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Spring was in the air and for Nicole Haught things were slowly getting back to normal, at least on the surface. Their wedding was fast approaching and in a few short weeks she would be walking down the aisle with the love of her life. The thought of commiting to Waverly gave her a sense of peace and quieted the thoughts that had been her constant companion since the attack. It had taken months of therapy and she still hadn't been cleared to return to work and to make matters worse she had been waking up on a nightly basis with horrible nightmares.

The dreams varied. Sometimes she would relive her own attack and other times she would wake up screaming, drenched in sweat, with the memory of the nightmare of coming home to find Waverly, Maddie or Wynonna dead, and to her absolute horror, sometimes it was all three of them. Those dreams were the worst and Waverly would hold her in her arms as she sobbed out her grief, the the thought of losing all the people she loves filling her with terror.

The therapy was helping but Nicole was becoming frustrated that her progress was so slow. Ever since she came home from the hospital she hadn't allowed Waverly to see her without clothing. They would start to be intimate but Nicole would freeze up just as things would get heated. The doubts would creep up and a part of her would succumb to the fear that Waverly would take one look at the deep scars across her abdomen and leave her. Of course she knew that Waverly loved her, if she didn't she wouldn't have agreed to spend the rest of her life with Nicole. Although she knew this was true she couldn't help the doubts from creeping up into her mind.

As Nicole drove home from her latest therapy appointment she thought about what the doctor had said to her. She had vented her frustration at not being able to be intimate with Waverly and the doctor had responded by telling Nicole that it would take time and she wouldn't be able to let Waverly back in until she had fully dealt with what had happened to her. As soon as Nicole let go of her fear at what had happened then she would be able to fully heal.

Nicole drew in a deep breath, some of the events from that night were still hazy and there was a lot more that she couldn't remember and she knew in the back of her mind that she was better off not remembering the actual attack. From the amount of damage her body had sustained she was fully aware from a medical viewpoint how brutal it had been. The only reason she had survived was because Wavely had saved her, a fact that she would never forget.

Nicole pulled into the driveway and parked next to Waverly's new car. Nicole had insisted on buying it for her, insuring her that since they were getting married it wasn't just Nicole's money, it was their money. They had gone to the dealership together and due to the extensive damage that Champ had inflicted onto her car they had each left with a new car that afternoon.

She sat behind the wheel of her new SUV and thought about their plans for the next day, house hunting. Their agent had emailed her over a brand new listing and from what she had seen of it, Nicole had a feeling that this could be their forever home. She had fallen in love with the pictures of the two story, four bedroom house with the wrap around front porch and large backyard. If it turned out that this house wasn't the one then they would need to keep searching because there was no way that she would be able to permanetly live with Wynonna after she and Waverly got married. She loved her future sister-in-law and considered her the sister she never had, but there were only so many bad jokes and teasing from the woman that she was willing to endure.

The sound of the front door opening broke her out of her thoughts and Nicole looked up to find Waverly standing on the porch smiling at her. Her heart soared and she smiled back at her before getting out of the car, pausing to grab the flowers she had bought for Waverly from the passenger seat. She took the few steps towards the house, holding the boquet of wildflowers out in front of her as she approached. Stepping up on the first step she stopped and grinned as she noticed that from this level they were the same height, Leaning in she placed a soft kiss on Waverly's lips in greeting before handing her the flowers. "For you milady."

Waverly looked down at the flowers before returning her gaze to meet Nicole's "They're beautiful, thank you."

Nicole reached out and took Waverly's free hand, "Yes, but not half as beautiful as you."

Waverly blushed, "Sweet talker." She tugged on Nicole's hand, "Come inside, dinner is ready."

Nicole followed Waverly inside the house and as she closed the door behind her and turned she found Waverly staring at her, "Baby, is something wrong?" She could feel the concern rising within her, after all she hadn't been the only one dealing with what happened and Waverly had also gone to therapy for a time to deal with the events of that night as well. Nicole had felt immense relief that at least one of them had been able to cope with the events of that night and was able to function on a day to day basis without having nightmares and being afraid all the time.

Waverly set the flowers down on the side table and stepped into Nicole's personal space, wrapping her arms around her waist and burying her face into her chest. "I just love you, that 's all." She pulled her face away for a moment to ask, "You know that, right?"

Nicole leaned down to place a soft kiss onto the top of Waverly's head, "Of course I do Waves, and I love you too." Her brow creased and she sighed, "I'm sorry I've not been able to..."

Waverly reached up and placed a finger onto Nicole's lips to quiet her. Looking up into Nicole's eyes she said, "You've got nothing to apologize for Nicole Haught, and I don't want to hear it. You went through something traumatic and it's going to take time for things to get back to the way they were, and we both know that things may never go back to that, but I'm telling you right here and now that the only thing that matters to me is that you are here with me. We're getting married and I'm commited to spending the rest of my life with you by my side. For better or worse, right?"

Nicole nodded and closed her eyes, her mind kept telling her over and over that she didn't deserve this amazing human standing before her, that Waverly was only telling her what she wanted to hear. She opened her eyes to find nothing but adoration in Waverly's eyes. "I love you Nicole and nothing could change that, you are the one that I want and only you."

Nicole could feel tears forming in her eyes and she looked down towards the floor so Waverly wouldn't see them, "I don't deserve you."

Waverly put her finger underneath Nicole's chin and tilted her face up so she could look her in the eye, "Nicole, listen to me, you deserve everything and I'm so in love with you. You are my world and I never want to hear you say that you don't deserve me because I would be lost without you." She reached out with her thumbs and wiped away Nicole's tears, "You have my heart and nothing could make me stop loving you."

Nicole wrapped her arms around Waverly and pulled her into a hug, "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, I'm just so afraid that..."

Waverly returned the hug and whispered against the taller woman's chest, "Sweetie what are you so afraid of? I'm not going anywhere and to me you are perfect, in every way."

Nicole buried her face into Waverly's hair, "I love you Wave." She gave Waverly one last squeeze and stepped back, "Something smells really good."

"I made you dinner," She took Nicole's hand and led her toward the kitchen, "And Wynonna and Maddie are staying at your apartment tonight so we can have some alone time."

Nicole smiled at Waverly as she sat down and watched the brunette dish out their food. "Some alone time, huh."

Waverly placed Nicole's plate in front of her and dropped a kiss onto the top her head, "Yep, alone time."

Nicole took a bite of her food and changed the subject, "So the doctor says I'm making good progress and I should be able to go back to work soon."

Waverly sat down in her chair and began to eat her own meal, "That's great news Nicole, I'm so proud of you." She reached across the table and squeezed Nicole's hand. "Jane was asking me where we are going on our honeymoon."

"Did she now?" Nicole took a sip of her wine, "Well, when you go into work on Monday you can tell Jane that you still have no idea. I told you it's a surprise, you put me in charge of making the arrangements and I'm not telling you where we're going. It's a surprise."

Waverly gave Nicole her best pouty face, "You're not going to give me even one little hint?"

"Nope." Nicole got up and took their empty plates over to the sink, "Since you cooked, I'll clean up the kitchen. Why don't you relax and get ready for bed and I'll be up in minute."

As Nicole began to wash the dishes Waverly came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, pressing her face into Nicole's back. "I'm going to take a shower, If you'd like to join me when you're done down here I can wait." She could feel Nicole tense up so she pressed a kiss between her shoulder blades before turning and leaving the room.

Nicole stood still and listened as Waverly went up the stairs. She was filled with two very different feelings, taking a shower with Waverly filled her with anxiety at she thought of Waverly seeing her scars, but on the other hand she was also feeling a deep arousal thinking about Waverly's wet, soapy and very naked body. She quickly finished washing the dishes and drew in a deep breath before heading upstairs.




Waverly walked out of the bathroom securing her robe, she was slightly disappointed that Nicole hadn't joined her in the shower but that feeling quickly disappeared as she found the object of her affection sitting on the foot of the bed with her head hanging down. She could sense the fear coming off of Nicole as she slowly crossed the room towards her and the feeling was confirmed when Nicole didn't even look up at her as she approached, "Sweetie?" When she got no reaction she tried a different tactic, "I was kind of hoping you would join me, I miss you."

Nicole sighed, "I wanted to, I really did but...I just couldn't."

Waverly looked down at her, reaching out she ran her fingers through Nicole's hair, "You can talk to me sweetheart, I wish you would just tell me what it is so I can help."

Waverly continued to stroke Nicoles hair and after a time the redhead looked up to find Waverly staring back at her with a look filled with tenderness. At that moment she could feel something inside of her give way and her resolve finally broke. "I'm afraid Waves."

She had spoken so softly that Waverly had to strain to hear what she had said, "What are you afraid of?"

Nicole closed her eyes and the truth came spilling out, "I'm afraid that you'll take one look at my scars and leave me because they are so ugly and I want to be perfect for you and I can't be when I have these." She said as she gestured down towards her stomach. "I couldn't bear it if that happened."

Waverly knelt down in front of Nicole and took her hands within her own, "Nicole, don't you know me by now? I love you more than anything, more than my own life. How can you think that something like a few scars would change the way I feel about you? Listen to me, when I saw him stab you I thought you were going to die but I fought to keep you with me. You are perfect to me in every way and I will never stop loving you, nothing could ever make me stop."

Nicole opened her eyes slowly, she was terrified that when she looked at Waverly that there would be no truth in her words but what she found in the brunette's eyes made her heart melt. They were filled with nothing but a deep devotion that Nicole could feel all the way into her soul. All of her fears and doubts were beginning to leave her and she felt an overwhelming urge to kiss Waverly right then.

Leaning in she pressed her lips to the brunette's and it wasn't long until she had her fingers wrapped up in Waverly's hair, pulling her closer. Things quickly became heated between them and it wasn't long before Nicole was reaching down to pull the ties of the brunette's robe open, her lips dropping to suck a mark into the side of Waverly's neck.

Waverly moaned as Nicole continued to mark her flesh, it had been too long since they had been together like this and she felt like everywhere Nicole touched was on fire. She had an overwhelming need to feel the smooth skin of Nicole's body pressed up against her own and without thinking she reached down to remove Nicole's shirt. She was stopped as two strong hands came down to wrap around hers and she looked up to find fear in Nicole's eyes. Leaning in she placed soft kisses on the redhead's cheeks to reassure her that she wasn't going anywhere, "It's okay Nicole, I love you and I won't hurt you. Do you trust me?"

Nicole nodded and relented, removing her hands from off of Waverly's she swallowed as her love slowly removed her shirt. She felt exposed as Waverly's gaze dropped down to her abdomen before reaching out and delicately running a finger across the largest, deepest scar. Waverly could feel Nicole tremble as she touched her and she brought her other hand up to cup Nicole's face within it. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on and nothing will ever change that for me."

At Waverly's words, Nicole let out the breath that she didn't even realized that she had been holding, "I love you Waverly Earp, you are everything to me too." Lowering her head she brought her lips to Waverly's and put all the love she was feeling into that kiss. She was so lost in the overwhelming feelings that their kisses were bringing out in her that she wasn't even aware that Waverly had removed the rest of her clothing and was lowering her onto the bed, until the cool air of the room had touched her bare skin.

Nicole moaned as Waverly pressed all her weight onto her body and she wrapped her fingers once again into her long brunette hair, drawing her head down to capture her soft lips in a blazing kiss. She gave out several more breathless moans as Waverly's lips traveled down her body before sinking into the heat between her legs. It wasn't long before Nicole was calling out Waverly's name as her release crashed down on her in waves of molten pleasure.

As Nicole slowly came back down to earth, Waverly crawled slowly back up Nicole's body, pausing to drop tender kisses along the scars that crossed the redhead's stomach until she was once again laying fully on top of Nicole. She rose up onto her elbows so that she could look down at Nicole to find the redhead staring back at her with a look of pure desire. Leaning down Waverly kissed Nicole deeply and before she knew it she was being flipped onto her back. Nicole's hands trailed a path down until she found the wet heat that she had been seeking out, she gasped at just how much she could feel that Waverly wanted her and as she sank inside of the brunette's core she felt like she was coming home once again.

Much later as Nicole lay snuggled within Waverly's arms she felt safe for the first time since the attack. Waking up the next morning she woke to the feeling of Waverly's naked body pressed fully against her own. Moving her head to the side she inhaled the delicious scent of Waverly's hair she realized that she had slept the entire night without nightmares. She sighed and thanked her lucky stars that this amazing woman was by her side.




Wynonna watched as Nicole paced nervously back and forth across the room and she sighed as she watched the redhead tug on her suit jacket for what seemed like the millioneth time since Wynonna had entered the room. Wynonna reached into her purse and took out a flask, "Red, take a drink of this, it will calm you down."

Nicole stopped pacing and stared at Wynonna, "Why do you think I need to calm down Wynonna?"

"Because you have practically worn a path in the carpet and all that pacing is making me nervous so take a drink to steady your nerves before you make us both crazier than we already are." Wynonna took a drink from the flask before handing it to Nicole, "Look Red, you're getting married today and that can be some scary shit but dude, you're marrying my baby sister who is the best person I know. You've got nothing to worry about."

"What if I screw up my vows, I don't want to ruin this day for Waves." Her eyes grew wide and before she could give it another thought she took a long drink from the flask in her hand.

"I don't think you could actually do anything to ruin this day for her. She looks at you like you are the ice cream to her apple pie so you totally got this." Nicole opened her mouth to speak and Wynonna held up her hand to stop her, "I'm telling you that you got this, even if you are wearing a kilt. Here, take on of these," Wynonna took the flask back and handed Nicole a mint, "You know just so Waverly doesn't smell the booze."

Nicole nodded and popped it into her mouth, "Good idea." Pausing she turned towards Wynonna, gesturing towards her lower half, "Wait, you don't like the kilt?"

Wynonna shrugged, "I suppose since you are a Scot that it's fitting but dude I swear if there are bagpipes as Waves is walking down the aisle..."

Nicole shook her head and rolled her eyes at Wynonna, opening her mouth to respond but instead found herself being cut off as the door to the room flew open. Nicole grinned as Maddie ran into the room wearing a tiny suit jacket and kilt that matched her mother's. She and Waverly had decided that the little girl would stand next to Nicole as they made their vows to each other and she reached up without thinking to make sure that the folded papers were safely tucked within the inside pocket of her jacket.

Maddie crashed into Nicole, almost knocking her down as the little girl threw her arms around Nicole's legs, "Mommy Auntie Nona said that Waverly will be my new momma, is that true?"

Nicole bent down and picked her daughter up into her arms, "Why are you asking me that? We talked about this already."

Maddie put her arms around Nicole's shoulders, "I know mommy, and I can't wait cause soon I'm going to be a big sister cause when people get married they have a baby."

"Is that so?"

Maddie nodded, "Uh huh, you go on a trip and you come home with a baby in your belly."

Nicole looked past her daughter at a smirking Wynonna and didn't have to guess where Maddie had heard that bit of information. She shook her head in exasperation before returning her attention to the child in her arms. "That's something that we'll talk about later but right now we have to head outside, "Are you ready?" Maddie nodded and Nicole put her down on the ground, taking her daughter's hand she led her outside of the house and into the backyard where the ceremony would be taking place in a few minutes.

Nicole bent down and spoke softly to her daughter as she waited for everything to get underway, "Okay, so remember what I told you, stand next to me and try to stay as quiet as possible because this is an important day for me and Waverly and..."

Nicole's voice trailed off as Maddie let out an ear piercing squeal. "Mommy, I told you she was a princess, she's so pretty!"

The Redhead stood and her mouth dropped open as she saw Waverly for the first time that day. She couldn't stop the tears that began to fall from her eyes as she took in the vision slowly making her way down the aisle towards her, with her sister by her side. Waverly indeed looked like a princess in her wedding dress of lace and silk and Nicole quickly became lost in the hazel eyes that were staring back at her.

Before she knew it Waverly was standing by her side and Wynonna was leaning in to whisper in Nicole's ear, "Take care of my baby girl Red."

"Always." Nicole didn't even look at Wynonna as she responded, she was too busy staring at the beautiful woman who was standing by her side. She turned to face Waverly her face lighting up with Joy as she realized that soon they would be joined together forever, she was never letting her go. Leaning in she whispered, "You're so beautiful Wave."

Waverly's face lit up at Nicole's words and she whispered back, "You clean up pretty good too, are you ready to do this?"

Nicole nodded and they turned together to face the minister to begin the ceremony. It was short but sweet, both of them pledging themselves to the other and as she slipped the ring onto Waverly's finger Nicole felt complete, it was as if she had finally come home. From the moment she had met Waverly she had felt a strong pull towards the brunette and it was inevitable that they would end up here on this day together, becoming one.

As they sealed their union with a kiss Waverly could feel a pair of tiny but strong arms wrap around her legs and she reluctantly pulled away from her new wife to find Maddie grasping onto her as if her life depended on it. She bent down and picked her up, holding her in her arms while she kissed the tiny girl on the cheek.

She reached out and linked her other arm with Nicole's and the three of them walked down the aisle together as a family for the first time. Wynonna followed them and when they reached the doorway to the house Nicole asked Wynonna to take Maddie inside until everything was set up for the reception. Taking Waverly's hand she led her inside and into a room off to the left of the back door, quickly closing the door behind them.




Nicole took a deep breath and turned around to face her new wife.

Waverly took a step forward and reached out to take Nicole's hand before leaning up to place a soft kiss on her mouth. Pulling back she stared up into Nicole's dark brown eyes before asking, "So, I'm assuming that since you pulled me into Wynonna's room it isn't to..."

Nicole's eyes grew wide and she shook her head, "No, no it isn't."

"Then why are we in here instead of celebrating out there with our family and friends?"

Nicole swallowed and took a deep breath, "I, uh have something for you, a gift." She reached into her jacket and took out the papers from her inside pocket, "I know we talked about doing this so I contacted my attorney and made it official." Handing them over to Waverly she stood and watched for her wife's reaction.

Waverly's eyes widened as she read over the papers, "Nicole, does this mean that Maddie..."

"Is officially your daughter, yes." She drew in a deep breath and nervously continued, "I hope it's okay that I went ahead and took care of this because I wanted to ensure that if anything ever happens to me that she's got someone I trust to take care of her, and she already thinks of you as her mother."

Waverly began to cry and she reached up to cup Nicole's face within her hands, "This is more than okay and makes me love you even more. I love you Nicole, so so much and you couldn't have given me a better gift. I'm so very lucky because I get both a wife and a daughter on the same day and I couldn't be happier." Leaning up she kissed Nicole, putting all the love she was feeling behind that kiss.

Their kisses became heated and Waverly pressed Nicole up against the door as she ran her hands up underneath her wife's jacket. A sudden pounding on the door startled them apart and Waverly pressed her face into Nicole's chest and groaned at the untimely interruption.

Before Waverly could open her mouth to respond, Wynonna's voice came booming through the door, "Hey you two, quit touching each other's boobies and whatever else you're doing and get your asses out here and celebrate! Two of my favorite people just got hitched and their gurests are waiting on them."

Nicole wrapped her arms around Waverly and pulled the brunette into her body before dropping a soft kiss onto her head. "We better get out there, she's not gonna leave us alone until we do."

Waverly sighed against Nicole's chest, "Fine, but later when we're alone nobody's going to stop me from doing everything I want to you." Leaning back within her wife's arms she looked up and gave her a wicked grin, "I hope you aren't tired because we aren't getting a lot of sleep tonight."

Nicole smirked down at her, "Is that so Mrs. Haught?" She raised an eyebrow, "Just remember that we have to get up early tomorrow when we leave for...our honeymoon."

"Are you finally going to tell me where we're going?"

Nicole shook her head, "Nope, not getting it out of me, my lips are sealed."

Waverly moved up slowly, bringing her lips towards Nicole's, "I bet I can unseal those lips." She was so close to capturing Nicole's lips but almost screamed as Wynonna beat on the door again.

"You two better not be banging in there and keeping us all waiting."

Waverly looked past Nicole's head and shouted at the door, "Go away Wynonna, let me be alone with my wife for five freakin minutes!" She sighed again, "Come on, let's go." She took Nicole's hand and led her out the door, pushing past her sister, Waverly gave her a dirty look before they made their way out into the backyard to greet their guests.




The DJ announced their arrival and Nicole and Waverly waved to their guests, they walked to the center of the lawn and Waverly signaled for the DJ to play the song for their first dance. She wrapped her arms around Nicole's neck and the two of them began to sway to the music, Nicole's face softened as she heard the song that Waverly had chosen for them.

I found a love for me,
Darling just dive right in, And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I Never knew you were the someone waiting for me
Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was, I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you're holding mine

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Nicole leaned down and kissed Waverly on the forehead, overcome with emotion as the song played on. As she held Waverly she began to sing along with the song,

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own
We are still kids, but we're so in love, Fighting against all odds
I know we'll be alright this time, Darling just hold my hand
Be my girl, I'll be your man, I see my future in your eyes

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in the dress, looking so beautiful
I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect
I don't deserve this
You look perfect tonight

As the song ended Nicole pulled Waverly into a kiss, "Not to sound cliche but that really was the perfect song for us baby."

They walked off the dance floor hand in hand and took their seats at their table. Waverly brought Nicole's hand to her lips and placed a soft kiss onto it, "I wanted us to dance to a song that summed up our relationship and I meant it when I said you are perfect to me Nicole."

Nicole looked at Waverly with adoration, "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"Maybe once or twice, but it wouldn't hurt to hear it again."

"I love you Waverly and I am so honored that you chose me to share your life, I'm so lucky."

Waverly could feel the tears coming and she leaned in and whispered, "I'm the lucky one and I'm so proud to be able to call you my wife." She looked past Nicole and gestured towards someone behind her, "I promised someone I'd dance with her and here she comes."

"Princess Waverly!" Nicole flinched as Maddie shouted in her ear, "Are we gonna dance now? You promised we would!"

Waverly smiled down at Maddie, "I was just coming to find you, she held out her hand and the little girl took it within her own and led Waverly out onto the dance floor."

Nicole watched as the two people she loved most in the world danced together in the middle of the crowd and her heart swelled with the love she was feeling. She got up and joined them on the dance floor, taking a hand from each of them within her own and they danced in a circle and Maddie giggled as her mother leaned in and kissed Waverly on the cheek. Nicole reached down and scooped Maddie up, holding her against her left side, reaching out she pulled Pulled Waverly into her other side and she held onto her family, keeping them close.




Later that night after the cake was cut, the dinner was served and the two of them had reluctantly left their daughter with Wynonna, Nicole lay naked on her stomach across the bed asleep. Waverly was on top of Nicole snuggling into her back as they had finally collapsed, exhausted from celebrating their marriage so many times that Waverly had lost count. Waverly breathed in Nicole's scent and stared down at side of Nicole's face, she studied her profile and grinned to herself at the thought that this gorgeous woman was her wife. She could hardly believe it but as she glanced down at the ring on her left hand she knew that it was true and she snuggled herself tighter into Nicole's back.

"Waves?" The question came from beneath her, Nicole's voice thick with sleep.

Waverly reached up and ran her fingers softly through Nicole's hair, "Did I wake you?"

Nicole nodded but before Waverly could apologize she said, "I don't mind, but we do need some sleep, or..." She paused as a grin broke out on her face, "We can sleep on the plane tomorrow." She suddenly shifted her body and Waverly let out a surprised squeak as the redhead quickly moved, effortlessly flipping her onto her back and pinning her arms down by her sides.

Nicole stared deeply into Waverly's eyes before lowering her head to capture her lips in a soft kiss that quickly became heated. She leaned back and released Waverly's arms, the brunette instantly reached up and ran her fingers along the sides of Nicole's face. Nicole closed her eyes at the feel of Waverly's soft touch and when she opened them she found herself looking into a pair of eyes that were filled with nothing but love and devotion. "I love you my sweet wife, so so much." Lowering her head she placed soft kisses on the corners of Waverly's mouth, "I'm going to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you."

Waverly smiled up at her and said, "I can't wait," as she pulled Nicole down into another kiss.

"Do you know how much I adore you?" Nicole breathed against Waverly's lips.

Waverly smiled up at Nicole, "Je t'adore en retour, tu es l'amour de ma vie."

Nicole's breath hitched, "I'm not sure what that meant but baby you know how much I love it when you speak French to me, I'm so glad you took those language classes in college."

"Well, if I get that reaction when I speak French I should do it more often."

Nicole's eyes darkened with desire, "It will definetely come in handy where we're going."

Waverly let out a squeal of excitement, "France? Are we going to France."

"Maybe." Nicole rolled her eyes and huffed out a breath in exasperation, "I didn't want to tell you, see this is what you do to me Waves. You make it impossible for me to keep secrets from you."

Waverly gave her a serious look, "Do you want to keep secrets from me Nicole, because I..."

Before she could finish her sentence Nicole interupted her, "No, I never want to keep secrets from you baby, I want to share everything with you."

Waverly tangeld her fingers into Nicole's red locks, "Me too, me too, and right now there's something I'd like to share with you that involves a lot less words and a lot more of something else." She pulled her wife's face down towards her and kissed her with all the love that lived within her heart.




Waverly stood on the beach staring out at the vast expanse of the water that lay before her as far as her eye could see. Seeing the ocean was on her bucket list but she woulld have to wait a week before they would move to their next destination along the coast of Spain so that she could see the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean for herself. She stared out at the sea as she dug her toes into the sand and basked in the last rays of the sun as it went down on the horizon.

She felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and she leaned back into the body that was pressed against her back. She sighed in contenment as her wife dropped a soft kiss on her shoulder. "It's so beautiful here Nicole, I've always dreamed of coming here to Cannes, I just never thought I would ever get here."

Nicole hummed in agreement and Waverly turned in her arms as she softly said, "I want to make all your dreams come true Wave."

Waverly wrapped her arms around Nicole's neck, "You already made my dreams come true, the day I married you." She stopped and shook her head, "Actually i think it was the day we met."

Nicole raised an eyebrow as she stared down into Waverly's soft hazel eyes, "Really? We met under the worst possible circumstances, and I seem to recall that you were covered in your sister's blood."

"That's true, but Nicole, from the moment I first locked eyes with you I could feel a pull towards you, it was if we had known each other our whole lives." She leaned up and placed a quick kiss on the redhead's lips, "As morbid as this may sound, I think everything happened for a reason and Champ shooting Wynonna was fate's way of putting us together."

"You're right Wave, that is pretty morbid." At the pout that had suddenly appeared on Waverly's face she continued, "But I can't argue with fate, can I?"

Waverly shook her head, "No you can't."

Nicole dropped her head to give Waverly a soft kiss before pulling back, "You're going to miss the sunset, I heard the sunsets here are gorgeous and unlike anywhere else in the world."

"I'd rather look at my gorgeous wife and wonder how I got so lucky to call you mine."

Nicole stared down at her with a look of pure adoration, "I'm the lucky one Waves, you never gave up on me and for that I'll be forever grateful."

"You know what I think?"

"What's that?"

"I think it's time we both got lucky because it's been like four hours and I'm really, really missing you and if you keep looking at me like that I might just jump your bones right here where anyone could see us."

Nicole chuckled, "We wouldn't want that now. How about we race back to our room and the winner gets to choose the evening's activities."

"Oh, you are so on, Haught." Waverly pulled away and started running across the sand, calling over her shoulder, "I hope you're ready for what I've got planned."

Nicole watched as Waverly got further away before her eyes widened as a million different scenarios crossed through her mind. Shaking her head she began to run towards her wife, feeling the pull in her direction, it felt like gravity and Nicole would never have it any other way.