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Black Velvet

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“YOU GONNA PAY FOR THIS YOU FAGGOT PIECE OF SHIT!”  The man screamed as four large gators followed his crawling form snapping at the man’s feet. 

  August sat in his wooden lounge chair filing his nails.  He was completely ignoring the man’s cries of fear.  When he was satisfied with his nail’s shape he grabbed the pistachio colored polish beside him and got ready to paint them.  A series of loud hisses and snapping followed by a wail of pure agony made the teen vamp turn to see what was happening.  A vicious grin started to stretch across his face as his babies tore into the man’s torn off leg.  Bits and pieces of bloody gore were splattered over the various rocks and plants surrounding them.  The man’s bloody stump was gushing blood and caused August to drop fang.  He slowly stood and made his way over to the crying excuse for a man.

“What was it you were telling me earlier?”  August chirped giving the scared man a faux thoughtful look.  “I’ll have you on your knees with tears in those pretty eyes when I fuck that tight little boy pussy of yours.”

  The man trembled in fear when August squatted down before him with a hard look in his eyes.  He remembered seeing the teen downtown earlier.  He was tempting in a cropped black hoodie and dark jean shorts.  When the boy bent over he nearly lost his mind.  He wanted the little twink.  He regretted his pursuit the moment those brown eyes stared him down.  How was he supposed to know the kid was a vamp?

 “You approached me, because you thought I was a child, with the intent to rape me.  I don’t take kindly to pedophiles.”  He started.  “So I am going to give you everything you deserve and more.”

  August smiled sweetly before turning to plant kisses on the gators heads.

“My precious babies are all in their early teens and they are just anxious to get a taste.”  August said before leaning into the man’s paling face.  “So I’m going to let them eat you all up.”    

“NO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS I SWEAR I WON’T DO IT AGAIN! I SWEAR!”  The man screamed as August walked back to his chair.

  The eternal teen smirked pulling out his iPod and putting on his headphones to drown out the sound of the man’s screams.  He resumed his nail painting as his gators ate their fill.  Seven songs and four full bellies later August felt a hand slide over his bare leg.  He looked up to see an amused Eric standing above him.  He pulled off his headphones and smiled up at his grand-maker.

“Can I help you?”  August said batting his eyelashes at the taller vampire.

“I can see that you have been having fun in my absence.”  He said looking over to one gator gnawing on a femur. 

“Of course, you know I get bored easy.”  August grinned.

  Eric smirked and sat by the younger vampire’s feet. 

“How would you feel about paying our dear Mr. Compton a visit?”

  August grinned sitting up on his knees in excitement.

“Can we fuck with him?”

“Absolutely.”  Eric replied




  August curled into Eric as they relaxed into the bath.  Eric shifted in order to play the next song on his iPod.  The lit candles and sounds of Swedish set up a peaceful atmosphere.  August tilted his chin up to look at the older male with a huge grin on his face.  Eric glanced down at him with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk.

“So, how much you wanna bet Bill will flip his shit when he finds out we fucked on his couch?”  August grinned.

“Oh I’m sure he will.”  Eric chuckled pulling some loose strands of August’s hair behind his pierced ear.  “I’m counting on it.”

  August laughed as he pressed his face into Eric’s neck and draped his arm over the edge of the tub behind the elder’s head.  He felt Eric curve an arm around his hips holding him in place.  It was times like this that August wished Godric was with him.  The need to touch the ancient vampire was near constant since the two teens got together.  Godric was very forward with his intentions, and now that August had accepted him it was like a weight off of his mind and his crush seemed to have disappeared.  The kiss and the otherworldly sex pretty much cemented it.  Sleeping with Eric was like a novelty.  He knew Godric didn’t mind the meaningless sex between them.  August still gets upset about their multiple escapades in the past with their hyperactive sexathons.  He would have jumped at the chance to join.  Godric even said that if Eric asked he would still bend over for his child.  If anything there would be a sure chance of threesomes in their future.  However, Eric’s new fascination with the Stackhouse girl was something that needed to be dealt with.    

  The front door of the house opening alerted the two to Bill’s return.  Neither of the two moved as they heard the other cautiously approach their position in his master bathroom.  The door opened and Bill crept in, but as soon as he saw who was in the room he scowled. 

“I texted you three times.” Eric said. “Why didn't you reply?”

“I hate usin' the number keys to type.”  Bill replied in disdain leaning on the door frame. “What are you listenin' to?”

  August snickered opening his eyes to glance up at the disgruntled vamp.  He received a glare for his amusement.  Eric released an unnecessary sigh before answering. 

“From my younger days, it’s really quite beautiful if you know Old Swedish.” He said. “I have a favor to ask of you.”

“A favor or an order?”  Bill asked.

  He crossed his arms defiantly as Eric turned to look at him.

“Depends on how you look at it. Honestly, did you think you could keep her to yourself?”  Eric replied.

  August frowned at those words.  He really needed to find a way to drag Eric’s attention away from that girl before something bad happened.

“I’ll bring her, now could you please get out of my bathtub?”  Bill bit out.

  August pouted but stood up in the tub allowing the two older vampires to see every bit of his naked body.  Water dripped off of his pale skin giving off a visage of sin incarnate.  Bill covered his eyes not wanting to see everything the eternal teen had to offer.  Eric blatantly stared as the brunette stepped out of the tub and walked around the southern vamp not bothering with a towel.

“See you later Bill hope your cupcake isn’t too useless.”  August said cheerily making his way downstairs to his clothes.

  Bill glared at Eric as the Viking stood up to follow the teen.

“Don’t disappoint me Bill.”




  August leaned onto his makers pink clad shoulder with boredom in his eyes.  He was happy to be in his comfortable clothing for once inside the club.  The solid white leggings and butter yellow poets blouse contrasted greatly against the red and black of the interior.  He didn’t want to be anywhere near the weird Stackhouse girl, but he also didn’t want to take his eyes off of her.  She could be some kind of witch for all he knew.

  August contemplated the pros and cons of draining one of the suspects when Eric finally decided to waltz in with all his giant Viking glory.

 “Pam, August, Longshadow and I are partners in this club.” Eric starts as he circles Sookie. Bill stares him down as he leans against the bar opposite of Pam and August.

“And we recently noticed that $60,000 has gone missing from our books. And Bruce…”  Eric stops behind the sweaty human and places a hand on his shoulder. “…is our accountant. Perhaps you can start by listening to him.”

“He's not saying anything.” Sookie snarked.

“Don't be coy.”  Eric said.  “It's humbling enough to turn to a human for assistance. We know what you can do.”

  August scoffed glancing down at his maker’s nails.  He grimaced at the shade of pink that resembled pig’s blood.  He really wanted to bitch slap the girl that did Pam’s nails.  Melody? Margo? Melinda?  Whatever the bitch’s name was, she had an ass whooping coming to her for her poor color skills.  Pam deserved better.

“And I know what you can do too. Why don't you just glamour him?”  Sookie replied with a no it all tone.

“Now, don't you think we might have tried everything before summoning you?”  Eric asked smoothly only to receive a blank stare from the blonde human.  “ would be a great favor to me and to Mr. Compton if you help us.”   

  The teen vamp dug through his bag and pulled out a bottle of nail polish remover, a file, cotton balls, and a bottle of baby pink polish.  He nudged his maker to get her attention.  She turned to him and rolled her eyes at the items before her.

“If I find out who did it, then what?”  Sookie asked demandingly.   

“We'll turn that person over to police and let the authorities handle it from there.”  Longshadow stated.

  Sookie turned to the dark haired vamp with a sour look on her face.

“Hundreds of years old and you’re still a terrible liar. Come on.”  She said turning back to Eric. “I'll make you a deal: If you promise to hand over the person who did this to the police, I'll agree to help you any time you want.”

“All right. Why not?”  Eric replied.

  He glanced over to Pam and August to see the younger vampire furiously scrubbing off his childe’s nail polish.  His eyebrow rose in question before turning back to sookie as she grabbed Bruce’s hands.

“Bruce, it's okay. Take a deep breath. Did you steal their money?”  Sookie asked in a calming voice.

“ No, no. You gotta believe me. I didn't do it. I swear to...”  Bruce pleaded.

“Shhhh. Do you know who did?”  Sookie asked.

“No.”  He replied.

  Sookie looks up to Eric with a frown.

“He's tellin' the truth.”  She said.

“You trust the skinny human to clear the fat one?”  Londgshadow questioned Eric.

  August paused in his polish removing to answer him before Eric could.

“It’s not like any of us are walking lie detectors.  We rip out vocal cords first ask sweetly later.”  August started.  “The cupcake has to be good for something other than trying to pass off as anything but a cavity waiting to happen.”

  Eric and Pam smirked at the teen.  Sookie looked put out at his harsh words.  Bill looked ready to pounce on August for the insult.

“Bring the next one in.”  Eric said to the teen prompting August to groan and leave his work.



  15 humans later Pam leads Ginger in to Sookie.  August grins at his finished work on her hands and swears to do her feet when they get home.   

“This is the last of our humans.”  Pam drawled.

“Hmm. Yummy.”  Ginger said trying to intimidate Sookie with a smoldering gaze.

  Pam pushes Ginger into the chair opposite sookie and puts out the scantily dressed woman’s cigarette.

“Ginger. This woman has some questions for you. Now, be a good girl and answer them, will you?”  Eric tells her as if he is speaking to a child.

“Aye, aye, master.”  Ginger grins.

  August drapes himself over one of the nearby couches as Sookie reaches out for Ginger's hand.  Ginger snatches it back with a scowl on her face.  August chuckles at the action and pulls out his phone to text Godric a selfie with a cute pout.

GodricTheSexGod- is something bothering my little one?

  August sent a long series of texts about what was going on and of how much he missed his ancient, but still very sexy, ass.

 “Don't you touch me!”  Ginger snapped.

“Hold her still.”  Eric sighed in annoyance.   

  Pam walks up behind Ginger and places her hands on Ginger's shoulders. Sookie takes Ginger's hand and concentrates.  August giggles as Godric sends him a rather tame pictue of the older vampires toned chest and abs.  He quickly replies with how much he wants to lick them.

“Ginger, someone's been stealin' money from the bar.”  Sookie said.

“Really? Huhn.”  Ginger huffed.

Sookie looks up to Eric with a confused frown.

“She didn't do it... but she knows who did.”  Sookie says.

  August glances up curiously from his phone.  He didn’t think Ginger would have it in her to lie to Eric and Pam about something.  He quickly tells Godric he will call him before sunrise and puts his phone away.

“ What? you.”  Ginger sputtered out.

 “Who? Who's gonna kill you? Ginger honey, what's his name?”  Sookie questions.

  August sits up in anticipation of the thief.  He may not have had as much money in the business as his maker and grand-maker, but he did not appreciate theft.  His death was caused because of jealousy from people he believed were his friends.  They stole everything of value on his person before leaving him to die.  He may not have done anything about those who wronged him, but he sure as hell would do something if his undead family was fucked over.

 “It's blank, like her memory's been erased.”  Sookie said shocked.

   Ginger looks up toward Eric and Pam in fear of what was to come.

“I don't know anything, I swear.”  Ginger frantically cried.

“She's been glamoured.”  Pam said in irritation.

 “It's a vampire.”  Sookie said.

   Longshadow jumps over the bar toward rushing toward Sookie and drops his fangs.  August groaned knowing shit was about to be blown all out of proportion and that Longshadow just painted a large target on his back.