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Don't Mess with ME thank you~!

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“…” Papyrus groaned, shaking from the recent battle. Oh. He got knocked out unconscious but- Eyes widened, he pushed himself up. “SANS?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

“I..." Papyrus trembled in fear or was this anger? The skeleton picks his phone, calling to make sure the ONE who did this wasn’t who he think HE is. He trudged around, finding his bearings. Everything torn apart; monster dust was mixed with snow. Wait. Papyrus tightened his fist, seeing a burnt down tree with a ketchup bottle beside it. Grillby protected Sans until the very end while he pretended to be a rock. Papyrus wants to hurt himself so badly, but now’s not the time.



“Hello, Classic.” Underfell!Papyrus asked, the sound of stirring from the area. Papyrus looks at the ruins once known as Snowdin, picking up his torn scarf on the ground. “Can’t you see I’m busy making lasagna? You are ruining my concentration.”

“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” Papyrus is scavenging for healing ITEMs, just to be in the safe side. He doesn’t have much energy when it comes to using his abilities. Underfell!Papyrus paused, slowly answering. “Wow there! And I thought I had to tone down on the language. I’m in Snowdin.”

“boss who are you talking with?” Papyrus could hear Underfell!Sans ask which caused the dark skeleton to nearly slip the phone, holding it away from the small skeleton no doubt. “Shut the fuck up, leave me alone and go to Chillby like you always do asshole!”

“HARSH.” Papyrus comments, looking at the equipment in the shop. He tossed it, inapplicable for a monster. The skeleton grimaced at the scent of LOVE in the air, permeating into Waterfall as well. Just when the Kid left with a Pacifist ending, another killer comes over and murders everyone. Papyrus sighs, fortunate Flowey isn’t alive today. He wouldn’t want the flower finding out about his masks switching.


“At least you know damn well I did damn nothing… yet and I’m not that masochistic to take another lazy ass in the household. Oh and not dumb enough to leave you alive. What sort of killer leaves you alive? Must be a plot hole or something.” Underfell!Papyrus was even being humorous with his situation or is he breaking the forth wall? Papyrus didn’t care, stepping on the dust of monsters. Underfell!Papyrus dawdled, amused and ‘sympathetic’ to his cause. “You need help killing ME?”

“YOU ARE CRAZY.” Papyrus raised a nonexistent eyebrow, visiting Undyne’s house to see the female gone. He enters it, looking for the knives. Underfell!Papyrus laughs. Papyrus has a feeling the skeleton’s on the couch, lying on it with a phone like a teenager. “You’re somewhat right. I always wanted to know how killing ME feels. I mean just look at me, I look like a douchebag that eats a bag of nails first thing in the morning or maybe someone sharted at my face once in a while so I’m always pissed.”

“NO. YOU’LL GO EASY ON YOURSELF. I HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO KILL YOU AND URGH. CONTACT G FOR ME. I HEAR REPAIR’S WITH HIM. I MIGHT NEED A RESET BEFORE SANS FINDS OUT.” Papyrus wore the utility belt hosted with sharp objects and concoctions made beforehand. Undyne isn’t the sort who goes through her things, never knowing Papyrus kept some things inside her house. Underfell!Papyrus hums, rummaging his room for the other phone. “Are you going to kill just ME or are you going to kill everyone who’s not in your realm.”

“BOTH. THEY DON’T BELONG IN THIS TIMELINE.” Papyrus walks out of the house, whistling as his scarf went from left to right. He entered the echo garden, the sound of fear echoing amongst the flower. Underfell!Papyrus comments, “What if Sans witnessed one of your FIGHTS? What then Classic? Will you… Kill him to protect your persona?”

“HOW DEGRADING OF YOU FELL. I WILL MAKE SURE SANS NEVER FINDS OUT ABOUT ME, JUST LIKE THE PREVIOUS DEFECTED TIMELINES.” Papyrus EXITs Waterfall, entering Hotland. The skeleton paused, staring at the guards at the entrance. Papyrus pulls out three knives. Good thing he played darts with Mafiatale!Papyrus. Papyrus’ eyes glowed ORANGE and Yellow, aiming for the SOUL as he threw. “You remind me of that glitchy Sans.”

“YOU’D DO THE SAME IF AN ILLEGAL POPULACE ENTERED YOUR TERRITORIAL ZONE, WHETHER HUMAN OR MONSTER.” Papyrus hugs the phone with his neck and collarbone, climbing up a building to enter the lab undetected. He has to deactivate the camera system-No. Better, Papyrus stood on top of the building. ‘HE’S GOING TO PLACE HIS HACKER SELF’S GIFT FOR HIM – A BUG!’

 “I don’t understand why so many of us Papyrus have a high regard against killing. Is this actually a way of hierarchy where the strongest is most hesitant in FIGHTING?” Underfell!Papyrus was brooding about LIFE again. Papyrus goes over the soldiers, picking up the weapons for further use. Papyrus walks on the bridge, throwing a fork and stabbing the camera from far away. He has far-sightedness, having excellent vision on far objects. He won’t admit to Sans about this, preferring to say he’s shortsighted than farsighted. Good thing Sans isn’t a doctor, his brother was of a scientist.


“LET’S TALK PAL.” Papyrus smiled. Using blue magic on the next set, killing nine royal guards instantly with a bone stab from the ground. The last one survived but Papyrus stabbed him in all four limbs. STATs didn’t matter if you know how to LOVE the SOUL. Papyrus stared at the bleeding and dusting monster, gasping and pleading for his life. He should’ve thought twice in joining the invasion.

“WHERE’S SANS, THE SMALL SKELETON WITH A BLUE JACKET?” Papyrus stepped on the right hand region, slowly pushing down when the monster refuses to give. Hearing the scream of the monster, Papyrus knows he has three-no he shouldn’t forget the stomach region to finish the interrogation. “Fuck. Stop being a badass and hang up. You can’t do a genocide and not let me join in.”

“FELL. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY ASK ANOTHER PAPYRUS TO HELP HIM IN A GENOCIDE, THAT’S AGAINST LOGIC.” Papyrus steps on the other hand and quickly stomps it to the ground. Since the Capital is filled with screams from its original occupants, another voice won’t be any different. “It’s unfair.”

“LIFE’S UNFAIR.” Papyrus smiles happily when the monster finally answered his question. In the Royal Castle, in the throne’s room as a sex slave? Papyrus’ smile twitched, leaving the monster alone but the monster didn't think the removal of the blue attack would cause him to fall down on the ground. Papyrus kept his promise. Not him. It was the monster's fault for impaling himself. “HOW SHALL I KILL YOU?”

“A slow, humiliating death. Make sure I never come back. Stretch already did the quick death and another invasion occurred after five or six timelines?” Underfell!Papyrus yawns. Papyrus feels like the skeleton has been thinking of an appropriate way to die. Go figure. Papyrus goes in the vents, the scorching heat somewhat emanating on the metal. Papyrus looks down, sees several foreign scientists and slams them down on the ground. Without wasting any time, Papyrus falls down and summons out bone attacks to silence the surprised crew. While in mid-air for one second, Papyrus threw a scissor at a specific wire he recalled Sans stating with Alphys. Next stop Super computer.

“DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE INTUITION. JUST ASKING IN CASE THIS VERSION OF YOU NOTICED ME.” Papyrus switched his phone arm, using his left hand to pull out a USB. Here come the bug~!

“Maybe? Not sure. Let’s say yes but if I’m fucking, no because I’d be too busy fucking.” Underfell!Papyrus whined when he hears the symphony of blood spurts and dust explosions. Papyrus was painting the area red and throwing out confetti. “Repair says you don’t have to kill everyone for a RESET.”

“NAH. I’M KILLING ALL OF THEM.” Papyrus stretches his arms. This was too easy. Underfell!Papyrus laughs darkly, “And they said you’re nicer than me.”

“I AM NICE, BUT GASTER WILL EXPLAIN WHY I’M LIKE THIS.” Papyrus shakes his head hopelessly, his LoVe still retaining its perfect 1 number yet the rest of his STATS increased. Papyrus hopes this glitch fix itself soon or someone would get hurt. He was joking. Papyrus summons out his Gaster blasters, several of them grew and had tails. Papyrus wonders what the tails can do. “If you lose to me?”

“NYEH HEHEHEHEH!” Papyrus laughs, covering his mouth as he walked out of MTT Hotel. The best part here was, he wasn’t covered in any filthy blood or dust. It was only his boots and its remedy is easy. “ME? DO I REALLY HAVE TO TELL YOU THE ANSWER TO THAT?”

“…” Underfell!Papyrus didn’t respond. Papyrus went close to a guard from behind, his arm hugging the neck as he stabbed the monster from the side. Entering the weak spot of the armor, he thrusts the dagger deeper and twists it while keeping firm in his hold (together with his phone by his neck). Letting go before the dust gets to him, Papyrus removes his gloves with another under glove just underneath, three layers to be in the safe side. “GUESS WHAT FELL.”

“THOSE SINNERS HERE?” Papyrus opens the door, decorating the room with bones before entering. So many poor monsters, not knowing what hit them. Papyrus couldn’t help but feel disgusted in what he’s doing. He was making a mess. It was terrible. A mess that can never be cleaned unless a RESET happens. Papyrus looks around with golden orange eye lights. His right eye glowing orange to make sure everyone is dead. Who knows? Maybe he killed a resident too.

“THEY ALL DESERVE…” Papyrus finishes as he entered the bridge sight before entering the Judgement room. The room was silent. That ‘King’ must know something’s wrong or he’s an idiot-! Oh how un-Papyrus of him. Papyrus grins, his smile a bit teasing at the scampering monster. He kicked the cat down, the last one outside the throne room, fifty feet from the ground. To be in the safe side, Papyrus will create a lovely bed of bones below. “…THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT~!”

"BRB. Sans is coming back." Underfell!Papyrus comments, hanging up on him. Papyrus pockets his phone, near the end of his journey. Where did Papyrus' Gaster blasters go?

“NYEH HEH. NEXT STOP. THE CASTLE~!” Papyrus taunted to no one in particular, opening the Judgement hall for the final countdown. Hundred. The soldiers screamed when Papyrus surprised attacked them, nothing can hide their SOULs with his sight. Fifty. Papyrus can hear reinforcements coming. Fourty. He comes forward first to make sure this Underfell!Papyrus knows the hell he’s given himself. Thirty. Papyrus avoids the dust as a monster rushed in front of him. Twenty-three. Papyrus can sense Sans’ SOUL was tired. Nineteen. Good, this meant Papyrus won’t have to worry about Sans fighting him. Ten. Why is everyone running away? Five. It was THEIR fault for entering his realm. Three. Papyrus smiles at the Underfell!Papyrus-No a different version of him and his surprised brother-turned-lackey. Two. Why is this Fell showing fear?


“WHAT’S WRONG?” The skeleton at the front entrance asked innocently, untainted from the massacre behind him. Underfell!Sans knew something was wrong, but all networks were going smoothly- A hack? Underfell!Sans held onto his brother, telling Underfell!Papyrus to be careful.


“IT’S AS IF YOU’VE SEEN A GHOST.” This world’s Papyrus felt off. More like, the skeleton was acting innocently at the wrong time. They can clearly see the murder, having their adviser killed in front of their eyes. A bead of sweat fell down his skull, Underfell!Papyrus couldn’t believe this. It seems this world wasn't so fluffy after all and they thought Undertale!Sans was a problem.


“NO WORRIES. I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS” Papyrus bows slightly, his Gaster blasters emerged from the floor. Glowing blue the blasters treated the tiles like water. Who said Papyrus did all of the dirty deed? Papyrus looks at the two, his right eye light glowed orange. 

 “WILL PERSONALLY  S E N D  Y O U  T O  H E L L  . . .



*This skeleton wishes to have a GREAT time with you.