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Taste This

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Confiture de framboise
means raspberry jam
Hudson's muffins are a huge hit

Ginger and marmite
Stilton and leek
Sherlock's fat tastebuds are lit 

Equipped with ear plugs
and blindfolded tight
John's experiment proves that it's true 

Sherlock can tell you
just what's in his mouth
as Watson's balls slowly go blue

Three types of tea leaves
steeped in one mug
the evidence makes a strong case

Then something quite else
comes to rest on that lip
enlightenment shines on his face

Sherlock's oral abilities 
are put on the line
with a sample so meaty and sweet

Should you yet yearn
for a demo so pure
you'll find them inside Baker Street 

Ignore all the moaning
panting, hisses, and groans
expect a trial truly absurd

Take special note
as Sherlock passes the test
but surely it's Watson who's scored?