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Black Velvet

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Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell

Jimmy Rodgers on the Victrola up high

Mama's dancin' with baby on her shoulder "

  He felt so cold lying in this dank alleyway. His hand was shaking, trying to hold the gaping wound in his stomach closed. It wouldn't be long now. August Park would call this dead end his grave. 19 years of relative peace, minor racism, and a guaranteed job of taking over the family apothecary thrown right out the Goddamn window. All he wanted was a nice night out with his so called friends. Instead he's gunned down and robbed by them. Story of his life.

  His mother and father immigrated over to the US in 1903 and had him in 04. They settled in a small house situated on a nice patch of land outside San Francisco. His father grew different herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to sell and his mother offer helped when he didn't require her full attention as a baby. They named him August to fit in and sent him to school. He learned English, but also his parent’s native tongue. By the time he was 14 his parents made a respectable business of selling home remedies and teas from their gardens and orchards. They expanded their home and even had a modest conservatory built for him to grow his own things. His life was great up until this night. Jealousy was an ugly thing.

  The sound of clicking heels on pavement shocked August out of his thoughts. He glanced towards the entrance of the alley to see a silhouette of a woman approaching him. He squinted to try and get a better look at her but was failing miserably. His vision was already blurring. The blood loss was getting to him now.

"My you are a pretty one, for a boy that is." A husky and alluring voice said from above him. "I guess you're at least a little bit worth testing out this whole maker thing."

August finally gave in to the growing drowsiness and closed his eyes. He just wanted this to be over.

"The sun is settin' like molasses in the sky"

  August's eyes snapped open to only see darkness. His breath hitched as fear started to set in. He was alone, in the dark, and everything around him was shifting. The smell of wet earth surrounded him. He was buried in the ground. He started to panic, desperately clawing his way through dirt and forcing himself up through the shifting earth. He could feel tears starting to roll down his cheeks as his panic attack fully set it. He clawed through dirt faster and faster until he grasped air. He felt hope blossom in his chest as he pulled himself up higher. Then with a final push He broke free of his supposed grave. He looked around him to see he was in a graveyard near the small church he attended with his parents. His nerves continue to skyrocket as he tried to remember how he got buried in the first place. Had those bastards buried him?  Did some passerby take pity and bury his supposed dead body? What the fuck was happening to him?

  At that moment he realized something and paused in his mind ramblings. He shakily placed his hand upon his chest and froze. He had no heartbeat. HE HAD NO FUCKING HEARTBEAT! Something was very wrong with him. All this time he has been taking unnecessary breaths. What was he? Was he a monster like in his books or a spirit walking the earth? So many possibilities started to trickle into his mind that he didn't notice a figure walking up to him.

"Well, you certainly don't waste time." A voice said causing him to yelp in surprise.

In front of him there stood a tall and beautiful blonde woman. She practically radiated wealth and prosperity in an almost sinful way. She smirked at him before crouching before him. Her glittering beaded gown catching the light with every move she made.

"I am your maker." She told him with a wide grin. "And you are my childe."

  August continued to watch her in silence. He honestly did not know what to say. This woman knew where he was and how he got in the ground. He needed to know everything before He would act out irrationally.

"Tell me your name little lamb, so I know who it is I have turned." She demanded of him.

  August shifted as he grew uncomfortable under her piercing stare. She patiently waited until he finally found his words.

"August." He mumbled out. "August Park, and what do you mean maker?"

  She let out a breathy chuckle and grabbed his chin tilting his face up to meet her gaze.

"You're a vampire now sweet stuff."

August nearly choked on his tongue in disbelief.

"Are you serious, like in the Bram Stoker novel?" August asked in disbelief.

The woman scoffed at him.

She pulled him to his feet and stared at his dirt covered form in disgust.

"Before I explain anything you are getting cleaned up." She said.

  August continued to look at her in wonder. She said he was a vampire and that in itself was amazing. Creatures he only knew from books were real, and now he was one of them. What about his parents? Fuck his so called friends, but his parents were his world. He had to know what would happen to them. He looked to his maker with curious and determined eyes.

"What is your name and what about my parents?" He asked.

She gave him a wicked smile and started pulling him toward the town.

"I am Pam, and starting tonight I am your parent little boy." She chuckled.

"The boy could sing, knew how to move ev'rything"


Pam scoffed as her maker appeared from the sky startling August from his spot on a stone bench. He hastily picked himself up and sat back down trying to appear as if he didn't just fall over in fright. The man towered over him with a heated glare on his face.

"Pam, what did you do?" He asked her without taking his eyes off of the other male.

"I made him; I wanted to know what it was like to be a maker." She said stubbornly.

"So you just went out and turned the first human you came across?!" He growled.

Pam scoffed and turned to August to give him a thoughtful look. He broke eye contact with her as his nerves got the best of him.

"Oh course not, look at him." She said tilting the baby vamp's chin up. "He's got the face of an angel, besides his little friends shot him and left him for dead I had to turn him."

"That is no excuse Pamela." Eric said still glaring at his new grandchilde. "What of his relatives, surely he couldn't be out of his teens.”

"Its fine, I took him back to his little house and he told them he wanted to explore and discover new things, they bought it and now no one will get suspicious for a while." Pam said.

"Except for my so called friends."August muttered.

Eric stared him down before getting right in his face. He smirked at the nervous look in his eyes. The older vampire reached out caressing the long brunette hair on August's head. The little progeny peered up at him with wide curious eyes. He was cute in a "put in your pocket" sort of way. Pam must have seen something in this child in order to have turned him. Hopefully he could prove his worth to Eric. Soon.

"If you want to join my nest you have to lose a few things." Eric started with a smirk.

"Like what?" August questioned nervously.

The sound of feet hitting the pavement attracted all three's attention. A youthful looking male, with a small amused smile on his lips, approached them as if he hadn't just flown out of the sky. August watched with a look of shock. How the hell did they do that? The guy chuckled before he spoke with a very soothing, in August's opinion, voice.

"Now Eric that's no way to treat Pamela's new childe." He smiled. "You cannot judge him before you know anything about him."

Eric was amused by his maker's declaration. This would be a perfect opportunity to screw with the baby vamp. A little impromptu recreation was in order

"Godric you’re just in time." Eric grinned "I think we should have a little family bonding experience."

August felt the sudden need to run far away when all three grinned viciously down at him.

"Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for"


  The war brought about a new prosperity. The money August put in his first savings account back in 1916 had grown over the years it sat there and he had yet to touch it beyond adding something to it every month. Of course he moved banks to fit the times and not gain suspicion, but overall he found himself a very wealthy individual. It also helped that Eric taught him about stocks and investing. He took it upon himself to invest in several markets pertaining to books, entertainment, and even fashion.

  He took a particular liking to the work of Christian Dior. The glamorous style was aesthetically pleasing to him, specifically the evening dresses. He often dragged Pam out to play dress up. He praised his maker for her full hourglass figure. She put Veronica Lake to shame in the blonde bombshell department. Pam in turn did the same to him. She dressed August to the nines and even, on the occasions when he was coerced, got him to wear a dress or two if it flattered his figure enough, usually a tent or slip. Heels, however, became his go to shoe to wear anywhere, regardless of social norms. The whole experience brought out a new person in him.

  Of course he did have his dark period years prior. He mourned his parent's deaths and saw to their estate. He sold the family orchard to a struggling family for next to nothing in an act of goodwill. He buried them in the cemetery, but kept a lock of each of their hair in his mother's locket. He worked through his grief and eventually came to terms with it. Pam told him to suck it up and move on. He resented her for that until he finally did move on. She witnessed a lot of bloody tears during that time including one failed attempt to meet the sun. She was not, and made it extremely clear to him, going to take that shit from him again. So with a few well placed silver chain and basement threats, and some weird therapy sessions with Godric, August grew out of his 13 year depression and gave into his new life completely. He adopted a vigilante feeding pattern and brutally fed off and stole from those humans that preyed on the weak or committed despicable crimes. He then gave what he stole to the victims. He laughed when he learned that his actions got him the name "The Robin Hood Killer". He eventually had to stop killing them when he almost led the police to their nest. Eric had not been pleased by the close call. Pam found it amusing.

"Black velvet and that little boy smile"


  August laughed as he continued to dance to the music playing throughout the club. His dance partner for the night smiled as he watched the young vampire move freely around him. The chorus started August started to sing along.

"You are an obsession, You're my obsession, Who do you want me to be,
To make you sleep with me

  Godric chuckled at his grandchilde's progeny. He seemed to flourish in the Los Angeles nightlife. He had taken a particular liking to the fashion of this era, makeup and all, and dressed as if he was one of the pop stars he loved so much. He was currently moving his body in a pair of tight leopard print vinyl pants that seemed painted on. A loose black tank top that appeared to have gone through the shredder hung off his pale shoulders. A knee high pair of black, platform, thick heeled boots adorned his feet. August had bleached his long hair to a fair shade of blonde with lavender highlights. He looked like he lived for the club scene. It was moments like this that he saw the teenager that August appeared to be. His thoughts were cut short by arms wrapping around his neck. He glanced up into mischievous brown eyes.

"Thanks for hanging out with me Godric, Pam and Eric would never go clubbing with me." He said happily. "Pam complains about my clothes and Eric would have ditched me for a coke head to screw."

"It is of no inconvenience to me, I rather enjoy these moments with you." Godric replied wrapping an arm around the younger's waist.

"How come?" August asked with curiosity.

"I feel like an actual teenager and not a 2,000 year old beast."Godric answered swaying the two of them to the fast paced music.

  August was surprised by his answer but shook it off as a new song came on. He gasped at the familiar sax of careless whisper and quickly grabbed Godic's other hand forcing it around his waist. Godric gave him a questioning look, but shrugged it off as one of his quirky moments. August propped his chin upon Godric's shoulder as they continued to sway.

"I love George Michael so much, but never as much as Billy or David." August mumbled.

  Godric just smiled as August rambled on and on about his celebrity crushes. He just adored how innocent the near 100 year old vampire always seemed. If it wasn't for the vicious way he went about feeding, he always insisted on humans with cruel intentions, He would never have believed August was a vampire.

"Hey we should go see a movie tomorrow." August said excitedly.

"Of course what would you like to see little one." Godric chuckled.

"The Goonies definitely, it looks so exciting." August grinned down at him.

"The Goonies it is then.” Godric replied.

"It's a date." August chirped snuggling into the elder’s embrace.

  August truly did enjoy time with Godric. He was perfect in August's eyes and nothing could reach him on the pedestal the young vampire placed him on. He was an apex predator with eyes like Bambi; he was everything August wanted to be as a vampire. Pam already adored and doted on him. Eric had warmed up to him immensely over the past 40 years. Of course it also helped that they fucked a few times. Now Godric seemed to have taken to him as well. After his parents died he found closure with this family. His vampire family.

"Black velvet with that slow southern style"


  The cat was literally out of the bag.  Vampires came out and adapted to being in the open. August had a large greenhouse built on as an addition to Eric's mansion just outside Shreveport. It was practically a swamp themed herpetarium since he had basically adopted a congregation of alligators. He denied this to his maker, of course, claiming that there were other areas in the greenhouse filled with other types of flora not native to the south. Pam continues to call it the gator exhibit.

  Eric, being the successful sheriff he was, immediately seized opportunity and started a club in Shreveport some time after the great revelation. He called it Fangtasia.  August laughed so hard he had the bleeds. He even went as far as watching Fantasia every time Eric came to his sitting room. He developed a fondness for the pastoral symphony segment and ended up painting his suite to mimic it. August made sure every single centaur from the segment graced the walls and then added his family to it. Pam and He were visible right when you enter the door in all their perfect glory. Godric was placed a little off from them basking in the sun that would have come through the french doors leading to a modest balcony, had he not put up blackout curtains. Eric was painted next to the archway leading to his bedroom on a golden throne with a flower crown atop his head. The actual Eric was not amused. Pam liked the rosy pink and blonde portrayal of herself.

  Godric visited on occasion when he could break from sheriff business. They often spent days at a time holed up in August's bedroom watching old vhs movies and playing games. It was something they decided as a way to reconnect with Godric's lost youth. It was not surprising to find the two coiled around one another in their sleep, or cuddled up with Godric reading aloud to his young companion. Eric grew curious of their closeness and even questioned their intentions for one another. The answer he received from both was simple. "It just feels natural."

  Pam was in four words his, "Ride or Die Bitch", since he refused to call her mom. They shopped, gossiped, and snarked together. If anything she was that aunt a mom would always tell their child not to embody. They continued their decade’s long tradition of dress up games well into coming out of the closet. Pam even got them into The Victoria's Secret fashion show every year since its conception after she learned of August's weird obsession with expensive lingerie. He practically had a fetish for it much to her amusement. August had become her protégé and learned quickly what was and wasn't acceptable to vampire culture. He was the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing and she played off of that every chance she got with their dress up sessions. August made her proud; she guessed that is what Godric felt for Eric, and in turn, Eric for her. She didn't feel any regret for turning him. He no longer felt upset for being turned.

Everything was working out fine in their little family, until Sookie Stackhouse came to their bar. 

"A new religion that'll bring her to your knees

Black velvet if you please "