godric spoke again.


“Get on the web cam August.”  


 August’s brow furrowed in confusion before he obliged the ancient vamps request.  He pulled his laptop onto the bed and turned on his skype.  He immediately received a video request from his lover.  Godric’s face pops up with a worried frown.


“Why are you afraid my sunshine?  Do you need me to come there?”  He asked.


 August shook his head before answering.


“Don’t trouble yourself Godric; I just have a bad feeling no need to jump states.”  August smiled.  

 Godric didn’t look convinced, but August had to take the elder’s mind off of it.


“Why don’t you let me try on a few of the Chantal Thomass sets Pam got me?  It will help me relax and I’m sure you could use a bit of stress release yourself.”  August grinned.


 Godric smirked at the younger’s obvious distraction attempt, but played along anyway.

“Did she buy anything in pink?  I like how it looks on your skin.”


 August giggled rushing off to grab the lingerie boxes.



“When we finish with all of this Bill bullshit I demand a rematch.”  August growled at the newest investor in Fangtasia.


 Chow simply looked down at the teen with an amused smirk angering him further.


“The results will be the same.”  Chow said following Eric and Pam up to Bill’s old colonial home.


“Fuck that I am not accepting a loss at Mario Kart.”  August huffed straightening his baby blue high waisted shorts and retucking his cream peasant blouse as he walked behind the group.


 Eric eyed the gaudy Dolce and Gabbana tapestry heels on his feet with mild curiosity.


“Did I pay for those?”  He asked casually as they walked up Bill’s front stairs.


“Yup, I also got 4 pairs of these lovely Valentino stilettos, 2 pairs of Louboutin boots, and an absolutely amazing pair of purple suede Yves Saint Laurent mary janes.”  August gushed excitedly as Pam grinned at her maker’s wide eyes.


“Exactly how much did you spend?”  Eric questioned.  


“Enough.”  August replied moving past him to ring the doorbell.    


  A few moments later an unamused Bill opened the door.  August smirked at the put out expression on his face. Eric moved forward and entered the house.

“Bill, Chow. Chow, Bill.”  He said offhandedly as August, Pam and Chow entered the house and lined up beside the Viking.

“Nice to meet you.”  Chow said casually.

“Chow is Long shadow's replacement.”  Pam smirked.


“I take it by your being here, there was no way around it, then?”  Bill snarked.

“I can't really say. Didn't exactly look into it.”  Eric replied boredly.


 Bill scowled looking over toward Pam and August.

“Tell me, do you two enjoy living halfway up his backside the way you do?”

“Yes, it's nice. You should try it.”  Pam grinned cheekily.   

“And what a backside it is.”  August grinned smacking his lips to Eric’s cheek.


 Eric smirked at the shorter vampire before looking amusedly at Bill.

“We're gonna have to stop by the bar where Sookie works first. She needs to know that I'll be gone. Don't forget how this started. She came to Fangtasia to help you.”  Bill stressed at Eric.

“Fine. Go to the bar.”  Eric agreed.

“Might be smart to check out the competition.”  Pam hummed.


“Or lack thereof.”  August added thinking of his incognito trip to Merlotte’s.   

“Yes, indeed.”  Eric said amused.

“What's your game?”  Chow suddenly asks.

“Excuse me?”  Bill questioned as everyone turned to look at Chow.

“You were playing Wii. What's your game?”  Chow asked again.


 August groaned in annoyance but was ignored.  

“Golf.”  Bill answered in a curious tone.

“What's your best score on Pebble Beach?”  Chow asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“7 under.”  Bill said proudly.

“Mine's 11 under.”  Chow said in slight Joy as he watched Bill’s face fall in irritation.

“I liked Long shadow better.”  Bill told Eric with a frown.


“I know right, at least that bitch didn’t cheat at Wii.”  August pouted agreeing with Bill just to be petty.


Pam rolled her eyes at his words before gripping his high ponytail and tugging the childish teen out the door.


Entering Merlotte’s caused a rush of mischief and glee to flood through August’s body.  He glanced around noticing the lack of his previous waitress.  He looked toward the bar and a cruel smirk appeared on his face.  He remembered the brunette from fangtasia.  She dragged of August’s puppy and now August was itching to see if she had given him V or not.  August glanced once more at the bar before moving next to his maker behind Bill.

“Bill, what's going on?”  Sookie asked as the surly vamp approached her.


 Eric and Pam glanced around with amused looks on their faces.

“This place is even more depressing than I thought it'd be.”  Eric said causing laughs from both Pam and August.

“What are they doing here?”  Sookie tried to whisper to Bill.

“Give me a minute, then we'll talk. Where's Sam?”  Bill said pacing a hand on her shoulder.

“I don't know. Why?”  Sookie replied confused and panicky.

“He's in his office.”  A dark skinned woman behind the bar stuttered out.


 August looked her over with a small grin.  She seemed like a great way to kill time and to find his second favorite human.

“Try to behave yourself.”  Bill said to Eric before moving toward the back hallway.

“Don't I always?”  Eric answered looking around the bar.


 August grinned making his way over to the bar ignoring the wary looks he received.  He smiled sweetly eyeing the brunette behind it.  He could smell the fear and V coming off of her.  He leaned on his arms to get closer to her.


“You dragged my puppy into your bullshit little girl.”  He whispered sweetly.  “There is very little stopping me from shoving my 6 inch heels into your windpipe for enabling Jason.”


 The girl looked shaken as Jude continued to smile at her.  He then turned to the other woman behind the bar.  She too was weary, but August could see fire in those eyes.  He grinned at her appearing the picture of innocence.  She reminded him of a certain sassy cook.  


“Are you by chance related to the lovely Lafayette?”  He asked.


 She looked shocked before replying.


“How do you know him?”  She demanded defensively.


 August beamed squealing a little no doubt drawing some attention to him.


“I absolutely adore him!  He owned these redneck assholes here the other day and I was lucky enough to see it.”


 The woman looked shocked and confused at his statement before her eyes widened in recognition.


“You're the guy that kissed him.”


 August nodded in reply before giggling.


“Of course he wasn't aware that I was a vampire at the time.”  He said.  “So what should I call you?  I'm August FYI.”


 She looked a little apprehensive about giving up her name to him.


“I don't bite people who don't deserve to be hurt.”  August said in a calming voice.


“Tara.”  She finally replied after looking him over for any sign of betrayal.


 August started to say more about Lafayette’s one sided fight when he noticed Tara looking over his shoulder in fear.  August then felt a large hand curve around his waist drawing him up from his seat.  Eric smirked and shoves a stack of cards in his hands.  


“Make yourself useful and work.”  The Viking said with an amused look in his eyes.  “After the apparent fortune you spent using my card I better see all of those gone.”


 August groaned pouting at his grand-maker.  He looked back over his shoulder at the brunette and mouthed the word ‘soon’.  She flinched and avoided his eyes.  The eternal teen then turned back to Tara with a cheerful grin.


“Duty calls, lovely meeting you Tara.”  


 August started moving around the room opposite of his maker handing fear riddled humans the discount card.


“I'm sure even simple people like you have to escape you dreary little lives every now and again.  My club Fangtasia can offer such an escape.”  Eric started moving around the room.

“So simply present this card at the door when you get to Fangtasia and the first round is on me.


“Also, Thursdays are ladies nights, so be sure to bring a date.”  Pam smirked.

“That is, if you can get one.”  August beamed innocently at one of the red necks at the table Pam stood beside.  

“He got you.”  One of the men chuckled at his friend as Pam started to hand him a card.

“Not him. He doesn't get one.”  Eric said pointing at the man reaching for the card.

“What gives, bro?”  The man called in confusion.


August and Pam smirked as Eric rushed right into the guy’s face causing a few patrons to scream in shock.

“What'd you do to your arm there... bro?” Eric asked coldly “Hm?”


 Eric glances up when he hears footsteps approaching to see Bill and Chow have returned.


“I take it your business here is done?” Eric asks standing up straight as Bill walks past him.

“I came to talk to Sookie.”  Bill says aggressively as he glares up at Eric.

“I'll give you three minutes. We have a tribunal to get to.”  Eric replied glancing between Bill and Sookie’s confused form.

“What?”  Sookie asks.

“Come with me.”  Bill says tugging her outside.


 Pam and Chow follow Bill outside leaving August and Eric behind.  August smiles at Tara moving to the woman once more with a periwinkle card in hand.


“Here, tell Lafayette to call me sometime, I rather enjoy his company.”  August chirps.  “Don’t you be afraid to call either I can already tell we would get along like siblings.”


 Tara shakily took the card making the eternal teen to wink at her.

“Oh, before I go, a word of advice: We know when a human has wronged us. We can smell it.” Eric said looking all around the room as he did so causing August to smirk in the Brunette’s direction as he walked toward Eric. “So do not make the mistake of letting the pretty vampire lady on television make you feel too comfortable. We may not have retaliated... yet... but we know who you are. Have a nice night.”


 August wrapped his arms around Eric’s t-shirt clad bicep grinning at the older vampire.


“Nice speech.”  August laughed.


“Well, they needed to know their place.”  Eric replied leading him out of the bar.

 They made their way over to the couple in time to hear Bill’s frustrated voice.

“Because I killed a vampire.”  He told her.

“I know that, I was there, remember? He was gonna kill me. You were defending me.”  Sookie said as if it was nothing.

“If one of you killed another one of you defending one of us, there would be a tribunal.”  Bill tried to explain to her.

“I'll come with you then.”  Sookie said determinedly.   


 August snickered with a malicious gleam in his eyes, leaning on Eric’s side.  THAT would be hilarious to see.

“No.”  Bill said with an air of finality.   

“I can and I'm going to. I wanna testify for you.”  The human replied as if her words made all the sense in the world.

“Damn it, you can't. You can't come. And you can't testify. You will not be welcomed there.”  Bill growled.

“You lied to me.”  Sookie breathed. “You said everything was gonna be okay but it's not, is it?”

“I honestly don't know.”  He said looking away.


 Eric sighed in annoyance as August scrolled through his phone in boredom against him.

“Tick tock, Bill.”  Eric called out to the couple.

“Bill…”  Sookie pleaded pitifully.   

“Just look after yourself, all right? I've asked Sam to watch over you.”  Bill sighed grasping her shoulders.

“Wish you hadn't have done that.”  Sookie said shakily.


 August scowled at the sight.  He was not about this soap opera shit.

“Be smart, Sookie, and just let him. There's still somebody out there who wants to kill you.”  Bill cautioned.  

“Fine. I will.”  She said teary eyed.

“Thank you.”  He said with a relieved look.

“And time.”  Eric called attempting to interrupt their sappy moment.

 The couple ignores him and instead proceeds to kiss one another vigorously.  August sees Tara arrive out of the corner of his eye and smiles at the fearful looking woman.  However when he turns back to the kissing couple and he frowns deeply.


“This is too damn vanilla for me.” August sighed slipping a hand into Eric’s back pocket.  “You should see the way Godric and I go at it.”


“Funny I was going to say the same to you.” Eric replied smirking.


 August’s head snapped up to look at him in shock and obvious jealousy, but he only continued to smirk gloating about Godric and his past encounters.  August pouts moving to stand on the other side of his maker.


“If I had any feelings, I'd have the chills right about now.”  Pam drawled in distaste at the sight of the two.

“Not me.”  Eric replies to her statement before calling out. “Bill.”


 When it seemed like the two were going to ignore him again Eric snapped out.

“Now.”  He demanded.

They stop kissing, and Bill caresses Sookie’s face before backing toward the other Vampires.  The group starts to leave the parking lot with August giving an air kiss to Tara as they went.