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Black Velvet

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 The sun had barely set when August snapped awake.  His mind drifted to the meeting of the Stackhouse girl.  It was eating him up inside to think of how much attention Eric gave her.  August released an unnecessary sigh in frustration.  Maybe he should assert himself to make Eric think of nothing but him.  A soft chuckle escaped his lips at the ridiculous idea.

  The loud blaring of his ringtone attracted his attention.  He crawled across the bed to reach his nightstand.  He picked up the phone and grinned upon seeing who it was.  He quickly answered.

“Hi, Godric.”

“Hello, little one.”

  The older vampire’s voice was always so calming.  August would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy hearing it often.  It was as if the man’s every word was a soothing lullaby trying to put his nerves at ease.

“When should I expect you back in Shreveport? August smiled cheerfully. “You know I hate not seeing that gorgeous face of yours every day.”

  Godric chuckled at the brunette’s words before answering.

“I’m afraid I will not be making a trip there anytime soon August.”

“Aw, but I wanted to flaunt our love in front of Eric so that he knows I am the favorite.”

“You shouldn’t tease him, he does bite back.”

  August could practically feel the smirk through the phone.  He wanted to laugh at the joke but was yet again hit with thoughts of the Stackhouse girl.

“What has made you so quiet Solsken?”  Godric asked worriedly.

  A frown marred his usually angelic face.  He bit his lip anxiously before answering.

“Someone caught Eric’s attention.” He started. “I think he might forget about me if he pursues her.”

  A sigh escapes the elder.  He had known for quite some time about the affections young August held for his progeny.  Eric, while passionate, would never devote it all to a single person.  He loves his childe and he loved August.  When he first learned of their more intimate encounters Godric brushed it off.  It wasn’t uncommon to sleep with your nest mates.  However, as the years went on he started to feel envious of his childe.  After spending so much time with August, Godric started harboring a lot more than affection for the eternal teen.  His smile lit up any room he walked into. That teasing voice always made it seem as if he was up to no good.  Those big brown eyes always expressing his emotions.  Godric never lied to August about his feelings toward him.  He did truly love him.  It was just that the kind of love had changed. 

“Worry not little one, no one could ever compare to you.”

  August smiled at the elder’s words.  Godric was a saint. 

“I think I might do a bit of detective work.”  He grinned. “Find out where she works and scare her a bit.”

“I suppose, but you must be careful,”  Godric said worriedly.

“Of course I know you would worry otherwise.”  August grinned. “Love you, Godric.”

“And I you, Solsken.”


“Maybe I’ll come visit you since your so busy.”  August said after a few seconds of silence.

“There is no need, I am sure Eric and Pamela would not appreciate another of you last minute excursions.”  Godric chuckled.

“That was one time and I had to go.”  August whined. “It was the 90’s and I was in love with Gackt don’t you judge me.  I don’t regret going to that concert either.”

  Godric started to truly laugh bringing a smile to August’s face.

“I do really love you Godric, no one has ever done as much for me as you have and I would never give up the time I’ve spent with you for anything.”  He said honestly. “So promise me that If you ever feel like I did in my darkest hour you will let me know.”

Godric frowned lost in thought before answering.

“I Promise, I shall speak with you later little one.”

“Ok, bye.”


  August ended the call not truly understanding how deep his words impacted the older vamp.  He rushed to his closet until he found the ONLY flannel he owned.  He threw it on over one of Eric’s discarded black wife beaters.  One pair of loose jeans, doc martins, and a saints snapback later he was out the door to the garage. He gravitated toward his jeep wrangler and smirked.  If there was one important thing He learned from  Eric it was how to act.  He knew he could play the New Orleans-born college kid as if he was born to be it.  He hopped in his jeep and headed for a place called Bon Temps.  Pam casually lets the girl’s town name slip the night of the raid.  He was going to have fun.   


  Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.  This seemed like a good place to start his search for the Stackhouse cupcake.  August strolled into the restaurant giving off the impression of a tired youth.  A red head approached him with a cautious smile. 

“Table for one?”  She asked.

“Yes mam.” He grinned at her trying to appear as innocent as possible.

  She relaxed a bit and led me to a table next to a group of three men.  She handed him a menu and then seemed to tense up even more.

“Can I get you anything to drink?”

  August glanced down at the menu as if to ponder his choices before smiling up at the scared waitress.

“I’ll have a blue moon if you have any.”

  She immediately relaxed as if the world was lifted from her shoulders.  She gave him a wide friendly smile before nodding.  He held out his fake id to the woman.  She looked it over before handing it back.

“Of course hun, I’ll run and get that for you while you look over the menu.”

  He politely smiled back before looking back at the menu.  He had no idea what a lot of the things on the menu were so he decided on something he knew he could fake his way through eating. Fries.  He heard a throat clear beside him and turned to find three pairs of curious eyes.  He gave the men one of his “I –am-the-epitome-of-innocence-so-love-me” smiles. 

“Can I help you?.”

“Hey, you new to Bon Temps?” A handsome sandy blonde grinned at him, he was sweaty and very easy on the eyes.

“Sort of.”  August replied as the red head returned with his beer.  He ordered a basket of fries before turning back to the men. “I’m just passing through on my way back to school.”

“That’s pretty neat what are you studying?”  The adorable brunette asked.

 August wanted to coo at him as if he were a baby.  He bet the man was a momma’s boy.

“Well I’m double majoring in history and foreign languages.”

  The men looked shocked.

“Damn.” The blonde said.

“That there a lot ta take on.”  The man with the goatee added.

“I’m ambitious.” August grinned. “So who are you?”

“Well I’m Jason Stackhouse, that’s Hoyt Fortenberry and lastly Rene Lenier.”  Jason said pointing at each of then when he said their name.

  August frowned up at Jason’s surname.  Could he be related to her? 

“I’m August Park.”

  Just then August heard a commotion from the kitchen and smirked as a built man in a headscarf walked from the back carrying a burger towards a booth full of rednecks.

“Oh, fudge.”  He heard the red-haired waitress say from the ticket window.

  Shit was about to go down and the vamp had a front row seat. 

”Scue me...Who ordered the hamburger... “He started placing the burger on the table in front of the three.  “...with AIDS?”

 The rednecks start to laugh.  August tilted his head curious to see what would happen next.

“I ordered the hamburger deluxe.” The scruffy one said with an attitude.

“In this restaurant, a hamburger deluxe come with fren' fries, lettuce, tomato and mayo...and AIDS!” The dark skinned cook replied yelling the last word for good measure.  “Do anybody got a problem with that?”

“Yeah! I'm an American. And I got a say in who makes my food.”  The rude man continued on digging himself into an early grave.

“Well baby, it's too late for that. been breedin' your cows, raising your chickens, even brewin' your beer long before I walked my sexy ass up in this . Everything on your damn table got AIDS.”  The cook replied in a sassy tone.

“You still ain't makin' me eat no AIDS burger.”  The scruffy redneck argued back.

The man leaned over closer to the redneck.

“Well, all you gotta do is say "hold the AIDS." Here... “He said taking the bun off the burger and licking it before shoving it into the rude man’s face.

 “ it!”  The cook yelled.

 The other two men get up to hit the cook, but he punches each of them. The scruffy one tries to hit him, but gets gut-punched and a mean uppercut to the jaw. The cook then picks up the plate and looks at the three groaning men.

“Bitch, you come in my house, you gonna eat my food the way I make it! Do you understand me?”  He yells at them.

 He then drops the plate onto scruffy’s lap, Who glares and knocks the plate off his lap.

“Tip your waitress!”  He yells at them.  

  August clapped his hands and cheered for the cook.  That was the most beautiful thing he had seen in ages.  The man turns around, walks past Jason who gives him a high five.  August catches the cooks eye and crooks his finger at the man.  He walked over cautiously since August had yet to stop smiling.  When He got close enough to the table August reached up and tugged his tank collar down so that the cook was on eye level with him.

“I think you deserve a reward for that brilliant show you just gave me.”  August said sliding his hand up to the others cheek.  He pulled the cook into a slow soft peck before letting him go with a satisfied grin.

“Shit baby,  I wish all my customers thought to complement me like you.”  He smirked down at the vampire.

“Can’t nobody think like me.”  August said.  “What’s your name babe ?”

“Lafayette, sweetness.”

  August stood from his chair slipping a large tip onto the table along with what he owed and looked up into Lafayette’s eyes.

“Well, Lafayette you certainly turned this failed trip into an exciting evening.”  He smiled walking toward the exit.  “I will definitely be returning in the future.”

  The eternal teen blew him a kiss before leaving out the door.  The whole exchange gained the attention of the whole restraint. 

  Lafayette shook his head before heading back to the kitchen.  Arlene made her way over to the table he had vacated and gasped.

“What’s wrong cher?” Rene asked worriedly.

Arlene turned to face him and held up a crisp $100 dollar bill.  The men stared in shock at the tip not even noticing that the teen didn’t touch anything he ordered. 



  August returned home still chuckling over the ass kicking Lafayette gave the three men.  He barely made it to the stairs before Pam was in his face.  He groaned as a smirk rose on her face.

“And just where have you been?”  She stated looking down at his attire with a scowl.

“Out and about.”  He replied moving around her and heading upstairs humming as he went. 

  Pam scoffed following him as he made it to his closet.  He stripped and grabbed some lounge clothes before leaving back out.  He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  He placed his things on the pink marble counter top before hopping in.  He saw the outline of his maker through the glass door and sighed.

“What Pam?”   

“One of your overgrown lizards got in the house again.”  She drawled.  I threw it back in its pond, but you’re cleaning up the mud it tracked onto the floor.”

  August groaned and continued to wash his hair.  He heard the click of heels leaving his room and sighed.  She just had to kill his happy time.   He frowned at the thought of his gator babies.  He knew they were close to adulthood and needed to be put back in the wild.  He would miss them and Pam just had to keep reminding him that they were getting bigger.  It won’t be long till their out on their own and he’s crying bloody tears over it.  Maybe a call to Godric will ease his sad thoughts.

  His bathroom door is opened yet again as Eric strides in with a smirk on his face.

“I need you to work tomorrow.”  He said leaning against the wall watching August rinse off. 

“Fuck that I had plans to go buy a couple of new pairs of pumps.”   August scoffed.

  The shower door was snatched open and water turned off as Eric dragged the wet younger vamp out of the shower. 

“You are working.”  Eric stated glaring at the teen. “You can order you shoes online while you’re there.”   

“Can I use your card?”  August grinned pressing his body up against Eric’s.

“Fine.”  Eric scowled pushing him away to reveal the wet spots on his clothes from August pressing against him.  “You did that on purpose didn’t you?” 

“Yep.”  August laughed leaving behind an angry wet Viking.