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Black Velvet

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The club was packed that night. August did not feel up to working the bar again so he resigned himself to sit at Eric’s feet.  Pam would be pissed about him sitting on the stage floor, possibly getting the specially designed white, mid-thigh length, high collar, and sleeveless ruffle blouse dirty.  He laid his head against the blonde’s knee as he played resident evil on his cell phone.  Leon was a sexy fucker even in pixilated form. He had just shot two flight attendant zombies in the head when a message popped up on his screen.  He paused his game to open it and smiled.  It was Godric. 

GodricISlife:  Good evening little one I have a surprise for you.

  He sat up and immediately started to text him back asking what it was.  He let out a very unmanly squeal upon Godric’s answer, startling the group of young girls fawning over him from the front of the stage.  Eric, curious over the noise, also glanced down at the brunette.  He snatched the phone from the cheerful vampire’s hands earning a whine of despair from the teen.  He looked at the phone to see a picture of his maker holding up two tickets.  He tried to read what they were for, but was prevented from doing so by the eternal teen jumping into his lap and snatching it back.  He typed a reply to Godric before stuffing his phone back into his black leather shorts.

“You want to tell me what you and Godric are up to?”  Eric questioned as he adjusted himself on his throne to accommodate the new weight in his lap.

“Godric got us tickets to the Amanda Blank concert in Dallas!”  August grinned up at the elder vamp.  “I told him about it months ago and completely forgot about it.”

  Eric gave August a blank stare before rolling his eyes at the boy.

“You two are far too childish about these things.”  Eric snorted.

  August whipped his phone back out and hit the speed dial for Godric.  His smile grew as he heard the other line pick up.

“Hello August.” 

“GODRIC DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!” August squealed causing Eric to wince and shove the smaller male off his lap roughly.

  August laughed landing on his feet on the floor below the stage.  He turned back blowing a kiss to Eric before making his way to the office.

“I thought you said you were busy.”  August said.

 “I am, but I figured I deserve a break.”  Godric replied.  “I want to spend that break with you.”

  August smiled at his words.  He plopped himself on Eric’s desk and sighed. 

“So when am I coming?”

“Take a flight out tomorrow night; the concert is in three days so we can spend some time together before.”  Godric replied.

“It sounds an awful lot like your using me to get out of sheriff duties.”  August laughed.

“I have no clue what you mean little one.”  Godric smiled.

  August laughed but agreed to the arrangement.  They spoke for a little longer before August hung up.  He was incredibly excited. The brunette rushed back into the club and up to Eric.  Eric gave him an amused smile as he waited for August to speak. 

  “So I need to go to Dallas for the next three days.”  August grinned.

“Do you?” Eric replied. “What do I get in return for letting you off work?”

  August snorted.

“Technically I do not work here I just help out, and you have plenty of pole sluts that can take a break from dancing to carry a tray or two.”

  Eric smirked before standing up from his throne.  The human patrons stared on with bated breath.  He leaned down to Augusts’ height and planted a kiss to his forehead and patted him on the cheek.

“Have fun then, I expect you to come every day next week to make up for it.”

August scowled at the Vikings retreating form.


    After making sure that his babies were all set for meat while he was away August set about packing his small mint suitcase with both comfortable and club appropriate attire.  He was bubbling over with excitement.  Spending time with Godric was a rare occurrence now that vampires were out of the closet.  He took on his sheriff duties more and never had time for one of their movie nights or impromptu dates.  This was a chance August was not going to pass up. 

  The flight out was peaceful.  He wasn’t smashed into one of those uncomfortable travel coffins he hated.  Godric said that he would pick him up from the airport and then head to his home. This trip was a blessing in disguise.  August knew he needed to work on the unhealthy crush he had on Eric.  He didn’t want to be hurt and he knew with that blonde waitress around that there was a whole world of it waiting for him.  Godric would hopefully give him some insight. 

  An hour of flying later, the plane landed and August was making his way to the terminal gate with his bag.  Godric was waiting for him with a smile on his angelic features.  August grinned back rushing forward and jumping dramatically into the older vampire’s arms.


“I missed you so much.”  August said softly as he put his feet on the ground.


“And I you little one.”  Godric replied holding the other by his waist.


  The two left the airport and entered a waiting black SUV.  August scowled at the driver.


“Hey there chinamen back to give our sheriff trouble again?”  Stan smirked at him. 

“First of all, I’m Korean motherfucker, and second if anyone gives Godric problems it’s your bitchy wannabe cowboy ass.”  August growled back.

  Stan opened his mouth to retort but stopped short upon seeing the look of pure malice on Godric's face.


“Please do not insult my guests especially not one of my own blood.”  Godric said coldly.  “Now take us to my home Stan.”    


He nodded stiffly before turning his attention onto the road.  August smirked before leaning into Godric’s side.  Stan just painted a target on his back for August to fuck with him forever.  As if Godric sensed his train of thought the older vamp draped an arm over his shoulder pulling him close and smirking down at him.  They stayed that way until they pulled up to the gorgeous house Godric claimed as his nest. 

  The two got out of the car, Godric dismissing Stan as he grabbed August’s bag, and headed inside. August smiled taking in the familiar open floor plan of the house.  The clean modern furniture and architecture had a classical spin that made it seem homey.  Godric chuckled at the younger teen as he gazed around the main room.  It was adorable, like a kitten familiarizing themselves with new surroundings.

“Come Min Solsken we have a few hours before sunrise and I thought you might like to watch a few movies before we retire.”  Godric said as he walked upstairs to the master bedroom. 

  August grinned rushing after him. 

  The two settled in the ridiculously plush bed as Godric set up the first movie.  August whined when Godric refused to tell him what he picked.  The opening trailers only showed that it was going to be a Disney film, which got him even more excited.  August cuddled up to Godric and practically vibrated with excitement.  Then the menu popped up and showed that it was The Lion King.  August squealed in happiness squeezing Godric in a tight hug.


“I haven’t watched this in years!”  August cheered.  “Eric called a ban on it after I first saw it  and wouldn’t stop singing the songs for a month.”


  Godric gave him a disbelieving look before shaking his head and hitting play.  August was completely absorbed in the movie.  He gave the older vampire a scare when he started crying over Mufasa but otherwise all was going well. Then the jungle scene with Nala and Simba started.  August sighed and nuzzled into Godric’s shoulder.  Godric immediately focused in on the younger.  ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ started to play and August softly sang along.  Godric felt that this was the perfect time to start his plan.  The tickets for the concert were just to draw August to Dallas and get him alone.  Now that he was here in Godric’s bed and unassuming it was time for step 2.    

  Godric gently tapped the younger’s shoulder and got his attention, then he gave him a small smile and grasped August by his chin.  He pressed his lips to the younger vampire’s in a soft peck. He pulled back to see August with a glazed over look in his eyes.  The younger vamp bit his bottom lip as he stared down at his lap.  His mind was going 400 miles a minute and he was pretty much sure he was having a mental breakdown.  Godric kissed him.  He actually kissed him.  August could feel that warmth building in his chest at the thought.  Compared to Eric the kiss was super sweet like a fairy tale dipped in sugar and then covered in milk chocolate.  It was a saturated mess of bliss.  The kiss brought forth an epiphany.  He loved Godric far more than he had previously believed.  He thought back on every conversation, caress, and smile they had ever shared together.  The comfort they took in their puppy piles and childish sleepovers.  He was such an idiot.

  He looked up to meet the elder’s gaze and gave him a large smile.  He wrapped his arms around Godric’s neck drawing the shorter male back to his lips.  Godric leaned into the teen forcing him to lean back onto the bed.  A sudden feeling of possessive greed flared up within Godric.  He leaned down and sunk his teeth into the underside of Augusts Jaw.  The younger let out a choked moan and shivered as the elder rained loved bites across his neck and shoulders.  They never broke contact as August wrapped his legs around the elder’s waist and flipping them over.  He licked Godric’s lips silently asking for entrance.  Godric opened his mouth while trailing his hands down August’s spine.  A soft moan escaped the younger’s mouth as he gave himself over to the warmth and passion Godric was intent on drowning him in. 

  Clothes were carelessly cast aside as the ancient vampire lifted the smaller male’s hips to align his pelvis with August’s causing the taller to let out a gasp at the friction.

“Are you ready Min Solsken?”  He asked softly as his eyes stared into the warm chocolate orbs of his companion.

“For you, Always.”  August smiled.


Godric carded his fingers through the younger male’s hair as he slept.  It was early morning and Godric decided to indulge in the sight of Augusts’ sleeping face.  Last night was more than just sex.  It was the two of them joining in every sense of the word.  Godric smiled and settled down until he could tuck Augusts’ head under his chin.  He knew that their relationship had changed drastically.  Hopefully, it would be alright in the end.  August wasn’t the type to up and leave without stating every reason as to why he was going to.  Godric planted one final kiss to August’s temple before drifting into a dead sleep.

   The sun had just set when August awoke.  He tilted his head up to see the soft smiling face of his best friend.  He leaned up and pressed a soft slow kiss to the elder’s lips.  Godric returned it eagerly and pulled the other closer.  They pulled away and continued to gaze at one another. 

“Did you have a good rest little one, how are you feeling?”  Godric asked softly.

“Definitely.”  August grinned as he sat up in bed.  “But I am thirsty now thanks to that bleed fest I had over a cartoon lion.”


  Godric chuckled at the other teen as he watched August stand and move toward the bathroom.  He paused in the doorway to look back at Godric over his Shoulder.  He bit his bottom lip in anticipation before voicing his thoughts.

“Care to join me in the shower?”

  Godric’s fangs descended instantly as his eyes darkened with want.  In a flash, he was at the younger’s side taking in the sight of his smooth skin, long shapely legs, and soft pouty lips.  August smirked as he watched Godric checking him out.  He grabbed the others hand tugging him into the bathroom.  He couldn’t wait to have Godric inside him again.



  The concert was wild and the reminder of his time in Dallas was just as wild.  It seemed like he and Godric had barely left the house.  They had sex in every room of the house like a pair of newlyweds.  It was amazing.  Now they stood at the terminal gate as August was about to board.  He smiled down at Godric as they stood wrapped in one another’s arms. 

“I’ll miss you Godric.”  August said pecking his lips for the umpteenth time since they got to the airport. 

“And I you my Sunshine.”  Godric replied with a bright smile on his face.

  August stared in shock at the other.  It was the first time Godric called him that in anything but Swedish.  It made him grin stupidly back at the other teen.

“I promise I will give my decision in one week.  This was sudden but not unwelcome.  I kept you on this untouchable pedestal where I admired and loved you from a distance.  It never crossed my mind that my feelings would have been returned in the same way.  You make me happy Godric and I don’t think I could live without you regardless of our relationship status.  So give me this time to think over everything and figure out those feelings I have for Eric as well.  I don’t want to hurt you if what I feel is not just a crush I developed after my first time with him.” August confessed missing the flash of guilt in Godric’s eyes.   

  “Take however long you need I do not wish to rush your mind dear one.  You have told me of your feelings for Eric and I trust your decision.  I would be a hypocrite If I told you not to lay with him anymore considering my child and I often explored one another, even to this day.”  Godric replied in understanding.

“You and Eric fuck?”  August asked with wide glazed over eyes.

  His mind short-circuited at the idea as mental images of the two started playing out.  An involuntary moan escaped him causing Godric to smirk at him.

“What may I ask are you thinking about stygg räv?”  

August snapped out of his daydreams and grinned at the shorter vampire. 

”You and Eric screwing in my bed while I watch.”  

Godric snickered before outright laughing.  August smiled pulling out his phone to record the other laughing happily.  Godric calmed down enough to kiss August one last time.

”You are the most delightful creature I have ever had the pleasure of knowing my August.” 

”You bet I am.” August laughed. ”Love you Godric, i’ll miss you.”  

August waved blowing the other a kiss before rushing off to his plane.  Godric watched him with a soft smile until he could no longer see the other then it fell slowly.